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Who wouldn't want to break records

I like doing so

I mean, doing things we've never done before

This happened in 2018, October

During my vacation

I've been fond of going on rides as a child

Even if my friends aren't available

I usually go on solo rides

and one of my dream rides were

Darjeeling-Sikkim Ride

For over few years, me and my friends had been planning

to go on a long ride

Especially, Cabin

I suggested that we went to Upper Mustang-Lo Manthang

But Cabin suggested Darjeeling-Sikkim ride

It was not going to be easy

and I didn't have the will power either

Non of our friends were willing to come either

So it was only the two of us.

After our friends Prallen and Tony decided that they would come with us

We fixed the date of the ride for 22 nd of October

But both of them cancelled due to their busy schedules

Leaving only the two of us in the end

During the time, the North East Rider Mania 2018 was taking place

One of our friends, Diamond, repeated "See you in Rider Mania" for a multiple number of times

Their Royal Enfield group, which included about 200-300 Nepalis were also going to the event

So we decided to tag along with them

But I was never a Bullet rider

I was already thinking of renting or burrowing an Enfield

But they understood my situation and will

and warmly invited me to ride whichever motor bike I wanted

I was very relieved

Even though it was only the two of us

it wasn't that difficult for us

We first went to Darjeeling through Pashupatinagar

We went to Sikkim after that

We were successful and it was very memorable

A lot of my friends on facebook and youtube had asked

Where they could get their motor bike permits to go to India

This is supposed to be taken from the Indian Embassy

You need to take your valid license and bluebook or insurance papers and apply

And they will give you the permit. You will have to pay a certain charge for it though

Despite all that, we couldn't move according to their schedule

So we decided that we would go alone and meet up with the group in Darjeeling

Cabin had his 500 cc Bullet

and I rode my 200 cc KTM Duke

It was Dashain's Tika day

After finishing the rituals

Packing all our necessary stuff a day before

Managing riding gears, we started our ride on early morning of the 22 nd of October

Hello, hi, namaste!

Almost set...

Darjeeling-Sikkim Ride

After resting for a bit in Dhulikhel

We started fun BP Highway ride

Cornering around in the curvy roads

Passing through hills, rivers and streams

After about 5 hours' 200 km ride

We stopped at Bardibash for lunch

Traveling through the Koshi Barrage, we headed towards Dharan

It was around 6 pm when we reached Dharan

We had traveled approximately 400 km

We met Kiran dai and friends that night

We even met Girish later during the night and talked for quite a while

23 rd of October

We roamed around the Dharan Bazaar for a bit

Leaving hotel 'Easy Rider', we headed towards Darjeeling

Having our breakfast near Itahari, we continued our ride

Facing the warm wind of Urla Bari, Damak

After 90 km, about 2 hours ride

We stopped at Birtamod for lunch

Our friend Binod was waiting to welcome us

We separated from Binod after eating to hit a right from Mechinagar's Charale Chowk

Going through Ilam's roads to reach Darjeeling

The roads were a bit smaller than the main highway

The roads gradually steeped upwards

The higher we rode, the colder it got

We stopped after about an hour to wear warm jackets at Kuti Dada

We also had tea there

As we got closer to Ilam,

The fog started to haze off hills

I started to sing M Baral's song in my head

With the thick layers of clouds, When Ilam Bazar gets covered up

I forget everyone

Surrounded by the tea gardens,

The fog completely covering up the roads..

Brain dead.

That aperture, that moment, that view

I had heard and seen it only on photos and videos

But when I actually passed through the Ilam Bazar

I felt as if I made a new record of my own

As we crossed Ilam and got closer to Pashupatinagar

The place's structure, colors, people, houses and roads started to look different

Since our career services won't work after crossing the border

I had carried an Indian SIM

Cabin had his SIM roaming service enabled

After about 30 minutes of witnessing quaint places

We reached the India border

After about 35 km, 3 hour ride, we did our documentation stamping in Pashupatinagar, India-Nepal border

I broke another record in my life

My motor bike's tire stepped on the ground in India!

The roads were all curvy and sloped downhill

Scary looking trees, narrow roads, 0 percent visibility..

