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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GIANT BOARD GAME Challenge in Real Life! (RZ Twin tricks Hacker to win $10,000) | Rebecca Zamolo

Difficulty: 0

- What?

- Aah!

- Big number--

- Let's move back, whose turn is it?

- [Daniel] There you go, there you go.

That way, yes.

Oh no!

- Woo!

- So bad!

- [Matt] One, two, three...

- Hey Zamfam, it's Rebecca

and today is gonna be a very exciting day

because we are doing a giant board game challenge

for seven million subscribers.

And we let you guys decide the giveaway prizes.

This is gonna be fun!

So I have Matt and Daniel here

from the Game Master Network

and every square we land on here

will be a potential giveaway prize

for you guys in the Zamfam.

So smash the thumbs up button,

subscribe, and turn on notifications

and stay tuned to find out how you can win

all of these cool giveaway prizes.

So the way this challenge works

is we're gonna roll this giant dice

and every color square stands for something different.

So if we land on a yellow,

you guys in the Zamfam will automatically win

a hundred dollar Amazon gift card.

Landing on red means a trivia question

and if we get it right,

you guys win something from social media.

For example, a follow on Instagram.

A tag on Instagram stories

or even a shout on on TikTok.

Orange is truth or dare,

and if we complete the truth or the dare

you guys in the Zamfam win a Zamfam Pop Socket.

Purple is a surprise for you guys,

we have a giant Hatchimal,

we have a backpack of Skittles,

we have a lot of fun things.

Green is a punishment,

but if we do that punishment,

you guys win some Zamfam merch.

And blue is a water challenge

and we have to complete that on the giant water park

that we have in my back yard right now.

Oh, and I also forgot,

when we finish this giant board game challenge,

you guys can win an iPad.

I hope you're ready, Zamfam.

So determine who goes first,

we're gonna roll the dice

and whoever gets the highest

gets to go first.

- [Daniel] You know it.

- So I'll go.

- [Daniel] Okay.

- I'm rolling a five!


- [Daniel] What?

Whoa, there it is.

One! - Are you kidding me?

- [Daniel] A one.

- Daniel!

- [Daniel] What'd I get, what'd I get?

A one!

That means Rebecca gets to go--

- I'll go first.

- [Daniel] Rebecca's up.

- Three, two...

I really want a--

- [Daniel] A three.

She got a three, she got a three.

- One, two, three.

So orange, as you guys know,

is truth or dare,

and my truth is to answer the question,

who I love more, Peanut or Blackjack,

or the dare is to bow down to Matt and Daniel

on my Instagram stories.

I can't pick between my dogs,

so I'm gonna do the dare!

I'm gonna post this the day this video comes out.

Okay, I'm doing the dare.


I bow down to my two kings.

- [Matt, Daniel] Wow!

- They are so awesome and amazing,

that's why I'm bowing down.

Okay, are you happy?

It's only gonna be up for 24 hours.

- [Daniel] Whoa-ho-ho!

- Then I'm deleting it.

- [Daniel] All right, Matt's up!

- [Rebecca] Oh! - [Daniel] Three.

- [Rebecca] Three!

- One, two, three.

Truth or dare.

- [Daniel] Truth or dare!

Truth is, reveal what's underneath the tarp over there.

- [Rebecca] Yes, yes!

Yes, do it!

- And dare is dunk your head

under the hot tub water for five seconds.

- [Daniel] No!

- Zamfam, I think he should do truth,

he should reveal what's under the tarp.

- I'm not ready to reveal what's under the tarp.

- [Daniel] Whoa!

- I'm going to the hot tub.

- Whoa!


- [Daniel] There must be a pretty big secret, Rebecca.

- Okay.

- I'm doing this for the Zamfam.

Five seconds, okay?

Count me down.

- [Daniel] Five seconds!

- [Daniel, Rebecca] Three, two, one.

- [Daniel] That's a long time.

- [Rebecca] Wow.

- [Daniel] That's a long time!

- [Rebecca] Three, four, five!

- [Daniel] Go, go, Matt!

- What!

- [Daniel] How you feel, how you feel?

- Wet!

- [Daniel] Woo!

Oh my God.

- He took the dare!

