Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Google Student Ambassador Program

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FEMALE SPEAKER: The Ambassador Program is an opportunity for

students to be liaisons between Google and their


Essentially, they're going to be the Google

representatives on campus.

FEMALE SPEAKER: And we have 125

ambassadors from 85 schools.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Having all the ambassadors in one room was

just amazing to see.

JESSICA LEVIS: My name's Jessica Levis, I go to Emory


BRIAN GOMEZ: Brian Gomez, Duke University.

ROBERT FISCHER: My name is Robert Fischer.

I go to San Jose State University.

JESSICA: My name is Jessica.

I'm a senior at UC Berkeley.

DAVID AKININ: The University of Chicago.

My name is David Akinin.

MINJAE LEE: My name is Minjae Lee.

I'm going to be a junior at Northwestern University.

MIRIAM SCHNEIDER: This is a network of 125 really

motivated, really smart students who are well

connected on campus.

I mean, these are the people with the power.

So you tell them something that's cool and interesting,

they tell 100 of their friends.

And it's just this network that continues to multiply.

BRIAN GOMEZ: The Ambassador Program is basically the eyes

and years for Google on our campus.

MIRIAM SCHNEIDER: It essentially enables them and

empowers them to go out to their campus and understand

first hand the needs and challenges that they face on

campus, and actually execute change.

KIRA CHAPPELLE: These ambassadors are extensions of

what we're able to get the word out about student


EMILY RUBIN: To the students, it's a great opportunity for

them to learn more about Google, and to kind of have a

venue to channel, to kind of express their passion for

Google, and really channel that into something that's

beneficial for both their campuses, and for us.

And you know they'll have so much fun doing it.

MINJAE LEE: We have [INAUDIBLE] on campus, so I

think on that front, we're ahead of other campuses.

But I'm looking into a lot of product demos for a lot of

these new apps that are coming out.

JESSICA LEVIS: Our group, when we were planning events,

decided to do a water balloon fight in a kind of fun in the

sun event, so really incorporating fun, which

really is a main component of Google's culture with

promoting their products.

MIRIAM SCHNEIDER: You know, our products are so viral, and

our programs are so viral in nature that it really only

takes one true fan to kind of light this whole fire.

DEMIAN CAPONI: At schools that we don't go to, and there's

quite a few that we don't, just because we can't get

there, we can use them to brand.

So they can get out there, they have all this knowledge.

They've been at Google, they understand it,

they drank the Kool-Aid.

They know what's up.

And they can get out there, and they can talk to the

students in their own words.

ISA NOTERMANS: We are seeing an increase in the number of

applications that come through.

We're definitely seeing more attendance to on campus events

like technical talks, or ice cream socials where we're

using our ambassadors and partnering with them to build

awareness around when we do come on campus.

PETER HARBISON: We had an activity for the student

ambassadors where we sent them all Docs water bottles.

We sent them a list of activities, and we said, give

these Docs water bottles away for free.

And then we looked at the results to see how many more

people were using Google Docs, which was way beyond our


ROBERT FISCHER: Some of the most successful events I held

were Docs and Gmail, and other Google

product training sessions.

DAVID AKININ: After I got a lot of forms filled out from a

lot of students, I got tons of people to come to this event,

learn more about Forms.

We had pizza.

They asked me to talk about the Google Internship program.

I was the first intern from my university, as well, so it was

like, very engaging.

I felt like it was like an hour and a half, two hour

event when I was scheduled for just 30 minutes.

ISA NOTERMANS: The ambassadors in the student population on

campus is our next group of users.

So if we're not focusing on those students, then we're

essentially missing out on a huge user group.

MALE SPEAKER: It's 120 Google enthusiasts who are really

excited about talking about Google products.

And they know a lot of people, and there tend

to be student leaders.

And it's basically the perfect audience to be promoting your

products to.

MIRIAM SHCNEIDER: We have more ambassadors this year than we

did last year.

We had double the number of applications.

I think these students seem so fired up that we're going to

have way more events, way more enthusiasm.

BRIAN GOMEZ: I'm just excited to be a campus ambassador.

I'm ready to get back to school and like, still be part

of like, the Googleplex.

JESSICA LEVIS: We love you, Google.

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