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- So I just have to tell you a story about God's grace.

Man, okay, so we're getting ready

to move to Hong Kong last week, and here I am here now,

but we were gonna move into this neighborhood

called Sham Shui Po, because a friend of mine

was planting some house churches here,

another buddy of mine right down the street

had set up an office for me,

where they're caring for the poor,

and it was okay Lord, is this the place, is this the place,

you know, 'cause I don't know, we're just trying

to figure out the will of God, like where does He want us.

And so here we are in this neighborhood

where a lot of the poor live,

and anyways last week I'm cleaning up the house,

packing everything up, and I find this folder

up on the top of my closet,

and it has these old pictures of my birth mom.

You know, my mom gave birth to me

and died while she was giving birth to me in San Francisco,

but these pictures of her were of her in Hong Kong,

and she was in this same neighborhood,

and she was a believer doing ministry right here,

70 years ago, like it's dated,

and it shows the exact location.

70 years ago she was here doing ministry,

right here in this building right behind me.

That means she walked this neighborhood and prayed to God,

and said, "God, can I have an impact here?

"Why have an impact here?"

70 years ago, and I can just see God going okay,

it's not gonna be the way you think,

you're gonna go to San Francisco,

give birth to a son, and you're gonna die in the process,

and he's gonna come back here.

And so when I saw that and realized where it was,

it was just confirmation of God's goodness.

He didn't have to do these things,

just His grace going no, you're on the right direction.

So I just had to share that story with you guys.

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