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[NOISE] >> Mabel now being set up.

No, reversal, off the rope, and might press, no.

>> That's it.

>> One, two, and no, no, two.

Two two.

>> That was the second ever he beat out of to get in here.

>> Mabel with a splash.

>> Good night.

King Mabel, King Mabel.

>> [NOISE] >> All

l can say is it was a gallant effort, ladies and gentlemen.

And the [INAUDIBLE] of Savio Vega [INAUDIBLE]

coming in to help out Savio Vega who was just crushed by Mabel.

>> He has never proved his superiority

of this all W.W.F Superstars.

And therefore, from this day forward, you may all bow before his grace.

>> Bow?


>> Behold I present to you for

1995 World Wrestling Federation,

King of the Ring,

long live King Mabel!


>> Long live King Mabel, who would have ever thought that we would be

hearing those words here tonight live from the Philadelphia spectrum.

Mabel has become the King of the Ring.

And there [INAUDIBLE]


>> Boot to the temple.

I gotta get big daddy Big Sean Hart staying

in this match to the Undertaker,

in the sideslam and Undertaker.

Undertaker quickly rolled out of the way.

He was trying to catch his breath, but he already, but

he also instinctively moved out the way quickly.

>> And the Undertaker going for the triangle choke, the triangle chokes so

many have tapped to before.

>> I think Big Daddy V is way too big to get in that way too big.

>> And you can see now, back on the offensive.

>> Undertaker could not apply the triangle choke to that massive body of Big Daddy V.

So Big Daddy V's taken the chokeslam and

the triangle choke out of the arsenal of The Undertaker.

>> The Undertaker may be moments away from losing now,

all momentum going into Sunday 500 pounds.

>> And now just clubbing instead of going for the win.


Are you ready?

>> Here we go >> [INAUDIBLE]

>> Yow, what's up, yeah, yeah, yeah,

the mission is out, put your hands to the air



They are rapping

themselves up

into a frenzy here

at Madison

Square Garden.

We are having a good time.


>> Mabel set up for the ride.

No, look out, here comes reverse.

Back out and no.

The cover, one, two, three.

No, almost a count of three, that was close.

>> Whoa, that was real close.

>> I can't believe that.

If you ever talked about sitting down on the job, wow!

The WWF Champion corner pad ripped on the corner.

Well, I don't think that's gonna be a factor anyhow.

Did you see what Mabel did as he just dropped

568 pounds into the smaller Diesel's back.

I don't think the WWF Champion is gonna get up after that

>> How could he?

>> No, looking on, Tag team partner or should I say Servo.

>> [NOISE]

>> Diesel somehow picking a move.

>> [NOISE] >> Look at this and a slam.

>> [NOISE] >> I think Visceras

capable of beating anybody

in the WWE on any given night,

including John Cena.

>> Cena now trying to quicken the pace here.

>> See, what did I tell ya?

>> You're exactly right.

[INAUDIBLE] That'll do it right there.

And Cena kicked out!

I mean, barely, barely did John Cena kick out.

The referee's hand was coming down for the three count.

>> Think Miz is getting a little frustrated here but he's,

same time he's starting to wear down a little bit I believe.

>> That's a 500-pound man riding John Cena.

That leaves him to carry all that weight.

Almost a modified Camel Clutch.

And Cena fighting,

trying to get back to a vertical base here to release some of that pressure.

Remember, Vis, just a shade under 7 feet, 500 pounds.

>> And we thought, or at least it looked like Viscera had pretty much squashed

the life out of John Cena on more than one occasion in this match.

But Cena still hanging in there and look at this spring Cena showing.

>> Strength of John Cena.

Cena's got that body heart, you might beat him down physically but

he's just not gonna die on [INAUDIBLE].

>> [INAUDIBLE] He's getting a little spaghetti legs there.

>> Cena his heart pounds, those right hand pound.

>> And now the knees, the butler, John Cena.

>> Base bros of Big Ds.

Cena after sustaining and,

perhaps resting that Samoan rock that's obviously back in this matchup here.

>> What is that Samoan.

But John Cena now is saying, you can't see me big this.

>> Look out!

I think this did see Cena.

>> Boogey is in trouble, baby.

>> No, no, no no.

>> No way.

Look at him trying to pick up BIG Daddy V with that choke pump.

I dont that is physically possible.

>> I don't think so either, Boogey needs a new strategy.

>> Watch out, man >> This point I don't know

what strategy would possibly help the Boogeyman.

>> In my opinion it's all over but the shouting Joey,

I'm telling you Boogey, Boogeyman is out.

>> Boogey is flat.

>> One, two, three.

>> Wow, holy cow, Big Daddy V.

>> Here's your winner Big Daddy V.

>> Joey, he's unstoppable, I'm telling you,

Big Daddy, the immense, the massive Big Daddy V.

>> I say it with and without,

I dare you to find somebody to stop that man.

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