- Daniel's turn right here!

I'm so, I'm so--

- Matt, you are soaking wet!

- Okay, here we go, three, two, one!

- [Rebecca] Oh!

- [Daniel] Six!

- [Rebecca] Six!

- [Matt] Whoa! - [Rebecca] Okay.

- One, two, three, four, woo!

Five, six!

Amazon gift card!

- Amazon gift cards!

Yes, Zamfam!

So you guys win a hundred dollar Amazon gift card

at least one so far,

so stay tuned to find out

how you can enter to win all these giveaway prizes.

- Wow, and I stayed dry.

Pretty good. - Yeah.

- [Matt] Bah!

- Yep!

- [Matt] Rebecca, you're up!

- I know, you know what, though?

I'm going to quickly use the restroom

and then I'll be right back, yeah.

- [Matt] Oh, and-- - Yeah.

- [Matt] Take the camera?

- Yeah. - [Matt] Okay.

- I'll be right back.

So I gotta quickly go in.

Okay, Zamfam, so there's actually

another plan going on during this

giant board game challenge

that the quadrant can't know about.

You guys know that they have surveillance cameras

set up and they've been spying on us.

Well, there is a power box on top of my roof,

and we have someone that's gonna come in

and try to turn it off during this challenge

and we're gonna distract the quadrant playing the game.

Okay, so I'm gonna bring her out right now.

RZ twin!

Okay, RZ twin, are you ready with the plan?

- Yes.

- Okay.

So whatever you do,

you just can't get caught by the quadrant, okay?

- I've got this, Zamfam.

- Okay.

So go back and hide in the bathroom until I leave.

I hope this works, you guys.

Hey guys, I'm back.


- How's it, how's everything going?

- It's all good.

Plan is on board,

let's just keep playing, my turn, right?

I don't know what I want.

I just want to win!

- [Matt] Five!

- Five, okay.

So one, two, three, four, hundred dollar Amazon gift card!

- [Matt] What!

- For the Zamfam, oh yeah.

So far you guys in the Zamfam have won

two Amazon gift cards for a hundred dollars

and two Zamfam Pop Sockets,

so there's gonna be more.

- [Daniel] All right, Matt, you're up!

- Please not a wet challenge.

- [Daniel] Woo, don't do a two, don't roll a two!

- [Matt] Are you kidding!

- [Daniel] You got a two!

- Are you kidding me?

- [Daniel] You got a two!

Oh no!

- One, two!

- Okay!

- Gosh!

- Okay!

So you guys know that blue is a water challenge,

let's see what water challenge Matt has to do.

- [Daniel] Oh.

- What?

- Matt gets to slide down

the giant inflatable waterslide, are you ready, Matt?

- [Daniel] Oh my gosh.

- No, I'm not ready!

- We did this when I transform my backyard

into a waterslide, we did it

holding an egg, we've done a bunch,

so Matt, it's just another day getting wet.

- [Daniel] Sorry, Matt.


Here we go.

- Here we go!

- Turning on the water.

Good luck!

- Better yet, you want to do this instead?

- I mean,

I'll let you go first.

- Here we go!

- [Daniel] Good luck!

- [Matt] I'm fully clothed!

Three, two, whoa!

- [Daniel] Whoa!

- Okay, we did it, we did it!

- [Daniel] Wow.

- Woo!

- You guys, comment below if you would want

to go down this giant waterslide.

All right, let's keep going!

Okay, Daniel, are you ready?

- Yeah, so I was here,

on yellow, let's see what I got this time.

- Five!

- [Rebecca] Whoa!

- Two, three, four, five!


- [Matt] Green?

- [Rebecca] Oh!

- What is green, what is green?

- [Rebecca] That means that it is

a punishment.

- [Everyone] Whoa!

- Oh man, it says weird food combinations,

you guys get 30 seconds to decide

a weird food combination for me to eat.

- When does the timer start?

- Right--

- [Rebecca] Right now, Matt!

- Oh, go, go, go!

- So we have to pick two foods for Daniel.

- [Matt] Vegenaise.

- Okay, yes, yes, what do we pair it with?

Maybe, maybe,

blueberries and vegenaise, okay?

- [Matt] Or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

- And vegenaise?

