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I hopped in, I immediately noticed this big screen. It pops up the digital camera

to wherever you're going.

You have the windows open, and you put on the air purification mode,

it closes the window automatically.

Starting from the G70, these two lines, or a DRL we could

see the Genesis has been trying to give it its unique identity over this DRL's.

Since we got the Genesis lineup right here, let me show you the next one.

Unlike the G70, instead of the double character lines, or DRL lines. Instead G90

decided to go with the one horizontal line that runs throughout; however, G90

also integrated the side markers that's not seen in a G70, but rather also

the G90. However, if you look at the rear taillights, they continue on with the two

double stripes on the back. As you have seen, starting from the G70, and

G90 and all the way up to the GV80 that we have over here. From the double line

to a single line and back again to the double lines, as well as the side markers

here, which is connected seemingly all the way to the to the rear.

And obviously, now it's going to be the character line and characteristics of

the Genesis brand to come. We'll see how how the lines and also the design would

change in the GV90 and also GV70 that we'll be seeing, but, however officials

have confirmed. And some of you left questions for me looking for some

answers and I haven't even noticed, but you guys found out that there is

actually a subwoofer right here underneath the driver's seat. And, well

me be pushing it back all the way, it's not going to reveal the whole thing anyway.

But, yeah. Unfortunately, this model is not fully equipped with a Lexicon, but rather

just the standard regular ones. But, those subwoofers come standard. I've checked it

with the Guru over here, that's exactly it.

And answering the question from "clancep", thanks for

your question by the way. And unfortunately, Genesis GV80 does not offer

any massage system on a passenger seat. It just is not available. And as for the

driver's seat, there is a massage function, but it's not the one that we

would expect from that of a Mercedes. So, it's more of an assistance or alert than

like a full massage that we see. And from the actual physical button that they had,

this turned into a touch sensor, so with your key in your pocket,

you could simply touch to lock and unlock.

However, that's missing on the rear side.

I hopped in, I immediately noticed this

big screen. This is a 14.5 inch. Never seen before, this is the largest

screen that we've seen thus far. By the way, those two red lights that you're

seeing are the infrared lights. That enables this GV80 to recognize, if

the driver is sitting in the position. So, it changes and shows you a different

information accordingly. This is the Comfort mode, probably the most typical

gauge cluster that any driver would find. Switching over to Sports.

Tachometer becomes reddish, and I could immediately feel the bolster,

kind of squeezing in. And the last one is Custom. And simply put, you can

customize your settings. So going back to the very top is the Eco, and

that's where you could maximize your fuel efficiency, obviously. I just played

around to see if the maximum speed will change depending on the driver mode, but

no, that's -- hits up to 260. So just following through the latest on trends

within the automotive scene. They put on the reverse mode, so it doesn't go up

that way in like a conventional one, but rather the other way.

That's the gauge cluster, it let me fire it up. First, a break, start button's right

there. That's what the gauge cluster looks like after it fires up.

So, when you turn on the signal, like so, it pops up the digital camera to wherever you're going.

Left and right. So, you could immediately see what's right next to you. I can

barely see the front of the Bimmer, when I do a shoulder check, that's what I

exactly see. I put on a Sports mode, and immediately, um, the bolsters kind of

squeeze me in, kinda saying that "Hey, you're in a sports mode." You can't see from that

angle, but Genesis has implemented the side mirrors on a body, front corner of the

A-pillar is available to be made out of the glass.

So, this take cares of the this blind spot, which is a big controversy and a

big drama for giant SUV's like GV80. It's only tiny. It's about a size of my palm,

but that adds a lot of extra safety, you'll know what I mean, if you've been

driving a big SUV before. And also, or a truck for that matter. I just came across an

Escalade, but I mean of course the size-wise, Escalade it's going to -- I mean,

Escalade is bigger. Escalade is Escalade, but I actually had almost the

same ride height as the driver.

That sums up the test drive, and you guys are wondering what the last two

things are, that I haven't yet disclosed. I was at Hyundai Motor Studio, and there

was a Palisade up for display as well. So, I hopped in to get the immediate feeling

of the differences between the two -- Palisade and the GV80.

So, this is the fifth thing that you didn't know about. Which is that big LED light on the back

of a trunk, which GV80 is missing. Also, another thing that GV80 is missing is

these air conditioning system on the rear seats. Palisade has it, and GV80

doesn't. I don't know why. The very last thing I wanted to point out is -- don't

forget to disable this auto hold, when you are reversing your car while trying

to park. As soon as you take your foot off the brake, it will hold automatically.

So, you don't get that traditional, smooth reversing back of a car. For the record,

the P button that you see next to the drive, the D, is so that the vehicle

doesn't lock in a parking mode when you turn off the engine. That button will

keep your car at a neutral, so that the car can roll with a human force back and

forth. And you guys are probably wondering why that feature is added in there?

Korea being a very compacted country with full of cars in parking lots,

this feature is a must. Because, we

parallel park in front of the cars that's already being parked. And ironically,

for that reason, some people just cannot buy a German car. As soon as you open up

a door or you turn off your engine, it will go into the park, lock your gears

immediately. So, that's maybe what Genesis has seen -- that need of car being able to

move in a neutral. So, that's why they threw in that feature, right there. That, I

can tell you. It might be useful in some European countries? Um, I don't know.

Tell me, if wherever you are, you think you need this feature, aside from Korea.

And on a steering wheel, starting from the top one. This controls

the gauge cluster, like so. And this is the lane keeping. And this

is, um, assistance. This is the button for keeping the automated distance,

with the car in the front. This button right here, will increase or decrease the

speed that you're on when you put on the cruise mode. And this is just simply roll

up and down button. So, for instance, you have the windows open and you put on the

air purification mode, it closes the window automatically.

This you can have it up there -- like -- while you're driving. The best part about this, is that it

provides the blind spot that you just cannot see from -- with your bare eyes.

Because of the car being high and long and big, you can't see you this blind spots.

But, you know, we just saw a pedestrian walk by and I could see the

full resolution of him walking by. Not just talking about what I am seeing

right now in front of me, the G70. So, this is not just the fancy technology

that they threw in, just -- you know -- bragging about what they can do, or what Hyundai can

do about the technology, but this is actually very applicable and useful.

I have a good feeling that this technology alone will save a lot of lives out there.

Because, believe it or not, with a giant SUV's like these, there are a lot of

unforgiving accidents, like unforeseen accident.

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