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JM: What are you doing at the filming location?

(as soon as they arrived, Jin has been riding the rocking horse prop)

V: Friend, friend! Where's the horse's friend?

(J-Hope, the horse's friend that V anxiously searched for) JH: Let's go!

J: Even the tail is moving. JK: Hang on!

V: Look, it's moving.

JM: The tail is moving.

JK: It's moving?

(whatever he sees, he plays with them)

V: Looks tasty.

(even with a can of coke...)

V: Which one is the horse?

(they can play with a rocking horse for the whole day...) V: Which one is the horse?

V: Which one...

J: I'm handsome, right? I've been on a diet for 3 weeks already.

J: Recently, I feel that I've become more handsome.

J: I can't even sleep for 2 hours every night.

(Jin is working hard to achieve a good appearance) J: So, it was very tiring to jog for 40 minutes in the park.

J: Many staff members told me that it has an effect, so I feel great.

V: Does ARMYs prefer roll up or straight down? (he's talking about his jeans)

(V is the 1st one to do the photoshoot in this studio)

(wears cute suspenders with jeans and the photoshoot begins)

(it's not easy to blow the bubble gum)

(V showed a various of expressions and the photoshoot ended!)

(Oh, there's 2 Jin?)

(having a photoshoot with the llama plush that looks like Jin) J: This, it has got to be this one!

(they really look alike...)

(the cute raccoon appears)

(Jin wants to take a photo with a dropping raccoon) J: Take a photo when I drop it.

1, 2, 3

(the best photo!)

J: Please select this one.

(a group of animals appears this time)

J: We look so alike.

J: So cute.

(even he thinks they look alike) J: It's such a nice photo, it feels like I'm looking at my sibling.

J: We really look alike. I didn't realize in the beginning, I just looked at it. But when I put it on my shoulder...

(he can't even deny it after seeing it himself) J: And saw myself with it on my shoulder in the mirror, we really look alike. It was hilarious.

(the photoshoot started in the morning)

(Jimin is getting sleepy while waiting for his turn)

J: Using that trick reduces the life. V: Really?

(these two finished their individual photoshoot and absorbed in the game machine)

J: You can fire. V: Like this?

J: Yeah, hit it.

(the owner of the cute rabbit ears is Jungkook) JK: Hello, I'm rabbit Jungkook.

JK: I'm going to transform into Mickey Mouse later.

JK: I like looking at cute things but acting cute is difficult.

JK: I never thought that I'd be doing this.

(he never though he would be rabbit Jungkook)

Staff: It's not strange to have a playful feeling.

(cute but he's so awkward)

(but he's coolly getting along with the photoshoot)

(received applause and cheering, the photoshoot perfectly ended!)

JK: Perfect, perfect!

(next up is Rap Monster)

(Jimin's footwork recovered after waking up from a nap)

(not caring about Rap Monster's photoshoot, J-Hope is excited holding a pizza bread)

(naturally dances after eating it, the magic pizza bread?!)

(Rap Monster's photoshoot ended nicely while watching members' dancing!)

RM: My face is perfectly round.

RM: Putting my fringe down makes my face looks rounder.

JM: I'm really good at Ddakji (a game where you have to flip the other player's Ddakji tile)

JH: It doesn't flip over.

(the concept is mischievous boys playing Ddakji)

(J-Hope, the Ddakji King that flipped Jimin over)

(can't tell if these three are playing or doing a photoshoot)

(in the middle of the photoshoot, BTS is marking anniversary dates on the calendar)

J: My birthday is on Wednesday.

V: Who's going to help?

JK: Since it's birthday...

(Jungkook got a week off as he likes) JK: Let's play for a week.

(V in movies?) V: From November, V is going to be in movies.

(don't think they're listening) V: Are you guys listening?

V: And...

V: Movie premiere lasts one day? Or is it 2, 3 days?

JK: I don't know.

(being in movies and then launching a brand?) V: I'll have launch a brand with G-Dragon sunbaenim.

V: (something Alexander - he made up a brand name)

(marking his 2015 plans and writing down his goals) V: I'll go to the Paris Collection Show.

V: I have to go for a week.

(Jin is speechless looking at V's pipe dream) J: V collaborating with G-Dragon sunbaenim and attending the collection show.

J: He even included Ryoo Seung-bum.

(what kind of 2015 is Jin hoping for?)

J: I wrote down the parent's day.

(the filial son that is getting sad by thinking about seeing his parents) J: Why is it getting sad...

J: It'd great if I can actually get to see them.

(Jungkook also laughs at V's Paris Collection Show) JK: Attending the Paris Collection Show...

JK: I don't know how to do this.

JK: Shall I go traveling instead of having a break?

JK: The parent's day...

(these filial sons writes down the parent's day first)

JK: I'll be with my family.

JM: I know everyone's birthdays.

(the friendship test between members suddenly fired up) J: When's mine?

JM: 4th December.

JK: When's Rap Monster's? 10th September! JM: It's the 12th!

JM: Wow seriously.

JM: Hyung's birthday is on 12th September!

JK: 12th, 12th. JM: There's even a song for 12th September.

V: Mine? JK: V hyung's is on 30th December.

JK: Jin hyung's is on 14th January?

(J-Hope joins in) JH: This time, my birthday...

JH: 18th February 2015 is Korean New Year.

(Jimin is marking the calendar and suddenly calls his dad) JM: I'm going to call my dad, please film this.

JM: My dad knows this.

(he called to find out the date when he came to Seoul) JM: Dad, when did I first came up to Seoul?

JM: 15th May?

(dad knows the exact date when his son left) JM: Ah, thank you.

JH: 18th February!

JK: You drew.

JH: J-Hope's birthday is full of hope.

JK: Did you draw that yourself? JH: Of course.

(who will write that down...) JM: 15th May was the day I came up to Seoul, no one has written that down.

JH: I remember 15th May.

JH: I came on the Christmas day in 2010.

JH: I came to Seoul on 24th December 2010.

JH: The day when I moved into the dormitory to live with the members.

JH: When I went in, Yoongi hyung was in a terrible condition.

JM: I went in... I don't know if I can say this but when I came to Seoul for the first time...

JM: Taehyungie was only in his underwear, red underwear.

JH: Yoongi hyung was the same.

(everyone's first impression is underwear) J: I remember J-Hope (wearing his underwear).

JH: Everyone's first impression is underwear.

J: J-Hope was in his underwear, so was everyone else.

JM: 15th May, the day I came to Seoul.

J-Hope: 24th December.

JH: Next year is 2015, I can predict that...

(J-Hope even decided the date of moving dormitory) JH: We'll move to a new dormitory on 10th June 2015.

S: What's the date today?

(writing down each of their hopes for 2015) JH: Oh, there's a lot going on in March.

JH: 14th March 2015, BTS receives the #1 place.

(we hope that everyone's wishes comes true)

(going back to do the photoshoot go! go!)

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