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You're asking for days off? Aren't you done with renovating the house? Why do you need more time off?

I'm returning to the Ghost Tribe to take care of a few things.

Hmm? Did something happen there again?

The rebels from a year ago are still around. If I don't thoroughly eradicate them, flames might once again arise from the ashes.

What? Are you surprised? It's my fault for being too merciful and letting them off last time.

I won't make the same mistake twice.

Yeah, watching you being all lovey-dovey with Little Sapling, I'd forgotten that.....'re the most powerful King of Ghosts, the one that even the Celestial Emperor dared not cross.

I can't control what others call me, but I certainly never applied the words "most powerful". In any case, Kunlun.....

...I'll probably be gone for a few days. If Yangyang returns, please cover for me. I don't want him to worry.

Sure! But keep it under control; I don't want the Celestial Emperor on my back.

Understood! I'm going now.

What's going on? What's with all the Ghost soldiers!

They broke through our defense shield ! It's the King of Ghosts!

It's the King of Ghosts! The King of Ghosts is here!

I had once granted you a reprieve on account of you being my own tribesmen, yet I was repaid with a rebellion.

Since that's the case, then I'm here today to retract my mercy.

You think peons like you could harm me? Apparently you had no idea how I ascended the throne.

King....Your Majesty! Eternal health to my king! Your Majesty! We beg you, please spare us!

King? *snicker* When you launched the rebellion, didn't it occur to you that I was your king?!

From the moment you set foot in my palace, you've signed your own death warrant.

Destroy their defense shield ! Leave no survivors! Yes, Sire! ! !

You're actually foolish enough to beg forgiveness from the one who recovered his throne by means of a massacre?

*snicker* Hilarious!

What's going on? No one's home for days and calls to his office are not going through.

Has something gone wrong.....?

Chief Zhao, where's Boss? He hasn't been home for days. You must know where he is, right?


Chief Zhao! Where did he go?! Where is he? Did he go somewhere dangerous again?!

Ghost Tribe.....he didn't return to the Ghost Tribe alone again, did he?!

Uh....that.....yes, but don't worry! He's okay! He just needed to take care of some.....

....some remaining rebels. No big deal. You're well aware of your Boss's competence, right?!

So.....he really went back to the Ghost Tribe.....alone.....

And you guys let him go by himself.....

What were you guys thinking ! ! ! He almost didn't make it back last time ! ! !

I'm gonna go look for him.....take me there.....take me there ! !

Calm down, Little Sapling. He's alright.....

I can't calm down! Take me to him!

Ah! He's back! (You've finally come back, Ace.....)

What's back.....? Your "Boss" !

Stop trying to fool me!

I'm not! I'm not lying! Turn around and see for yourself!

Yangyang? You're back?


Yangyang, don't be mad anymore. I really was fully prepared this time.

Besides, puny fighters like them wouldn't be able to harm me when I'm in my normal state.

After all, I'm the King of Ghosts, I could still handle this much.

I really was 100% sure of my victory before I went back. It's true! Please believe me and don't be angry anymore.

Whoa! What are you saying? How would I dare get angry at the King of Ghosts!

Yangyang....I'm at don't be like this, okay?

Not okay! You promised me, Way! You said you wouldn't bear burdens alone anymore!

And then? You still went alone! Didn't you know I'd worry? Huh!

I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to worry....but, Yangyang, I did tell Wei.

So you see, even my brothers had no qualms about me going back. That proves.....

....that there's no danger involved, right? Won't you please forgive me, Yangyang?

I can't win in an argument with you! Forget it! Don't talk to me!

Yangyang ~ you said you'd return in a week, yet you were gone for half a month.

We haven't seen each other for so long, didn't you miss me at all?

You....mmmh....what are you doing? Way, don't try to pull the beauty trap on me! Umph.....

Oh? Does this qualify as a beauty trap, Yangyang?

Of course it does! Don't you know how good looking you are? You....nngh.....

