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and I am complete unit the same sir helping me today is the same day

but I know it's a different video this is the unit

and the reason I bought it is because again when it has no lamp you can

look at things better especially with the dark ones and my first on the mattress

on a mattress dad it looks more or less pop to what

is what yes me what did grab me is what

with age to be the best That bed looks clean here and there

above those things there is no light here inside it doesn't look too but no

it needs to be up

that is, it will be like a clean thing

it looks like things and that's why today also this sound is n is electric

also for that

if the ies is mattress brand be hard recorded because here is the lord he is

that helps me to be here and also and we have to walk here and give

fail and even to get to the truck that was going to

be hard to record this because there is the sir they are also taking things out

also tried to walk there or me you can go here too but it's more

around and I think what I'm going to do in this unit just grab the

things I don't like to do this because yes that personal things come out

Benito handle everything at once is another time until here to operate or stop

personal things and come all here to leave them here or what I'm going to do a

disease is going to be a little different or grab whatever it is that

whatever bags I will grab and then to load failed to circumvent here

I'm going to give it to the auction and they put it furniture there all come back to all these

unchecked boxes to wander to and load and then this one

at the auction I will have to listen because it is also difficult here to do

this is going to record little by little there but most of the basic boxes

In Rome 'we have a little while to see them leave interesting I record it or if we are not going to

regulate everything above television looks like more and more you didn't say more or less

very good I am signs of the boxes also sealed i like that

there is a bed base the bed is electric if it's a part know that

I think there are two beds is that is the base of one of those other hormones between

they don't know but I think they all these beds are electric too expensive

go ok the wache terol a mattress of


look clean from here it looks clean

very good

with this part is electric is better but it's still good it looks good it looks

clean the thing about that cord was there are those of those hopefully these are

clean there are those little tables

a neighborhood in this ugly

one of these for exercising

no I wanted to learn the battery planet

maybe for our thing is in the public time

this is are that is this bed these beds it's like for esther mattresses and a

Lego that's him and it's also mattresses and s

I don't know, but maybe this sir had mattress store shop or

something i don't know exactly what is happening here but as if

I think maybe they had a mattress shop I don't know but highlighted

how do you have plugs here with plug and this the other

here is the big one here is the base

this is a good money but it is a A little hard sell the hands so

I sell them faster cheaper and that is what what am I going to do these do you need look at each other

well and the glass is there if I remember good

it looks good a jump it's nice if you see that it is

the condition looks good this bed is not well


but this those are the mattresses how good it is

they look very clean I think you are people in a paris store the truth and

maybe they had them for how to do the display to see and love in

the woman bought in the carlos in the short book but this is for women

in the samples because it is very clean I do not know almost nor look at Saturday and not

this one also has a car above him but don't remove the quilt he has

up but if they see everything has a cycle that says of saide although this part is

down and have this look clean also clean this one and others you have

he to cover it was for two that the bombs that

they looked fit down like this and the mattress also moves up

down and this was for the other to the queen is just fine she looks clean

and teach this is the mark of one of the mattresses and kindle brand has seen

still but this brand is fine Im going to show you what to put a

thing here or here more or less so that see how much it cost surprised me or

he removed it at home about a week ago that I bought the unit and if you come here

all my truck do not sell in furniture really no bed neither our tall nor

none of that a lady who bought me the furniture

she bought them for me before taking them to auction a auction buy me the auction

but you must do that as it was a lot furniture the most this one I talked to her and she told me

paid all the furniture is fine because you must take them to auction and

download them and then load them again of all that is fine that you see them and

directly from the micro house troca your trailer

and horta save the boxes but this video is going to be a little different from

what happened the beds that were electric carry controls and also

the glasses for the little tables I needed to find them because neither alone nor

the lady just needed cable all the boxes and at the same time I found the

remote for cameras and for yourself I found the video against the glass

but not found remote but it is good because those cameras you can

control one with your phone grab the free application and controlled the

cameras that move open the boxes and night that very very well but let's see

right now to see how much it came out is not going to last so long but because they know that

