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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Let's Learn English! Topic: Space

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and space I'm not sure how exciting this

topic is going to be for people but it's

a topic that I really really like I'll

tell you something when you grow up out

in the countryside you tend to really

enjoy the night sky because where I live

it is very very dark at night so when

you live out in the country there are no

city lights so you tend to have a very

dark night and you can see the stars and

the moon really really well so I love

space ever since I was a little kid I

have loved space so I'm not talking

about like the space around me I'm

talking about the space that is up in

the sky so we're going to do a lesson

today about space welcome to everyone

who is here hello to everyone in the

chat thank you so much for joining me I

have to apologize that there was no

lesson last Friday sorry that I missed

one but I was at a conference in the

City of Toronto I was learning how to be

a better teacher and I was just going to

show you this morning one of my teacher

friends brought this mug in to our

workplace it says best teacher ever so I

thought I would use it I don't think I'm

the best teacher ever but I thought it

would be fun to use that mug so hello to

the 82 people and all the others joining

we're going to learn some English words

and phrases on the topic of space so I

think that the one cool thing about this

topic is everyone can look up at the

night sky from somewhere in the world

and they can see the space and they can

see stars so it's a really cool topic so

when I talk about space there's two ways

we describe space actually three ways we

just call it space sometimes we call it

outer space and sometimes when

telescopes are looking really far we

call it deep space so very very far away

you will have deep space but generally

we just refer to it as space it's kind

of cool I think that I would have liked

to have been alive when they landed on

the moon

I know people who are older than me were

able to watch the first moon landing but

I have always liked space it's one of

the reasons why I like to read science

fiction is because I really like the

topic of space we live in a solar system

so you can see here we have the Sun on

one end and I think earth is right here

and you can see our little moon but the

solar system is what is how we refer to

our Sun and the planets that are

orbiting our Sun so we live in a solar

system the Sun provides solar energy to

the planets we are the third Rock from

the Sun that was a television show about

ten years ago we're the third planet

from the Sun so we live in a solar

system and it's pretty cool I'm going to

try and name the planets we have Mercury

Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn oh I'm

gonna I'm gonna mess up now we have

Uranus and Neptune I don't know if I got

those in the right order

there is another planetoid I guess a

smaller rock out here called Pluto but

those are your planets in our solar

system just going to stop from its let

you know that Todd will be posting a

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every week just gonna stop for a second

