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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 3 Real Life YANDERE Horror Stories | New Japanese Scary Stories from 2CHAN (Vol.5)

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Number one

When I was in my mid-20s, I worked at a bar in Kabukicho, Tokyo

Now Tokyo is a very safe city, but Kabukicho isn't the nicest part of town

It's an infamously seedy area with a lot of bad influence

and if you have the money, you can pretty much purchase anything there

Though I worked in kabukicho, my workplace was decidedly less crazy than some of the other competition.

I worked as a male host at a kyabakura

Essentially my job was to be a companion to our female customers

Women would come and pay a lot of money just to drink and talk with either myself or another male host

Our interactions were definitely flirty, but I never let things go too far

The art of the job was to make the women desire you so that they kept coming back and buying our expensive drinks

But to never let them get too close

To be honest, I didn't enjoy the work but the money was good. So I kept at it for a couple of years

Well during my time at the bar there was this one customer who paid to see me very often

Her name was Emi

I was a little surprised that she felt the need to come to a host bar at all

Usually our clients were the lonely old woman types, but Emi was young, vivacious

decently attractive... I can't imagine she'd have found it difficult to get male attention for free

Regardless, she came to see me almost every night I had a shift, and she always asked her sit with me personally

There were better-looking hosts, more sociable hosts, hosts with bigger muscles and more brain cells than me

But there was something that she just liked about me I guess...

Couldn't tell you what it was though!

The first month at least she seemed relatively normal, which of course was awesome

I was essentially being paid to just hang out and have fun with a nice, pretty girl

She would sometimes say something a little odd though

Like how she sometimes fantasized about hurting people... but our conversations would quickly move on from that type of topic

as time went by though her true derangement started to show

the topics of conversation took a darker turn

she started confessing her darkest desires, saying things like

"I'd really love to entice a man with my beauty get him tied up make him vulnerable...

Then see the look on his face when he realizes I'm about to end this life"


She wouldn't actually be chatting with me when she started talking about things like that

She'd just go off on a monologue talking to herself as if I wasn't even there

drifting off into a glaze-eyed, dreamlike state

"I wonder what their last thoughts would be of..."

Every time she finished one of our weird speeches, she'd go silent and stare back at me with wide,

unblinking eyes, smiling creepily from ear to ear like a Cheshire Cat

"...You know, just pretend like. I'd never really do anything like that."

"I see..." I'd always say trying to break the uncomfortableness. "You have very... unique desires, Emi."

It wasn't long before Emi started making indecent proposals to me

During our regular meetings she'd continuously offer me large sums of money to go back with her to her house and, well, you know...

the money she was offering was ridiculous! The equivalent of

$5,000 for just one...


Where others might have accepted, I refused as politely and professionally as I could

Even though I was single I made it a point to never get involved with any of my customers, no matter what

Well Emi didn't take that well. Not well at all...

After the fourth or fifth time I declined her invitation, she burst into a fit of rage and then stopped coming to the bar altogether

"Good job, Yamada," my boss said to me. "You just lost one of our best customers. I hope you're happy!"

"Ah, sorry boss..."

The week's went by without incident

in all honesty

I'd had enough of the job. All the late nights and the constant drinking, having to be sociable for so many hours a week

It was starting to sap my energy

As I was walking back to my apartment after a shift one rainy winter's night

I made the decision to take the next few nights off

I finally made it back to my apartment soaked to the bone and absolutely exhausted

I slipped my key into the lock, stepped into my foyer and took my shoes off

For those of you who aren't aware Japanese people always take their shoes off when they enter their home

I walk through my apartment and into my bedroom

Strange, I thought...

There were wet shoe prints leading to my closet!

Like I said, I always take my shoes off before entering my home

How had those gotten there?

I walk towards my closet door and got ready to open it

my hand reached for the handle, and I froze

I could hear something coming from behind the closet...


That type of labored breathing that a person makes in a game of hide and seek when the seeker's close

I strained my eyes. Behind the slats in the closet door I could make out a pair of human eyes

They met mine

My closet door burst open and hit me square in the face, hard, knocking me backwards

Emi jumped from the closet, and she came out thrusting

"BAKA! (Idiot!)" she screamed at me

Before I knew it, she was right up close to me

She hit me with something sharp in the upper arm

It was a needle. I still remember the pain as it pierced me

Before I could react Emi pushed down on the plunger, injecting me with some unknown substance

There was no time to ask her what she was doing. No room for negotiation.