there were in the boxes there because I know that many like to know that there is more

boxes let's see right now we're going here they are

some wipes

from what I had seen the thing was looked good clean everything looked good

clean and you have to see to see that no you know and night I'm going well take was

looking for what I was looking for gloves for what we don't like

gloves already as I was saying these are

classics the king for cockroaches

with the river people who are cheap are not face that's the part for the troca of

about 445 dollars soap

this tool is not worth faces us burned the dollars for her 10 or 15

Dollars and open this box very well this box

has more the mantilla and nails

already tools

with those too and more upside down Here are about ten dollars

called tool also among all the nails and it's at the prices that I

I was left, I thought he took out and also some ten dollars or so and more of that

day another ten and here I say 17 I don't know to about 20 25 hours I had this little box this

bag had these pillows are like it's even very thick but they are like

so it feels very cool that's the brand and I think it was like

a showroom they had where they teach where they teach the cameras and later

as you can buy them and this one had pure books that this is a snack if it's a

to fly in the wind

this nail figure this is for bicycles

also went out until


although a pomp is one of the good ones it has to check the pressure and things to

there are two weights to the other down and more bombs to

change the air everything goes well clean more this work

what smells

smell good clean also in next Danish

in many

old and up

but this one has a word it seems to me no

although it seems like a pure pine way


namely that he has a lot of clothes on his clothes it looks very clean

let's see 32 x 32 are and vice and vice se they sell very fast but when he took it out of

the troca most of the time the device ties

you expose

is man that 9 if they don't make me see or vice

with baby

well that's pure clothes ok not all clothes all those sweaters shirts look you

look clean those transit services hash says debbie cheese and there's the

funny that already everything looks very clean easy to sell this box is full of

fret stuff but you have also been are like

different and not and everything went well clean ends clean


how these serve in your different life in my house too

are in what are the neighbors for weak steps


and that seems pure bathroom thing and like the other

this file here is over here by roses

hello here I am is another day yesterday I had that you took them I also had to pay

but then using

to those toothbrush studs electronic are the ones above there were

to throw curtains from the cops - yes don't know these pure crap here pure


because I don't want to bore so many clothes but these someone is that of michael kors

here if something feels that something happens not

some extra buttons to all

they have no mark just as there is no more with about cooking

I go out to suppose to grind

this is the color style too I think this beginning for me is

I think that we


I think it is for cats not throws and what they sing grab

and things

here they give a little organic change hours

now very well they are like having 12

456 as at almost 7 dollars too I spent seven dollars

and I remember there was excessively like a wet

web network I remind you but I don't know why this

these websites


the wife she thinks the woman have a snake or something

and that there exists the snake of Manuel to

must see right now no

a tarantula imagine

I dont know

He took it to the auction


Over there

with pebbles like a fishbowl falco

--teams here are some hoods

that brand for many people This other

the kings garbage trash

and another real and also

with the belts they look good conditions and this is the and vice

and the man dressed well it seems that comes

and if my wife who is for a cat have a cat inside

willis this knows that this I need it for my bitch waiting to have

pregnant this is the test for this here I have

this for puppies so she can get on this but the puppies will

they stay in here and you must have all this this month was perfect

because it looks like this since this

this is the bitch and come save it up I think we are estimating that

between about five days out there already goes to be very fat and man the

male was brown she is black and we want can have three different

colors is the yellow labrador brown and blacks hopefully we become

yellows and some coffees is what we want and when

Come out let them know how to be busy with that for me it's something else but now