say hi to Todd I am very grateful that

Todd comes and helps moderate the chat

please use the chat to talk to each

other please don't use the chat to ask

questions so

and just so you know I'm not an expert

on space so I might make some small


hey people who study space are called

astronomers the one thing about

astronomers that I find interesting is

that they are awake at night usually

because the best time to look into outer

space the best time to look at the night

sky is obviously at night to them so

they tend to sleep during the day and

they tend to work at night this is one

of the reasons why I am NOT an

astronomer because I really need my

sleep it's very important for me to get

sleep but you can see this person is

looking up at the sky and when you study

the night sky when you study space we

call it astronomy so someone who is an

astronomer would study or be in the

field of astronomy

so astronomy is the basically there's

the description of looking at the night

sky looking through telescopes but also

it is the name for the field of study so

astronomers work in the field of

astronomy and I kind of already

mentioned this most astronomers use a

very variety of different telescopes so

one of the ways that we can see further

than we can normally with the human eye

is that we use telescopes so telescopes

big and small when I was a kid I had a

small telescope and it was good for

looking at the moon but it wasn't very

good for looking at stars so it was good

enough to look at the moon it was kind

of a kids telescope so anyways this is a

telescope let me jump over and see if

there are some questions I know there

are I'm going to try and make sure I do

the ones that relate to space so if I

skip your question it probably was not a

space related question and she has the

first question hi a genie don't the

stars and the moon look amazing in the

night sky yes I I just love looking at

them when I was a kid I used to lay on

grass at night and look at the night sky

in the Sun question is do the words

space traveler and astronaut refer to

the same person and I hope you're good

Bob yes I'm doing really good thanks for

asking so generally we use astronaut to

refer to someone who goes to space and

comes back right now we use the word

space traveler more in movies and film

and books about space because we do

travel to the space station and back but

we haven't really traveled further than

the moon so the word space traveler is

used a lot in movies so you'll say oh

the person was you know it's a space

traveler someone who has traveled from

Mars to Jupiter in a fictional story so

good question like it let's see here

let's see Demetrio says from the Ukraine

hi Bob hi it's minus 12 this morning

that is very cool hi Vaz ixnay key

thanks for saying hi do you think it's

possible that all the universe that we

know exists inside of a black hole and

that each black hole can have its own

universe in it you know there are

mysteries yet to be solved in our world

and I don't know I am always blown away

in English when we say you're blown away

it's like you're amazed I'm always

amazed when they show a picture I have

one later of the number of galaxies that

we can see in a galaxy contains planets

it's the universe is just enormous so

I'm just amazed by it

Demetrio for sure let's see let's see

next one is from Demetriou as well let

me see here do you agree with Stephen

Hawking that we shouldn't try to learn

what was before and what caused a big

bang as it's impossible to find out do

you actually think it's impossible you

know I'm just a patient person and I

feel like as scientists study the world

more and more we will unravel some of

the mysteries that's a very common

English phrase by the way when you

unravel a mystery it's like there's

something we don't understand and when

you unravel it you learn to understand

it so who knows we'll figure out some

day right now I think we don't even know

what's on the bottom of the ocean in

some places Henry from Taiwan and then

we'll move on with the lesson Henry from

Taiwan says let's see hi Bob would you

please pronounce the words spatial and

special what's the difference between

spatial and spacious thank you so that's

a tricky one because spatial refers to

thinking about how things relate to each

other in the space they're in and

spacious refers to an area that's just

really big so this classroom is quite

spacious okay

spatial is a little trickier to explain

you should you should look that one up

but definitely I can tell you that this

room is spacious especially when I am

the only person sitting in it let's see


Gaga and then we'll move on I think I

said we were moving on but Gaga says I'm

glad to see you again thanks Gaga thanks

for being here have you ever used a


do you like learning about the origin of

the universe yes I have used a telescope

as a kid and close to me there is a park

and sometimes in the summer people come

with really big telescopes and you can

go and visit and they let you look

through their telescope so I have looked

through a telescope before and about the

origin of the universe we'll have to let

that mystery solve itself

hey often telescopes are found in what

we call an observatory let me say that

again observatory so an observatory is a

