Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 철린이 여스트리머 VS 철린이 남스트리머 5선승 매치

Difficulty: 0

Alright, it's Durana vs Ho Jun Moon

It's my student HJM(Male) vs Durana(Female)

It's the fight between two streamers, let's go!

Well Durana is known to be playing a little bit longer than HJM

Oh, a nice punish by HJM!

The punish of a real guy, he learned it from me recently!

While she jumped and dodged the upper hit! OMG

That was an awesome jump, and low?

Oh, the Demolition(d 4, 2, 1+2) just worked, and he doesn't know how to hit the wall combo!

Ohh! the Teleport Jutsu

This is the Beginner's fight

Both are pretty new to this game, and the left kick finish!

Well I guess HJM tried to use the qcf 3, but he just pressed 3

HJM got the round with a lucky command mistake!

The punish!

Well the way HJM is punishing is actually "just pressing b 1,2 right after blocking a move"

That's what I taught him

"You cannot remember all the frame data, so just press the Double Strike(b 1,2) after block"

and he's doing nice, but yeah he's weak against throws!

Well Durana has figured out that HJM is quite vulnerable against throws!

The command mistake

The low high didn't even start up, and both are managing the distance!

Durana might go with a Hop Kick, and he needs to be careful of that!

Well both are doing a meaningless frame battle

WOW the hop kick!

The Hop Kick came out and boom

This is what HJM should be careful of

Aw, the fff 2~

HJM is not aware that the fff 2 is plus on block!

The fact that he doesn't know such frame data may lead him to.. ahhh, he's weak against low attacks too!

Low attacks are invulnerable for HJM!

But there goes the Back Tackle, the Demolition!

Well she has no idea of punish

but HJM makes it!

A Rage Drive may lead him to victory, but HJM is so weak against the throws!

He is super weak against the throws man

Will he be able to overcome this weakness?


The Demolition mistake

He keeps using the b 1,2 and wow! That's what I taught him before

The b 1,2(blocked)->Back Tackle Pattern! If the enemy uses such thing like 1,2, he/she should take the Back Tackle!

Btw HJM is not making use of throws, he should be aware that throws are invul for all beginners like him and Durana

But what if a d 4 comes out? Awww

It's a fierce battle! x 2

They are now at the 5th round from the 1st set!

Ahhh, the Hop Kick~ Somebody should tell him to stop moving after blocking the fff 2!

Well I can't tell him right now, since I'm now commentating for both!

Even if he is my student, and he still doesn't know it!

The wall combo!

and HJM should go with the Rage Drive to overcome this HP gap!


What about a Rage Drive?

The RD would.. ahhhhh with the beginner killer, "Throw", Durana takes the 1st set and makes it 1:0!

Well HJM surely got better than before, but it's still difficult to beat Durana I guess

The 2nd set starts now

2, and 1?

He blocked it, and he's thinking that all moves have a punish on block

HJM has the idea of punish, but he is completely now aware of the enemy's recovery after a move

That's why he always uses b 1,2 after block

Meanwhile, Durana should make use of this fact, by not moving after her move is blocked and using Hop Kick after using a +frame move like fff 2 like a while ago

The parry!

The keeps tried to parry, but no way! I think one of his viewers taught him that

"It's good to make use of the parry" but he never succeeded it once

The Hop Kick, and the combo!

Man, Durana makes such better combos that HJM!

Nice punish by HJM!

But it isn't a good choice to use b 1,2 right after blocking the fff 2!

The Demolition, and a Death Fist might come out! The Back Tackle!

His timing is good! x 2 HJM!

He makes use of what he learned

The combo!

That's a pretty nice combo by Durana, and it's hard for beginners to go with Wall Combo in fact

He's now aware that fff 2 is a move with plus frame on block! He's not moving any more!

But the throw continues, the beginner killer!

Daaaamn, is HJM heading to 2:0 set score?

It's hard for him to give the damage, because of the throws!