On instinct I threw myself at Emi and took her to the floor

Next thing I knew I was punching her in the face

then running for my front door, not bothering to put my shoes back on

I scrambled down the streets and anyways, no destination in mind, just trying to get as far away as possible

Within moments my head began to feel extremely light

My vision turned cloudy and my limbs began to numb

Whatever she'd injected me with it was taking effect fast

I tried to clasp onto passing strangers, but my tongue was numb and no words escaped my mouth

They all pushed me off and called me a drunk idiot

The last thing I remember was the feeling of the rain water drenching my socks


everything faded to black

I woke up in a random alleyway as the sun began to rise

As far as I could tell nobody had harmed me further

Passers-by must have just assumed I was a homeless person

my head was in agony and the mark on my forehead was throbbing

The skin around my needle wound was bruised and swollen

I felt like hell, but I was safe

I pulled out my cell phone and called the authorities

told them what had just happened to me

Didn't change a thing

Emi was long-gone

To this day they still haven't found her

Turns out that my stupid landlord had let Emi into my apartment

She had pretended to be my girlfriend and told the landlord that she forgot her key

Dazzled by her fake charm, the fool let her without question

She then got inside my bedroom closet, leaving her wet shoes on

Thank God it rained that night

If I hadn't noticed her wet footprints there, I'd have gone to sleep totally oblivious that she was hiding in my home

I'd have been at her mercy

What she planned to do with me after I was sedated I'm not sure, but I did later learn something harrowing...

Two other male hosts in the local area had gone missing only a few months before Emi first came to our bar

Just before they both disappeared a woman matching Emi's description had become a frequent client of theirs

If it was her, she had been using a different name

According to their bosses, both of the men had been offered a large sum of money to go back to Emi's house or hotel or wherever

They both accepted her offer

Nobody knows what happened to those men after that, but their families and friends haven't seen or heard from them since

If anything my story goes to prove one thing: you don't always have to bump into the crazies...

sometimes they come and find you, and

once you're in their tractor beam... man, you've got a serious problem

I quit my job the next day

Number two

My uncle used to run with some bad guys back in the day

Essentially him and his pals were aspiring Yakuza. Hoping to get a slice of the action

One of these guys was called Haru

Now Haru had a taste for the more seedy things in life

If something was considered bad by society standards, then he probably indulged in it regularly

Well, there was one particular place that Harry would like to go in his free time

Well, let's call it a lady bar

One of the women who worked there was a particular favorite of his

Her name was Mew

Whenever he went to the place, he'd always asked from you

In the end, they actually ended up becoming pretty close so much

So in fact that mu star tada fall for Haru and his bad-boy ways

She was young and naive I suppose not to mention a little unhinged

That's what Harry used to say anyway, but he liked that about her

Now me had a boyfriend, but it wasn't long before she started telling Harry that she wanted to be with him instead

Harry wasn't looking for mrs. Right though. He only wanted mrs. Right now. No strings attached kind of fun

Yes, such he flat-out told her. No, he wanted to give their relationship strictly business

He was a customer. She a professional

Well, she didn't take kindly to the rejection

One day Harry went back to the place to see me you again

He sat down in a private room and from behind a curtain Moo appeared

She was brandishing a blade

So ungrateful, she screamed at Emma. Am I not pretty enough for you?

She took the sharp blade and brought it up to her face

She started to drag it down the side of her cheek slicing it like a thin piece of Kobe beef

How about now? Well now

Again, she brought the blade down the side of her face scraping it along making long deep crimson streaks

She did this over and over constantly approaching him as he backed away him there

Soon a face was almost entirely red. She had lost her damn mind

Harry ran outside and back to his home in shock

The next day Harry was out with my uncle and a few of his other friends

They were walking down a back alley minding their own business

When they were at the end of the alleyway a van pulled up just in front of them

Several large men dressed like gangsters hopped out each of them holding a metal pole as a weapon

So which one of you morons is herion?

They all looked at each other

Hesitantly Harry raised his hand

One of the men's Salon de metal pole across Harry's legs bringing him down to his knees in pain

The rest of the men began wailing on him with their poles says he lied on the floor

They struck him over and over

My uncle and his other friends ran back down the alley

The men from the van let them run and they weren't there for them

My uncle watched from the other end of the alleyway and as Harry was picked up still half conscious and screaming and

Thrown into the back of the van

The men drove off taking Harry with them

Like I said before me you had a boyfriend

What Harry didn't know was that he was one of the most prominent Yakuza in the area

She had told her boyfriend her version of events and he sent some of his goons to go and take care of this Harry fella

The guy who'd supposedly messed up his girlfriend's face

Nobody knows for sure what happened to Harry but rumors started to spread quickly

The most prominent theory was that he was taken to some disused warehouse

Tied to a chair and had his face cut off without the use of any anesthetic

The Yakuza would have seen this as a fitting revenge for something that in all honesty wasn't even harus fault

Ultimately, nobody knows what they did with him after they threw him in the van

But that was the last time my uncle ever saw her

It was also the end of his foolish dream to become a Yakuza

Number three

This is my story, but my friends

His name is Marita. You know, he's not the purest of people. I don't think he deserved what happened to him

Still I won't sugarcoat things and I'll let you guys judge for yourselves

This all happened five years ago

Marita and I both lived in Osaka, Kansai

We met at university know at the time of this story Morita had already been working at an accounting firm for the past two years

he'd done well for himself, I

Was stuck making okonomiyaki for tourists nan awful job per se but I always thought I'd be working for a big firm like him. I

am beat him a little

Anyway, Morita had to go away for a week to audit some company in Hashima a good six hour drive away from Osaka

As such his company paid for him to stay in a hotel there for a week

When he came back we met up for dinner

Hey, man, he told me I have a crazy story to share with you. Oh

Yeah, I said Jing him to spill the beans

yeah, I met a goal down in her Russia more on my first night have myself a little holiday romance if you know what I


You me her name was?