- [Matt] And vegenaise!

Or this and a pickle?

- Come on, Matt.

All right, Daniel!

So we have three foods.

It's only two, though.

So you're probably wondering which ones we chose.

- [Matt] Which ones will you like to eat?

- Yeah!

- Ah no, 'cause what if you change your mind?

What if I give you what I want to eat?

- We decided on a Reese's

with vegenaise!

Which is like mayo but vegenaise, it's vegan.

- Aw, man, I like Reese's, too!

- Yeah, but you won't now!

Oh, and it's moldy!

- [Matt] Oh no!

- Okay Daniel,

so you have to do this challenge

if you want the Zamfam to win Zamfam merch.

- Uh-huh?

- And if you don't do it,

you have to go back two squares.

- Oh!

- Nah, I'll do it, I'll do it for the Zamfam.

- You are?

Okay, all right.

Here you go.

- Ugh, maybe if I don't look at it.

- All right.

- Ugh.

- [Matt] Oh no, you're really doing it.

- Oh!

- This is for you guys if he does it!

You guys have the chance to win Zamfam merch!

- [Matt] He wants this, though!

- Blackjack wants it!

- [Matt] Blackjack wants it!

- Aah!

- [Rebecca] Three, two, one!

- [Matt] Oh no!


- Zamfam, you guys just won another giveaway prize,

thanks to Daniel, so comment,

thank Daniel, the cameraman!

- [Matt] All right, Rebecca, you're up!

- So right now, Daniel is in the lead!

- Woo!

- But,

not for long!

No, yes!

- [Matt] Five!

- Five, okay.

- [Matt] Count it out, Beck.

- [Rebecca, Matt] One, two, three, four.


- Zamfam!

You guys win another Amazon gift card!

And I don't have to do any funny, weird challenges!

- [Daniel] Here we go, Matt!

You're up!

- This is where I, so,

to get another blue,

I have to go one, two, three, four, five,

I have to do a seven to get a blue.

- [Daniel] Okay, so you're good!

You're safe, you're safe this round.

You're safe this round.

A four.

Let's see what four is.

- One, two, three, I got--

- [Rebecca] Four!

this is truth or dare,

if you do it,

then the Zamfam gets to win another Zamfam Pop Socket.

- Do it.

Okay, don't even bother giving me the truth,

just give me the dare.

- The dare? - [Daniel] Whoa.

- Okay!

So it says,

you need to show your top three ninja moves.

- [Daniel] Three!

That's true, there he goes.


- You see that?

- [Daniel] Yep.

- [Rebecca] Okay.

- And also,

my other one is when I come back up.

- [Daniel] Okay, yeah, ready.


- I hope you guys are screenshotting

at least one of these ninja moves.

- I need some space.

- Space, for this--

- [Daniel] Space it out.

- Okay.

- [Daniel] What is happening?

- A little bit of, you know,

like breakdancing.

- Okay.

- When you get down, you get down and--

- [Daniel] Whoa!

- Barrel roll!

- [Daniel] A pretty good barrel roll.

- It's cute.

- All right, now you guys get a Pop Socket.

You're welcome.

- [Rebecca] Okay, Daniel.

- See what happens.

Two. - [Rebecca] Two.

Oh, two.

- One, two!

- [Rebecca] A hundred!

- Amazon gift card for you guys in the Zamfam.

- [Rebecca] Yeah!

- Hundred dollars, wow!

- [Rebecca] Oh my gosh!

- We've been giving a lot of those.

- [Rebecca] Yeah!

- Before you know it,

it's going to be $10,000!

- [Everyone] Whoa!

- Three, two, one.

I need a six, because

I want to win.

Five! - [Daniel] Got a five.

That's pretty good, pretty good.

- One, two, three, aw, four, five!

- [Daniel, Matt] Whoa!

- We have red!

Okay, so this is a trivia question.

It says,

what did we put the sleep cloud inside

to release when the quadrant fell asleep?

And if I get this right, Zamfam,

I follow one of you guys on Instagram.


- [Daniel] Better get that right.

- You guys are lucky,

because I know the answer to this.

The answer is,

the red roses!

- [Daniel, Matt] Whoa!

- The sleep cloud into the red roses!