The ff 2,1 and that's what I taught him in the early morning yesterday, he's making use of it, and the two times of Demolition!

He can go with the mix up of ff 2,1 and Demolition! The ff 2!

But now, Durana has the Rage Drive, and she can get this round with one successful Hop Kick and Rage Arts!

He has to block the fff 2->Hop Kick!

Wow, HJM deals it with Power Crash!

His last choice was awesome, but I think he just pressed b 1,2 too fast

Oh, he dodged it with "Sway" (Slow)

He expressed the feeling of "Slow', as the student of Daddyking!

Durana should go with the Hop Kick now, but she goes with throw again!

It's okay to make use of it even more, she should give more damages to overcome this!

The Back Tackle takes place~ And it's 1:1!

Durana and HJM are making such a fierce battle

What if HJM loses here?

Wait, why did I screen shot?

It's the 3rd set of HJM vs Durana!

The match starts now

Well HJM has learned a new technique called Power Crash(PC), and it somehow prevents Durana from using the Hop Kick after fff 2!

Durana should go differently with some lower moves and throws, but the pressure is so strong!

HJM used to move backward even when he hit the b 1,2, but he now goes with nice pressure like this!


Is there someone playing for him under the desk? Why did he get so much better now?

The pride of 2nd Dan! Is he showing the pride of 2nd Dan?

Btw be aware that Durana had been to Initiate before, but HJM hasn't even reached the 3rd Dan!

But now, HJM is dominating the 3rd Set!

One last hit will end the game!


He shows perfect games continuously, and goes to the 4th set

HJM showed such a strong pressure in front of the wall, so it's a very nice choice for Durana to go with the Infinite map

And now,

The time

to know whether it's gonna get to the 2:2 or 3:1, and the 4th set...starts now!

The start of 4th set takes place, and HJM is about to take the game's flow!

And now..WOW!

That was such a strong damage, and the Demoltion! His distance management is so good!

HJM was scared to take a close range to clean hit the Demolition, but he's now making use of it at close range!

But that's a nice combo by Durana, and she might go with another "Beginners Killer", the d 2,2

and now, HJM still doesn't get the frame data of fff 2 and took the Hop Kick again!

The PC, and one last hit for both!

Daah! the Killer! the d 2,2!

This is the Hand Sweep of Claudio!

Well even some Tekken God players can't block it, and it's gonna be such a difficult time for HJM!

He will be able to beat Durana, once he overcomes this Ultimate Hand Sweep!

He's lack of HP, and the fff 2!

She shows the Perfect just like HJM did a while ago!

Her revenge has just started!

She has pretty much prepared herself for the battle within a set!

The Demolition, and all hit!

Like Clean Hit, even though it wasn't

Durana shows such a good performance in infinite map, and the throw works again!

This is the key of this battle

Because the throw is making HJM"s game so much difficult!

The PC, and he's probably thinking of the Rage Drive

Ahhh, but Durana interrupts it in advance!

It's now 2:2, and nobody can predict the result of this fight

Well it's the infinite map again, and HJM is actually having troubles with this map

He has to deal with the fff 2 and Hop Kick pattern, and it's not recommended to manage the distance so far!

This is what happens! HJM should rather go with the Demolition and b 1,2 pressure, after shortening the distance between him and her! The Demolition takes place!

She used the BK Hand Sweep again

Oh, but HJM made use of wave Demolition and shortened the range, and the Death Fist!

A b 1,2 will end this round! But it missed!

1,2! x 2

He should be careful of the throw! The combo!

This happened because Durana didn't know how to roll up

She was so confused, and the qcf 3 hit like a combo!

The Back Tackle was at the right time!

The left kick after the Knee of Claudio could be dodged by the Back Tackle at this angle!

It's the mix up of fff 2->Hop Kick and Power Crash, but he interrupts it with PC!

HJM keeps showing this today, but he take the fff 2 after the jump!

Once more!

The pressure! He should have stopped moving there!

