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- Newt Gingrich made history as the first Republican Speaker

of the house in 40 years back in 1995.

Now the sharpest political minds in the country,

Newt Gingrich sat down with me this week

to break down the election and talk about his

brand new book called "Trump and the American Future"

which is about the president

and what his populous revolution means for America's future.

Mr. Speaker, what is it that the polls missed this year?

How did they get it so wrong?

- Well, I think one survey after the election,

19% of the Republicans said they were afraid

to tell people who they were for.

And I think the regular traditional liberal pollsters

just didn't believe it, they didn't account for it.

They also, I think,

failed to appreciate the Trump was gaining ground

in the black community and the Latino community.

So, they, frankly, they weren't as far off

as I thought they would be.

I thought he would win by a bigger margin

and except for the amount of votes theft,

he might well have been five

or six points higher than he is now.

- Your book really talks about the impact of Donald Trump

on the country,

not just for the election

and even his tenure,

but the bigger impact on the country as a whole

and the Republican Party specifically,

talk to us about what that impact is and

how you see it affecting us for the next decade or more.

- Well, I think that the fact is that Trump is one

of those rare charismatic leaders who has a set

of very big ideas,

while shifting back to a focus on America,

emphasizing American jobs,

establishing a constitutional conservatism on the courts,

and deregulation.

If you look at the totality of what he's been working on,

it's an amazing achievement.

And so starting with the Supreme court where,(inaudible)

it is very possible that Justice Barrett will still be

on the court in 2060,

'cause she's young enough.

Now imagine that kind

of impact that the Trump will be able to say,

he be permanently moved us

from essentially a liberal court

to a constitutional court,

with the three appointments that he was able to make.

- One of the points in your book was that,

you think team Trump underestimated

how brutal the attacks would be on him.

I've never seen anything like it,

None of us have.

most of us wouldn't serve survive it,

he survived it,

I think maybe thrived in it,

but talk to us about that point in your book,

and explain what you mean by that.

- Well, and then part of the reason I wrote Trump

in the "American Future" was

to outline how large a figure in history that he really is.

And the fact is that he came to Washington

as an outsider.

He came to the Republican Party as an outsider.

And so when he beat 15 other candidates,

it was an astonishing achievement.

And he moved on from there to beat Hillary Clinton

and the entire National Establishment,

including the sort of establishment wing

of the Republican Party were all just shocked and appalled.

And so they set out to destroy him.

And he said the most amazing story

that the day he was inaugurated,

the Washington Post had an article about impeachment.

I mean,

it was just relentless, unending,

and it came up through the election.

I don't know of any candidate for president

in modern times who has had as many votes stolen,

who has had as much bitterness against him.

And I think that (inaudible) the media

unending up through today,

hostile to him

- Mr. Speaker,

I'm not surprised the Democrats hate Donald Trump.

I'm not surprised the media does

'cause he's not exactly loving toward them,

but, I have been disgusted,

not just disappointed,

disgusted, in the number of establishment,

insider Republicans who created this Never Trump Movement

and the Lincoln Project,

and I call it the so-called Lincoln Project

because it has nothing to do

with anything Lincoln would have been a part of,

react to that and how that is affecting us

and what's wrong with these people? Just in a nutshell.

- Well, look,

I think that Trump was a genuine insurgency from day one

and he wasn't just against Democrats.

Part of the reason people liked him,

was that,

when he first announced,

I remember there was a poll 62% of the,

curve of the Republicans disapproved

of their own leadership in Washington.

So Trump represented everybody

who was mad at the leadership,

well, large parts

of the leadership didn't politically like that.

And they didn't like his style because he

is a while he's a billionaire,

he has this amazingly blue collar aggressive kind

of approach to things.

And, he doesn't fit the Country Club Republicans.

I mean, he made them very uncomfortable.

He, wasn't the kind of guy

that have joined their club.

And so, he then further infuriated the,

the foreign-policy establishment

because he felt he carved his own path and economics

with very tough trade deals.

Then he carved his own path dealing

with North Korea.

Then he carved his own path doing

something which I had originally offered in 1995.

We passed a bill to allow the U. S. Government

to move the embassy to Jerusalem

from Tel Aviv.

And every president every year had waived

that bill until Trump showed up.

And of course,

everybody in the Old Foreign-Policy Establishment said,

this will be horrible.

These were all the people who had

told George W. Bush.

And I told, others,

please don't do this.

This will be terrible.

Well, it turned out,

it set the base for,

three different Arab countries now

to recognize Israel,

greatest breakthrough in a quarter century that just drives

these guys crazy.

Cause they were supposed to be really smart

and it turned out they're not nearly as smart

as Donald Trump.

And then frankly,

part of that is jealousy.

Part of it is that,

he was supposed to take notes while they lectured him.

And instead he went out and made history very often by,

consciously and deliberately breaking,

with their particular ideas.

- Well, I hope people will get your book

and I hope they don't think it's just

about the election because it's about the bigger picture

of restructuring of the Republican party

and really of American,

exceptionalism and American populism, Newt Gingrich.

Great to see you ,thank you for joining us,

hope to see you again soon.

- Thank you.

- Always great to have a conversation

with Newt Gingrich,

truly one of the smartest people I've ever been around.

I don't know if this or not,

but by training,

he is a historian

was a history professor before he got into politics.

And you can sometimes tell when you listen to it,

by the way, you can pick up Newt Gingrich's book

"Trump and the American Future", anywhere books are sold.

You can also visit for all things Newt,

including his podcast, Newt's world.

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