So Zamfam, that means one of you

will be followed by me on Instagram,

so again, stick around 'til the end

so you can find out how to win.

- [Daniel] Two!

- Two.

- [Daniel] Uh-oh!

- [Rebecca] One, two.

- [Daniel] A punishment!

- Oh?

- [Everyone] Ohh!

- This is the punishment

that Matt has to do.

If he does it,

then you guys get to win

more Zamfam merch.

It looks like

you have to drink something.

I'm gonna be back with it.

- Orange juice.

- [Daniel] Okay, good luck, we'll be back.

- Matt really hates disgusting foods,

here's marinara and water.

- [Daniel] Marinara and water, gross!

- Ugh!

- [Daniel] Maple syrup?

- Yep.

We get to decide the drink,

so here's some sweet syrup for him.

- [Daniel] Wow.

- Matt does not like hot things,

so we're going to add a little hot sauce.

- [Daniel] So this is marinara, hot sauce, and syrup.

Would you drink this?


Pickle juice?

- Pickle juice.

- [Daniel] Woo!

This is like a sweet, salty, hot--

- It's everything, all the worst foods.

- [Daniel] Okay, here we go.

- We're gonna add--

- [Daniel] Final ingredient?

- Just a little bit of--

- [Daniel] Protein?

- Yeah, but it's organic,

so he'll like it.

- [Daniel] Oh, okay.

- It'll give it the brown--

- [Daniel] Chocolate?

- Yep.

- [Daniel] Chocolate protein?

- [Rebecca] Okay, mixing it all up.

- [Daniel] Oh, that doesn't look appetizing at all!

- You guys!

Let me know what you think Matt's reaction will be.

Again, he has to drink this if you guys

want to win the prize.

- [Daniel] Ugh!

- If you want some Zamfam merch,

I hope he does it!

- [Daniel] Okay, gross, here we go!

- Okay, let's do it.

And here you go.

Do it for the Zamfam.

They want to win

a hoodie or a shirt,

or a tank top, or a crop top!

- [Daniel] Oh no--

- Zamfam, cheer him on right now!

Go, Matt!

- [Daniel] Do you want to know what's in it?

Or drink it first, then know what's in it?

- I can smell the pickle juice.

- [Daniel] Okay.

- What, I don't know what you're talking about!

- [Daniel] Drink it!

- Do it!

Do it!

Do it!

- [Daniel] Waa!

Oh no!

Oh no!

So what do they win, Rebecca?

You did it!

- He barely did it!

- [Daniel] No, you drank it, you drank it!

- Do you guys think that should count?

- [Daniel] Yeah!

- I have a permanent sore throat.

- [Daniel] Ohh no!

- It's a punishment, what can I say?

- [Daniel] Oh my!

One, two, three!


- [Matt] Five again!

- One, two, three, four--

- [Rebecca, Daniel] Five!

- Trivia!

- [Matt] Whoa!

- What?

- This is rigged, I mean,

I feel like I'm getting everything bad,

you guys are getting everything good.

- So the trivia question is--

- Okay.

- What was the video game

that the Red Hood used

as a decoy during E3 at our safe hous?

- [Matt] That one's easy!

- I know it.

- I know it, too.


And you guys, for this one,

if he gets it right,

I will follow one of you guys on TikTok, so--

- Woo!

- Are you ready?

- Looks like you're following somebody.

- Okay!

- Because it was Roblox!

- Roblox!

My turn to roll, and, oh.

Uh, Daniel, uh, Matt and I,

Matt, you should give that camera to Daniel real quick.

We should practice our Fortnite dance moves.

Just real quick.

- [Matt] Are you sure?

- Yeah, yep.

- Like now?

- Yep!

Right now!

I feel like it's the direction we're moving.

- Ohh yeah, right, right now.


- So we're just gonna be doing this, Daniel, right now,

for, you know, for fun.

This is the floss, right, Matt?

What's the other one?

Yeah, yeah?

- [Daniel] Yeah, that way.

Yes, over there, over there.

Over there, yeah.

Yeah, that way.

Here she goes.

- Here.

Okay, okay.

- [Daniel] All right, we're good.

I think we're good.

- Okay. - [Daniel] Great.