Yangyang, I missed you so much ~ didn't you miss me?

Of course....I missed you everyday.....

Good ~ me too, I was thinking of you everyday.

Wait, Boss, don't put your clothes on yet.

Hmm? What is it, Yangyang?

I drew you a bath, let's get in together!

A bath? Why? I took a shower already.

But you didn't manage to remove the stench of blood on you.....let's go get a soak, Boss.

Oh....okay, I got it.....

Here, Boss, I'll blow dry your hair.

Your hair is so soft, Boss. This is so much fun, heh heh.

Haha. you scared?

Hmm? Scared? Scared of what?

The me.....that's covered in the stench of blood.....

I'm not afraid, heart aches.


Yeah....because I know that you're not someone who enjoys slaughtering others.....

But, you're Big Bro and you're King of the Ghost Race, so you had to force yourself.

You swung your blade and, through bloodshed, protected your family, those you cared for.....

Those years were tough on you, Boss.....

It's too bad that I can't help you with the combat stuff ~

All I could do for you is to cleanse the stench of blood from your body ~

Yangyang, meeting you is the luckiest & happiest thing that's happened to me in the past ten thousand years.

Is that right? Boss is getting good at uttering sweet words now. Tell me more!

Haha, sure! I'll say it more often if you'd like. I love hearing it! Heh heh!

Why aren't you at the workshop today, Yangyang? Nobody's getting their photos taken?

There are customers, but I'm meeting with Manager Pang this afternoon, so I asked Tao to take over.

Manager Pang has called multiple times; he says he wanted to discuss the matter of signing a contract. So bothersome.

So I figured I'd make a trip over there this afternoon.

Yangyang, I don't mean to interfere with your work, but....that Manager Pang is not a decent guy.

He was using you all along, and suddenly, he's chasing after you to sign the contract. He's just.....

Trying to kiss up to me on account of my relationship with you in order to get in your good graces.

Of course I know that, Boss. That's why I'm going there to turn him down.

That's good, then. I'm just worried you'd get duped.

Aw, come on, I'm not stupid. Don't worry, heh heh!

Ahem, Boss, I'm craving sweet & sour pork today. Is that okay?

Of course it's okay! I'll make it for you!

Heh heh ~ thanks, Boss!

What the heck? Summer?!!! What's going on here?!

Eh? Yang! What a coincidence, but I'm busy now so I'll call you later!

Busy with what? Summer! D-Don' this, please! Nothing would happen between us, you.....

Whoa, Yang, don't flatter yourself ~ I'm not here for you.

I'm visiting TianYing! I can't talk right now, she's waiting for me on the movie set.

TianYing said she'd let me meet some movie stars today! Hahaha! Gotta go check out the stars!

Ah, you're here, Hu Yang! Quick, Manager Pang is waiting.

Manager Pang, I.....

Oh, Yang! Hurry, hurry, have a seat!

Manager Pang, about our collaboration, I.....

I'd been too busy recently, so I didn't have time to sign the contract with you. However, I'm free now, so let's get it done!

I came to tell you, Manager Pang, that there's no need for a collaboration anymore.

And, please stop bothering me from now on. I'm busy, so I'll take my leave, bye.

Tch....I miscalculated and failed to secure the gold mine. Tch....what a pity!

Boss, I have something to tell you, but don't jump to conclusions, okay?

Oh....alright, what is it? back in East Riverside. I really wasn't aware she'd be here.....

I bumped into her by chance when I went to meet Manager Pang today.

Oh, and then? She's here to visit you? Did she need a place to stay?

Did you want me to make arrangements? How about....staying at our place? We have plenty of vacant rooms. need! She has a place to stay. Boss, you're.... not upset?

Why would I be upset? She's your friend, Yangyang, I have no intention of breaking up your friendship.

Besides, you assured me that you're only friends, so I trust you, of course ~

Heh heh, but Boss, Summer truly isn't here for me this time. She said she's visiting TianYing.

