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- Today on

Golden Beach High

- In conclusion: space.

Millions of light years of the unknown.

Anything is possible.


(bell rings)

- Amazing presentation, Angeles.

Out of this world, literally.

I have to give my presentation tomorrow

and I'm nervous.

- You'll do great. Like I said, when it comes to space

anything is possible.

- Yeah. Anything is possible.

Hey, family. I'm home.

(giggles) - Nice!

- Whoa, Stacie! What happened here?

- We redecorated to help you prepare

for your space presentation.

If you're worried about it, why not just go to space?

- Oh, sure. Maybe when dogs fly.

(dog barking) (giggles)

- We're headed to the Milky Way.

Who wants to come along?

- Stacie and I can be mission control.

- Come on, Barbie. You said when dogs fly.

- I guess you're right.

- Three...



Blast off!

(giggles) - Wow! Amazing! Yeah!


(gasp) - Wow!

- Welcome to Mermaid Planet.

Just what we needed. Visitors.

Here. Have some space food.

- Whoa, what is this?

- Astronauts like me eat our food freeze dried so

it lasts longer and it's less likely to float away up here.

- Who knew?

See, anything is possible.

- Do you mean zing zorp?

- Zing zorp?

- That's how you say anything is possible on this planet.

- Right on!

- Hi, Earthlings. We're glad you're here to spice things up.

It's been so boring lately.

- Boring? Here?

- We wish we had some cool new activity to do like on Earth.

Teach us something.

- Well, I don't know if I'm a good teacher.

In fact, I have to give a presentation tomorrow

and I'm really nervous.

Besides, I'm sure you've done all the usual activities

like games or crafts or dance parties.

- What is a dance party?

- What? You don't have dance parties here?

Okay. Now this is something I can teach you about.


- Wow. I think you're getting the hang of zing zorp.

- All right. First we have to wear our most colorful

and unique looks to get into the dancing spirit.

- You got it.

(upbeat music)


- Woo hoo!



- Way to go!


- So cute!

- Beautiful

- Whoa! I love your dresses.

- Amazing! (laughs)

- Yeah! - Great job!

- Amazing!

- So glam!

- You shimmer like stars.

- This is so fun. (laughs)

- Next, we need music.

Huh. We don't have a radio though.

- Did someone say music?

You're in luck because la la la la

we love to sing.

- Perfect. You'll be our stars.

- What? Stars?

- Oh, I mean music stars. Not like the stars in space.

- Ohh!

Of course.

- You're a great teacher, Earthling.

- Thank you.

Now you can sing your scales off while we dance.

- But how do we dance?

- That's the easiest part.

You just move to the music however you like.

- Does this look right?

- There's no right or wrong way to dance

because it's not about how you look.

It's about how you feel.

- Ohh.

La la la ladies

- Let's go. Woo hoo!


- We love dance parties.

Thank you for teaching us about them.

- It turns out anything is possible.

- Huh?

- What does that mean?

- I don't get it.

- Oh, I mean zing zorp.

- Zing zorp


- Earth to Barbie.

- Earth to Barbie.

- Oh, I must've been daydreaming.

- Still nervous about your presentation tomorrow?

- You know what?

No, because anything is possible.

Say "zing zorp"

- Zing zorp


So cute!

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