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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learn English Live - 23rd December 2018 - on Christmas eve - eve... with Duncan and Steve

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ho ho ho here we go it's Sunday afternoon and this is live English

yes of course Christmas is almost here

today it is Christmas Eve Eve

mmm excuse me I'm just having a little slurp of my coffee excuse me mm-hmm

oh that's nice that's got me going you can shoot me out of a cannon right now

I'm ready to go hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today

are you okay I hope so are you happy I really really hope so here we are then

it isn't Christmas it isn't Christmas Eve in fact it is Christmas Eve Eve it

is the day before the day before Christmas so Christmas is still two days

away but we are here as usual on a Sunday afternoon I hope you are feeling

well are you excited for Christmas even if you don't celebrate Christmas I hope

you have a good day whatever you're doing on Tuesday because that is when

Christmas Day arrives I'm pretty excited as you can probably imagine I'm

wondering what Santa Claus is going to get for me what will he get out of his

sack I wonder I don't know I have no idea I hope you enjoyed the Christmas

light at the beginning getting us all in the mood and can I first of all say

thanks a lot thank you very much for all of your lovely messages and pictures

photographs videos all sorts of things I will be talking about that in a few

minutes time coming up today we have mr. Steve of course now Steve will be

talking about lots of things to do with Christmas words connected to Christmas

words connected to things surrounding the theme of Christmas as well so all of

that coming up also Steve will be giving us all one of his legendary readings he

will be giving us a little Steve poem also I've received a few

emails in response to my little music video

deck the halls and I've been asked if I can explain all of the words in the song

so that is what I will do lots of things coming today it's Christmas Eve Eve

everyone and it's live English I don't know what you're doing at the moment or

what time it is where you are but I hope you have a good time

over the next couple of days and of course over the Christmas period in

general it's coming up to quarter past two here in the UK yes we are live from

England it is live English all the way I hope you are feeling happy I really do

let's have a look at the live chat before we go any further because I

always think that the live chat is very important because that involves you and

you are more than welcome to get in touch today on the live chat so let's

have a look shall we oh I see that matrix is first today on

the live chat congratulations to matrix well done

congratulations to you you are first on the live chat also we have Tomic hello

to Tomic and also joining us today we have Julie hello Julie nice to see you

here Jimmy is here as well wish you a Merry Christmas mr. Duncan and mr. Steve

who will play Santa Claus and who will be the reindeer hmm that's an

interesting question I think really I think I should be Santa

Claus or maybe maybe we could both be Santa Claus - Santa Clauses can you

imagine what that would be like and also we have Francisco here today merry

Christmas to everyone thank you very much that's very kind of you palmyra is

here also blue thunder zenyk is here hello to you

Pedro is here don't forget Pedro is one of the moderators on the live chat so

please behave yourself be good or else or else father Christmas won't come down

your chimney and empty his sack in your living room reeve an expert says hi as

well Sarge is here hello Sarge Belarusian who is another one of our

moderators on the live chat so hello to Belarusian Mika hello Mika we missed you

last week you you weren't here last week where were you I think maybe you are

still taking care or maybe looking after your little you on your new arrival your

your is was it was it your nephew or niece but congratulations anyway ice is

here merry Christmas from you oh thank you very much that's very kind of you

Olga is here hi Olga nice to see you here as well also

Jordao is here hello everyone it's nice to see you all again yes we are here

today it's a Sunday it's a fun day it's time to improve your listening

skills reven is here hello I'm from Kurdistan

hello Eve Ann nice to see you Lilia hello Lilia I have a video that was sent

in by you Lilia thank you very much for that also Sarge is here hello mr. Duncan

are you happy I hope so yes I'm very happy thank you very much

Rosso is here hello mr. Duncan and mr. Steve and the

moderators and all the friends as well so many people to list Lilia is here as

I mentioned already and also burl up and also how ho is here and has now hello

hasna also hello to Gabriel as well hello mr. Duncan and everyone here

that's very kind of you to say so so the live chat is very busy t Tran says hello

mr. Duncan I love you so much thank you very much that's very kind

also Galina and Sergio are also here on the live chat we will go back to the

live chat a little bit later on because mr. Steve really does enjoy the live

chat but there is something I want to mention first I have received so many

lovely messages so many lovely responses and many greetings because christmas is

just around the corner oh I'm so excited I wonder what Santa Claus is going to

bring for me can I first of all say thank you to Jeff who has sent a rather

nice ecard so he sent it via email and this is great look at this it says Merry

Christmas and I have a feeling that this is for mr. Steve because the Christmas

card has a picture of a Ford Mustang on the front and it says Merry Christmas so

thank you very much Jeff I will pass that card on to mr.

