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hey guys what's going on it's been quite a while since my last video and i've only just realized

how long it's been since my last upload so since then i've gained a few new subscribers and a

few months ago i hit a thousand subs which was a goal of mine that i set out when i first started

this channel so i'm very thankful for that so there's a few things i wanted to talk about

in today's video creative burnout personal updates some new work and where i plan on taking things in

the future i will also have some timestamps in the description so if you wanted to go to a particular

point feel free however everything this video is going to be somewhat intertwined so i hope you

enjoy it's taken me almost nine months to sit down and actually make a video and at the end of last

year i had all these plans of where i wanted to take the channel and where i saw it going for the

first time in a long time i don't have any major photo projects in the works i'm not undertaking

any photo jobs and i'm not really engaging with the photography community online i'm just making

photos on a real personal level and just keeping them to myself for a while has really allowed me

to think about my connection with the medium it's a feeling i haven't had since studying photography

became part of my life a few years back and it's been really good to be able to reconnect with the

medium and strip back some of the bs that i think was clouding me for a little while i'm far less

critical of my own work now and not so much in a naive sense but more in a way where i can take

an average image and see the good in it so for example i'll go out make a photo it might not

be something i'm super proud of but i know that photo can be used as a location reference for

the future i think when you just churn out work for the sake of an assignment or the algorithm

things start to stagnate and boredom kicks in and i think that's kind of what happened to me

and why i really stopped making videos and photos i really had an excuse to not make work and i'd

probably let that take over a little too long but i'm hoping to slowly change that when i look back

to last year living through all those various lockdowns it was probably one of the only things

that really kept me going so it definitely feels weird this year i'm not making any of them for

almost nine months now i really love the challenge each week of picking a location piece of gear

awesome theoretical concepts to create something engaging for myself and also beneficial for an

audience so since the start of this year i've been working full time so it has been quite hard to

make videos and photos and i know that's probably not a good enough excuse as i've easily had enough

time but sometimes just the mental effort to commit to an idea develop it and produce it can be

quite consuming and as i said although it has been quite nice to take a break from videos and photos

i definitely do miss the interaction with others and putting stuff out there that i wouldn't

normally have done in the past i was also planning on doing an honours year at university this year

but i just felt like i was so sick of the university culture that i really needed to

step back from that and it probably wasn't the right time for me to go back into that environment

last year i did actually make a video on whether you should study photography at university

and since i've graduated my opinion on that has slightly changed so if that's a video you want me

to see cover a little more in the future then feel free to let me know down in the comments below out

of all the videos i've made that's one i probably feel the strongest about as it's one that was

made from three years of lived experiences and it also seems to be the one that a lot of people have

questions about on whether they should study it or not what schools to go to and stuff like that and

it's also reassuring to me to know that my videos do have some kind of impact that does go beyond

camera choices one thing however which i have been trying to make more of a habit of recently

is going out and just doing little photo walks around the streets which has been really helpful

to get me into a more photographic mindset i started doing this late last year and found it to

be a really good way just to see things a little differently as it had the intention of making

photos rather than just trying to get from point a to point b although i never set out to shoot

anything super specific i found myself being drawn to the slow pace of the suburban streets and the

stillness of life and when i looked back at the photos i've made so far there's a clear pattern

between them all the more intimate moments like tire marks on the road hard waste on the curbside

or the front yard of a home have really allowed me to acknowledge the surroundings of the streets i'm

walking and these concepts are nothing new and i'm sure a lot of people have made similar images to

this yet there's something so intriguing to making these discoveries on your own through a camera for

a lot of these i was using a 35mm camera too which was something that i hadn't used in a long time

as i've mainly been shooting medium format for almost three years now so it was really

nice to go back to the basics have 36 exposures and just experiment a little more than i normally

would i think that's one of the problems when you're shooting 120 film is for me i

think i'm playing a little too safe due to the cost and only having 10 exposures so it was

really nice just having some fun making photos and not worrying about those things i just mentioned i

want to discuss this more in a future video but i would just say to anyone to go out you don't have

to use a new camera or new format just try a new lens or focal length and see how it impacts your

work and you might be really surprised so what comes now i don't really think i can go back and

make the same videos as i did last year and expect to get the same kind of results and feedback

and also i think my opinion on film photography and my relationship to it has somewhat changed

so that is definitely something i want to discuss more and more as time goes on it will always have

a place in my work but the more i'm shooting these days i'm finding that the aesthetic that

i've been chasing after for all these years is probably the one i don't find as desirable anymore

there's also a new camera i've been using the last few weeks and it's really been changing

the way i think about photography and that is the leica sl2 but i'll get to that in a future video

so new videos will be on the way soon and i hope you enjoy what's to come if you're still watching

my videos nine months after my previous upload then i'm very thankful for that i know sometimes

these personal update kind of videos can be quite self-centered so if you're still watching i really

appreciate it it blows me away that a lot of people are still choosing to watch my videos

and realizing that is what makes me want to make more of these and create more in the future cheers

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