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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Staying in an English Manor House | Cotswolds Vlog

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English you are in for a treat that's

always say is thank you

catch you later right so we've arrived

in this massive manor house this is our


let's knock philia no clock pretend the

bed is perfect I've jumped across sheets

yes English countryside look at that is

so lovely machine is that fantastic I

love a morning coffee oh yeah we got a

nice gift box so we're here with ray

docks UK okay they invited us away oh

great some candles we love the I Mars oh

my god a tea strainer back scrubbers no

towels as well oh they just okay this is

our itinerary so yeah better that cool

oh and I noticed these look biscuits

Vicky's Biscay oh my gosh Joe this one's

milk chocolate this one is blonde

chocolate yeah you think yeah that will

be why that's your that's nice

so we're gonna start with us in bed with

you're gonna coffee I love a tea

it's gonna be so good right ready for

the bathroom we pretend to be made

attention yeah and we'll definitely get

a robe selfie embed yes a red box is


red boxes invited us on this retreat was

just so lovely of them as rails

everywhere show on these I'm never gonna

have to buy redox oh no Howard out ever


redox bath salts no that's the hotel

zone yeah they put have a compromise

that yeah like in eggs I'm huge

yeah okay okay a really small deep

didn't like the other day okay ready

this is so funny I just need to see how

it looked lying down on it cuz like okay

so that's this is amazing what would you

do if I switch that on no this is not a

private channel do you know could you


I wouldn't do it Joel I wouldn't do it

because I'm not win on rank channel not


like we just genuinely care for each

other and like show respect for each

other but but one of what Christie was

like why don't you guys just touch these

and pranks and I was like honestly I was

like yeah okay then I was like actually

knows like I would just I want to carry

on like being your friend I don't know I

hate you

exactly no funny business

the only pranks you play you put a bit

of sparkling water my still I love it I

know but that's as far as it goes not me

that's as innocent as it is come on

let's get out just lovely little touches

because they know I get thirsty oh yeah

it's so nice being in like an old

English mansion and this is our mirror

this is sweet so much stuff lots of men

with Ray docks men that's for you

is it that's for me

um for any for all for you Joel I don't

need cookies ttttt

mint Oh gray lemongrass and root ginger

better be an Earl Grey yes that's me yep

well I love it I love a tea and a Bicky

don't Joe free and everyone else is

degree classy in life yeah of course

it's free and we got on the train when

we were on the train we got a coffee

yeah we've got a coffee were like we're

getting it it's free let's try the Brack

scrub turnaround but it's gross

what does it feel like oh oh no I got

fluff on your back so that so your

review of this is this amazing stunning

anyway for your eyes is it do baby rise

oh that's what we should call our yep

Joe other side darling you're so dumb

you are literally so smart but so dumb

perfect perfect perfect

let's try that only takes me home we

take any time are we gonna light them

yeah wait do we

I shouldn't ever vlog do we want a radio

so good crates down there hmm

Wow that is sick

see the shutter the camera strap just

just on the bed just just there for no

one's gonna comment saying what is that

it's my kind of drunk it's not my really

also we were laughing so much on the

train oh my gosh we got the giggles so

bad people whatever what do you want it

was quite quite nice Panola no tea no

tea strainer so right so yes this is a

tea strainer but nobody's never seen one

yeah you loose leaf tea

yeah and then you just put put that in

boiling hot water stir it around and

it's a cheat hey presto you've got loose

leaf tea

um but yeah everyone was quite quiet on

the train like they're all lovely people

but quite reserved Amelia would psych

like laughing in their life you spent

too long in America well it feels like a

weekend it doesn't it we put our

bathrobes on yeah who are you are we

what is all I don't know this is amazing

thank goodness there's no funny business

going on in this burning thank goodness

just giggles that's the only funny


oh my god I feel relaxed already

this is heavy is there any good way it's

like having a body weight yes so nice

body cup like cuddle yeah she told me

about those duvet like the weight of a

like the weight and then I went to say

boyfriend all the time

lick Yuto Selby a boyfriend because I

know yeah I was like you need this

blanket it makes you feel like you've

got a boyfriend

no probably they use them for like

people who've got like no boyfriend no


yeah or people who might have I think

like maybe autistic children sometimes

need to feel like or maybe it's

Asperger's I can't remember

okay well while we did it yeah just

chilling on the bed now coffee

Oh coffee and biscuits and chocolate so

in classic John linear style we have

absolutely ransacked oh goodie crate and

our jar of biscuits we've eaten our

chocolate we've eaten biscuits been on

our robes laying on the bed Leah's just

covered herself over but yeah we've

arrived we're off to a gin tasting class

in about in about half an hour yeah and

excited excited to get cracking with the

weekend yeah it's not is it

I keep calling it a weekend

but we've got just with the gin tasting

and then a quick break and then dinner

or something or maybe it's gin tasting

and then dinner I don't know are we

gonna take the camera with us though

yeah we are okay cool I took some faces

of Leah on a raunchy photoshoot and in

this gown like half off her and I was

like you look like a lingerie model

preview I think they're good they're

gonna make it to the gram so keep your

eyes peeled guys if you want to follow

us on instagram our handles are on the

screen now we posted loads on Instagram

so go follow us

so Joel's got a an audition coming up

next week and he's got to a

