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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Are you using these words wrong? | Learn English Live 70 with Steve Ford

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hello hello hello hello hello everybody my name is steve ford welcome to your

English lesson today I have a great lesson a continuation talking about

words that we use to describe how we feel and how often we can confuse these

words so I hope that you enjoy this lesson the lesson so here's something

for you to visualize as you can see it on your screen right now oh yeah what do

you consider being dangerous a and by the way this is called bungee jumping

bungee jumping would you try it I'm not sure I I think they I don't know I think

I might wolf my cookies I might barf I might

puke I might throw up there's an interesting story about that this comes

from a student of mine from Saudi Arabia Ayman and Ayman I asked him one time I

said I'm and have you ever tried bungee jumping and that's what this is bungee

jumping and Ayman said yeah I did it it was no problem and then immediately

after I was on the ground I I threw up I vomited I barf I puked I was calling for

my brother Ralph Wow one is called ziplining in case you don't know on your

GoPro I I've done that myself I've done ziplining before do I consider it

dangerous I don't know but you let me know in your comments if you think that

ziplining is dangerous for you and you'll notice here that this is the

correct spelling the other ones there's an I'm missing this regard that so maybe

you feel like her all of those things make you feel a

terrific be terrifying see terrified mwah-mwah-mwah how would you what do you

think is the correct answer here what do you think but the correct answer was

drumroll please

terrified so in this case this young lady feels terrified of all of those

things I mean just thinking about them bungee jumping ziplining skydiving

snowboard all of those it's making her feel a little nervous okay let's let's

feel a little sorry for this person because maybe this is you in some cases

this is me it could be all of us for some people no problem right

some people they love that kind of thing some people are what we call Daredevils

some people they like dangerous sports high adrenaline they like the thrill

they like something thrilling so in this case she feels terrified do any of these

terrify you flying maybe walking the streets at night maybe your boss maybe

the future which would terrify you you okay so I see that a lot of people here

our posting letter D that the future can be a little terrifying and my thoughts

on it I have two ideas on this that if you are afraid of the future we are

together we are all together with this so I think that's one thing is that a

lot of people are terrified of the future we are not alone so I think that

if we can be together and find ways to talk about it and help each other then

maybe the futures not so terrifying and another thing is that

sometimes we have control of our future with the way that we think the way that

we feel so if you can think in a positive way you can create your future

now yeah yeah so I think this is an important thing to remember is that

sometimes sometimes you make the future happen you cause the future to happen so

if you're always thinking about Oh something bad is going to happen

something bad is going to happen yeah probably something bad is going to

happen but if you try to think positively even if you don't believe it

but just say to yourself okay okay something positive is going to happen

something then something positive is going to happen I guarantee it

now maybe all of these are okay if you are not a alone or lonely which one do

you think is correct grammatically so if you thought that the answer was alone

yes it is alone and I'm going to explain the difference between alone and lonely

as I was saying before of course it's a lot easier to do these things if you're

if you're not alone if you're with other people and alone of course means that

you are with other you are not with other people and if you feel lonely let

me just go back to that slide there if you feel lonely it means that you would

like to be with other people you would like to be with that oh I'm

feeling lonely how much how many of us sometimes feel lonely on a Sunday and we

go to Instagram and we're you know it's the Sunday Instagram swipe the endless

swipe on Instagram looking at all those lovely

pictures on Instagram instagrams awesome isn't it so many fantastic pictures to

not feel lonely face these better all of these situations if you are not a by

your own beat on yourself or see by yourself what do you think if you

thought that the answer is C high five high five that is correct

so high five the answer is letter C by yourself the first one by your own is

incorrect it does not exist on yourself is incorrect it does not exist only by

yourself exists yes so that was a tricky question I tried to make that a little

tricky so by yourself means to be alone it's another way or you could say to be

on your own that also means to be alone little different in meaning some people

don't scare so easily because they are more a sensitive or be sensible what do

you think this is your opinion too but who is not going to feel so afraid

somebody who is sensitive or somebody who's sensible if you thought that the

answer was sensible high five high five yes the answer is sensible and we're

gonna see the difference here between sensitive and sensible they sound very

similar but there is a big difference as you can see in the picture here somebody

