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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: KIDNAPPING FOR SENPAI | Yandere Simulator #7

Difficulty: 0

Hello everybody my name is Markiplier and welcome back to Yandere Simulator.

Now I asked you guys what you wanted me to do

in this next episode and the popular request was that I kidnap someone (which I've done before)

but this time, torture them in my basement until their mind breaks

and they follow me around school for Senpai as a slave

doing whatever I wish them to do

and holy crap that seems dark but then again a lot of what I do in this game is dark

and it's all for Senpai! I love my Senpai!

I would never betray my Senpai! [inward yell]

Here we go! Into the depths of madness

Let's go right to school. We don't have time to waste! We got work to do.

Oh god it is dark in this school. What happened here?

It's almost as if someone got possessed by a demon and then went around and murdered everybody.

Oh god, are they still dead?

Ah, shit! What have I done?

What have I done?

[mumbling noise]


Ah ha, that's better! Don't know if everyone is still dead.

Which I would imagine they a- Oh nope!

There's some.

It looks like everyone seems to be spawning in.

[gasp] Is that Senpai?

Oh my god, Senpai!

Is that you?

You're so handsome! Oh, you're not at all like I customized you to be.

[gasp] Oh, but you are destined to love me!

Okay, bye.

Jeremy! How're you doing with your cross eyes?

You'll never be as good as Senpai!

Oh! Michail, you with your swoopy hair; I always liked you. [lower tone] I hate your fucking family.


We have a lot of work to do.


So I gotta go to the nurse.

Ah, here we go.

Boink! Don't mind me, just going to steal this.

Ho ho.

It aint nothing that you need to worry about.

So I got the tranquilizer, now, I just need to jab this into the neck of an unsuspecting person while they're in the area.

Who do I want to torture.

Boobs McKenzie.

You look great. Could you follow me?

I need you to come with me.

Boobs McKenzie?

God damn it.

I don't have enough reputation with her. I need to...max out seduction and strength? Cool!

I want to do that!

Is my seductioning good?

Hey! Are you seducinized? Never mind then. Bye.

Where's Boobs McKenzie?

My seducination skills are maxed!

B-Boobs McKenzie? Boobs? Oh no that's the nurse.

Boobs! Boobsie!

Boobsie Bear! There you are.

Hey, can I get a favor?

Can you follow me?

I can tell people to go away?

Good god, that's horrifying.

Alright. Hey Boobsie. Alright. You're gonna come with me, you're gonna come over here

You're gonna come into this strange dark closet with a weird mysterious object in the middle of it.

Come on! Yeah, come a-running.

I know it hurts when you run but this is going to be totally worth it!



There we go. Got that. Well, that's, oh, uh, eh.

That didn't work. I thought that maybethat would beuh.

[cough] I seemed to have forgotten how to tranquilize someone.

Because I'm pretty sure I just straight up murdered her.

Somehow with a syringe.

There was so much super herpes and HIV on this syringe it just killed her instantaneously.

Oh damn, that super herpes!

[remarks of excitement following a tune]

Oh shit. Okay, try this one more time.

[remarks of excitement following a tune]

Uh oh. Oh no!

Senpai and weird blue hair guy.

N-no! Senpai no!

No Senpai! Oh damn it.

I don't know why. I was just k-. I had Boobs McKenzie in my arms, he should have loved both of us more!

My problem was that I was not good enough at the ability to do that thing that I needed to do.

I need to be better at skills. I need to be nicer.

I need to be happy and friendly and I need to go to my class when I'm supposed to go to my class.

This isn't my classroom, is it.

So I need to be better at biology.

Ah, damn it! It's going to take forever to get up.

Damn it! Alright, going home.

I'm going to sleep, think about my Senpai.

Why am I in my nighty-nights?

I don't even know.

Video games? Is it all aboutYanvania: Senpai of the Night.

Alright, here we go then, I didn't expect to be playing a game within a game.

Final stage: Heartbreak.

Ha! Ah! With my heart sword, I do strike thee!

[chuckles] I'm-a get ya!

Ah! Don't run away from me, bitch!

Alright, whatever. Let's go to sleep! We gotta get Senpai! Oh shit.

I need to reset the week.

Cool! Alright, this is much better.

And hopefully my biology lessons are still appropriate. Go to class.

Get your biologyah, frick a dick!

God damn, it's going to take fucking forever,

to get theshit. Ahh! Shit.

It's going to take like two days just to get enough to do the thing.

Goodbye everybody! You all suck and are losers and you'll never get Senpai away from me.

Today is the day when I

Learn enough biology to be able to tranquilize someone.

Bink! Yes! Biology!

You have enough knowledge of medicine and the human body to administer a tranquilizer.

The tranquilizer can only be used on your current rival.