Shakespearean monologue and a modern

monologue so um I've suggested that he

do the monologue that we learn in

Brooklyn so we just have a rehearsal of

it now and just there Joel ready when

you are

hi my name is Joel wood I am going to be

playing the role of sister in thanks a

lot Richard okay in your own time thanks

a lot Rachel thanks a lot thanks to you

my chance is not charging on the iPad

because it's got used to charge your

iPad instead of mine it's not charging

on the iPad and it's all your thoughts

I hope you're happy because I've told

mom that was amazing thanks so much

thank you thanks for coming in screaming

say funny oh my gosh how are you feeling

about the Shakespearean I'm really

nervous the whole point has started I

jumped up get out of bed because I

needed to poop because like when I get

nervous I need a poo straight away yeah

and yeah I've got like a week to prepare

and I've got really busy week and I need

to Shakespeare more like a modern one

and I haven't done an audition or

monologues for yes so I'm a bit nervous

especially like a Shakespearean one yeah

definitely because I mean I can do

thanks a lot Rach yeah there's gonna be

some dumb people there like

you only doing that speech obviously not

guys mostly not and obviously that's not

my acting it's my it was my acting in a

way Joe that's the best acting ever

you've ever done honey

that's amazing I would I would like it

if I was in the panel obviously it's my

favorite YouTube video yeah same so

thanks a lot okay bye he just shut the

door when don't come in

I won't I would never come in on you

having a pay I'm just scrolling on

Instagram like classic leah has a kiss

yeah like Joel said we've got to go

downstairs for some gin tasting hang on

we meant to be there in 15 minutes which

is so cozy we don't want to go we don't

want to go and there's a dinner as well

I think it'll be drinks then dinner Oh


and there's photos there taking photos

as well tonight I'm not camera-ready

look at me look at this oh no okay

that's enough raunchiness our way down

to Jim tasting look at this this is so

fancy yes at 8 o'clock a thing but now

is gin tasting we're gonna guess so

Tonya unintentionally because we're good

people not that if you get drunk you're

back anyway stop talking Joe oh I think

it's already started it's happening in

here that's not the gym that's the Red


Oh fire so good that's cool

no smash there proto a cameras

yeah look at the fire


but UT must be below because I keep and

people giggling I'm sorry I'm so sorry

Thalia spinning the wheel is decides

what what type of gin she's going to be

having function what did you get revived

are you going to get it but Joel you

know it's been wheel yeah the flavors

that inspired these different radiuses

so they're not those in the tree

Reggie you have to see what's ready on

that like okay that's great it's

actually a really good way of just

choosing a drink because I can never

choose a drink from the menu yeah I know

it's quite funny oh yeah

lovely yeah that's tonight you approve

yeah usually did makes me cry what does

it make you think about oh yeah oh well

look who it is it's the consequences of

my actions we do sometimes sometimes

yeah so tell the camera was this happen


I love them I'm gonna have to ask how

much they are because I love them look

at the different colors and there's a

white one love it so Joel and I just

waiting for our Polaroids to develop

yeah it's cute we just took this one of

you guys where's your oh my god that's a

fire hazard I know it's horrible

oh my god

this looks very very nice

yeah bread someone say bread carbs are

my friend they've made this a very fancy

okay switch half a day cause of today

pop anything to be honest honest heaps

of cream have brownies with apricot is

it one pair is more fair brownies so

thick cream it's gonna be Leah's fine I

shall like it but she first savory but

sweet like this is this is where I go to


I'm not sure Lea Joe that's got your

name on it this is Georgia the lovely

lady from a dog so we've just left


slightly early we're tired and we've got

a video to film we've got some emails

about catching up to do

so we just come back to the room and we

found this note they've left us a

nightcap look at this little bottle of

alcohol I don't exactly know what's in

it okay oh we don't know no it says it's

for us it's not just great food that's

the source that's the source of pleasure

it's the land it comes from - so

actually don't worry mr. schat's in the


shut shut shut shut shut chats okay

ready Joe John initial Johnny a shot

three two one apple juice

Dyess with wit spice rub yes what

there's got alcohol in it but tastes

awfully stunning very nice that was

supposed to be just before bed but who

cares and now we're gonna film a video

so what we call what have you got any

snacks she was like we don't really do

rim so I was like yeah but you got


she went I've got that chocolate cake if

you want it cake from Matilda well yeah

I does

Oh shove it in oh my gosh Bruce has to

be yeah brucey brucey we're gonna film a

hate comments video yeah Anna Kate what

are you doing that smells good I don't

really know what past etiquette is to

know what they're so funny look great on

the video yeah doof the clock right

ready yeah yeah well enjoy your bath

time the leaves from the bath products

if you do take run to the bar yeah all

right enjoy your bar all right guys

we're in bed now and it's about midnight

what is it oh it's half 11:11 what a day

it's being um you went to the gym this

morning are yes mm it's just been

non-stop it's been quite a long day but

it's been lovely day oh really really

lovely ten out of ten but thanks for

watching if you enjoyed it don't forget

to Like and subscribe we post videos

thrice weekly and we will see you next


and next time it will be a bit more for

the vlogs you'll see a bit more of the

Cotswolds you'll see the buildings a bit

more history because this has been very

activity-based but tomorrow will be a

bit more English countries are yeah so

stay tuned bye let me turn off the light

oh my baby yeah car what is triggers

thing huh yeah


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