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- Who's the big cheese of the vegan cheese?

- Let's talk about that.

(groovy electronic music)

- Good Mythical Morning.

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- Yes, now being a vegan can be tough

because even though you know you're doing something great

for animals and the environment,

you start to miss things that you once had

like flavor and friends.

- And cheese.

But actually there are a growing number of vegan cheeses

on the market and today,

we're gonna determine which is the best.

It's time for These Vegan Cheeses Ain't From No Teats

But Which Are Trash and Which Are Treats?

I just said teats.

(Rhett chuckles) Today we're gonna be trying

some of the most popular vegan cheeses on the market

and ranking them on this board.

- Yes, we have six ranking spots.

They are Meunster-osity.

Man-cheg no way!

It could brie better.

It tastes Gouda.

I'm quite fond-ue of it,

and my favorite, mozza-hell-yeah, huh huh ho!

- Mozza-hell-yeah.

Mozza-hell-yeah. - Yeah.

- Mozza-hell-yeah cheese.

All right the vegan cheeses we're gonna be eating are

from Violife.

- Daiya.

- Tofutti.

- Field Roast.

- Follow Your Heart.

- And Miyoko's.

(whimsical music)

- All right first up we have

just like smoked provolone sliced cheese

from Violent Life.

(Rhett chuckles) So.

- So they're really leaning in.

I think we should try just straight up cheese first.

- Oh, okay.

It is sliced just like cheese would be.

- Yeah, you know, it's a little on the nose.

It's just like smoked provolone.

- [Link] It tears like provolone.

- It smells like smoked provolone.

- It's a little yellower

than I think provolone is but...

Ugh. - What do you mean ugh?

You don't like smoked flavored stuff, right?

Is that what you're responding to?

- I think that's, yeah.

So I get over the smoke 'cause I now remember oh yeah,

it is smoked.

- As someone who does enjoy smoked flavored cheese,

I wouldn't know this wasn't cheese.

- I wouldn't know it's not cheese either.

I'm pretty impressed.

- I think I gotta try it on a cracker.

- I think the smoke really helps.

You know what I'm saying? - Mm-hmm.

It hides the fakery? - Mm-hmm, but again,

if you like smoked, this is right up your alley

and it's gonna start off pretty high just because

on the cracker it's even more convincing.

- That's really good, that's just like smoked provolone.

- I mean I would even start right here at number two.

- I am quite fon-due of it, yeah.

Why not?

(whimsical music)

- Okay, now we've got Daiya's cheddar style shreds

which I have to admit, I have these

in my refrigerator right now, this exact package.

I talked about it on Ear Biscuits, I'm a fan of this.

It's also the cheapest option.

- Mm.

- It only comes out to 67 cents per ounce.

- You don't have to open it now.

- Oh 'cause it's already been opened.

- Got it right over here.

- Now before you taste it, I will say--

- Shredded-- - It's a little shocking

to eat straight.

That's what I've found.

It's got sort of a punch.

- This one-star review says,

this tastes like the sadness of surrender to a lifestyle

that you don't truly want.

- I think the real taste of the Daiya cheese is that

you gotta put it on something.

- Mm. - 'Cause that's,

it's not good by itself.

- It's almost-- - I put it in a scramble.

- There's a bit of a sour-- - Is typically what I do.

- Sourness to it.

- It has a good melt factor which is tough

with vegan cheese a lot of times

so let's try the quesadilla. - All right.

- Like, that's a big improvement for me.

- It's amazing how when melted, it's wonderful.

But if you eat it just I'll call that raw, just shredded,

it's not good. - Even if you smell it,

I recommend not ever smelling it.

You know?

- It can't beat the smoked provolone.

- I hate to say it, it's not better

than the smoked provolone but it's good.

- If you're gonna melt something--

- It's Gouda.

- It's fabulous.

- It tastes Gouda but it's actually cheddar.

Don't get confused because this is a pun

on the word good.

This cheese is actually cheddar.

We're putting it in this place but it's not Gouda,

it's cheddar but it taste good which means it tastes Gouda.

- And it's not called di-ya

It's called day-a. - Right.