- All right, my turn to roll.

- [Daniel] Yeah! - Ready.

- I was getting into that one.

- [Daniel] Yeah, you were.

- Okay.

Three, two, one.

- [Matt] Big number!

- [Rebecca] Big number!

- [Everyone] Ohh!

- [Rebecca] Six! - [Daniel] Six!

- I guess it's more six than five.

- No, it's six.

- [Daniel] All right.

- Okay.

- [Daniel] Here we go.

- One.

- [Everyone] Two, three, four, five, six!

- [Daniel] Punishment!


- All right, so it says that you have to complete

whatever the last green challenge was.

- [Daniel] What!

- No, no!

Oh, no!

It's the drink we made!


- I'm having a hard time just thinking about it!

- No!

- [Daniel] Oh my God, okay, Rebecca.

- That drink over there?

- [Daniel] Yeah, that drink over there.

- Zamfam, I know you guys want merch, but--

- Sipping malt liquor while I--

- [Daniel] Okay, okay.

- No!

- [Daniel] Here we go.

Three, two, one!




Swallow it, don't spit it all, no, no!

- [Matt] It's so bad.

- [Daniel] Oh no!

Uh-oh, uh-oh!


- It's so bad!

It's so bad!

- [Daniel] She did it, she did it, Zamfam!

- It is so bad.

- [Daniel] Woo!

- You have no idea.

- [Daniel] Woo!

Well, I guess if I land on a green,

maybe I might have to--

- I know!

- Give her one more minute, guys.

- [Daniel] Okay.

- Things are happening right now.

- Oh my gosh.

That was so bad, you guys get merch--

- [Daniel] Ope, yep.

- Let's move back, whose turn is it?

- [Daniel] Ah, Matt's turn.

- I want a yellow so bad, or purple.

- [Daniel] Okay!

- That's all I want.

- [Daniel] Oh, yeah!

Oh, going down!

- [Matt] Are you...


- [Daniel] Five!


- Okay.

- [Daniel] Here we go.

- One.

- [Daniel] Two.

- Three, four, five, no!

- So blue says--

- [Daniel] Uh-oh.

- I literally said I wanted either

a purple or a yellow.

I'm in the middle of the two of them.

- It's dunk tank,

and Daniel and I each get three throws.

- [Daniel] Oh, wait!

So you might, if we have a bad aim, today,

we might not be able to throw then,

you might not have to drop in.

- Oh.

Oh, I have good aim.

We're doing this.

- [Daniel] Oh my gosh.

Oh man!

- The water's so dirty now!

- You guys saw our last to dunk challenge,

we had a lot of practice with this,

so I'm feeling confident.

- [Daniel] Okay.

- Okay.

- You're that close?

- Yeah!

- [Daniel] That close?

Look how close you are!

- I don't want to be in the mud.

- [Daniel] Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.

- Wait, wait, I don't want to be in the water!

- [Daniel] Whoa!


- [Daniel] Ooh!

- She's on target right now!

- [Daniel] Whoa, okay, that was two, that was two.

She gets one more try, one more try.

Oh my God!

- [Rebecca] No!

Come on, Daniel.

- [Matt] Don't worry?

- Here you go.

- [Matt] Don't say that!

- Okay, here we go.

- [Matt] Woo!

- [Rebecca] Come on, Daniel.

- [Matt] Oh!

- That was two.

- [Rebecca] Okay.

- I get one more.

- [Matt] I might get wet.

I might get wet!

- [Rebecca] No, no!

You're not getting wet.

- One, two, three.

- Oh, no!

- [Rebecca] Daniel!

You dunked Matt!

- [Daniel] Oh man!

- [Rebecca] How does that feel, Matt?

- So cold!

I'm out, I'm out, I'm out.

- Okay, you let him get out, let him get out!

Matt, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

I didn't really think I was gonna hit the target!

- I was so hopeful at the end!

- [Daniel] Oh!

- You did it!

- [Daniel] Oh my!

Two, three.

- [Matt] Daniel.

- [Rebecca] Oh?

- [Matt, Daniel] Four!

- [Rebecca] Four! - [Matt] I'll bet.

- One, two, three, four!


- [Matt] No!