who is sensible is somebody who is rational someone who is sensible keeps

their feet on the ground I was thinking about this it's kind of funny because we

say oh he he or she has his feet on the ground

they are rational they don't scare easy but somebody who has their feet on the

ground probably would it would be easier for them to do something like skydiving

bungee jumping where you don't physically have your feet on the ground

think about it so that's somebody who's sensible

somebody who has their feet on the ground someone who is sensitive is more

emotional and many times can feel the emotions of others more easily what is

important to have a boss who is sensitive or sensitive the sensible

so there's your sensitive boss would you like to have a sensitive boss hi or do

you want a sensible boss somebody who is more rational logical which boss would

you prefer and all of the people watching this live lesson all of you are

voting for the sensible boss that's the kind of bus that you want let's go to

the next one which is more sensible when you want some comfort food the chocolate

or the Apple which is more sensible Fabiano has a very good question what is

comfort food Fabiano comfort food it is as I was

explaining it's when you feel stressed out and you need something to make you

feel calm to calm you down what is more sensible when you want some

comfort food ok choc lali lali chocolate when I'm

lonely yeah that that sounds like a song by

Elvis Presley doesn't it like chocolate when I'm lonely Lada Mira's saying no

whiskey Steve that's that's the ultimate comfort food you could still be sensible

if you eat less of what you like so you could

eat one piece of chocolate 35 calories or one Apple 35 calories so there's

still a way to have some comfort food there do you think I'm saying A or B

if you thought that I said letter B give me a high five that is correct

I said hungry so be careful the pronunciation of those two words

describing how we feel is very similar so in this case we would say hungry yeah

the tricky thing is that when we say it fast the pronunciation becomes more

difficult to hear because the H disappears hungry I'll be hungry I'll be

hungry I'll be i if you said it slowly I'll I

will be hungry but if I say it fast the H disappears I'll I'll be hungry yeah

I'll say the other one I will be angry I'll be I will be angry I'll be hungry

I'll be hungry angry angry angry angry grumpy cat is what does grumpy mean it

means angry in a bad mood Wow and maybe you can feel a little grumpy sometimes

if you don't eat all the chocolate that you want or if you just eat that Apple I

don't know if you're on a diet grumpy cat looks very a bored be

annoying see boring D annoyed which do you think is correct some of you who are

intermediate students some of you who are learning English at an intermediate

level some of you probably thought two of the answers were correct if you look

at grumpy cat's face really there's only one answer

and in this case we would say that grumpy cat is annoyed so it's important

to understand the difference between bored and annoyed because annoyed is

when something is bothering you you are irritated you're you're grumpy like

grumpy cat just look at them the other one that we have here bored is you're

not annoyed you're not bothered you're not grumpy yeah bored is more though hmm

that's bored when there's really nothing happening so try to understand the

difference between bored and annoyed are fully in another lesson we can talk

about the difference between bored boring annoyed annoying I hope that you

enjoyed my lesson today talking about words that describe how we feel and how

we can often confuse those words you can watch this lesson again to try to

remember all of the things that we have studied here today I will be making a

quiz for this lesson and in case you haven't seen the quizzes that I am

posting I do post them on my what's app group and there is a link to my whatsapp

group below this video so that you can join and you can get all of the updates

and it's been great thank you for everybody who has been posting their

comments on the quizzes I see for example here that Lali Lali she knows

who she is Lali Lali posted a comment on the quiz from our

last lesson last week oh no three mistakes I'll I'll review regular

irregular verbs right now yes and God said that they answered all the

questions correctly now Sita said I will not keep going

learn English is very difficult for me but to see the

try to do the quiz again try to watch the video again you can get better and

better you can do it you can do it I do teach private classes also for any

of you that need general English business English TOEFL I do teach

private lessons in case you don't know I have many other videos that you can

watch I will post them here at the end of this lesson

and I hope to see you in our next live lesson that will be next Sunday at 2:30

p.m. Eastern Standard Time hope you had a great time like I did and we will see

you next time bye everybody

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