Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Carisi Gets in Gabe's Head and Earns Justice for Zoey - Law & Order: SVU

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- I'm sorry, Ms. Carrera.

I know that you don't wanna come back up here.

- You subpoenaed me.

- I'm sorry about that too, but it's the law.

- Is there a question here?

- You've been warned, Mr. Miller.

- Copy that, Your Honor.

Ms. Carrera,

did you tell Larry Hughes that you loved him?

- I did.

- Defense exhibit ten.

Would you please read that out loud for the court?

- "I heart you, TenInchNail."

- And by "heart," you mean "love"?

- Your Honor. - Move on, Mr. Miller.

- [huffs]

In the interest of moving on,

let's skip to defense exhibit 22.

Would you please read that out loud to the court, Ms. Carrera?

- I'm not reading that.

- Okay. Let me help you out.

It says, "Out of all my cam friends,

you're the only one I really love, Gabe."

Doesn't it? - Yes.

- Again, I would just ask you to read that out loud.

- I don't want to.

- You have to.

I can ask you any question that I want.

Isn't that right, Your Honor?

- No.

I'm not going to do that.

- Judge, tell her. She's my witness.

- Mr. Miller. - Just say it.

Say, "I love you. I love you the most, Gabe."

- No!

- Judge, tell her to answer my question

or hold her in contempt.

- Mr. Miller! - You have to, Kendra.

You have to.

When I ask you to do something, you do it.

- [gasps] - That's how it always works.

Why aren't you doing the things I'm asking you?

- Bailiffs! - Seriously?

- Your Honor! - I'm right here.

Why aren't you doing what I ask, Kendra?

- Take him out of here.

- What happened? Why, Kendra?

- I'm not Kendra!

- Tell them you love me please.

- Order, order! - There is no Kendra!

I'm Zoey, and you raped me!

That's the last thing that I wanted.

- No, don't--don't say that, Kendra, don't say that.

I love you. Kendra.

I love you, Kendra. Please!

Kendra, I love you!

Please! Kendra, I love you.

Please tell them you love me. Kendra, please!

Tell them you love me!

Kendra. Kendra!

Please! Please!

Get your hands off me! Let me go back in there!

Please! Kendra, please!

I love you! Tell them, Kendra!

Kendra, please!

[uneasy music]

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