Steve I will see what his reaction is a little bit later on so thanks a lot for

that also we have some interesting pictures of your Christmas trees as well

here's one right now now this is from Simona and there is Simona's Christmas

tree but also you can see on the other picture on the right you can see that

she is actually watching me on the computer device it looks like a mobile

phone so I love it I I'm very fascinated by by images of people watching me

because sometimes you forget you forget that there are lots of people watching

around the world so it's always very fascinating to see photographs of people

actually watching my livestream so thank you very much for that Simona and I must

admit your Christmas tree looks a lot better than mine if I was honest we have

another one here now this one is a slightly more modest one a very modest

Christmas tree look at that isn't that lovely it's very simple and to the point

in fact if I if I may say that is slightly suggestive for certain reasons

I think that Christmas tree might be a little bit naughty I won't say why but I

have a very strange feeling that that might be a naughty Christmas tree a

little suggestive even so that is from T TN or t TN or tzn so thank you very much

for that a very interesting photograph of your Christmas tree there and I'm

rather intrigued by it another Christmas tree picture from

Mario Giovanni and thank you very much look at all of that tinsel

so much tinsel all I can say is that must have taken a very long time to

prepare lots of tinsel on Maria's Christmas trees so many so many strings

of tinsel also now this is not a Christmas tree this is something else

here is a photograph sent in by Blue Thunder who says this is my new pet

would you like to see my new pet and it looks as if blue Thunder has had a

little puppy for Christmas so I'm not sure what breed of dog that is but it

looks very cute very lovely so I hope you will take good care of that little

dog there so thank you blue thunder for your for your picture and to everyone

else as well can I also say a big hello to Lillian and well I must say I'm very

impressed with the video that you sent in in fact we are going to take a look

at it right now hello mr. Duncan hello mr. Steve hello

folks and the live chat her watching this video right now I'm Lillian cave

and today inspired by last Sunday's mr. Duncan's livestream I'm going to put up

my Christmas tree as well and I hope you enjoy watching us on this fantastic

gorgeous Christmassy journey

I think something's missing in the price heads of me decorating my Christmas tree

and this is my Santa's hat I hope you do it

we wish you a Merry Christmas we wish you a Merry Christmas we wish you a

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Santa Claus is coming to town jingle

bells jingle bells jingle all the way oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse

open say I'm dreaming of a white Christmas just like the one I used to

know tiny some bubbles

tybalt some Christmas lies it's a D guys usually put your Christmas

lights onto the Christmas trees starting from the top and from the bottom and

really insure how to do it properly I'm not very sure to be honest I think you

need to balance many things out in your head before you do it properly I think I

better start with the top of it look through this time so I don't run out of

the Christmas lights if I start from the bottom

so here is what the final version of our Christmas tree looks like this year

I love it


well that ended very quickly didn't it so thank you very much to Lillian for

your incredible video I must admit I was rather impressed by the editing and I

loved your Christmas tree and I like the way you gave your Christmas tree a big

hug at the end like I did last week when we put our Christmas tree up but I must

say your Christmas tree looks a lot nicer than ours because we were we had

to rush and unfortunately we didn't have much time so thank you very much for all

of your messages and videos and don't forget if you want to send anything else

in you can you are more than welcome to do so in fact I think it's a good

opportunity to put my email address on the screen very quickly so just give me

a moment there it is if you want to write to me you are more than welcome to

do so there is my email address very clear on the screen and of course I will

give you that once more later on so lots of things to talk about today we are

just two days away from Christmas it is it's Christmas Eve Eve it is the day

before the day before Christmas and I hope you are very excited where you are

for those who are celebrating Christmas I hope you will have a lot of fun thanks

also to Jeff and everyone else who has sent some incredible greetings via the

internet now I must say I'm going to say it now sometimes there are jobs that

need doing and I'm going to say now that sometimes we neglect these jobs here

where I live and where mr. Steve lives and sometimes we are a little lazy even

I'm going to show you a video soon of something that you might be surprised by

that's all I'm saying for now back to the live chat let's have a look who is

on the live chat shall we oh yes lots of reaction to the video and

also photographs mooo Yeller says hello mr. Duncan and everyone I hope you

are happy at Christmas and also have a Happy New Year as well thanks a lot

Kareem is watching in algiers Galano or galina is here as well Sergio how are

you today in everyone we are all ok we are excited because christmas is coming

Wang Kai is here as well Michelle hello Michelle Michelle my bow

those are words that go together well my Michelle Palmyra the snow is mixed with

rain sadly but I wish you all a Merry Christmas well we have no snow here at

all even though behind me it is snowing but it's not real hi guys

sueda sueda hello to you nice to see you Lilia what a lovely Christmas tree

Simona haha it's amazing thanks also to Jeff Jeff her says very cute oh I don't

know what you're talking about there Lilia says wow your tree is massive

Simona and also Michelle Michelle likes the dog Michelle says oh it's such a

cute dog now I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing your name right is it