Yeah! I know what I'm gonna do, I know what I'm gonna do, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh Boobs McKenzie! How's it going baby?

Boobies? Boobsie? Boobsie Poopsie?

You're not Boobsie. Where's Boobsie? Where's Boobsie?

Where? You're not Boobsie either! Oh god.

Senpai! I love you!

[normal voice] I mean... I love you! I mean...[higher voice] I love you.

What are they doing? Why are they taking such a long lackadaisical path around the courtyard?

What are you doing? Oh my god! They're all terminators!

Oh stop it! Oh you're so weird! Hi Senpai, you're not weird! You can never be weird.

Oh my god that's amazing, you went right through the door. I love you.

[whispers] I love you.

Okay. Now we gotta. We gotta wait until tomorrow I suppose. Fuck!

Today is the day! And I'm gonna make my classmates stand right by me.

Don't mind me I'm just standing here in the exact same spot creepily for hours on end.

Hey. Hey. Hey! Hello.

Follow me! I've got something cool.

Let's just not go by Senpai because I don't want him to be distracted by you in any way.

Come after me!

Try to chase me! [laughs]

[increasing intensity of "ha ha" laughter]

Boobsie? Let me just make sure that I didn't miss any steps here.

Let me just close this door here.

Heh, where's the syringe? God damn it!

Alright, I'll be right back. Don't go nowhere.

No where.

Don't mind me. Ma'am.

Wait. Whe-Oh good! You're so stupid that you got stuck.

Here, hey! Follow me.

Yeah, follow me wall!

In here. Good.

Good, very good.

You're so good at doing that.

And now. Oopsie poopsie!

There we go! No blood, no blood, no blood. Come with me!

[evil excited laugh]

Oh, oh, so delicate and delightful. Yes, now let me laugh out my insanity so no one realizes.

[sporadic laughter]

Okay, anyway. How do I not have my outfit?

There we go! That's traditional Senpai hunting outfit, so I just need to go to class.

Perfectly normal, wearing my underwear on my head! Ah ah ah ah. Yeah.

Oh yeah.

Now. I should. Be okay.

Yandere-chan waits until midnight and I've got the case, and we're good.

We're good!

We don't have a lot of time left but I think we're okay? Yeah?

Maybe. I don't know. Let's go visit someone in our basement.

Hey! Hi! I heard that you had a crush on a certain boy and I don't like that very much!

How you doing? Oh, you don't look so bad. You look moderately pissed off.

Okay, repeat after me. I love Senpai yes I do. He's for me, not for you!

Gonna cut his balls off, wear 'em on my head! Then we'll be together forever.

That didn't rhyme, but I don't care.

I love Senpai yes I do, he's for me, not for you!





Okay, anyway. Now for the next eighteen hours, we're gonna repeat the same mantra.

I love Senpai yes I do, he's for me, not for you.

I love Senpai yes I do, he's for me, not for you.

I love Senpai yes I do, he's for me, not for you.

Oh boy, it's Friday!

No one's going to confess love to him today!

I'm pretty sure it's this girl that does that.


Hi, how's it going?

Torture for one hour? One hour?!

One hour?!

Alright, we only got one hour of this.

I love Senpai yes I do! He's for me, not for you!

Gonna cut his balls off, wear 'em on my head then we'll be together forever. Yeah!

That's how it went.

That's how my bullshit song went.

I guess everything's going to be okay?

I need more time to be able to brainwash her.

I don't know if I'm going to be able to do that.

But I got a new rank up in language.

So that's... That's good, I guess?

What?! What? What!

No! [extended "no"]

Heartbroken? Well that's a lot of bullshit!

Easy peasy, there'd be no way to do this if I wasn't cheating. But cheating is just another word for Markiplier.


I don't think I'd want my reputation to be staked on that!

Oh well.

[evil laughter]

[evil laughter continues]

Let's go to the basement.


How are you doing?

Oh, I bet you're doing nice!


I love Senpai yes I do, he's for me, not for you!

I love Senpai yes I do, he's for me, not for you!


Yay! Doo-duh-dee-dee. What a lovely day it is.

Can't wait to go back. Heh!

She got exactly no sleep at all.

Just constant on-loop that me, not getting any sleep either.

Constantly, none of that. Oh it is perfect!

Alright, you ready for another eighteen hours of this?

I love Senpai!

Yes I do!

He's for me! Wha?

Um. No? I love Senpai.

Yes I do. He's for me and not for you.

It's time to lose all of your sanity!

I think she's broken now?

Is that how that works?

Oh jeez. Oh jeez, look at her.

If you bring your prisoner to school and put a weapon in her hand, she will kill your current rival and then kill herself?

Oh my god! Alright, sure!

Come on Boobs McKenzie, you and I always had a spe-oh man.

