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-Congratulations on winning. -Thank you.

-This is the trophy right here. Do you mind if I bring it up?

-That's good.

-Wow! It's actually really heavy.

Look at this. [ Cheers and applause ]

♪♪ Yeah.

-Yeah, just set it right there. -That's really heavy.

-Yeah. -Wow. What a great trophy.

What are you going to do with this?

-Probably hang it up somewhere or,

like, put it on, like, one of my desks.

-You can't hang this thing. It's 100 pounds.

-Yeah, yeah, I can't hang --

-You have to lean it against -- It's so heavy.

You got to build a whole new room around it.

I want to put this over here just for now

so I can see your face, because it's giant.

Explain this to me. How does it work?

What goes into it?

Because I think people think,

"Oh, you just play video games and you won."

It's like, no, I think there's --

You put a lot of work into this.

-Yeah. -Am I right?

-So, like, long practice every day.

Like, every day, I wake up, got to, like,

warm up my hands for 30 minutes.

Then I got to pretty much, like, you know, play --

warm up my hands by playing, like,

"Fortnite Creative," stuff like that.

-So, wait. Walk me through your day.

So, what time do you wake up?

-We talking school day or a weekend?

-Let's talk weekend. -Okay.

-Yeah. -Maybe like 12:00, 1:00.

-Oh, man. I want to be you so bad, dude.

I'm really -- I'm so jealous. I'm so jealous of you right now.

So, you wake up at 12:00 noon, yeah?

And before you warm up your hands, what do you do?

Yeah. What do you eat? What do you eat at 12:00 noon?

-Maybe a banana. -Okay. Gotcha.

All right, I like bananas. -Yeah.

-So, you get a -- But then you get on to the game

and you start playing immediately or no?

-Yeah, I, like, get on, warm up with that,

and then I go into, like, a call,

talk to, like, my friends, and all that,

go over strategies and then --

-Do you play just strangers or do you play with, like, a --

-No, like, a team, like, friends and stuff like that, yeah.

-You're on a team now. -Mm-hmm.

-What is the name of your team? -Sentinels.

-Sentinels. Yeah, so, you get on with those guys

and you -- It's Monday through --

It's every day or what is it?

-Pretty much, yeah. It's like my job.

-That's -- Wow.

And did your parents -- I know they're proud of you,

but, at first, were they like...

I mean, yeah.

But, at first, they got to be like,

"Hey, we got to talk, Bugha."

You know, yeah, let's --" What is Bugha from?

-My grandpa gave me the name when I was, like, a baby.

He used to say like, "Bugha, Bugha, Bugha,"

and I used to laugh.

-Oh, no way. -So that's where I get it from.

-Hey, good for that. I love grandpa stories.

So, your parents go, "Okay, this is fun,

but you got to get working over at, like,

7-Eleven or something.

You got to get a job."

-Yeah, so, like, pretty much, when they found out, like,

I could actually do this for pretty much a job, like,

was when I pretty much got signed to the team and all that.

But before that, I just did, like, little competitions

and made, like, a little bit of money off that.

-Like, how much money did you win the first competition?

-$100. -Yeah, nothing.

-Yeah, nothing. [ Laughs ]

-What are you? 16? $100?

You must have freaked out and said,

"Mom, dad, this is something.

I can make money.

And they're like, "It's only $100, buddy."

But that's a lot of money.

-To me, it was at the time, because, like --

-To me, it is now. Yeah, I mean...

Wow, $100?

So you win 100 bucks and then you go, "I can do this."

And then this happens. I mean, did you freak out?

-I don't know.

It's like I had, like, no emotion,

but, at the same time, it felt, like, unreal.

I don't know.

-Because you were just -- You were just in the zone?

-Yeah, pretty much.

-So, what time of day was this that you won?

-When it happened? -Yeah.

-Like midday yesterday.

-Like when you wake up? 12:00 noon?

Yeah. Woke up, had a banana, won $3 million.

No big deal. Not bad.

So, I just -- I've got to congratulate you on this.

This is great. This is a great trophy.

And I hope to see you again, buddy.

Congratulations. -Thank you.

-Good job. -Appreciate it.

-Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf.

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