Michelle or Mikkel so please tell me if I'm getting your name wrong Maria also

likes blue thunders puppy yes it is rather cute hello everyone from Moscow

hello to you as well from Brazil hello from Nicks

I think Lilia thanks for playing my video mr. Duncan I

should say it's been super exciting to watch it on the screen thanks for the

lovely comment you are more than welcome no problem oh I see she is a famous

youtuber mr. Duncan like you who who are you talking about Pedro I'm

not sure who you mean I don't know who he's on about Rosa says it's all about

the tsunami in Indonesia yes some terrible news coming through this

morning I I didn't have much time to see the news but I did catch something about

I believe it's a volcano that has caused a tsunami in Indonesia that is all I

know at the moment merry Christmas from Huang Fabio and also Jeff is here hello

Jeff nice to see you back again also mr. Duncan you are the most beautiful tree

in the world yes I do look a bit like a Christmas tree today I have so much

tencel around my neck and to be honest it's making me very hot also Anna is

here sue cat hello sue cats nice to see you as well so many people here today

thank you very much for joining in with the live chat of course this is English

all the way if you are learning English as a second language this is just for

you don't forget I have been teaching English for over 12 years on YouTube and

you can catch me every Sunday as well from 2 p.m. UK time so 2 p.m. every

Sunday I will be here next week as well and of course I will be here the week

after as we enter 2019 so I hope we are all

going to have some fun next year let's hope that next year is a slightly better

year than this year it's been have been a very chaotic year I think so thanks

for your messages they're going to have a look at a video now and then after

that mr. Steve will be here he will be joining us live so the here is something

we were doing yesterday just to give you an idea of how lazy we are here in this

house sometime it's the most wonderful time of the year

yes Christmas is on its way and there are two ways of telling in this house

whether or not Christmas is coming one of them of course is that we have the

Christmas tree and also the Christmas lights outside the house the other way

of knowing that Christmas is on its way in our house is because it is time for

the annual house clean yes it is true that we clean the house just once a year

and as a way of proving that here is mr. Steve hello yes the great annual house

cleaning event and it all starts with the vacuuming well to be fair mr. Duncan

we do vacuum if we know we've got any visitors coming as well but I'd like to

compete nice and clean for Christmas I don't know what it is but on Christmas

morning I like to wake up and know that the house is clean from top to bottom I

don't know why I don't know why but that's just the way I am let's have a

close look at the carpet now this carpet hasn't been cleaned for a long time so

it's time to embarrass us elves just to show how shameless we are so here is the

carpet you can see there are lots of bits of dust and crumbs from the food

that we've eaten the worst place of all must be the stairs now I'm going to show

you something so shameful look at this here is the dust on the stairs it is so

dusty there is dust everywhere look can you see that can you see the dust that

is the dust at the side of the stairs and over the past year it has collected

so that is the reason why every Christmas we always like to just around

the house meanwhile in the kitchen here is mr. Steve but he looks a bit confused

what's wrong Steve I found

do you think that goes in I'll try plugging it in I think I think you have

to connect the vacuum cleaner to the to the mains supply so it will work Steve

Steve still having problems here

that's it done for another year mr. Duncan that was quick god that's hard

work anyway I'll show Carrie I'm am joking of

course I shall carry on now it'll take me the

rest of the day I'll probably get through about two bags and we'll have to

recycle the bags of course because it's all waste and death from the house so

I'm going to get on mr. Duncan I know this looks strange but I don't like the

noise of a vacuum cleaner so it's all cumulative I don't wanna be deaf when

I'm older so on go the headphones actually the only reason I put these on

is so I can't hear mr. Duncan talk

did you just vacuum one of the spiders

I'm exhausted mr. Duncan but you are no wonder we only do this once a year

poor mr. Steve what a pity can you see him there working away so hard

it's a Sunday it's a fun day it's time to improve your English and of course we

are here today because it's Christmas Eve Eve and here he is now yes you know

what's coming next the guy that looks surprisingly like Santa Claus today but

then he isn't the only one it's mr. Steve oh hello mr. Dunphy hello how are

you and how is everyone in the world of English I don't know why I'm doing this

funny voice I don't know why you say you sound like a ghost I like going down

people's chimneys I've heard that and delivering presents to them I've also

receive I've also heard that do you recognize this guy isn't that one of my

reindeers it is but which one dumper vixen dumper I don't know their names

mr. Duncan although I have got a reading later you honestly don't know who this

is that is frosty it's not frosty you bid Cupid he is the most famous reindeer

in the world Blitzen I'm going through all the names mr.