- Amazon for you--

That's the fifth one!

- Yeah!

- Yeah!

Yeah, Zamfam!

- I'm happy about the gift cards right now,

but I'm super sad about my game play.

It's not going we--

- Okay, so I'm in the lead right now,

because I am right here.

Three, two, one.

- [Matt] Got a two!

- [Rebecca] No!

- [Matt] That's fine, look at that!

- Wait.

One, oh!

Amazon gift card!

- That was a gift card!

- Wow, you guys have won six so far!

- [Daniel] What?

- I guess it's your turn, Matt!

- [Daniel] Let me look,

Kay, don't look.



- Five.

- [Daniel] Five.

- I'm hopeful.

One, two, three, four, no!

Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me!

- [Daniel] Oh my gosh!

- So for this blue one, Matt,

Daniel and I each get to throw

three water balloons at you!

- [Daniel] Oh my gosh!

- In the pool over there!

- Just three.

- Just three! - Oh man!

- All right, let's do this!

- Okay, here we go.

- Okay, so each get to pick three, Daniel,

this is what's left over

from our water balloon fight--

- [Daniel] Yeah.

- Challenge, so I'm gonna go with,

here's one for me.

Here's another one for me.

- [Daniel] Okay, two, oh no!

- Here's one!

- [Daniel] That, what?

- Yep!

- [Daniel] Oh my gosh.

- Okay, I guess I'll go first.

- [Daniel] Okay, all right, all right, all right.

- Whoa, it's the big one!

- [Daniel] Oh my God!

Oh my God!

- We didn't use it in the water balloon challenge, so--

- [Daniel] Oh, man!

- Okay ready?

- [Matt] I wasn't in the water balloon challenge!

- One!

- [Matt] Nope!

- Two!

- [Matt] Okay!

- [Daniel] Aww!


- [Matt] The big one.

- [Daniel] It's the big one.

Aw, you missed!

- Okay, Daniel, your turn.

- [Daniel] My turn.

All right, we've got three.

Oh, this one's leaking!

I've got to hurry!

- [Rebecca] Okay.

- One, two, three.


I totally missed.

All right, ready?



They don't break!

Oh, not direct hits, but I think he's a little wet, still.

- [Rebecca] All right, Matt,

well, at least you, oh.

You don't win anything for this one!


All right, let's keep going!

You just won another Amazon gift card.

- [Daniel] I did, whoa, two!

- [Matt] Two.

- One, two.

- [Matt] Green.


- [Rebecca] Ohh!

What's it say?

- No, no!

- What, what does it say?

- It says I have to choose one of the previous punishments

and do that.

- Okay, so you have to eat a Reese's with vegenaise--

- I can't do that again.

I cannot ruin Reese's for me.

So I'm gonna have to try that same--

- Ohh!

- [Matt] That drink!

- Daniel, it's so bad!

Oh gosh!

- Huh, huh, huh, huh!

- [Rebecca] Oh my!

Not bad?

- Not bad.

- [Rebecca] You're okay?

- I'm okay.

- [Rebecca] Did you actually drink that?

- [Matt] Come on, did you drink it?

- I'll drink it again.

- [Matt] No way.

- [Rebecca] Ohh!

- Ahh, not bad.

I don't know why you guys are getting sick.

- [Rebecca] Oh my gosh!


- This isn't bad at all!

- How are you drinking that?

- [Daniel] I like--

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

- [Matt, Daniel] One!

- [Daniel] Look at that!


- One!

Is this?

- [Daniel] It's a blue! - [Matt] Woo!

- So I don't even have,

I don't have to even look at the card.

So this water one,

you can take the shortcut

and end up on the orange square over there.

- [Daniel] Which is only one space away from the win.

- What?

- Or you don't do it, and you have to go two squares back.

- I mean, it's pretty obvious what you do, right?

- [Daniel] What is going on?

- I guess I'll do it!

- [Daniel] The hot tub is so nice!

Matt was in the freezing cold dunk tank.

- Yeah, I did go in the hot tub--

- That's not my fault!

- With my head--

- [Daniel] That's true.


- I was in the dunk tank,

I was on the water slide--

- [Daniel] And water balloons!

- Matt, you should have gotten this one.

