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Night of terrors,

by Alexis Forero, Alekos,

from his book Stuffed

It's night and in the forest

an eerie silence

wind freezes

everything loses its color.

The full moon in the sky

in land in a soft singing.

The Bih Hat is saying:

is night of terrors.

With hair of leaves

Her robe and green branches

walks the MotherMountain

Night of terrors.

You hear a clatter

someone who is walking.

The leg goes alone

Night of terrors.

The announced Patetarro

with its macabre cry.

La Llorona crying and crying

Night of terrors.

Mary eventually leads me

Road to cemetery.

Mother of water is in the river

Night of terrors.

A slow and timid pace

advance and at every step

fired cries of anguish

and pain and terror.

The moon is in litany

night sings its prayer.

Rain and ghosts roam

by the thick forest.

The river roars with fury

and at every moment grows,

terrors congregate

and the earth shakes.

But not everyone is in:

There is an empty space

looks confused

the secret is in the river.

Near the water, in a bend

white between white haze

a figure stands

drawn by the foam.

It has very white beards

and hair, and long dress.

Smoke snuff smoking,

Mohan's son River.

they are all and the are

blink of an ominous bird.

It's midnight,

each creature to its hole.

Alexis Forero, Stuffed,

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The Description of La noche de los espantos - Alexis Forero "Alekos" - Poesía infantil - Halloween