What? TianYing? Fusheng's sister?

Ditzy gal, you're sweating from all the excitement. Come here and I'll wipe it off for you.

Make sure you don't catch a cold!

TianYing! Brother?

Heh heh ~

My brother is here, ditzy gal. You go ahead and keep yourself busy; I'll come look for you later.

Okay, then I'll go get some autographs from the movie stars ~ heh heh ~

(TianYing wiped my sweat off for me just now ~ heh heh heh ~ )

You bought me a bunch of snacks again, brother?

You love these, don't you? I bought a lot, TianYing, so you could munch on them whenever you want. Don't go on a diet.

If anyone says you should quit acting because you gained weight, then just quit. I'll support you!

I got it ~ Don't worry, I won't go hungry! I'm eating well everyday ~

By the way, what was that all about? You didn't mention anything to me.

What did I do?

You quietly brought a young lady home. Are you babysitting, or.....

Babysitting? I'm smitten with her ~ What? You're minding my business?

I'm not butting in, but TianYing, this is not a game. Are you serious about this?

The road ahead for a same-sex relationship would be difficult, you know.

I understand, brother; I'm serious about this. I know I'll face a lot of obstacles, but I won't back down.

Okay, I trust that you can properly handle issues, and I believe that you'd find happiness!

You have nothing to worry about ~ Don't forget, I'm Luo Fusheng's sister!

TianYing, we're gonna start filming!

Okay! Coming!

Go on, I won't keep you.

Then, see you, brother. Go home and enjoy Chinese Valentine's Day ~ Heh heh, bye!

Bye! (That's right, it's Chinese Valentine's Day today ~ )

Yangyang, today is....Chinese Valentine's Day, sorry.....

Hmm? What's wrong, Boss?

Everyone is celebrating, yet I brought you outside. It's not romantic at all.

Haha! Silly Boss! Is being out on the roof not romantic? Whether it's romantic or not isn't about what you do.....

It's about who you're with. I happen to feel romantic as long as you're by my side ~

Yangyang, is Chinese Valentine's Day, so....I.....

Yes? want.......tsk!

Haha, Boss, what are you trying to say? How come you're stuttering? What is it?

Ah.....haha.....nothing.....nothing much.....

Hmm? Boss?

( Tsk! Shen Way! Didn't you rehearse this numerous times in anticipation of today? )

( And lost your power of speech in front of Yangyang? Just go die of stupidity! )

What's the matter with you, Boss? Tell me if there's a problem and we can deal with it together.

Yangyang, actually I.......I.......

Yes? ?

What's with the silly laugh, silly Boss ~

Actually....I've been preparing for this day for a long while.....

I even consulted Wei and Musheng. I wanted to know how they had put it.

I actually wrote a speech and memorized it, but now.....I'm too nervous and.....forgot everything.....

Boss, we don't need speeches between us. Just say whatever is on your mind.

I'm sorry, Yangyang, I've become greedy. I' longer content with just one lifetime.

The time spent with you has been the happiest & most blissful of my life in the past ten thousand years.

I cannot imagine..... how I could go on without you after you'd passed on.

Sorry, Yangyang, I honestly can't ever part with you.

I don't want just this lifetime with you.....

I wish that....every single minute, every single second going forward....would be spent with you.

Yangyang.....I......I love you ! !

I know that a pledge of love from someone without a Passion Core like me would seem ludicrous, but.....

I....I want with you, protect you, be your "Boss".

As long as you're happy, I wouldn't mind if I had to fade & dissipate.

I think that....perhaps, this could be called "love".

If....if you also revel in my companionship, then I.....

May I secure your commitment eternity with me?

Yangyang....will my lieutenant?

Will you be and only partner?

Will you....give me a chance.... to stay by your side forever?

I will, Boss! I will be your lieutenant and stay with you for an eternity.