Duncan I've got them all here no what's his name then his name is Rudolph Oh

Rudolph Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer but apparently I should have guessed

that mr. Duncan last week scientists revealed that

Rudolph's red nose would be useless for reindeer because reindeer can't see

colors did you know that do you know that the reindeers are actually

colorblind they can't see they can't see colors so so this red nose would be

completely useless it's like I think most animals are colorblind I know we've

discovered the other day that cows are definitely colorblind I keep forgetting

that you have this strange obsession at the moment

with cows yes I love cows they're my favorite animals I love cows they're not

Christmassy at all well I suppose oxen are are they oxen

yes are they around their oxen and the beasts aren't they around the nativity

don't you see oxen quite often you see those in in sort of Christmas stories I

always thought oxen was it was a village in Derbyshire oxen it's it's it's it's a

type of cow I think I believe oh is it an ox yes okay is it one of those cows

it looks like it's been on steroids yes that's right I know what you mean that

big horn I'll tell you something this is I think my beard is falling off we look

at a greasy face mr. Duncan I haven't got a very greasy face but more

important things did you see the video that we just played we were cleaning the

house now all Ilyas video that was very good

very good video from lilia hours I was really impressed now let's have a look

at the live chat because it's very busy on there at the moment I must say the

live chat is bustling I liked as you know mr. Duncan I like to clean the

house from top to bottom in the few days leading up to Christmas I normally do it

on Christmas Eve but it's a lot of effort on Christmas Eve and we did

mention the other day that we only tend to clean the house at Christmas or when

people are coming to visit yes which because we haven't had many people

visiting this year we haven't cleaned the house for about six months

no so the last person came to visit six months ago so I like to clean because I

don't know what it is I just want to wake up on Christmas Day to a clean

fresh house well apparently in 20 minutes it's going to be Christmas Eve

in Japan oh wow so they are already in Japan it is approaching Christmas Eve of

course because of the time difference fantastic mica has said that Christmas

Eve will be arriving in 35 minutes but of course now it's just 20 minutes so we

will be all we will be able to say happy Christmas

Eve yes happy Christmas Eve at three o'clock to everyone in Japan have to

remember that we've had some lovely videos and messages sent here's one just

for you Steve I think you will appreciate this

definitely this is from Jeff Oh Jeff so that's from Jeff thank you a Ford

Mustang that looks like one of the original Ford Mustangs because it

doesn't look like the Ford Mustang that I know so what is this from the 1960s or

70s yes I would imagine that the 1960s Ford Mustang it looks very much like the

one that Steve McQueen was it Steve McQueen a drove in that famous film

Bullitt oh yeah except his was dark green I love the music as well from that

film don't don't thank you Jeff thank you very much for your Christmas wishes

okay because he knew that I wanted a red Mustang and there was a red Mustang so

thank you very much indeed I'm still hoping mr. Duncan will have one on the

driveway I will wake up tomorrow morning or not all morning the Christmas morning

yeah and there will be a lovely red Mustang sitting on the drive yes I hope

they don't tried to put it under the Christmas tree because it might demolish

the house don't forget it's got to be the v8 version I don't want that weedy

four-cylinder engine so we ought to be the 5 liter so if the real father

Christmas is watching at the moment can you please leave

Steve's Ford Mustang on the driveway don't put it under the tree because you

might demolish a large part of the house and then then well then we'll be left

with lots of building bills to sort out we will I mean even if you got it down

the chimney by some kind of magic it would still be too big in the living

room yes I have a feeling he where we won't be able to deliver it

of course we have we have a thing we introduced last week which is mr.

Steve's camera oh oh oh I actually don't look like a traditional

father Christmas of course because being slim and well maintained as I am father

Christmas has a big fat stomach and of course I've looked after myself over the

years so of course I don't really appear to look like father Christmas I haven't

even got a red shiny nose and he had lots of white hair and I don't have any

hair at all but we are just making a representation I just for the fun the

fun of it all and I've got lots of words today associated with Christmas to do

with gifting and to do with alternative words for Christmas and I've also got a

reading which is a famous reading that some of you may well already know and

that'll just hopefully brighten up the rest of your afternoons and so I'm

looking forward to that mr. Duncan Narwhal I will do the reading in at the

most actor toriel way that I can yeah I don't even know if that's a word act

tutorial am I still on camera two we're back together now back together camera

one camera one everyone stand by that's amazing mr. Duncan how you managed to

get this already in between what while you were watching the video of me

cleaning the house mr. Duncan managed to get us ready looking like Santa hmm I

don't know how long I will be able to keep this on for mr. Duncan it's very

uncomfortable it looks great you look very festive

are you okay I look like I've got a slit for a mouth no no careful how I say that

there's no answer to that oh dear one slit there we could have been off the

air mr. Duncan off the air forever we've had some more Christmas cards we have

let's have a look so don't worry we only have we only have about five to show you