place where the government or maybe a

university builds a building with a

really large telescope inside of it let

me say that one more time because it's a

hard word to pronounce observatory so

often if you drive outside of the city

you can find places where either the

government or a university that is

studying space has built an observatory

excuse me I have never been to an

observatory I would

like to go to an observatory someday as

a Janee a mentioned the person who goes

to space we call an astronaut and this

is a gender-neutral term so men and

women are both called astronauts it's

not like actor/actress where we

sometimes use different words so if you

are an astronaut you wear a spacesuit

they don't think I actually have that

word but this astronaut is wearing a

spacesuit and they are out in space it

looks like they are above the earth so

they're probably somewhere very close

but the person who goes to space is

called an astronaut they go to space in

one of two ways either they take a

rocket so you can see here this rocket

has blasted off when a rocket goes up in

the sky we say that it has blasted off

from Earth in fact when we count down as

kids we say ten nine eight seven six

five four three two one blast off

because that's what we would hear when

we watched shows where they were

launching rockets so a rocket gets

launched when the engines fire up we say

that you know there's a blast off they

are they actually I think the official

term is liftoff you know we have liftoff

but that is a rocket and if you are from

the United States the United States also

has a space shuttle

I believe Russia has a space shuttle as

well I'm not sure if it's still

operational but a space shuttle has two

components so it has booster rockets

which take it into space and then the

shuttle itself can actually return to

Earth so that's kind of a cool way to go

to space and then if you study Rockets

it's called rocket science and I just

wanted to show you this rocket science

is the study of rockets but we have a

phrase in English

it's not rocket science and what this

means is if you're teaching someone to

do something that's really simple and

they're having trouble understanding how

to do it like we would we would

sarcastically say come on it's not

rocket science so a good example would

be if you were trying to teach someone

to tie their shoes and they couldn't

figure out how to do it and you would

say come on it's not rocket science so

basically what you're saying is hey this

it's actually quite easy you should be

able to do this let me jump to the

questions I just want to say hi to a

bunch of people in the chat thank you

for the kind words

we have Marcin sloka who is from Poland

here for the first time hello Marcin and

we have a Jin Jang hoon from South Korea

who is a big fan thanks and Nayeem Allah

from Afghanistan people from all over

the world thanks for being here we are

looking at today no now I've mixed up my

papers we are looking at space so we're

doing a few English words and phrases

about space and I hope that you are able

to learn a little bit more English let

me jump to the questions eugene lu who

is canadian says as a canadian i greatly

appreciate your hard work and showing

the cultural values over canadians to

the world

you're welcome Eugene I I just like

doing it I I know people have been

thanking me for all of the hard work it

is a lot of work but please know that I

do actually make a little bit of money

from the ads so it is worth my while to

do this but that isn't the main reason I

do it I do it because I really enjoy

this I think that when you look at the

things that you can do in life

I just really love making YouTube videos

to help people learn English Eugene from

Etobicoke I think this is the same

Eugene says can you make your video into

bilingual subtitles so that more people

can understand our Canadian culture I do

that in the future I'm right now I have

a plan to do

I'm doing I'm gonna hold this schedule

for a few more months and then I'm going

to think about what else I can possibly

do so let's let's do that lolly has a

question that I can't answer

she says hi Bob the Canadian please

what's the difference between a meteor

and a meteorite merci

so I don't actually know so a meteor is

something that falls out of space

through the atmosphere and hits the

ground and a meteorite is the same thing

it might just be the size lolly but as

far as I know I think they are the same


Jessie the Canadian says how are you

what is the difference between

interspace and intraspace hard question

I don't actually know you will need to

look that up I'm going to guess that

interspace might relate to actual space

an interest base might refer to when you

go smaller into atoms but I don't know

I'm just vaguely teaching sometimes I

don't know the answer penguin asks this

question what are your views on

extra-terrestrial life so in English

extraterrestrial life or aliens would be

people that come from other planets or

creatures that come from other planets

what is my view until the day that maybe

we actually see someone from another

planet I don't think there are people

from other planets I I just I'm just not

sure on that one I I just don't think

they exist so but I love watching movies