We passed vehicles with their fog lights on, pressing on their horns

There were "Blow Horn" signs as well

I never had the habit to blow the horn

But I started to blow the horn, adapting more to this place

We finally entered Darjeeling

Looking at the traffic, I was glad I was riding a motor bike

I was worried my motor bike's tire would trip over the train track and fall down

When I saw the train in Darjeeling, I felt as if I broke another record with a song ringing in my head

When are you coming, the girl of my dreams?

After 30 km, about 2 hours ride, I broke another record of my life

My Nepali number plated motor bike was running through the Big Bazaar in Darjeeling

My Nepali number plated motor bike got a chance to be parked near the Big Bazar, among a crowd of Indian number plated vehicles.

Then using the Indian SIM, we drank tea at a nepali-speaking Bengali restaurant and started looking for a hotel

Finally, we found a room in hotel Ananda, next to Big Bazar

Getting parking spots is rather difficult in Darjeeling

If you are planning to visit Darjeeling, taking a motor bike will be better

Otherwise you might have traffic and parking problems

It wasn't a lot, there is only 550 km distance between Kathmandu and Darjeeling

For the first time, I was in Darjeeling

Breaking a new record in my life

October 25

It was cold during this month

I can't imagine how cold it'd be in December

I had heard a lot about Darjeeling's Chaurasta

We started walking, sightseeing, anticipated to reach Chaurasta

But we didn't even know that we had already reached there

Singer friends like Sanjeeb Pradhan, Deepak Bajracharya and many more used to tell us about their concerts in Chaurasta

I also hoped that I'd get a chance to host a concert here

When I reached Chaurasta, all I could think of was concerts

Since the weather wasn't the best, we couldn't see Mt Kanchenjunga clearly

We both being workout enthusiasts,

What else do we need when we see a place like this?

We exercised for a bit

We roamed around the tea farms and the Darjeeling city the whole day

This is North Point School

A lot of Nepali kings, and even the King of Bhutan had studied in this school

and Yogi dai too!

I got to know this from Yogi dai himself

aka Singer Yogeshwor Amatya

He had told us that he'd meet us in Darjeeling too

And we did. He texted us to come to Chaurasta at 7 pm

What else do we need?

After drinking whiskey in the cold, of course we were hyped

Cabin did tell me that Yogi dai would bring a guitar

and it was true.

Although I couldn't complete my dream of having a concert in Chaurasta

I got a chance to sing songs in Chaurasta

Thank you Cabin, thank you Yogi dai, for guitar, thank you Cabin

Jay desh, Jay Naresh, Jay Nepal!

We roamed around Chaurasta that night

We even visited the hotel Yogi dai was staying in, hotel Elegance and talked until late night

We gave our goodbyes, and headed towards our hotel

and then I got Cabin's tantrum

"You didn't drink a single sip of alcohol with me,

but when you were with Yogi dai you drank so much?"

October 25

We started our ride to Sikkim at 8 am

Is this the way to Sikkim?

Wrong road, you need to go there

Asking for directions, we both slowly exited Darjeeling through its downhill

Looking through jungles at our right, and hill sceneries at our left,

and the Kanchanjunga range below the blue skies

Some of our facebook friends had asked us to visit Kalimpong and Kharshyang as well

I couldn't make that decision alone, but I will surely visit one day

We had to reach Tista, but it seemed to take forever riding through the downhill

I have probably never descended this much height in my life

There are slopes of about 50/55 degrees in some places here

It was difficult to go downhill, I wonder how much more difficult it is for people going uphill

We passed through narrow roads, quaint places and beautiful sceneries

My hands were getting sore from all the downhill

The more we descended, the more warmth we felt

When we finally reached Tista, it felt like Dashain festival was already over and Tihar festival was starting

After about 35 km, 2 hours ride, we stopped at Tista khola to take pictures and I wondered,

Darjeeling and Sikkim were both a part of Nepal once in history

When I looked at their faces and their language, I didn't feel like I was in India at all

The roads started to get smoother, the weather hotter

There was about 100 km more to reach Sikkim

We reached Sikkim's immigration after 30 km, an hour ride

There were a lot of bike riders from all over the world who had come to the Rider Mania