(whimsical music)

- Next up we have Tofutti which, right there.

That's a strike.

- Yeah I was gonna say exactly the same thing.

- You hear the word toe.

Better, Tofutti better than cream trees.

Better than cream cheese, that's--

- That's a second strike.

- Well, unless it's true. - You can't make

that kinda claim.

You're not trying to be better,

you're just trying to be good enough.

- Hey listen-- - Just face it, okay.

'Cause you're starting with the original.

You can't be better than the original.

- There's no scent.

So we're a little grumpy about this.

- I didn't think, I didn't like Tofutti

not because it had the word toe in it,

because it just sounds like you're trying

to get cute with it.

- It also has the word foot in it.

Toe and foot.

This is gonna taste like feet.

- It's also got tea in it.

- Now we went straight for the bagel this time.

- Yeah because only a crazy person would eat straight up

cream cheese out of a can.

- Not a lot of flavor, y'all.

- I can safely say, Tofutti,

this is not better than cream cheese

and you should have never gone out on that limb.

- You nailed the consistency. - You fell out of that tree

and then were run over by a large vehicle.

- It looks exactly like cream cheese

and acts exactly like cream cheese.

It doesn't taste bad.

It just doesn't taste.

- It tastes like an epoxy.

Like you might have gotten this out of the hardware store.

- I love bland tastes, so you know for me--

- You know me and my--

- I'm actually, I went from hating this

to kinda starting to like it.

- I dislike it strongly, actually, you know what,

it's worse than that.

I'm indifferent to it.

I don't even care for it.

It's like it doesn't even exist.

- [Link] It sounds like we're in the five range then.

- Man-chego no way, okay.

(whimsical music)

Next we have Chao slices.

This is the creamy original flavor.

So right off the bat, there's a few things

that need to be noted by this.

They're not trying to be another type of cheese.

It doesn't say just like some other cheese that you know.

It just says original, original to what?

Original to us, Chao, from Field Roast?

- [Link] It's made in Greece.

That helps me.

- How does that help you?

- It just seems, it seems like they should be making,

they make real cheese over there, Grecian cheese.

They can make the fake stuff too.

- I feel like the word Field Roast really throws me off

when I'm thinking about vegan cheese though.

If I go to a field roast, which I'll be honest with you,

I don't know what it is.

If I go to one though, I'm not expecting

to get vegan cheese, I'm expecting there

to be a large animal on the pit in the middle of the field,


- It smells kinda like American cheese.

It's very mild.

- Now there's no smoky flavor in this so,

what are you thinking about the rest of the cheesiness?

- I think it's pretty frickin' great.

- It is pretty good.

- I mean and the fact that they didn't tell you

what it was imitating-- - You don't know.

- It's its own thing, it's actually just, okay,

this is just cheese.

- You're like in a cheese limbo.

You're in a cheese fog.

This puts you in a cheese fog.

- And within that fog, boy am I happy.

Whoa, I can't see anything.

- What kinda cheese is it, I don't know.

- Put some cheese in my mouth. - It's very original.

I'm in a field roasting.

Let's try it on a cracker.

- It would have fooled me.

- That'd be good on a grilled cheese.

- [Link] Mm-hmm.

- I think that because I like the smoked cheese,

I like smoked cheese a little bit better

but I'm willing to put this at number one

because it is really that good.

- Yeah and I've moved that down just because

I'm getting more angry with it even though

we're no longer even talking about it.

- Right. - Yeah, so,

I think we're shoving this stuff down.

- We don't have to shove it down.

No you wanna leave, oh,

you don't wanna go mozza-hell-yeah yet?

- No, I wanna hold out hope and we got two more to go.

(whimsical music)

Next up is the Follow Your Heart shredded Parmesan cheese.

It's one of their best sellers.

- Now I can smell it,

which you want to smell a Parmesan cheese.

Like Parmesan has a pungency to it which is actually

the thing that most people who like Parmesan like, right?

And it's got that right off the bat,

it's hitting me in the nose.

- It's got the, that high, sourish...

I'm gonna say a powdery smell

but not that it smells like powder.

I just feel like powder's going in my nose.

- Hmm, wow.