We will never part, and will be each other's one and only.

Yangyang.....thank you.....I.....

I love you!

I love you, too, Boss....very very much!

Boss, since we're in a wonderful mood, I have something to confess. Can you not get mad?

Sure, I won't get mad. Go ahead.

Um....actually....Wei had already transferred a thousand years of moral cultivation to me.

I....I've already put in my application for your lieutenant and am prepping for the exams now.

Whaa? Boss! Didn't you say you wouldn't get mad? Mmph!!

How could you not inform me of such a crucial matter? Do you have any idea how difficult exams for the LingWu-Lieutenant are?

I know....mmmh....Wei & FushengBruv are helping me train....nng.....

Boss! My bad! Aah! I really made a mistake! I have work tomorrow! Umph.....don't.....

Too late ! ! !

Boss ! ! ! My mistaaaake ! ! !

Big Bro, putting in Little Sapling's application and teaching him some fighting skills without your consent..... our fault, but....we did it for you.

After all....we're not sure when you'd come to your senses. takes Little Sapling's death to give you the necessary rude awakening, it would be too late.....

Indeed ! Such a critical issue and no one bothered to mention it to me! Do you even consider me your Big Bro?!

You transfer a thousand years' moral cultivation like it's nothing! Have you forgotten that you're a demi-god?!

Your moral cultivation is not a decoration! You need it to get ordained as a god!

Big Bro....I'd already said that I had no intention of achieving god status when I waived ordination a thousand years ago.

I not only have you & Zun now, I have Fusheng. There's no way I'm abandoning all of you to become a god.

Therefore, this demi-god form is worthless now, so please don't make a big deal out of it. Besides.....

... you quietly transferred a thousand years' worth of moral cultivation to my Fusheng back then, too.

You're the King of Ghosts, your moral cultivation is the key to the Ghost race's survival. You cannot transfer any more. impertinent.....

You dare talk back to your older brother?!

I'm not talking back to you, Big Bro.....anyways, the moral cultivation has been transferred.

Even if you tried to give it back to me, I wouldn't take it. So why don't we focus on how to get Little Sapling through the exams.

Big Bro, don't blame Wei anymore. I was the one who told Little Sapling that the King of Ghosts cannot casually bestow moral cultivation.

Traumatized by what happened to you back then, he was swayed by us and accepted Wei's transfer.

Wei did it for your sake, Big Bro. Please stop scolding him; yell at me, instead.

Sorry.......Big Bro.......don't be mad anymore.......

Yeah, Big Bro, Bruv and Bruvvy meant well ! Don't be angry anymore!

Besides, the imminent issue at hand is to help Little Sapling pass the exams.

We only have three months till the selection exams for LingWu-Lieutenant.

What are our options? The LingWu position requires 2 rounds of martial arts competition. The 2nd round wouldn't be a problem since the opponent is me.

But the 1st round is relay-style. Yangyang is bound to fail that.....he will be injured.....

Big Bro, is the martial arts exam difficult? I'm not familiar with it since I didn't have to take it. Isn't there a shortcut?

You went through it, Fusheng, is there a shortcut we could take?, you win through honest punches & kicks. All the contestants are tough.

They're all skilled in combat. A few months of training for Little Sapling really won't work.....

And those who apply for LingWu-Lieutenant would be aiming for the martial arts exam. They'll be even more formidable.....

It's impossible to win with just a few short months of special training.....

If you ask me, let's just demand that the NetherLord grant us this position. All these years, we 3 brothers.....

....should be acknowledged for our hard work even if we received no credit. It's not too much to ask for a special privilege, right?!

I agree! We've been working in Netherworld all these years and have never messed up.

And Bruv has never had a day of rest for thousands of years, toiling away for the NetherLord day & night.

Based on Bruv's devotion to his work, a lieutenant position is not too much to ask.

Had the NetherLord been amenable, I wouldn't have had to spend so much energy dealing with him back when Fusheng took the exams.