with extraterrestrials in them for sure

and then Frankie from Hong Kong has the

same question do you believe that there

are any creatures like aliens in space

at this point in my life I would say I

don't think so until a spaceship lands

in my backyard

I'm not going to the

so hey so really close to us we have the

Sun which is actually a star so in our

solar system the center of our solar

system is the Sun all of the planets

orbit around the Sun and it is a star

and it provides a lot of solar energy to

our planet the other thing that's quite

visible in our night sky is the moon I

have always loved the moon I love when

we have a full moon because when you

have a full moon you can actually see at

night it's really really cool

to go walk outside when there is a full

moon I really really enjoy that so the

Sun the moon and the stars so the reason

I made this plural is because we usually

refer to all three of them together

sometimes so we'll say if you look up

you can see the Sun the moon and the

stars so the stars are all the small

pinpoints of light that you can see that

just kind of make the night sky

beautiful I really enjoy looking up at

the stars in fact this will be different

for all of you but at night we have

different constellations let me say that

again constellations so I'm not sure if

you can see it on here let me turn it a

bit but this constellation right here

this group of stars we call the Big

Dipper so I'm going to put that here so

it kind of looks like I'm not sure you

can see it it kind of looks like the

scoop that you use to get soup so we

call that constellation the Big Dipper

and we have a lot of different

constellations in our night sky what's

interesting about constellations or the

groups of stars that we have given names

to so we look up and we see you know a

group of stars and we say that's the Big


that's the Little Dipper

the cool thing about constellations is

depending on where you are in the world

in the north or south hemisphere you

will see different constellations I'm

not really good at knowing all the

constellations or what you see in the

northern sky or the southern sky but

English people hearing English lessons

yeah I'm not sure what that question is

but but we have constellations so I

would someday like to travel to see

constellations from Australia or from

somewhere in the southern part of of the

planet in our area we also have the

North Star in fact if you want to find

the North Star you find the Big Dipper

and you follow you use these two stars

as a guide and then you can find the

North Star so it's really cool if you're

in the northern hemisphere the North

Star lets you know where North is let me

just have a drink for a sec here anyways

I mentioned this word a few times when

you look at the Sun and the planets the

planets orbit the Sun so orbit is the

word we use to describe when a planet

goes around the Sun we also have the

moon orbits the earth so when one thing

in space goes around another thing we

say that it this is its orbit but we

also would say it is orbiting so you can

use it in two different ways so these

lines represent the orbits of the

different planets and once again just a

quick review here are the planets I'm

not sure I'm gonna try and hold this up

so you can actually see the names so we

have Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter

Saturn Uranus Neptune those are them and

sometimes I'll just give you just a

funny description sometimes people call

the planet Uranus they think they

pronounce it Uranus but that's kind of a

funny thing because

part of that word actually refers to

your butt on the body you'll have to

look that up but it's kind of a funny

thing that kids say to each other they

mispronounced the planet Uranus as

Uranus and then that's kind of a funny

thing to say to people but don't say

that it's informal very much kind of a

funny joke so anyways those are the

planets in our solar system you can see

that the earth is quite tiny compared to

the other two planets that come next

which are quite large so someday I think

we will go to the planets I think that

will be really cool and I think that

will be really really fun not sure if my

livestream is working well it looks it

doesn't look great on my screen so I

hope that you are getting a good live

stream from me right now I think I might

have forgotten to set it to a higher

rate but that's okay in the solar system

we also have asteroids so an asteroid is

a large chunk of rock that you find in

space it could be made of metal or rock

or other elements but in space we have

asteroids that are floating around I

think there is actually an asteroid belt

if you go further out in space so we

have asteroids earlier Lally asked about

the difference between a meteor and a

meteorite so a meteor is a large rock

that falls from space I think a

meteorite is the same thing you can

correct me if I'm wrong you can look it

up but we have meteors and we have

meteorites let me just try something

here for a sec I want to see if I can

fix something here not sure if I can do

it I'm gonna just try this for a moment

and we'll see if it actually works I'm

changing the broadcast resolution of the

live stream while I'm doing the live

stream hopefully I don't