Oh wow. Oh wow! Oh my god!

Just to make this as brutal as possible

I'm gonna go get


the handsaw

Oh my god. This is horrifying.

Well, might as well go all-out on this one.

So that Senpai and I can be together forever.

Whoever the rival is sure isn't going to be around for long!

I'll just stalk in the shadows.

I'm just guarding my circular saw.

Senpai will understand these antics!

I just did this for our love!

He would understand!

You also get it!

Hey, hey Boobsie!


Come on B-oh, can she not take the circular saw?

Oh come, oh come on. Oh don't be like that!

Oh, oh. It just wasn't the right- Oh. Okay. They needed like a smaller weapon?

Oh, good old fashioned knifey-noo.


Do it. Do it!

Do it! Screw it!

You blew it!

I knew it. Uh.


Uh. You gonna?

Boobs McKenzie is the current rival. Boobs McKenzie doesn't have a target.



Oh god.

I love you. Oh I love you. I love you.

Nothing, it's just how much I love you.

So, there's nothing that. Mm.

Ah, shit.


I gotta reset. Fuck. I gotta do it all over. Fuck. Okay.


How are you doing? You wanna be friends?

You wanna be friends?

I need you to follow me!

Something cool!

Awaits you.

[crazy evil laughter]

Ignore the laughing it's perfectly normal.

Ah, privacy finally. Boink.

Alright, cool.

Come with me you cool individual who dared to look at Senpai.

You have a nice one there.

[evil laughter ensues]

We're doing it! We're doing it!

Hello! Hi.

I know you haven't heard this, but I'm used to this, this is how I do things down here.

So just repeat after me.

Well you don't repeat after me. I'm going to say it, you say nothing.

I love Senpai yes I do, he's for me, not for you!

I love Senpai yes I do, he's for me, not for you!

You're going to learn someday.

What? You mean...

I love Senpai yes I do, he's for me, not for you!

I love Senp-okay. Anyway, she passed out.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

Hello! Hi.

I don't even know what your name is.

Uh, so for now, I'm just going to call you Slagathaur.

Uh, in fairness to everybody else.

So Slagathaur, I'm only going to go over this a little more

and then you better follow with me now

I love Senpai.

Yes I do.

You do not.

That's very clear. You do not!

You do not love Senpai!

But I do.

Okay, alright. Is that good? Is everybody clear on this subject?


Oh! Good morning!

How are you doing?

Oh, I love the glassy look in your eyes.

Come on! You're ready for school.

We've got a big day in store!

So, why not take the screwdriver

and uh

do something with it?

Do it!

Oh Senpai.

Senpai don't look!

Oh god Senpai, I don't want you to see this!

Oh god. Senpai.

You just go on inside.

And don't worry about a thing.

Oh! Whoah. Whoah. Whoah! Whoah!

Ah it's going down! Oh! I missed it! Do it again!

I missed it!

I missed it!

What did I d- I didn't do nothing.

Oh god. Oh oh oh oh no.




[impaling noise]

[boy screams]

[girl screams]

Ha. Why are you standing on their bodies? Anyway.

Oh my god, that's so...

That's actually really funny.

She's watching like a hawk.

Nothing's gonna get out of my sight!

No one's gonna escape these eagle eyes!

Hey, that weird thing that happened right Teach?


Who'd have thunk huh? That Senpai guy. What are your feelings about him?

His name? I don't know his name. His name is Senpai and that's all that matters.

You don't know a Senpai?


Then you get to last.

A little longer.

Keep your head on a swivel, Teach.

Hey Teach, do you know who did this?

Uh uh.

No. I-I got no idea.

Hey Teach, am I to blame?

N-no! Never.

Teach, do you love Senpai?

N-no. I-I no!

Oh god, what the fuck was that?

The police discover the corpses of Kokona Haruka and Yui Rio.

The police discover a screwdriver that is stained with the blood of Yui Rio and Kokona Haruka.

-find the fingerprints of Yui Rio.

Police cannot perform an arrest.

-question Yandere-chan but cannot link her to any crimes.

Why would you question me?


Ha ha!




Stalks Senpai until he has returned home safely and then returns to her own home.

Okay, so that was horrifying!

That was a uh, a wonderful use of my time, but at least Senpai is safe for another day.

So thank you everybody so much for watching.

Let me know what

Horrifying event I should do in the next episode of Yandere Simulator. There's still even more stuff to be done.

So thanks again everybody so much for watching.

And as always, I will see you, in the next video, bye-bye!

[outro music] Oh shit. Oh crap. Oh god, my skull. Fuck. Heh.

[outro music] Heh, ow! How, I didn't even know! I'm upside down!

[outro music] This is how we die.

[outro music finishes]

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