so we've had some more Christmas cards he's a lovely one we picked this one up

last night we went to our friends house Emma Emma and John we

time there last night they got married we went to their wedding yes she well

wish we showed some of their wedding in one of our live English streams earlier

this year way back in April so let's have a look so here is one of our cards

oh isn't that lovely and this is one of our favourite characters as well I don't

know how Emma knew but she seems to know that we like this particular character

so there is a lovely Christmas card may your Christmas be wrapped in happiness

because of course there is a present there so wrap to wrap something up to

cover it or to hide it from view normally when you give someone a

Christmas present or a birthday present you normally put wrapping paper on the

present and isn't that cute that that's a little forever friend and that is one

of our favorite characters isn't it it is it is one of our favorite sort of

Christmas characters it's become synonymous with with with Christmas

really I think forever friends used to be yeah what was the company that you

used to own the rights to that character that would be hallmark hallmark but I

don't think they do anymore but the person the person who draws them wait

there the person that draws them is a guy called Andrew Browns furred and he's

a very talented artist so so we've been collecting these cards for many years so

thanks once again to Emmett for giving us that yesterday when we went to her

house and we had lots of lovely food as well

here is another card Steve and oh that's it that's a rather seasonal one you can

see that there is snow on the ground and there is a post box and some old gas

lamps with some presents and a little Robin as well and it says season's

greetings and I think that was that was from Lawrence and met chilled Lorenson

mekt old yes I went to college with Lawrence and he manet married married a

Dutch girl who would Mick tailed and that is from them and they live

the UK I always remember we went to their wedding and it was in in the

netherlands amsterdam it was in amsterdam and we had to we nearly missed

the plane back home oh it is because we were running through the airport after

the plane it was like something from a movie you know you know when when the

the boyfriend is trying to get to the airport to tell his girlfriend that he

really does love her and he runs through the airport it was like that but except

for is but as to running through the airport trying to get on this plane and

we got on it and everyone on the plane was looking at us with the most dirtiest

horrible look they were all so angry because we had actually delayed the

plane but not for long did this was incredible you couldn't do this now this

was probably 25 probably 25 years ago yes and they we went to check-in and

they said oh the flights about to leave if you take your bags now and run with

them through the airport to terminal which ever terminal it was

we literally arrived at the the stairs that going up to the aeroplane with our

bags they took our bags threw them in the hold and we ran into the into the

you couldn't do that now we couldn't you can't do that anymore zero security

because way back then in in the mid-1990s there was very little airport

security you could literally just walk through the airport and get on the plane

yes nowadays you have to go through all sorts of security checks and they stay

take all your clothes off now in some places you have to stand you have to

stand inside this big box and it scans your whole body and they they can see

everything they can see your nipples they can see they can see you Willy they

can see everything I can't believe it first I'm just wondering what happens to

those photographs afterwards III so so I feel a bit I feel a bit nervous about

going through those things because they do all sorts of things to you sometimes

they put rubber gloves on that's only if you've been arrest

did mr. Duncan they put rubber gloves on and they put lots of grease on their on

their fingers and then they do they do all sorts of unmentionable things mr.

Duncan unmentionable things doesn't mention I thought for a moment you were

going to ask where that happens Oh to me mr. Duncan that you're hoping

to be arrested in an airport I feel very jolly today I feel jolly

like Santa Claus ho oh ho ho oh ho ho oh ho ho we haven't got any room but later

on we're going to our neighbours because they've invited us round for a sort of

traditional pre-christmas get-together yeah and several of the neighbors are

all convening next door you use some strange words by the way this is an

English lesson is it not mr. Duncan cannot use unusual words so you cannot

really well I think I can mr. Duncan no I have authority my beard is longer than

yours you see I have my beard isn't I noticed

that he deliberately had a longer beard we were putting them on before I came on

he said no no that's my beard mine's got to be a longer beard yes I've an ego I

have authority by the way I found out why red is associated with Christmas why

red because it was the tree in an Adam and Eve the apple tree the apples were

red okay okay also the red berries from the holly tree hmm I've got Holly on my

head yes the red berries are associated with the blood of Christ okay then

that's where the red comes from mr. Duncan and I just say if there are

people who are religious or not religious we will be talking a little

bit about religion today we have to now even though I don't want to seem like a

hypocrite but but we're not really religious so we are talking about it but

we are not kind of forcing it on anyone so I have to make that clear first no we

are go religion will come into our discussions today

okay well the Christian religion will because that just happens to be

what Christmas is all about that's it Christmas you sound avoid talking about

it so mind you have it so we don't want to offend people who are non-christians

we're just with it with that this is this Christmas tide the period of your

Christian celebration or all that so we've got to talk about it in some

respects so it's education really we're not deliberately excluding anyone else's

religion it's just that at this time you know that's what it's about

okay stiva mind you having said that mr. Duncan the more I talk about it the more

I'm becoming filled with the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ

Duncan's getting worried that I'm becoming religious I know well I did

notice you were kneeling down by the bed the other night but it turned out that

mr. Steve had lost his digestive biscuit so fortunately he wasn't praying he was

just looking for something by the bed well mr. Duncan I don't want to offend

anyone today no one will be a fan Christmas Eve Eve Christmas Eve Eve so

there's that there's another card we've had this beautiful that a traditional

Robin of course Robin has the red breast who's that from that is from Sean and

Jeff that's one of our neighbors one of our neighbors Sean and Jeff they live a

few doors away so thank you very much too short and Jeff for that isn't that

lovely so we've had some cards these have arrived over the past couple of

days and oh talking of the place we are going later here is the card that we got

from our next-door neighbor so they're there so there is the card that our

next-door neighbor has sent to us our neighbors next door it's not lovely

licensed a who they are there is a little bit of glitter can you see the

glitter let's just see if we can get the glitter to shine it's not not not

doesn't want to shine there it oh there it is you can see it there it is so can

you can you see the glitter the glitter is is sparkling there they will just get

that right it is glitter little glitter on the tree the birds are singing tweet

tweet tweet that doesn't rhyme mr. Duncan it doesn't

that was a terrible poet no there was no stanza whatsoever there we go see I've

got my I've got my holy round my head a bit like you know what does it remind

you of and Jesus Christ oh yes anyone would think was Easter you

see I'm melding the two Christmas and Easter together we've got some cards

here that Steve says careful you don't show our address yes it is so if you

want to see y'all if you want to see again I'm gonna take you off air in a

minute you want to see our address there it is there it is now there's no way you

can see that don't worry right let's open this up mr. Venson Steve is always

right way down first Steve is always afraid that we will get stalkers well

I've already got stalkers what do you mean I've already got stalkers mr.

Duncan stalker yes well when I went outside to deliver

some cards to the neighbors I did that before coming on yeah I didn't tell mr.

Duncan I was going to do that because he'd have been worried that I was not

going to be ready in time Oh is there a faster version of this

story yes because when I when I went out of the house there were about a dozen

people in the rain waiting for me to sign autographs oh I see so so word is

getting around that we are we are now celebrities yes I said sorry I haven't

got time to sign autographs today come back a week today you know what we'll

have to do Steve we're going to have to get get some some special gate in the

front front of the house to keep to keep all of the people away all of the

friends that are going to come now and every day they will they will queue by

the house and they will harass us every time we will get trouble and they'll be

asking for our autographs so yes I think it might be a bit of a problem so we

might have to get some security fencing with electricity going through it to

keep them away I think so so here's another I like this this is a

lovely car another one with a post box and a snow scene you

nice that's lovely I don't know who that's from that is from oh it's from

our friends in Wales Colleen and Cyril isn't that lovely another one very

festive I like that one let me just get that on it's nice so a child posting

their letter to Santa Claus I think that's what that is

very nice so we've had some nice cards this year would you like to have a look

at the live chat Steve go on then because I know Steve always gets very

excited by the live chat and we are preparing to say happy Christmas Eve to

those watching in Japan so let's have a look shall we

it's been very busy on the live chat let me just let me just have a look we'll

just click that and yes here we go I made that look so easy

Eric apparently they hand them out to others in their Facebook community I

don't know what that means let's have a look lilia lilius elite

Lilia is talking a lot in here hello Lilia it's almost like the Lilia the

Lilia show Andrew says to wrap something up is also to end something ah Andrew

you are right yes if you wrap something up it means you bring something to a

close you bring something to an end so you wrap something up it's time to wrap

up of course it can also mean to put clothing on so if you put warm clothing

on it can also mean that as well so there are lots of ways of using that

let's wrap up this English show early today go and next door and have

something to drink yet we are going next door literally after this has finished

we are going to our neighbors to have a little festive drink and I think you're

going to have a couple of mince pies I shall be definitely you don't like mince

pies so I'll be eating yours for you hmm Oh Pedro says thugs up I think you

mean thumbs up I think that means thumbs up thumbs up th um s thumb remind you I

don't mind a thug up really I hope the translation comes through right on that

oh let's hit 150 I think that might be viewers I don't know 150 we want

thousand we want a thousand Pedro yes we were two thousand people watching how

beautiful to receive Christmas cards in the mailbox I used to send some to my

cousin's but now that I don't do that anymore

I think still here in the UK it's still very popular sending Christmas cards so

when I say sending them I don't mean through the internet I mean real

Christmas cards and here this is one of my favorites

I love this one so let's have a look at that one it's not it isn't that nice

again another snow scene but it's one it is rather eye catching I think other eye

catching well let's have a look

so there's Santa Claus so far the Christmas is actually on this card I'm

always amazed that how how little or how seldom Santa Claus appears on Christmas

cards have you noticed that Steve there he is and there here we are looking

exactly the same oh I'm going off to the North Pole or I'm coming coming from the

