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Welcome to Visit Britain Activities.

A look at adventure sports and activities around the UK.

I'm Richard Harpham and I do adventures and expeditions all over the world.

Today I'm on the Isle of Man.

Home of TT Racing and a well-known destination for Ramblers, Runners and Cyclists.

It lies in the Irish Sea about half way between the coast of England and Ireland,

and can be easily reached by plane or ferry.

But I'm going to start with one of the activities I love the most, Kayaking.

I've Canoed and Kayaked all over the world.

In fact I've been Kayaking since I was a nipper.

So what better way to see the beautiful coastline

of the Isle of Man, than in a Sea Kayak.

This is Kieran from Adventures Experience.

What have we got planned for today then?

Well today is one of those days that would be absolutely perfect to show you a bit

more of the intermediate type of conditions we've got.

So I think will go out and have a little look at some moving water.

Maybe have a little look at some of the swell sets that are coming in,

try a little bit of Surfing, and just have some fun. Good.

Kieran tell me what else Adventurous Experiences has to offer.

The experience of the Isle of Man, which has a vast array of different things,

but particularly exploring and journeying.

So with the Sea Kayak we can explore sections of the coast.

Which is really, really good for getting in and out of caves.

Having a look at rocks, the wildlife, getting close to wildlife.

But we also do things like Coastering.

Where you put a wet suit, buoyancy and helmet on.

You're actually journeying a long swimming.

Stepping in, exploring the caves just by yourself.

Being an island, weather conditions here may differ

pending on what side of the Island you're on.

So when the water is ruff on one side of the Island, it'll be calmer on the other side.


That's my morning wash taken care of.

What a great place to play.

Now I'm off to my next adventure.

Now time to get into beautiful landscape and scenery.

This time I'm gonna keep both feet on the ground.

Fell Running is a very easily accessible sport on the Isle of Man.

You don't need expensive equipment

although you do have to be fit.

Its off-road running over upland country

and gets its name from the fells of northern Britain.

So I'm here with Chris Quine, who's all things running on the Isle of Man.

Hi there Chris.

Hello to you.

Tell me a bit about the competitions and the running races that go on here.

Well there's something for everybody.

It's a bit of a clich.

But the Isle of Man with its diverse scenery and what have we.

Has got so many things going on from 1st January to 31st December.

We have the Manx Mountain Marathon.

We have Easter Athletics.

We have Parish Walk

We have the Isle of Man Marathon.

There's just so much going on.

So I'm of to have a go at Fell Running in this amazing scenery.

Tell me a bit about what I'm gonna find.

Little bit of everything from British Isles.

From from Cornwall to Scotland to Ireland, you'll see it here.

Excellent. I'm off to see it for myself.

I'm off to try Fell Running.

Great stuff Richard. Thanks. Well done

Of course the view at the top makes it all worth while.

Running downhill is where it gets really interesting.

Of course if you love the landscape but don't fancy the exertion

then there's always Fell Walking.

The same great views and scenery but this time, not at breakneck speed.

One of the most famous sporting events on the island is the TT motorcycle race.

The Mountain Course is made up entirely of public highways.

Each laptop takes in over two 200 bends

and riders reach an averaged of 130 miles an hour.

And sometimes 200 miles an hour on the straights.

This is Connor Cummings.

TT Racer born and bred here on the island.

One of his other passions is Mountain Biking.

So I'm gonna find out a bit more.

So tell us a bit more about Mountain Biking here on the Island.

Well gotta a load of tracks here on the Isle of Man.

It's all sorts of terrain.

It's basically, I just use it to keep me fit.

And, you know, speed my reaction times up.

When you're racing around the TT Course you need

that sort of thing to be A1.

So, that's all I use it for.

But, Mountain Biking in the Isle of Man is fantastic.

So great. Where are we off to then.

I'm going to take you to South Barrule Plantation

We'll take you around a few trails.

Its been absolutely fantastic.

Put a real smile on my face.

I'd definitely say if I can do it, anyone can do it.

So get your bike, come on down and get involved.

Swap your mountain bike for a road bike

and you can enjoy the miles of cycle tracks

and quiet friendly cycle roads on the Island.

You can even follow the famous TT Race Course.

Cycling is a very popular sport on the Island.

Not surprisingly the Isle of Man has produced a number of champion cyclist.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Peter Kennaugh

who'll be competing at London 2012.

The sort of terrain you can expect on the Island

is absolutely everything and anything

you've ever wanted as a cyclist.

You've got the hilly roads.

You've got the mountain

which takes about 20 minutes

which is really hard.

And then you've got the rolling roads down the south of the Island.

Cyclists considering coming to the Isle of Man

because one, there's no better place to train.

The roads are quiet and the Manx fresh air.

So now it's time to relax

after an action-packed day.

I'm in calorie credit and I really feel like I've earned this drink.

So that brings my visit to the Isle of Man to a close.

With its beautiful forests and stunning coastline,

it really is the perfect place for an outdoor break.

And there's so much more you can do besides that.

With Kite Surfing, Pony Trekking, Gorge Walking.

So what are you waiting for?

Get on over here.

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