It seems like such a fat goat what is


or something a remote looking for everything looking for remote

be the remote for the cameras we never listen to brands

but it feels that it is of quality it feel that it is good then

or not


then this flowers are priced at three

312 other players

and a belt

says it is branded and other teachers

it's not a thing to smoke now this already I had seen

it's already like smoking it seems like mouth is not drug is that is

as for smoking and all that for smoking

this is not sure because it is

ah and until I leave

I don't know for what it is

already power boat pointed out is the brand


flaps watches

a dinosaur t



this is one of these calculators they cost money there you have to be

model of this but our

the brand

these data are also figueres to cats

this is a dessert I think

seems of


those chiaroscuros are good but so damaged

see you


others see his hand these serve for bicycles get them

we are looking for the remote look here launch is looking for me with remote

for the games I said wow

sexting the of worth to see if you have it is not what

has is from xbox wii

Well, it does have that, but it was that ex most recent downturns time to

if you have it for a 10

It's not the same game but I don't know how much ok this one but usually the little ones

more are worth good money I can like cheer up you don't have it

Let's see out there you have the little one already

well this paid 39 but it doesn't have people

this way in 2015

- 25 but wang doesn't have it the witcher and if you have it

I do not remember well when you're looking at the boxes I don't think

that look

I don't think I'll leave Steven Whitby cool this is from bens and I think and there it

load I think that belly is like a battery for extra battery for your

phone and it seems to me that that is what I hope that cool

and the boy

blasco this seems for a fan a charger for a 10

it's alright it's alright it's pretty from here all these games have many stones

and in the area I don't know what they are called spam in Spanish

but it's like jackals well let's see if they have

they are not damages or anything but

nothing big and so healthy

Well, I don't know, but if they are there, someone you will find auction that takes a flow

when it is low and one more box is missing the another more interesting box not why

you just have to reach this first wave let's see the other

here are things to clean that knows one thing against if one

goes to the store

these cost about 57 dollars and when they are found to come from units


it's a saving and it's good when against to


and there are more clean energy things and therefore bath

it's the most interesting box before but what that interested me are all the letters

comments or button all letters can be personal or can be a gift

cards when they are game with these cards Gift

yukawa says who cut a man successful

i like the lights

fill all the high schools to this type to Add

those my wife likes do

bush is christmas I see myself also in two sometimes it's christmas

I think that after cheap cheap the one to leave but that sells better

after october i think

finish your mammals the humans


maybe it's a pleasure to like to have the house power

This sample is full of change ok it's going to be a few hours

also maybe about five dollars out there and I had was accumulating everything

the change to see when it's done from here until the end of the year and I with those eyes

268 feet a thousand yards 10 x 25 mark siemens

they are also served javier na

this this speaker that uploads this model I don't know about these but I know that

sometimes some spikes and go

you're sealed says it's a camera wescam wise that in executioners is the model

I don't know how much this good lady costs is sealed

very good how good that good

and this almost looks like it marks bits

says x another day

I don't know I don't know why I know I don't know what it will be

sanders memories of 64 kilobytes this is a lot of memory 32 gigabytes also up

this cloud of aroma

but now let's do this they didn't leave us any dollars

but therefore the things that determine that are personal

and he knows he flips back if there are more gay corts if there is a gift I teach them father and

that's it these things are personal letters that what

you can take out anything but these letters don't they are personal

they would not put the numbers either because you can't hold on and

strike out they'll get a little piece for free but these are sometimes they are letters

game cord are gifts or don't have nobody is not personal one just sagarra

it's like there are things like money Uruguay pays and gives it to them and do the

things well many times when there these gift cards grab her number

he speaks to him and well many times they have money and know that you are not you are not

sure if I better not have to check but these two are can

call and I'm going to males and if they have black I let you know at the end of the video and that is

elche for today this for today is find these letters that is not achieved

call them they don't have them others are not personal these are personal

count the numbers and the name are personal those are a gift

they already find thousands because many times was grabbed with some free steps or

things of the girl that whatever that is all for this video was a little

different this video we didn't find the TV remotes for cameras or

I will have to negotiate with the lady that bought the beds

villegas can we for another than me Say it doesn't send them to have fun


5 dollars

the benefits of doing this business those letters

very good five dollars today you will be your ant goodbye

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