North Pole so he's coming from the North Pole and he will deliver all of those

lovely presents to the children to the youngsters and also those who aren't so

young by that Steve I mean us Nugent says that Santa Claus is real and of

course he is so if there any children watching yeah Santa Claus is real well

he is real isn't he he's definitely real that's what you told me anyway that was

your excuse that's what was happening according to

mr. Steve though that that's father Christmas Duncan that's father Christmas

that strange man that came into into our living room last night was definitely

father Christmas to that guy who was climbing out the window and going down

the drainpipe that was definitely father Christmas even though it was August at

the time very strange so here's something I want to show can I show

something Steve go on then because we are now coming up to three o'clock and

it's now Christmas Eve Eve here in the UK but in Japan it is now Christmas Eve

so there is just one more day to go in Japan so can I say well done and

congratulations and have a super Christmas Eve we will of course be back

next week we are going to be here next week for those who are wondering if we

will be here we will be here now Steve we were talking earlier about airports

and this week there has been a lot of talk about drones and we know for a fact

that around here there is a drone that keeps coming by in fact Steve Steve I

think it's coming now get down get down Steve here he comes there he comes

Oh careful careful whoa thank goodness for that so there is a drone oh it's

back stay up

so there is a drone flying around here as well and just as Gatwick Airport is

now a no-fly zone this is a no English zone so whenever that comes overhead we

cannot teach English anymore into danger we have to stop everything we have to we

have to cancel everything so if that drone comes over again we will have to

cancel everything well we better explaining because people

probably won't know what's been happening here at one of our major

airports Gatwick Airport yes a big airport near London has been well it was

closed for about two days because there were sightings of drones which was a

malicious act hmm people we don't know who the two people

have been arrested for flying a drones near an airport which is illegal hmm

because and when that happens they've had to close the airport because you

can't fly the planes a hundred and twenty thousand people yes were trapped

in the airport unable to fly out on holiday mm-hmm because of this active

well it wasn't terrorism I don't think no it was just a sabotage well it was

just foolishness it was it was a couple of people who decided to fly their drone

near the airport and they caused all sorts of chaos over a couple of days but

apparently they've been caught now but around here there is another drone I

think it's coming back Steve Steve get down it's coming back it's coming back

oh there we go I think you know what I think no English

for her for 24 hours I think it's coming back Steve let's go

you know hey you know what I think I think it might be Santa Claus I think

maybe Santa Claus has decided to become very up-to-date so maybe Santa Claus is

now using drones to deliver the present like Amazon yes

well I I mean when you think about it hundreds of years ago it would have been

he would have been able to deliver presents to all the children around the

world very quickly because there weren't that many children but now there's

probably ten times as many yes so he needs the help of modern technology so

yes drones Yuda thought he would have had some

reindeer in front of the drone yes or maybe maybe a little bit of tinsel on

the drone so let's have a look other than the card here this is very nice Oh

to both of you this is from one of our lovely friends this is from Martin we

went out the other night for a lovely Chinese meal and and Martin gave us this

card and we felt really bad because we didn't give a card to him we didn't we

arrived he gave us of course at Christmas you give cards and a presence

to friends but normally to male friends you don't normally a man giving a

meeting a friend okay before Christmas wouldn't normally give a Christmas card

no to another male friend we were very surprised if we were normally you

wouldn't but it was very nice very nice gesture so there it is but we didn't

bring him one and we felt very guilty he felt quite guilty because we didn't have

a card for him so thank you Martin if you're watching it's a lovely card isn't

that lovely - both of you wishing you a very special Christmas well thank you

very much for that Martin and all the other cards that we've received we've

had so many that's it well I haven't counted them up are these the new ones

mister dunne so these are all the extra cards that we've had right there before

you start grabbing them Steve calm down yes we got another one there we go no I

just wanted you to well we had 24 received on Wednesday 25

twenty six seven eight nine 31 31 now I've only sent out 27 ah that's not

including the neighbor so so ah yes I've sent out 32 so one person hasn't sent us

a card yet okay I have got a spreadsheet mr. Duncan oh you made a list of people

I've said a list of people yeah because a friend of mine you know what she does

every year nope she has a list a spreadsheet on her

computer and she writes down at what she types in obviously all the people who

sent her cards and then she's in another column who she sent cards to and and her