Matt, don't worry, you can still land on this, too!

- [Daniel] Okay, here goes Rebecca

into the most difficult part of this game.

- Okay!


- [Daniel] Wow.

- [Matt] I mean, this sounds like a great challenge.

- Oh, no, I got wet!

- [Daniel] Here she goes.

- Wow, you guys, I am one square away from the iPad.

- [Daniel] Wow.

How do you feel?

- Defeated.

- I'm about to win this challenge.

- It is my turn, I could roll doubles.

- [Daniel] Okay, here we go.

You got a three, Matt!

You got a three.

- All right.

One, two.

- [Daniel] Hey!


How many is that now?

- Seven?

- All right, Daniel, your turn.

- Here we go!


One, two, three!

- [Matt] No way!

- Yeah, yeah, yeah!

- [Matt] What is going on?

- Here we go!

- Shortcut water challenge!

- [Matt] What?

- Coming up.

- [Rebecca] Oh man.

- Going in to the hot.

- It's actually quite nice.

- [Matt] Ooh.

- I don't mind just staying here,

but I know I gotta do the shortcut.

Now I'm tied up with Rebecca!

- [Matt] Yeah!

- All right, comment down below,

who do you think's gonna win?

Who's gonna get this iPad?

- Me, me!


I'm gonna win it for you guys!

- [Matt] All right.

- Oh, oh.

- [Rebecca] What is she doing?

She thumbsed up.

- [Daniel] Oh!

- That means the surveillance cameras

that the quadrant's using to spy on us

must be shut off.

- Yeah!

- Okay!

- [Matt] Let's win this game!

- Okay.

- [Matt] All right, here we go.

- So you guys, I have to get a one

to win this board game challenge.

- You've gotta hit it exactly.

- Exactly for the iPad.


Three, two, one.

- Ohh!


- Matt's turn.

- [Daniel] One!

- [Rebecca] Whoa!

- [Matt] Two!

- [Daniel] Oh, orange!

- [Matt, Rebecca] One, two.

- [Daniel] Woo!

- All right!

Okay, Daniel.

- Truth or dare.

Great, you did a dare last time.

- I did, I'm gonna listen to the truth this time.

- Okay, the-- - [Rebecca] Truth?

Okay, Matt.

- No, just listening to it, okay?

- Did you decide to become the game master on your own,

or was that something that the game master

instructed you to do?

- Okay. - [Rebecca] Woo!

- I kinda wanna--

- [Rebecca] Are you gonna take this?

- Are you gonna answer that?

- [Rebecca] Okay. - [Daniel] Okay.

- Honestly, the game master told me to do it.

- [Rebecca] What?


But he said stick to the plan that one time.

- That was about something else.

- [Rebecca] What?

- What?

- [Rebecca] What is that?

- There's only one truth.

- [Rebecca] Hey!

- Who's up next, Daniel.

- I'm up next.

- You could win right now.

- I could win right now.

- [Rebecca] Oh no, wait!

But Matt, you also won some merch

for the Zamfam.

- I did!

I finally won something!

- [Rebecca] Yes!

- Woo!

- [Rebecca] Okay, Zamfam!

- Daniel won the board game challenge!

- [Matt] No way! - That was for you guys!

- Okay, so Daniel is the board game challenge winner,

and since he won, I'm also throwing in

a bonus for you guys.

There are prizes that we did not land on

on this giant board game challenge.

But, if this video gets a hundred thousand likes,

and Daniel hits a hundred thousand

subscribers on Instagram,

I will give all of these prizes

out to you guys in the Zamfam.

- [Matt, Daniel] Whoa!

- So make sure to thumbs up the video

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So now it's your chance

to find out how to win one of the giveaway prizes

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So you have to subscribe to the Rebecca Zamolo channel,

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you have to follow all three of us

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And finally, make sure to comment the prize

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Thank you guys again for seven million subscribers on here,

I am so happy to have you guys in the Zamfam,

we'll be announcing the giveaway winners

next week after Vidcon,

make sure to check out the video right here

where we did the last to dunk challenge

with the dunk tank and it was so messy and wet

and later tonight we're about to do

an overnight challenge, so we'll see you next time, Zamfam.


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