We asked where we were supposed to get the bike permit

The officers there said that the bike permits were not needed

We then headed towards Sikkim

But we didn't know that we had to take human permit

This was Sikkim's unusual rule that we got to know only later

When I went to Sikkim a few years back for a concert, my coordinators managed everything, so I didn't know

Because it was hot and we were both hungry, I was getting mad annoyed

After about 130 km, 5-6 hours ride, we finally reached Sikkim

The traffic was pretty bad here too

But you don't really feel it when you are in a motor bike

That's why we love to ride bikes

We met our old friends there

We talked about getting our permits

We spent some time in MG road, ate dinner and went to our hotel

26 th of October

We shifted to hotel Jewel of the East in MG road

We got to see the sunrise along with the beautiful mountains

It wasn't as cold as Darjeeling

After roaming around for a bit

Kabin's friend took us to Changu Lake, China border, 12,500 ft without permit

They took us sightseeing too

We were worried if we'd get altitude sickness

But nothing happened

I went to the immigration place to get permits

Which we were supposed to get in Sikkim entramce

27 th of October

As Cabin insisted, we went to his old friend's house

It was Bijay dai's house

We got to see the moon rise

We had food at his house and spent the night in his guest room

Bijay dai is an artist

Even the room we stayed in was made up of pine wood, I can still smell the pine wood at the tip of my nose

When his wife spoke in Newari bhasa, my heart felt relieved

I felt like I met my family in a foreign country

Biren, her brother was 100% newar. He is from Patan

They took us to Ravangla and Pelling

There was a statue of Budha which was made by Bijay dai and his family

We reached Ravangla, at first I thought the statue would be small

But when he showed us the statue, I was very amused

The statue is hundred of feet tall

We had forgotten that we had come for a ride

We passed tons of riders on the way

We saw many Nepali number plated vehicles as well

Pelling had an even bigger statue of Budha being made

It was to be inaugurated by the chief minister the next day

Like in the Chinese videos, we got to walk in the glass bridge

This was before it was officially open to the public

We could go inside the base the statue was standing on

They were preparing well for the inauguration

It was beautiful, inside and out.

The statue is completely gold-plated

and this place is very close to Nepal

It is probably near Nepal's Taplejung hills

We thanked Bijay dai and said our goodbyes

It was dark when we reached home

28 th of October

We prepared to leave for Siliguri from Sikkim

We said our goodbyes and continued the ride

We felt as if we were leaving our family

But our friend, Biren rode with us in his car

The bullet's tire punctured midway, and Biren brought a mechanic in his car to get it fixed

We had our lunch somewhere in between, and went ahead

We couldn't see the hills anymore, and the flat roads started

Probably because we had reached the West Bengal

After about 150 km, 5-6 hours ride, we reached the heavy traffic in Siliguri

Cabin went to the Royal Enfield showroom to get motor bike equipments

And I went to the KTM showroom for motor bike inspection

Maybe because it was lunch time, there was no one

But I got my chain fixed on the road

Cabin changed a few of his bike equipments too

After departing from Biren, we headed towards Nepal border, Kakarbhitta

The night traffic was very heavy

After 30 km, an hour long ride, we enterred Nepal

and after another 100 km of silent speed ride

Fell asleep quickly in Itahari's hotel Paris

29 th of October

The eighth day of our ride

We left for Kathmandu on our empty stomachs

After 100 km, 2 hours long ride, we stopped at Lahan for breakfast

Eating and taking pictures in the smooth roads of East-West highway, Mahendraraj Marga

We went towards Kathmandu through BP highway

We rode for about 11 hours this day, including breaks

Finally, around 7 pm, we reached Kathmandu

We felt the feeling of 'Home Sweet Home'

Completing the Kathmandu-Darjeeling-Sikkim-Siligudi-Kathmandu ride diary,

Breaking records of our lives,

We were successful at writing history in our diaries

To the ones we met and helped us in the journey, thank you from the deepest depths of my heart

I hope we will meet in another record breaking video

Thank you for watching

Jay Nepal!

The Description of DIARY of the RIDE Documentary