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Jürgen, could you sum up the game?

I only did it 12 times so far tonight(!)

I liked the start of the game.

Good goal, kind of cheeky, a bit quicker in mind -

everybody expected the ball was out and then Trent changed the situation.

Yes, everybody will speak about it: probably Fabianski saved balls like this in his career,

Im pretty sure.

But the story of the game was a little bit, from that moment on,

West Ham knew always there were one or two proper ways to stay in the game.

That was second balls and set-pieces.

Both were not good from us tonight.

Second-ball game was not good.

Losing the first ball is possible, because Antonio, Haller,

whoever is there is just too good and you cannot win all the balls.

But then the second ball, we have to pick up better.

The formation was not good, we showed the boys at half-time,

it just makes no sense there.

And the set-pieces obviously; they were really good from them,

we were not that clear in these situations and thats how they scored the goal.

So they got a little bit of momentum, or maybe they got the momentum.

We were still in charge, had the ball, we had finishes

unfortunately, not all of them on target,

but we had finishes, so goal-kick and again second ball,

fighting for these balls.

Its difficult to reach the boys in these moments, to be honest, to change it.

So that was the first half.

We tried to change in half-time then, give different information.

We showed them two very good football situations

where we were in and around the box and did exactly what we have to do.

Its like playing easy, simple, quick.

Change position, come between the lines, pass there and go in behind.

We had these moments, but then they scored the second goal,

which I didnt see back. I dont know exactly how it happened.

One free player at least in the box doesnt help.

First half, it was a bit patient.

Second half, we conceded a second goal

and we were now forced to be patient, but really increased the pressure,

now we were there. The crowd was really helpful, we had a lot of set-pieces,

Ox came on, we changed the set-pieces slightly, we had these crosses.

The crosses were a bit too hard from time to time,

its easy to say but much more difficult to change.

I really thought the positioning was brilliant but in the end the crosses looked like shots.

But we scored the two goals.

Our third goal was really good, you have to react on balls like this, a deflected ball.

Our second goal was really good play,

but of course unlucky for West Ham in the way it went in.

The best goal we scored was the disallowed one, I liked it a lot,

it was exactly the way we wanted to play.

Then at the end they have the big chance where Robbo obviously thought it was offside.

They had a chance and a sensational save of Ali.

So, we brought it over the line. It was difficult, we knew that before.

West Ham were much better than they were against us in the first game,

much better than the last game against City.

Tonight they were really there. Im not here for that,

but I really think David [Moyes] can take something from here as well.

That looked like a proper threat tonight and that will be difficult

for other teams as well if they can bring that again on the pitch.

It felt like Oxlade-Chamberlain made a big difference,

not just for your team but with the crowd as well,

he seemed to feed off that when he came on.

Yes, we needed that direction. Ox came on and the first [contribution] was a finish.

Close, but still a finish.

Next one was dribbling... with a foul or not, if it was not a foul

then probably we have the ball in a good position again.

So, the dynamic helped, of course.

Always, if you get direction in a game, our people appreciate that obviously.

That helped.

Jürgen, there will be attention on Trent, getting two more assists tonight,

but he seemed to want to take a lot of responsibility

for driving the whole team back into the game.

It's not just about his assists, it's what he brings to the team.

Yeah, but I think we're past the moment where we treat him like a young boy.

He's a proper member of the squad, and everybody has to contribute,

everybody has to bring on the pitch what he is able to do -

and the boys do a lot to bring him or Robbo in the position and save them there.

I dont want to make the performance more than it is,

I am completely happy with it, but thats how football works on the highest level.

[There were] super moments of Gini, for example,

where he just wins that decisive battle,

Sadio really [good], Bobby chasing back and wins the ball.

Thank God in our stadium [it is like] nearly scoring a goal,

the celebration after Bobby wins a really important ball back.

So, all of these pieces, put them together and in the end,

we have a lot of time [for] a full-back in a position where he can cross, score

and we can try to score a goal.

I actually thought we could have crossed better

because I know the boys could have crossed better.

The balls were slightly too hard, maybe it was the wind or not, I dont know.

We were in good positions, but the balls were then too hard and it was difficult.

Set-pieces, free-kicks looked like good curve, everything there,

but we were not ready, so something had to be wrong.

As I said, it was not a perfect game

but still a lot of good performances and that helps obviously.

You've got 109 points from the last 111 available,

you need 12 to win the title now.

Will the last 12 that you need to do it be the hardest to get?

The next three are always the hardest, it was always like this.

We never saw it differently,

it would be strange if we now said the next 12 would be so difficult to achieve.

They are difficult, you saw it tonight. If we would have lost tonight,

everybody would have said, "Two [defeats] in a row, under pressure at Watford" -

we are still under pressure at Watford because they are just good,

they are really good.

I saw their game against United, they could have scored the first one with Troy Deeney

and then they had really good moments.

They played really well here and they will fight for everything,

because now in this moment everybody is fighting for everything.

Could I have wished for a better position to go into these last 11 games?

No, I would never have thought it was possible,

but each one of them is really difficult and we respect that a lot.

We dont expect one easy game, nobody wants to go through easily,

we just have to be ready for work and for the hardest work.

We were that tonight as a unit, together with the crowd again

and I really love that fact, I couldnt appreciate it more, its really special.

Jürgen, you've equalled the all-time record for consecutive wins in the top flight

and also consecutive home wins. It does show how remarkable this team is,

even if you've not won the title yet,

they've showed how incredible they are to equal records like that.

Yeah, true.

A couple of years ago, three or four, maybe in the beginning,

I said we want to write our own stories, we want to create our own history.

Obviously, the boys took really seriously what I said there and thats all cool -

but just not too important in the moment.

Its so special, the numbers are incredible, so difficult.

We said it a couple of times, we spoke about wonderful games,

brilliant games, we spoke about hard games, difficult games.

Tonight was difficult obviously,

so the number of wins you can only have if you win all of these games:

the difficult ones, the easy ones - if there ever was one -

the brilliant ones and the rougher, more grumpy ones.

In the end, thats what counts.

We all know its very special, but in the moment we are really just in the situation...

..and want to recover and prepare for the next one.

The next opponent is really waiting and wants to fight us,

the whole stadium at Watford will go for us, thats completely normal.

There will be a special atmosphere and we have to be 100 per cent ready.

I saw the boys tonight, they are ready to fight

and as long as we are really ready to fight, nobody should worry,

but we still have a lot of work to do.

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