Well a Hop Kick after the fff 2 could be beaten with PC, but the left kick is faster than it! He should stop it!

HJM should go with the guard!

The fff 2 again, and the pressure!

The fff 2 keeps taking place if the distance gets far, and HJM doesn't know that he can crouch the fff 2!

The Hop Kick, and is it a fff 2 finish again? She ends up with nice and stable combo, Durana!

Well HJM should dodge the fff 2

or he must interrupt Durana from using it at far distance, since she won't be able to use if at close range

He should get closer, HJM!

But Durana goes with the throw at close range! Durana's choicese are really good! What a decision!

She's coming with the fff 2, and HJM never crouches this one

Well she tried the fff 2 at close range, but it's hard

The left kick, and the middle!

Oh no, I mean the upper

Ohhhh, the left stomp takes place here!

That was a nice hit, and Durana makes it 3:2 from 1:2, overcoming the difficult situation!

Well it's the infinite map again, and HJM might want to go with the map with wall, since Paul is stronger at walls in front of him!

The b 1,2!

The fff 2, and he crouched, oh!

He has found the solution!

He found it!

It's very important to crouch like that!

and a nice combo by Durana!

The fff 2!

The throw, ahh his response is slow!

He's way too slow, but that was a nice break The Back Tackle at nice timing!

The frame fight, and he shouldn't have moved here!

But there goes the Super Mario Meta!

Idk why she jumped all of a sudden...ohh the BK??

Middle Kick?

Durana has missed such an important chance

I guess she would feel sad for it, and HJM is now crouching the fff 2 so well!

Durana isn't able to notice whether her move is blocked or missed, so she keeps making another moves after it! The Rising Uppercut isn't a punish!

She's taking the Counter Hits, and that was another dangerous moment for her

Since Durana made another move there

The fff 2

The pressure, but HJM gets out of it with PC! And nice Demolition!

Even a d 4 might finish her, and ahhhh he was careful enough to deal with Rage Art!

He was waiting for it, and is he able to overcome the curse and trauma of infinite map???

Well both are managing the distance, and Durana is aiming for a fff 2 again

ff.. wow he charged all of a sudden, wow!

Well the taunt was awesome, what a bravery

Well his taunt was kinda... well...

I never expected him to do so hahahaha

It makes Durana to hurry

Well HJM is not T Baggin, he just did the back dash but with wrong lever movement That was pretty much like a troll

The Demolition, and she should hit the fff 2 again!

Is there any chance for her?? A nice punish by HJM, and it's 3:3!

He catches up the set score!

The game starts now!

It's 3:3, and in the middle of such fierce battle

I guess the one taking the match point would eventually win this battle

He blocked it all, and nice and fast punish!

HJM's response has become faster!

Well before..oh yeah he got slower again

There goes the 3rd hit, and HJM doesn't know it! But of course, Durana doesn't know the combo too!

She perhaps didn't expect it to CH, but it did!

The 2nd upper hit

2nd upper hit again, and he needs to use the Back Tackle! and the punish mistake! For both!

Durana is getting aggressive as possible, and he now has to dash

Dash Demolition migh end this, but he got scared at plus frame!!!

Well HJM has the idea of "not moving after a move is blocked" and he remembers my lesson too well!

There goes the HJM style Back Dash

That's a very unique movement, but the Hop Kick works!

But there goes the pressure by Durana, and she's making such a nice pressure right in front of the wall!

and HJM should get out of here!

She threw him again, and gives more damage!

HJM somehow got away from the wall, but it's hard to overcome such HP gap!

The b 1,2...and the big foot!

He might want to use the Back Tackle!

He should dash now!

Ahhh, why did he stop there?!


The Ultimate Side Kick by Durana!

He has taken the side kick of Durana!

He's trying to use the mix up of Death Fist and Demolition, but he takes the throw damage again

He's so weak against the throw, and another one might come out!

He's should do something about it, and that was a nice crouch, HJM!

The throw!!! it starts again!