He proceeded to show me pictures of this ume woman on his phone

She's an accountant too with the company. I was auditing

Dude, I replied you already. Have a girlfriend

I know it's a pretty bad thing to do, but it's okay. My girlfriend will never find out

He could tell from my reaction that I was both surprised and disappointed in his behavior

Then relax this was only a one-week fling

I made sure you me knew this was nothing serious, and I wouldn't do anything like this again. Believe me

In the end. I promise to keep his secret


Few weeks passed and I'd arranged to meet up with more ether again for dinner in town. I

arrived a little early

When Marita finally arrived I was shocked by his appearance

He looked pale and disheveled. I

Knew instantly that something was the matter

Hey everything, okay, but I asked him

You'll never believe what's happened. He said looking like he was about to be sick

He was right after he told me I genuinely couldn't believe my ears

It turns out that that very day a new employee had started working at his company

It was the same girl. He'd had a fling with in Hashima. The yume woman

She had moved all the way to Osaka

Transferred her job to his company and completely uprooted her whole life just so she could be with him

She'd become obsessed

totally obsessed

Yume, what on earth are you doing here? He asked her I

Came to be with you, silly

I know you said you weren't looking for anything serious, but I know in your heart you didn't mean that

When you stopped replying to my messages, I knew I had to prove to you. How serious I was about this relationship


Marita gasped Yumi. I only saw you for a week. We only had a holiday romance. No big deal, you know

He did his best to try and convince her that he didn't have any true feelings for her

But she didn't seem to get the message

Yumi would follow Morita around the office constantly talking to him and trying to get close to her

When it was time to go home Morita would quickly run out of the office and out of her view

He knew he couldn't let her find out where he lived

If she'd followed him all the way to where he worked, she'd most certainly turn up at his apartment

She was after all a total he and early who knows what she might do

After days of trying to get her to leave him alone he finally confessed her

You me. I'm sorry, but I already have a girlfriend. Oh

I see

Her ice became extremely wide and flared with a sort of fari intensity

the rest of her face remain neutral I


With that she turned her back to him and scurried away into her cubicle then speak to him for the rest of the day

Well his actions up until now had been stone cold

But I guess there wasn't really any other way to deal with the situation at least he'd come clean

Maybe this crazy girl would finally go back home now

And that was for the best both for Marita and for her

My Marita arrived at work the next morning Yumi was nowhere to be seen

Excellent. She'd gotten the message

Monitor approached his desk and noticed something unusual

There was a chocolate cake next to his computer

Beside ed was a post-it note

Keep up the good work Marita signed, mr. Ishiguro

Ishiguro was the head of the department

Wow Marita felt pretty good about himself. He'd obviously impressed his boss and was seen as a major asset to the company

Strange though he thought

There was a single slice missing from the cake

Had his boss forgotten to eat breakfast and taken a slice of the cake

Who knew whatever the case he was ecstatic

After lunch Morita planned on eating a slice of the cake, but the tempura Haddad had filled him up more than he expected

He decided to save the cake for after dinner instead

Before leaving work that day he happened to bump into his boss with a bow he thanked, mr. XI guru for the cake

Cake what on earth. Are you talking about Morita? I've never bought cake for an employee in my life

If I was gonna start now, I certainly wouldn't give you the first one

What but if the cake wasn't from Ishiguro?

Yeah, he already guessed it, right

Martita guessed it to

You me had come into the office earlier than anyone else that morning and planted the cake on Morita's desk

She had left the fortune though from his boss

She had cut out a piece of the cake for herself to enjoy her own

Here's the crazy part

The icing in the cake had been poisoned

Martita figured that she probably tampered with the cake in some way

So he disposed of it quickly after he figured it out, but he didn't suspect that. She'd have done something so extreme

He only found out what she had actually done with the cake and after she didn't turn up to work for several days

People were sent to her apartment to check on her

They found Yumi lifeless on her sofa

She had eaten her piece of the cake and the icing had done its job

She had left. I love Nova Morita. It was several pages long

It closed with the lines

So if I can't have you in this life, I'll have you in the next

See you there soon. I love

Forever Yours


If he had still been hungry after lunch that day, he really would have been us forever

Our actions have consequences sometimes bigger consequences than we can foresee

obviously the story got relate to Marita's girlfriend and she dumped him then and there I

Hope he'll think twice before doing something. So rotten and selfish again

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