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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: #091 Getting a Driving License in the USA - ESL Podcast

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welcome to speak English now podcast

with your host Georgiana the podcast

that will help you to speak English

fluently with no grammar and no

textbooks hi everybody I'm Georgiana

your online English teacher and founder

of speak English my mission

is to help you to speak English fluently

today you'll learn how to get your

driver's license in the United States

and you'll practice your speaking with a

conversation simulator that I often

refer as mini-story you'll also find out

some interesting facts about the

legendary Formula One racing driver

Michel Schumacher okay let's get started

how do you get a learner's permit you

have to read the drivers manual and you

will be required to take a written test

based on your knowledge and

understanding of the rules and

regulations described in your driver's

manual if you're under age 18 most

states require you to get a learner's

permit and hold it for about six months

to a year before you can get a full

license also to get a learner's permit

you must show legal documents to verify

who you are and where you live before

you can take the written test and get

your permit you'll have to pay a fee the

amount of the fee is usually under $100

you will need to take a basic knowledge

test based on the traffic rules and

regulations discussed in the driver's

manual before obtaining the learner's

permit the learner's permit test

typically focuses on your knowledge of

signs and basic traffic drills such as

using your turn signal and passing on

the left to operate a motor vehicle you

must be able to see if you cannot pass

the eye exam you must obtain eyeglasses

our contact lenses to correct your

vision before you're allowed to get your

learner's permit once you have passed

the written and vision test and your

documents are in order an examiner will

issue you with a new learner's permit

be careful so that the learner's permit

doesn't expire if you're still not ready

for the full license you can renew it

this way you'll have more time before

obtaining a full license your next step

is to take a driver's education course

if you are a high school student you can

take a driver education class through

your school for free or at a reduced

price compared to private driving

classes if you're an adult and you've

never driven a car before you should

take formal driving lessons even if

you're already licensed in another

country driving lessons can help you

practice u.s. driving laws that can be

different from those in your country of

origin and now it's time to practice

ideally you want to ask someone who's

patient and has been driving for a long

time I remember that my best friend was

kind enough to show me how to drive a

car she let me drive her car every

Sunday morning and I'm still grateful

for that because driving with the DMV

examiner usually makes you nervous so

you want to be comfortable behind the

wheel by the way DMV in American English

is short for department or

Division of Motor Vehicles even if you

passed a written test already to get the

learner's permit you'll probably still

want to take a written test to get your

full license this written test is longer

and more in-depth than the test you took

to get a learner's permit use practice

written tests most states provide

practice tests that you can use to study

for their written driver's license test

you can find the practice test in the

back of the handbook or you can download

directly from your state's DMV website

you're almost ready so now just go ahead

and schedule an appointment for your

driving test find out if you're expected

to bring your own car or if you'll take

the test on a DMV vehicle after you take

the written test you're finally ready to

take your driving test when you go to

the DMV for your appointment an examiner

will observe your driving expect to

drive on public streets or a clubs

course although you're gonna be pretty

nervous pay attention the examiner will

be watching you so make sure you obey

all traffic rules at the end of your

driving test the examiner will tell you

the result of your driving test and

that's it enjoy your new car but make

sure you don't run anyone over all right

now let's practice with a short

question-and-answer exercise I call it a

conversation simulator because you

practice your English like in a real

conversation here's how it works

I give you information and ask simple

questions after each question there is a

pause where you can answer after the


I give you the correct answer for you to

compare let's get started

Michel Samaha got his driver's license

when he was a minor what did Michael

Schumacher get did he get his driver's


yes Mihal shoe maja got his driver's


what did me he'll get did he get a bike

no no me l didn't get a bike he got his

driver's license was he 20 years old

when he got his driver's license


no no he wasn't 20 years old he was a

miner when he got his driver's license

who got his driver's license

Roth true maha

no no not ralf schumacher nihonshu maja

got his driver's license in his first

race nihonshu Maha ran off track and in

the following two was involved in

collisions did he run off track

yes he ran off the track when did he run

off track in the second race

no no he didn't run of the track in the

second race was he involved in


yes he was involved in collisions in the

following two races he was involved in

collisions his younger brother Ralph was

also a racing driver is Ralph Mitchell's


no no Roth is in Michelle's cousin Roth

is Michelle's brother Ralph was a

Formula One racing mechanic right

no no Ralph wasn't a Formula One racing

mechanic just like his brother Rob was

also a racing driver who was also a

racing driver

Mikhail's brother

yes Michelle's brother Ralph was also a

Formula One racing driver

in the year 2006

Mihal was voted as the most famous

Formula One racing driver what happened

in 2006 was it an important year for


yes the year 2006 was an important year

for me hell was he voted the most

notorious Formula One racing driver

no no Mihal wasn't voted as the most

notorious Formula One driver was he

voted as the most famous formula racing


in 2007 no no he wasn't voted the most

famous Formula One racing driver in 2007

he was voted the most popular Formula

One racing driver in 2006 after his

retirement in 2006 he continued to work

with Ferrari as a consultant shoe Maha

continue working with McLaren after his

retirement right

no no shoo maja continue working with

Ferrari after his retirement not with

McLaren did Schumacher retire yes

Schumacher retired when did shrew Maher

retire did he retire in 2006

yes Schumacher retired in 2006 his son

Mike Schuh Maher got on a Ferrari for

the first time in April 20 19 is mikuma

her his brother

no mixure maher is Mickel son his

brother's name is Ralph what's his son


Micke Shuma her his son's name is mikuma

her did Mick get on red bull racing for

the first time on April 20 19

no no didn't get on red bull racing on

April twenty nineteen he got on a

Ferrari for the first time in April

twenty nineteen by the way you probably

noticed that I pronounced Michael

Schumacher in German however the word

Michele is pronounced Michael in English

just so you know perfect it's the end of

this mini story as you can see through

questions and answers you can practice

and improve your speech if you want to

get hours of audio with mini stories and

point-of-view lessons I'd like to

recommend you my English fluency course

you can get it at fluency dot speak

English well I think that's

enough for today try to listen to this

content several times and leave a

comment on Facebook YouTube iTunes etc

to help me spread the word about this

podcast and I have a question for you

what would you do if you were president

for a day I will see you next week bye


did you enjoy today's episode get the

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