Besides, when I was negotiating Fusheng's position back then, I'd told the NetherLord that Zun & I will forfeit our lieutenants.

So when Musheng applied, I was in another round of negotiations with the NetherLord. I'm afraid we'd have to go by the books this time.

Argh....the problem is that the LingWu exams are focused entirely on martial arts.

And what was the NetherLord thinking, suddenly initiating the recruitment of LingWu and rushing into it.

It must be that old dude, the Civil-Judge's doing. He's so annoying! Can't we just gut him?

Zun! (Way) Zun! (Wei) Zun?! (Fusheng) Kitten..... I'm just kidding, heh.

The way I see it, testing martial arts alone might not be a bad thing. Martial arts exams shouldn't come with conditions, right?

Hmm? Yeah, haha, the civil exam has a written test and there's no way to avoid answering the questions.

But the martial exam tests your martial arts skills. The exam is about fighting, nothing else.

Oh! *chuckle* So, if there were no opponents, then it wouldn't be our problem!

No opponents? So you mean.....

How's it going, Wei? Did you help Big Bro chase away the applicants?

Yeah, I scared off 1/3 of them. *sigh*.......

Well, isn't that great? Why do you seem out of sorts?

Musheng and Little Sapling had the support of the entire family while facing the exams for the lieutenant positions.

You're the only one who had to do it alone. In the end, my Fusheng suffered the most.

I still didn't manage to help you at all. Sorry, Fusheng.

Don't be silly, I asked Big Bro not to tell you back then. Besides, Big Bro helped me a lot.

I wasn't alone, so stop dwelling on it, Teach.

But....if I'd been by your side, then.....

Come on! It's been 4 years since, why are you revisiting it again?!

Don't you have to go to work tomorrow, Little Master?

Nah, I'm staying home with you! *laughter*

Musheng! I'm back!

Hey, Kitten. Well? Have the applicants opted out from fear yet?

Heh heh ~ of course the Lord Commander completed his mission!

Bruv scared away 1/3 last time, and I scared away another 1/3 this time.

Wow, my Kitten is awesome! So we're left with those who are truly determined to take the exams.

It's up to Big Bro himself to take care of them, then.

That's right! You know, I used to envy Big Bro and Bruv, thinking that they had gallant jobs.

Unlike me, who's stuck in a boring desk job. But now, I'm relieved that I am the White Commander.

Oh? Why is that?

Because my lieutenant, the YunXi-Lieutenant, is only required to take the written exam and is spared the martial arts exam.

You'll definitely get injured if you had to take the martial arts exam. My heart would bleed for you!

Haha, yup, my Kitten is the one most protective of me. Come here and let me hug you ~

Heh heh ~~

Lord Martial-Judge, why are you here?

I heard that a lot of applicants withdrew lately, so I'm here to check it out.

After all, this is the selection process for my lieutenant, I shouldn't neglect it.

Hail to Lord Martial-Judge!

You guys have worked hard. But don't worry, the job of my lieutenant is not as demanding as rumored to be.

It's just that I have a somewhat horrid temper, so if you guys would kindly bear with it, all will be well.

L-L-Lord Martial-Judge, rest assured that we.....would do our best.

That's good to know. Then if I accidentally wiped out all of your moral cultivation in a fit of anger.....

....please, try to be....understanding!

Please calm your ire, My Lord ! ! ! (Damn, it's a high-risk job! No wonder all the others withdrew; let's get out of here, too.)

( *chuckle* Done! )

Huh? You're saying there are no more applicants for LingWu-Lieutenant, Boss? That means I.....

Yes, since you're the only applicant, the position is automatically yours.

After you complete a year of internship, you'll officially become LingWu-Lieutenant.

Heh heh....thank you, Boss. And thanks to Wei & them guys. Thanks to you all ~

No need for thanks, dummy! By the way, Yangyang, um....shouldn't we start planning our wedding?