The chop chop finish has started, but what if a RD hits?

One last hit?

Durana tried to use the throw for the last one

She tried to finish him with the throw again, but HJM is trying to get out from it!


Another Back Tackle might come out, and the PC comes out!

Is it a Demolition?

Both sides are not blocking the lower moves, though HJM is trying to crouch for upper invul

Ahh, she moves and took the WS Uppercut!

Ahhh, she rolled back and takes the guaranteed hit!

That happened like a pattern

The Death Fist is guaranteed when the enemy rolls back like that

Though he wasn't aware of it

This is the last round, and that's a nice Hop Kick by Durana at the exact timing!

Durana makes it to the wall splat!

She should make use of the Beginners Killer! The Hand Sweep!

One last chance for her! Hand Sweep? The Killer! x 2

Oh the Back Tackle, and the mix up of Demolition and Death Fist might come out!

That was a CH! and another one? He should care about the Rage Arts though

The Rage Arts of Durana!

He should be careful, and he dodged it!

The Pressure, HJM~~~~~~ 4:3!

He overcame it!

Well it's HJM in the Infinite Map again

Well HJM has pretty much figured out the fff 2's mechanics, so Durana should actually go with dash Hop Kick instead of fff 2

Is he going with the HJM back dash.. this is it!

This is what I just said!

HJM is aware about the dash fff 2 already!

The combo by Durana, and HJM can't still block the Hand Sweep at Start Burst

Ahh, a nice dodge and punish!

Durana should go for the Dash Hop Kick, since her pattern is already figured out!

HJM has a good sense of fight!

The Right Kick and the jab!

The fff 2, and he moves here! Durana should have went for the Hop Kick by this time, but she was scared of the PC since she took it several times before!

Ahhh, the Hop Kick! She has to use her Rage Arts

She should use it, ohh she didn't!

Anything like Rage Drive? Ahhh!


He didn't throw away the Ultimate Lesson of Daddyking, "Punish after Block"!

He lost it because of that!

He still didn't figure out the plus frame!

The punish after the 2nd hit blocked, but the throw doesn't work!

Well HJM might want to go with the lower moves, but he took several Hop Kicks and he's scared! That was another dangerous moment, if it was a Hop Kick!

The b 1,2 and 1,2 pressure! He keeps making use of his moves to interrupt Durana from moving!

He's making use of my lessons!

He's good at it!

He should be patient now, ahh!

That's now a guaranteed pattern!

Well this is..

Well..the Hop Kick after the fff 2 is like a guaranteed hit

He should not take it any more, he should rather block it or deal with the PC

While Durana should make use of it if he doesn't deal with it! The throw, chop chop and neck slice!

Nice one, and till the middle!

There goes the middle, and that's a mix up with fff 2!

She's telling him not to crouch!

She's gonna swim like that if he crouches, and the Death Fist!

One last?

It's the mix up of qcf 3 and Death Fist, and the chop chop neck slice is broken!

The 2nd attempt of Chop Chop Neck Slide!!!

There is no way to break it, a beginner cannot break it twice!

Even Justice can't break it twice, oh sorry The Death Fist!

He blocked it!

He keeps using the middle, HJM!

df 1?


Both are having trouble with distance management though

He's learned a new pattern, the Back Tackle after blocking the fff 2!

That's a pretty nice one, it dodges the Hop Kick!

This makes Durana hard to use the Hop Kick!

One last hit of Demolition would end this, and what is the next move of HJM?

Hop Kick!? Durana?

She still got a chance, and she should go with the throw and give more damages!

By making the close distance, but he dodged it!

It's the Final Round!

Who's gonna take the last round of the match point, is it HJM or Durana?

Hop Kick!

Leg Sweep!

Ohhh, nice move done by HJM

The Demolition Man! One last, one last Demolition might finish this!

The mix up starts as she gets up!

The Death Fist~~~~~ Ho Jun Moon!

With the Set Score 5:3, he beats Streamer Durana and takes the victory!

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