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Hello and thank you for your interest in setting up a ColoradoGives fundraising page for your favorite nonprofit.

By creating a fundraising page, you can enlist all the people you're connected with to support your cause.

Its fast and easy to set up a fundraising page.

All you need is a free donor account on and a few minutes.

You can set up a fundraising page for a variety of reasons.

For example you're running a marathon or you'd like people to give donations in lieu of birthday gifts.

For this video, let's assume you know which nonprofit you'd like to fundraise for

and that you are setting up a page because you're running a marathon but you do not have a

donor account yet. So let's first create a donor account and then let's set up a fundraising page.

To create a donor account on ColoradoGives first go to,

Click login and then under "Create A donor Account" click on the "Create Account Button".

Enter your first name, your last name, an email address, a password and

check the box that says "Agree to terms of Service". You can read the full terms of service by clicking on this link.

Then click "Create Account".

Once you've created and are in your donor account you can set up a fundraising page. To set up a fundraising page ,

go to My Account

Choose the My Campaigns tab, then click on the "Create Campaign" button.

Search for the organization you'd like to fundraise for and select their name once it appears.

Enter a title for your campaign, your campaign summary and

a personalized URL link to your fundraising page.

If you're offering an incentive for donations made through your page then you can check this box and

complete the information about incentive fund amount, provider and any fun details.

An example of an incentive, would be if you raise $5,000,

a private donor will give you another $5,000. If you are not offering an incentive

then don't check the Incentive Fund box. You can add a photo here to visually explain why you have set up the page.

You can also enter a link to a video you've posted on YouTube to help tell your story.

You can personalize the page even more by uploading your photo

and adding a personal appeal.

You can elect to allow people to email you from your amazing page by checking the box

underallow people to email me from my campaign page”.

Next you have the option to set a goal or not. If youre raising money for

something related to an in honor or memory of someone for example,

you may not want to set a goal. In that case choose

yesin answer to the questionIs this page to raise funds for something where it is not necessary

and/or appropriate to set a goal?”

and the goal amount will disappear. If however, you do want to set a goal, please

chosenoand enter your campaign goal in the appropriate field.

You also need to enter a start date and end date for your fundraising page.

Finally, some fundraisers like to be notified after a certain goal on the page has been met. Lets pretend that you

were raising $10,000 but wanted to be notified when you reached $9,000, you would chooseyesin answer to the question

notify me when I cross threshold”.

Then enter $9,000 under Campaign

Notification Threshold. If you do not need a notification once a certain amount is reached chooseno”.

Now clicksave.” All the information you've entered will be saved and you can work on the fundraising page later at your convenience.

This will take you to a page where you have several options.

You can preview your campaign page,

copy the campaign or

submit the campaign for approval.

You can also continue to make edits. If you do choose to edit your campaign,

please be sure to always click "Save" after each edit.

When youre ready for your fundraising page to be reviewed by the nonprofit youre raising the money for

click theSubmit Campaign for Approvalbutton. Once you've submitted your fundraising page to the

nonprofit you'll need to wait for the nonprofit to review and approve your page. If the nonprofit has any concerns or questions

they will contact you by email.

If they are fine with the page then they will approve it and it will be visible to the public on the start date you chose.

As soon as your fundraising page

is live you can then start raising money by sending the link to your page to your friends and family or posting it on social media.

Whenever a donation is made to your page you will receive an email notification.

If the donor elected to share his or her contact information with you then you'll

also receive the donors name and email so that you can send a personalized thank you email. Thank you for using

fundraising pages to support the nonprofit's you're passionate about.If you have any questions please send an email to

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