Huh? Wed-Wedding?

Yes....with me being the King of Ghosts and you, my only partner.....

....A huge & extravagant wedding celebration is expected and inevitable. I'm sorry, Yangyang.

The wedding ceremony would be hectic and trying. Therefore, I wanted to ask you again to be sure.....

Yangyang, will you be my Royal Consort of the Ghost Race?

Silly Boss, of course I will ~ I...WILL !

Wow! Big Bro picked a wonderful date! Today is the day Little Sapling officially becomes LingWu-Lieutenant.

Yeah, it's really meaningful to hold the wedding on this day.

Haha, Big Bro might seem stodgy, but he's quite thoughtful.

No matter what, we finally got to see this day! Big Bro finally found happiness!

He's here, he's here! Little Sapling is here! Wooow! The robes are so glamorous!

Whoa! Look! Big Bro is so handsome!

Little Sapling looks great, too! So lively!

Fusheng, if you'd like, we could hold a wedding, too. I just thought you would find it tedious, so.....

Haha, you know me well, Teach! I do find it tedious, so I'm happy with the way we are!

How about you, Kitten? Would you like a wedding?

No, no, no! I can't stand crowds like this. Haha, Musheng, let's not!

Sure, whatever you wish.

Boss, there are so many people watching! I'm so nervous and a little scared.....

It's alright, Yangyang, don't be scared. I'm right here with you. It'll be over soon, so bear with it a little longer.

Master of Ceremonies: "End of ceremony! All citizens kneel & bow! Welcome the Royal Consort to the city!"

MC: "Eternal health to our King! Abundance of happiness to our Royal Consort! May our race prevail forever! Welcome the Royal Consort to the city!"

Boss, have they all gone home?

Yes, they all have to work tomorrow, so they left first.

Oh! Hey, Boss, I'm officially the LingWu-Lieutenant today, right?

Yes, you are not only my Consort now, you're also my lieutenant.

Then, can you take me to the Celestial realm next time? I'm really curious about it!

No problem, but for now, we'll consummate the marriage.

Come here, Yangyang, they're just the Celestial Gatekeepers. Don't be afraid.

Oh, okay!

I'm here, Boss, I'm really here!

Whew ~ Those 2 Celestial Gatekeepers are fierce! I thought they'd automatically let me through since I'm in my LingWu official robes.

Wow! The Celestial realm is beautiful !

What are these? Pets of the gods? That's their mount? Haha!

Be careful, Yangyang, don't trip and fall.

Okay! Don't worry, Boss! Haha!

You're such a kid.

It's getting late, Yangyang, let's go back. Today is Mid-Autumn Festival.

We're attending a gathering at Musheng's. Everyone is waiting for us.

Oh! Okay, Boss, let's go!


Hmm? What is it, Boss?

Yangyang, did I do the right thing? Are you.....happy?

I've....bound you to me in this manner, yet I fear....that I haven't been doing my best.

Aw, come on, Boss, you're thinking too much again. I am blissfully happy now, okay!

I get to see you the moment I open my eyes in the morning, and you're by my side when I fall asleep at night.

To me, that's the ultimate joy in life, heh heh.

Yangyang....I have no Passion Core, thus I don't know how to love. But, I'm willing to learn, so.....

... you must let me know if I come up short in any way.

I....will strive to become what you consider ideal.

I love the way you are now, dummy!

You've done exceptionally well already, Boss. Really, thank you!

Thank you for giving me such happiness, Way, I love you!

Yangyang, if this is the kind of bond you seek and my companionship would bring you happiness....

Then I can guarantee that I'll love you, pamper you, & make you happy for eternity.

I love you, Yangyang!

Whoa! My Boss is adept at delivering sweet words now. Are your lips dripping honey? Let me have a taste!

Am I? You like hearing that stuff? Then I'll....utter more honeyed words from now on?

Haha! Yes! Tell me more from now on!

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