Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 家裡吃不完的茄子不要扔,試試這種特色做法,加上糯米餡,曬乾後比吃肉都香

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Hello everyone

I am Ajian

Take advantage of the good weather today

We use eggplant to cook our authentic Jiangxi cuisine

Let's take a look

As the saying goes, eat loofah in summer

Eggplant in autumn

Eggplant in autumn is good

Today the supermarket has a special

Bought a lot for five dollars

After washing

We cut off the head

Then split in half

Like this, all cut up, it's fine

After the water boils in the pot, put the eggplant

Steam on high heat for 15 minutes

The eggplant is steamed

Very beautiful

This eggplant is a bit hot

We use a clamp to clamp it on the bamboo mat

We will separate the eggplant with a knife

No need to cut off

After cutting, put it on the bamboo mat

Then put it in the sun and let it explode for a day

This is the dried eggplant that I dried yesterday

It's already 80% dry

We give it a layer of soy sauce

Let it add the bottom flavor

Give it a thin layer

After brushing all

We put it aside

Next we stir some garlic

Next we start to make, add garlic to fry it

After frying

Add chili powder

Stir fry slowly

Stir fry

Continue to add the right amount of rice wine and glutinous rice

Next, start seasoning


Pour in the right amount of salt

Chicken Essence

Add some sugar

Add a little soy sauce

Let's add more oil halfway

Then add a spoonful of glutinous rice flour

Stir it evenly

Stir-fry until transparent

Like this, it's ok

We turn off the fire

We put it into the bowl

Our seasoning is ready

Like to eat stickier

You can add more glutinous rice flour

And then spread it on the eggplant

Spread it evenly

After everything is done

Under the sun

Let it dry for a day

This is the dried eggplant paste

The surface is a bit hard

The glutinous rice inside is still chewy

Next we are ready for the next step

After boiling the water in the pot, add the eggplant sauce to dry

Turn it on high heat and steam for 12 minutes

Time is up

We turn off the fire


smell good

A little hot

We use a clip to clip it out

Without being hot

Superimpose the two pieces

Just like this

And put it under the sun

Dry for another six hours

Already dried

With a little bit of moisture

Already very fragrant

We cut it into small pieces

Our eggplant sauce is ready

Guests from far away

Make a plate for it as a gift

Especially popular

Its taste is salty, sweet and spicy

Endless aftertaste

Its a local specialty from Jiangxi


You wont forget it last time

It just takes a little longer, you must try it if you like it

After cutting

We put it on the disk

Use it as a snack

Take a bite and leave your mouth fragrant

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