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Supa Good...


Rhythm means being in tune, aware,

being sensitive to what is happening around you.

This one's for love For mothers that's grieving

This for that dreamer in that class

That's underachieving

This for believers whose faith

Is all that's keeping them breathing

This the Garden of Eden This for all of my heathens

This one's for Inglewood Both in Chicago and Cali.

This one's for Manchester and Crenshaw

For Rally's

Happy moments happened to be sprinkled

Throughout half of these tragedies

Actually, I just start embracing change

It's safe to say that growth Is an uncomfortable process and...

Flow would be the grace with which you move, right?

Your own sweetness to what you do.

...Aw yes

This time is gonna be different

I'm a bless the world

With honest quotes in every sentence

And get better every moment Just like Beverly mentioned

Hard times, but never resentment

I stay forever relentless Let's go

There could only be one winner.

D Smoke.

The beauty of what happened on Netflix

is that I wasn't counting on it.

That experience really brought out the best of me.

I'm one of those people who execute under pressure.

Because of the show, now,

we get to do exactly what we planned,

but to a way higher level.

I'm in the studio, finishing up a project

that I've been working on for over two years now.

Eat Smoke take your time, it's a long dinner 39 00:01:36,305 --> 00:01:37,723 It's one queen and a few brothers

The Last Supper

I'm really collecting the best parts of my past

and trying to build on those.

Taking people through somewhat of a history,

a journey with me through my experiences

and the city embraces it.

There is a lot of support and love.

I saw him get on the stage.

And everybody...

I couldn't believe my eyes

when I see him.

They had, like, a music contest.

I was surprised that I've never seen him since.

I saw him train before a lot.

He has a lot of talent.

Through the album that I'm working on now,

I plan on continuing to represent Inglewood

and championing the city

for all that it is.

We were looking at the wall and saw your picture up there.

What's going on?

Way back in them days, brother.

Way back in the days?

How old were you then?

I was 19, 20, 25,

something like that.

I'm not that young.

I know you... You're young though.

Yeah, I still get my work in.

Yeah, you're a good kid some way or another.

You know?

Everybody has got their ups and downs. But he's a kid.

He comes in the gym,

work out, go home...

When do you wanna spar?

-Me? -Yeah, me and you.

I'll knock you out.

You'll knock me out?

On the platform of Netflix, on Rhythm + Flow,

people now are just so proud,

you know, proud of being from Inglewood,

proud that they walked with us personally

and we still pull up in the city.

Guess I should have taken this thing off my head.

You all didn't tell me, I wasn't expecting this.

It's all good.

It's all good. No, you look lovely.

I still get to spend time with these people

and share hugs and laugh and eat food.

You know, I'm excited to have my usual over here.

Since you've been here now,

we've sold, maybe, ten Catfish Po'boys.

Oh, yeah?

Just back to back to back to back.

They know what's up.

Oh, man.

This is nice, guys. Hey, everybody.

I just want to say I'm excited about this.

When you come into these professional studios,

everybody there is present for one particular goal -

to see my vision come to fruition.

I'm not writing for anyone else.

I'm not producing anyone else's project.

It's for me and it's surreal.

I, kind of, want it to be poetic,

but reference a gang of classic albums.

So far I have Purple Rain, Purple Haze-

Songs in the Key of Life.

I think as an educator,

I have a different awareness

of the effect music has on young people.

Being honest in your music

is a way to really educate.

And being creative and poetic

so that people can both see their community,

but they can see it in a different light.

D Smoke, where you from, homie?

I'm from Inglewood.

No, where are you from, homie?

I'm from Inglewood.

Hut one, hut two,

Segway, chicken nugget.

Keep it 100 I be feeling like

If I'm not, like, sharing the moment with other people,

then it becomes overwhelming.

And it's not just my moment, you know?

It's my city's moment. It's my family's moment.

Just trying to be a conduit thats what I'm going to focus on.

We pulled out the project

the day after the finale of Rhythm + Flow.

It got up to number three on iTunes,

only behind Kanye West

and Post Malone.

Being here feels surreal.

It's been a beautiful journey

and I'm excited about wrapping it up

and releasing something and sharing it with the world.

This is where it all started

and this is where things are going to culminate, you know?

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