break anything we'll see in a moment

though let me check for questions sorry

I have been a little negligent Eugene

from Etobicoke says for our future we

have to use more green energy we have to

apply more green energy I believe you

are correct we need to find better ways

to to create energy on our planet

I think solar is one of the best ways

but it only works when the sun's shining

doesn't it let's see here Carol English

coach oh let me see here

Carol English coach says what's your

favorite movie about space I love the

movie the Martian with Matt Damon it's

also a book that I often recommend to

people but the movie the Martian is a

story of Matt Damon who sorry about an

astronaut who goes to Mars and then

things start to go wrong so I loved the

movie the Martian it's a great movie

Romi has the next question Rami says hi

Bob could you please teach us the

pronunciation of Sun the Sun up in the

sky and Sun which is a boy who was born

to you so they're the same pronunciation

sun and sun we say them exactly the same

way next one let's see here what is the

meaning of the word Astro thank you and

our family really enjoys watching your

videos so Astro is kind of a short form

for something that is maybe from space

so sometimes in cartoons

they'll have Astro Boy which is maybe a

boy who came from space or you'll say

yeah that's my best example so it's kind

of a short form to describe something

from space that's that's what it would

be let's see Piazza has the next

question would you like to make an

interplanetary journey or simply a

science-fiction one I would love to go

to another planet but I think I'm

probably too old I think I've missed the

boat on that one

I think the chance of me in my lifetime

traveling to space or to another planet

the chance is pretty slim that means

that it's probably not going to happen

mahdi says hype of the king how's it

going I hope to be I hope to be very

well do you believe it has seven sky and

seven earth and do you think the earth

is flat all around you know I'm I'm I'm

pretty sure the earth is round but I

don't want to get into a crazy

discussion about method - the earth is

flat or not I pretty sure this Sun and

the moon and the stars and the earth are

all in some three dimensional world

Manny says what's the difference between

the Big Dipper and the constellation so

the Big Dipper is a constellation the

constellation is the word that we use to

describe things like the Big Dipper so

that's how I would describe it let me

just check something here sorry I'm just

trying to make sure well maybe things

are working better than I thought I'm

just having some small technical


let's see Demetriou I love this question

to meet you I mean this is a great


so Demetriou says from the Ukraine do

you ever use the word cosmos to refer to

space and I we don't we do sometimes

like Carl Sagan wrote a book called

cosmos and we do kind of use cosmos but

it's interesting you bring that up

because I know we also there's the word

cosmonaut which is the same as an

astronaut but usually from the Russian

space program so you obviously that's

from the word cosmos let's see here

mayor Britt says good morning Bob do you

think that is right what happens in the

earth is caused by astronomy by the way

I've been to Arecibo Observatory through

that big observatory that is very cool I

think you're talking about astrology

which is

prediction of the future using heavenly

bodies oh I spelled that wrong

so astrology is actually the study of

trying to predict your future by looking

at the Stars

and other things so I don't really

believe that that works let's see Polly

has the next question Polly says I'm

specializing in structural engineering

that is very cool that's awesome

regarding space do we have space

structure in the field which normally

refers to long span structure like the

airport oh that's interesting

so when you build huge buildings you

need to span a large area or you have to

cover a lot of space so we do use the

word space to refer to the area around

us as well next question is from Eugene

getting here Eugene says some religions

believe that when you do meditation

space has multiple structures or

dimensions maybe and there are about

seven different spaces possibly I mean

these are things that are hard to

determine scientifically let's see here

art Artem says hello Bob hello Robert

big thanks for the job you're doing can

you say a couple words about Russia

earlier all I said was that cosmonaut is

the Russian term for astronaut I'm not

sure if you guys still use that term but

there I said something about Russia

let's see here oh this is from Frankie

so Frankie's from eight from Hong Kong

says hi Bob have you ever seen the polar

light so I think you're talking about

what we call the Northern Lights which

is aurora borealis

so the Northern Lights are these

beautiful green glowing lights that you

can see in the northern part of Canada

sometimes at night or in northern Europe

and other northern parts of the world

and I have seen the Northern Lights a

couple of times as a kid and they were

beautiful but hey let's get back to the



sometimes at night you will see a

shooting star it's actually a meteorite

coming to earth but because it is bright

and we see it fly through the sky

