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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Brothers Play Fear Pong (Duranged vs. Brajoro) | Fear Pong | Cut

Difficulty: 0

- Let your brother give you a swirly.

What the fuck is a swirly?

- Mother fucker.

- Fuck, fuck, back up.

(upbeat music)

- I'm Brajoro.

- My name is Duranged Pitt, how you doing.

- [Man] How do you guys know each other?

He came out of the same pussy as I did.

- Oh my god, I guess you could say that.

Sorry mom.

- [Man] Alright, so who's gonna go first?

- What the fuck?

Let your brother style your hair however he likes it.

I'm not trying to look like him.

- My brother.

- This is fucked up.

No. (laughs)

I can't show anyone this, this is bad, no.

The fuck, I quit.

- I think that shit looks really good man, like.

Stand outside and scream whatever your opponent requests.

Example, I have a two inch penis.

What do you want me to say?

I eat ass for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

- [Lady] Yum!

- Eat a stick of butter?

I eat that shit by the spoonful, get out of here.

- You're gonna eat that?

- Yeah.

- Oh my god, fuck.

A fucking stick, what kind of shit we talking?

- Oh shit.

- Are we talking like a Costco stick or like a fucking-

- I read that too quick, that's butter, not peanut butter.

Fuck, oh no.

- Just chase it with some water or something.

- Ugh, who did this?

Ah, it's salty.

- You got salted?

- [Man] I thought salted would be better.

- Fuck.


Oh, fuck.

- [Man] How does he normally eat?

- Not like fucking that.

- God.

- I want to throw up, like.


- [Man] Who deserves the money more?

- Me.

- Didn't you just win some money, you fuck?

- The fuck that gotta do with anything,

I'm not gonna get it for like a month.

- That means I need to win money now.

- Well do it, bitch.

- Alright, watch.


- What weak ass shit was that man?

- Oh, god.

Go outside and ask strangers to apply

suntan lotion to those hard to reach areas.

Oh, with this hair, fuck man.

- Yes. - You kidding me?

Damn it, I guess, I got to do it, I need the win.

I need lotion on my hard to reach places, please, anybody?

My hard to reach places, I need lotioning,

would you help me out please?

- [Lady] I'll do it.

- [Man] Hey she gonna hook him up, see.

- Oh, tight, thank you so much I appreciate it.

- [Man] He hella appreciates it,

yeah, especially like towards the lower back and shit.

You know what I'm saying?

We appreciate it.

- Thank you, appreciate it.

- [Lady] Y'all have a good night.

- I'm Brojuro, by the way.

- [Man] Wait, you can put your shirt back on.

- Oh thank you, yeah.

- So, man, that happened pretty quick, huh?

She was anxious to lotion that back.

- Hey, that was just super convenient man.

She was just pulling up.

- Should have got her number, man,

she was choosing, low key.

- Man, shit, I don't know.

- I'm thirsty, I wish you would

fucking score or some shit, fuck.

- Damn, what the fuck.

- [Man] What other dares do you think are under there?

- Aw, man, knowing you,

ah I guess I'm about to find out, shit.

- Look at that mother fucking shit.

- Oh, fuck no.

Not with this hair man.

- What, what is it?

- Wear a dog shock collar for the next three rounds,

your brother controls it.


- Oh, shit.

- Yes, let's do it.

- Can I try it out real quick before we do it?

- Yeah.

(buzz) - Oh shit.

- That's vibration, that's just vibration.

- Oh shit, yeah I didn't like that shit, nevermind.

- That's at ten, ready, do it.


- Oh shit, what the fuck.

- No!

- So do you think he should do five?

- Let's do five.

You ready?

- Yeah.

- You ready to check this shit?

- Fucking go.

(buzz) - God, fuck.

God, fuck.

You put me at half level that you just took it at?

- [Man] You wanna feel what it's like at ten?

- Yeah.

- I'm about to change it to ten real quick,

and it's gonna go and then we'll see how it feels.

(buzz) - Oh, god.



(buzz) Oh, oh god.


Fuck you, this sucks.

(laughter) No!

- Drained that shit.

Fuck don't do it.

Please don't do it.

No, not while I'm drinking I could die.

I could literally die from this beer, you're fucking.

- I can't man. - No!

I can't even drink, I'm too scared, oh fuck.


I feel my Adam's apple moving.

God damn it, god.

(buzz) Argh.



Oh, it fucked him up.


- [Man] Are you okay?

- Yeah, I'm just- - [Man] Let me know

if you need a break. - No, no no.

Oh, fuck my life.

- Take a shot of hot sauce for every inch of your penis.

Might as well bring me the whole fucking bottle, shit.

- Get the fuck out of here.

- Oh, Tabasco it is.

- [Man] Oh, shit, actually doing good.

- The fuck, what the fuck, oh hell no.


- That ain't shit.

- What the fuck?

- [Woman] You okay over there?

- Yeah, I'm good.


Little spicy.

Yeah I think I'm gonna go spit outside.


- Good?

- [Man] No, let's talk about that.

What was that, Duranged?

- Sucked, probably gonna throw up here soon.

- [Man] Duranged, if you wanna take

another five minutes you can.

- You feeling anything going down there?

- Mm-hmm.

- Oh, sweet.



Let your brother give you a swirly.

- What is that?

- [Man] Uh, he'll hold you upside down

and stick your head in the toilet.

- Mother fucker.

- Fuck, back up!


- Piece of shit.

- I feel like a piece of shit.

- Fuck.

Fuck you, fuck you.

- Need this, I need that money.

Damn it.

- Ah, son of a bitch.

(horn blows)


- Get the fuck out of here, boy.

- Fucking piece of shit.


- Hey guys, if you want to follow me or my brother,

you could hit me up at Brajoro Gaiden on Instagram.

- You can fuck with me at hawk underscore gang,

you know I'm saying, make sure you look up our channel,

Duranged Pitt on YouTube, you know I'm saying.

This game right here, man?

It'll leave your whole shit fucked up,

but um, yeah.

Fucked up Fear Pong.

- Don't play this game with a dog collar.

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