You know what it doesn't have?

- It does have bite.

- But it doesn't have the slight nastiness that you get

from the Daiya.

- I know what you're saying.

- You know what I'm talking about?

- Definitely.

- [Rhett] Let's try it on some pasta.

- It's the type of sour that you want.

It's not quite as, crunchy's not the word,

but stuff as a normal Parm.

- [Rhett] That too a bit of a left turn for me on this.

It's not really working.

- It's interesting,

it did get worse when you put it on the pasta.

- And I don't think it's bad pasta.

- Mm-mm. - Is this bad pasta?

- [Josh] Yeah, it's gluten-free.

- Oh it is? - Yeah.

- Okay.

- All right. - All right that does help.

- We gotta re-adjust my moral food compass.

- We got some bad pasta.

- It's the pasta that's bad.

You need that gluten.

- I'm noticing that

it's not as good as it is just straight up

because it's so pungent.

I'm noticing it's actually too pungent.

- You noticing that? - I noticing.

- Well if you noticing that,

where you wanna put it on the board?

I will say that my entire sort of vegan cheese orientation

is being challenged. - Yeah.

- Because I was all into Daiya and I feel like

this is better than Daiya.

- Here's the thing, Daiya melts--

- But that quesadilla was so good.

- Right, it was so good and-- - This pasta's bad.

- And Parmesan, you don't wanna melt it.

You just wanna scatter it

over the top. - You just wanna scatter,

yeah. - And it didn't get better.

- No. - So it is lower.

- It got worse when it was scattered.

- But bring on one more.

(whimsical music)

- And finally we have Miyoko's cheese spread.

This is the classic chive flavor

and this is the most expensive cheese in the bunch

at $1.53 per ounce.

- Woo, almost 10 bucks for six and a half ounces.

- Now it's advertising itself as cream cheese, right?

Well, no it's not, it's just a wheel of cheese.

It's just a cheese wheel.

I mean we've taken that wheel of cheese

and forced it into a bowl.

- But there is one reviewer that said with one star,

it's cream cheese for people

who don't remember cream cheese.

- Well that-- - Let's forget cream cheese.

- I believe that's a big part of kinda transitioning

to vegan products is you can't try to compare them

to the original thing.

- [Link] So let's just eat it and see if we like it as--

- [Rhett] And definitely don't do it side by side.

- [Link] Chivey cheese.


- It had a cat food quality to it at the very beginning.

- Yes, it tasted like cat food.

Let me eat some more. - And this is coming from

dudes who have cat food so--

- And sometimes like it.

- Yeah.


- Why does it taste like cat food?

- Maybe a pretzel will change that.

- It's so-- - It's got a tuna

flavor to it. - Lemony.

It's like very lemony tuna.

- Are they trying to make it feel like,

taste like cat food?

Is there a connection between like--

- None of the information-- - Vegans and cat people

that I don't know about?

- Made with cashews, coconut oil, chives,

organic rice miso.

Why would anything make it taste like tuna?

- [Josh] I don't know, your mouth is a mystery to me.

- Put that on a t-shirt.

- Then I can go up, if you're wearing the shirt,

I can go up to you and say let's change that.

(Rhett laughs)

(Josh laughs)

- Yeah, you know what.

Let's not put that on t-shirt.

- This is not great.

- Pretzels really take it up a few notches.

- That's just because it covers it up.

They're already throwing chives in there

to help cover up whatever bad thing is happening.

- That is just not good, guys, I'm sorry.

I wanted to like this.

- This has gotta move down here.

- It's better than Tofutti.

Tofutti is dead to me.

- There's just nothing to it. - Right, yeah.

- So let's start to shift everything up because that is

at number five.

Di-ya, Daiya moves over.

Parmesan moves over.

- It really comes down to these two.

Again, I will say that as a mimicry

of smoked provolone cheese,

this is actually revolutionary,

but this isn't trying to mimic anything.

This is just trying to be Chao.

- And Chao it is.

We must say Chao at this point.

Before we do, we wanna congratulate Chao

for being the best vegan cheese out there.

Doesn't Chao mean bye?

- Yeah, and hello.

- Chao.

- Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing.

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