we've originally a long time ago I think

people thought it was a star falling out

of the sky but this is what we would

call a shooting star and sometimes at

night you can see shooting stars at

different times of the year

sometimes a comet will go past our

planet one of the most popular comets

was Halley's Comet but every once in a

while astronomers will tell everyone in

the world that in a few nights a comet

will go past the earth and you'll be

able to see it in the night sky so

that's really cool let me get a sip of

water here before I lose my voice

sometimes the moon goes in front of the

Sun and we have an eclipse let me

pronounce that again for you eclipse an

eclipse so there's two kinds of eclipses

there's a solar eclipse and there's a

lunar eclipse when the moon goes in

front of the Sun you you can't look you

can't look when the moon goes in front

of the Sun because you can damage your

eyes and I think the last Eclipse that

we had was about four maybe four years

ago um it was really cool because in the

middle of the day the moon went in front

of the Sun and it got really really dark

outside so an eclipse

let me proud pronounce it again eclipse

an eclipse is really really cool

let's see English doctor I will report

your channel that's interesting English

doctor I'm not sure why you would report

my channel English doctor I asked one

hour before I will report this channel

you don't answer my questions hey Todd

you want to just kick English doctor out

I think it's time for English doctor

justgo english doctor generally you ask

the questions using the form and then I

answer the questions from the forum so

please be polite I really really like to

help people but if you are upset because

I haven't answered your question you

just need to be a little bit more

patient always a good thing to be

patient anyways we live in a galaxy so a

galaxy is a collection of stars and

planets and we live in a galaxy called

the Milky Way so the Milky Way galaxy is

our galaxy hold on for one sec though

just a sec I'm saying that as if it's

true and I want to make sure I look it

up yes the Milky Way is our galaxy I was

taught that in school but all of the

sudden I doubted it for a moment so we

live in a galaxy called the Milky Way

and a galaxy again is a group of stars

and planets and nebulas maybe some black

holes there's a whole bunch of different

things in a galaxy and all of the

galaxies together make up the universe

and the universe is immeasurable we are

not able to measure the size of the

universe there's just it's just enormous

there are I don't even want to say I

don't even want to guess how many

galaxies there are in the universe or

how many planets there are in the

universe but the universe is everything

that exists by the way the Milky Way is

also the name of a chocolate bar if you

are interested you could look that up

let me jump back to the questions for a

minute Shen

let's see here Shen's question is by the

way I appreciate all of you who are

watching thank you for being patient and

polite it's a very very awesome of you

Sheng says hi Bob have a good day

I hope you have a good day too Shen so

the topic is about space do you like the

movie guardians of the galaxy yes I

liked both of them from Marvel both of

those movies good science-fiction movies

I really enjoyed both movies super fun

to watch really really funny let's see


Frankie says what adjectives would you

use to describe the high temperature of

the Sun um I'm not sure I would say it's

really really hot it's extreme heat so

we could put the word extreme in front

but yeah I wouldn't I wouldn't know

exactly how to describe it except that

it is it is hot let's see here not sure

about this question Julius but I'll try

to answer it my name is Julius which is

first when building a sentence space or

time hard to say but I would say that

just build the sentence the best way you

get I'm not quite sure how to answer

that question so sorry about that

Nahid Hameed says hi best teacher ever

Bob I'm do you guys believe this I don't

really believe this but yeah best

teacher ever bought maybe um what is the

largest planet in our solar system so

it's Jupiter so Jupiter is the largest

planet there we go

hi Liam Rose Maura's OVA thank you for

telling me that my lessons are helpful

I'm glad that you enjoy them let's see


okey Bob have you ever seen a comet do

Canadians have a tradition when they see

a shooting star such as making a wish

thank you I have never seen a comet but

I have seen a shooting star and there is

a tradition that you make a wish when

you see a shooting star I don't usually

do that but there is a tradition that

you would do that if you saw a shooting


let's see Eugene from Etobicoke says we

went to Yellowknife to see the Northern

Lights very spectacular yes the further

north you go in Canada the easier is to

see the Northern Lights and they are

spectacular let me do one more and we'll

get back to the lesson so Frankie says

hi Bob what is a parallel universe thank

you so a parallel universe is a belief

that we live in one universe but that

there are multiple versions of the

universe and they exist in parallel to

each other so it's a theory I don't know

if it's actually true but there is a

possibility maybe that there are

parallel universes

maybe there's another you in a parallel

universe let's see like let's see it

says here a Hugh step says hi Bob

I hope your day is full of ice cream and

doughnuts I would love it but then I

think I would get pretty fat is it true

that YouTube back up their videos in the

satellite like they used satellites as

memory cards I'm not sure I don't think

they do but you just mentioned

satellites the next word is satellite

this is a hard word for people to

pronounce let me say it again satellite

satellite so a satellite is something

that people on earth put in space and we

use this to do a couple of things one it

is for communication so we use

satellites to we send signals to the

satellite and signals come back from the

satellite and we also use satellites

sometimes satellites have telescopes in

them to look into deep space so that was

a great question that was very timely

but yes sometimes we have satellites in

space I think there's a lot of

satellites in space right now and also

there is there are things called space

stations so a space station is a

permanent place or long-term place where

people can go to space astronauts from

different countries

go to space and they can see things

there so what is love says hi Bob first

time I watched your live on YouTube well

welcome to the live lesson that is great

for you and Nixon says oh no sorry I'm

looking at the wrong one

yeah I should stop reading from the chat

because I get lost in the lesson anyways

in space orbiting the planet Earth

sometimes we build space stations and

they serve as a place where astronauts

can go and they can do experiments they

can grow plants in space they can do

different exercises in space and do

tests on the human body so a Space

Station is a semi permanent place in

orbit where people can live and do some

studies and experiments let me jump back

let me do a few more questions and then

we will wrap this up

Demetrio says I actually look at Carl

Sagan's Cosmos I read the book and I

recommend it to any everyone by the way

Carl Sagan is of Ukrainian descent it is

a great book I read the book cosmos

about 20 years ago and there's also a

television show of based on the book

called cosmos just really fascinating I

really really enjoyed it

I do also Demetrio I also recommend that

as a good book to read let's see many

people Oh Eugene says many people think

that a meteorite shower so that's when a

lot of meteorites fall at once is a bad

omen or bad luck I haven't heard that

but possibly person from Turkey this is

what yes so about how hot is the surface

of the Sun how to describe it person

from Turkey says it is immeasurably hot

that would be a great way to describe it

it like you can't measure it it's so hot

Pauli says there are just so many UFO

cases oh by the way a UFO is an

unidentified flying object and some

people think that they've seen UFOs

Pauli says that

so many UFO cases observed by human

beings so far I myself witnessed a UFO

before and I filmed it as well have you

ever had this experience I have never

seen anything odd in the night sky

notice I used the phrase night sky a lot

we are in English often used that phrase

to describe space as well let's see here


so marnya Martin Amer Drax's could you

please pronounce the names of all the

planets in the solar system yeah let me

find my sheet let me find it back quick

WEEE oh my my pile of papers is a mess

heartbeat applied stuff I how does she

know you're all getting bored now where

you will bob the canadian searches for

his file here we'll do it this way so we

have from the Sun we have Mercury Venus

Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

hopefully you got that you can rewind

and play that back if you need that

um I Moline says how can I work at NASA

be really really smart do really really

well in school and be the top of your

class in everything and study

astrophysics and all of the different

things that you would need to study

let's see

Frankie from Hong Kong says Bob do you

know what space junk is so space junk is

the more things we send into space we

don't always bring everything back so

around the planet Earth is something

that we call junk there's space junk

there's just all kinds of broken

satellites and pieces of rockets around

our planet and there's a lot of it there

is a lot of space junk Ming who soon

says to questions from Taiwan I've got

two questions do you watch Doctor Who

yes I like talked to who and I do watch

it and do you believe in time travel

no um should we do a little experiment

let's wait and see if Bob from the

future shows up in this desk in the next


no he didn't show up so I don't think

time travel exists

maybe maybe someday but we'll see Fabio

from Italy wants to know are there any

phrasal verbs connected to space there

are and I would have to do some research

on that but there are definitely things

like to space out like when you space

out you're kind of not paying attention

to something let's see here have you

ever been to area 51 last question here

Christina from Ukraine says have you

ever been to area 51 I have not been to

area 51 at all

so anyways this is if you have a chance

sorry I'm typing here this is the end of

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