rule is if she doesn't receive a card from a particular person for two years

they're off the list oh I see so she makes a list of people to send the cards

to so if for two years they don't send her a card she removes them she gives

them two years and then if they don't send a card they're off the list they're

off the list so she crosses them off deletes them from her Excel spreadsheet

okay and keeps it up to date so yes I'm going to do the same because I think

that's you know can't keep sending cars to people what happened I could have

died they could have moved and not told you their new address yeah anything

could have happened so well we are now going to have a little break hey Steve

we are now going to have a little break because we're going to have a look at an

excerpt from one of my English lessons so this is not the full lesson this is

just a small part of it and then we will be back with some words and phrases

connected to this lovely festive time of year of course we are talking Christmas


do you ever find yourself stricken with shyness do you ever feel shy would you

describe yourself as a shy person it would be fair to say that we all feel a

little shy from time to time there are certain situations where shyness might

affect you perhaps you are meeting someone for the first time even worse

perhaps you are about to meet many people who you don't know they say that

loneliness is a crowded room and for a shy person this is very true we often

equate nervousness with being shy you might not know what to say in certain

situations which can lead to the appearance of being shy a lack of

confidence in certain situations can lead to an attack of shyness in today's

lesson we will take a look at a festival that comes once a year it is a time when

many people get together to enjoy each other's company it is a magical time for

all but especially for children and the young at heart in this lesson we will

share the experience of Christmas time

the festival of Christmas is a religious one in fact most of the holidays that

exist around the world are based on the observance and following of one

religious ceremony or another the word holiday itself derives from the Old

English word meaning holy day Christmas is part of the Christian religion the

Christmas Festival celebrates the birth of the Christian Messiah or Savior the

Christmas celebrations have changed considerably over the years with new

ceremonies and celebrations being added as the years have gone by if there is

one thing that Christmas is well known for

besides Santa and snow it must be the music that is played during this time

for some reason people love to sing during momentous occasions and festivals

birthdays weddings even funerals there is always a song to go with an occasion

and Christmas is no exception a song that has been written for Christmas can

be called a Carol a Christmas carol the word carol is another word for song or

chant Christmas carols usually have a religious theme they can also be called

hymns a hymn is any song with a religious theme that is sung in church

you could describe it as a prayer set to music if you are a regular viewer of my

lessons then you will know that I love food and Christmas time is one of those

periods when food becomes quite a feature we often see taking a meal as a

good way of socializing you can eat together with one person or many people

from a cozy romantic dinner for two right up to a huge part

for many you can eat formally at a table you can eat informally from a selection

of food that has been placed out this is called a buffet formal dining normally

means that you are seated at a table and the food is served to you by the host or

by a waiter if you are eating in a restaurant eating is important for

survival but it also serves as a great way of bringing people together the type

of food eaten at Christmas is very specific the main meal is meat and

vegetables the traditional meat eaten is turkey a turkey is a very large bird so

it is perfect for feeding a group of people the turkey is normally roasted in

an oven it is covered with oil or fat so as to help it cook you baste the turkey

this stops the meat from drying out as the turkey cooks you must check that it

is not drying out you can use the natural juices from the meat to pour

over the turkey while it cooks if you undercook it will be raw and not safe to

eat if you cook it too much it will become dry and the meat will be tough

and that is the last thing you want as nobody likes a tough rubbery turkey you

can also put a paste made from seasoned breadcrumbs and herbs inside the turkey

before cooking it this is called stuffing

after the main meal there is normally a sweet or dessert served the Christmas

pudding is what is traditionally served the Christmas pudding is a rich nutty

fruity food flavoured with spices and alcohol there are different varieties of

Christmas pudding then there is the mince pie

these are normally small individual pies filled with mincemeat although it is not

actually meet the sticky filling is made from dried fruit and seasoned with

spices lemon juice and alcohol not everyone likes these types of dessert

including me I hope you enjoyed that that was a Christmas excerpt from my

full-length English lesson all about the same season and of course it is live

English today we are approaching Christmas Day it is Christmas Eve Eve

doo-doo-doo-doo we are jingling those bells and we are pinching Rudolph's nose

because it is live English and we are just a couple of days away from

Christmas and you can see we've got very festive here now can I just say that

these are not real beards although although if we did grow our beards if we

did grow beards this is exactly what they would look like mr. Duncan yours is

starting to look as though it's falling apart it's looking a bit ragged so I

just tidy it up a bit my beard is falling apart yes

let's hope they will last for the length of this live stream Pedro made an

interesting comment okay that related to Christmas he has somebody in his street

a girl called Carol hmm and of course carols that are associated with songs at

Christmas time huh Christmas carols yes oh cool nice sweet tune full songs all

about Christmas and so you can help us you have the name

Carol just as you can have the name Eve as well yes yes so Eve can be a name

this is Christmas Eve for a lady so an women can be called Eve and also a woman

a lady can be called Carol Eve of course was the wife of Adam you know at the

create the first the first woman created by God was Eve out of the rib of AB Adam

I believe I think yes where it came from they took one of his ribs away and made

a lady so if you if you're a lady called Eve that's a very special name as is

Carol so that's to sort of I mean that's nothing to do with Christmas but it's

still yeah there's a Eve Adam and Eve has got anything to do with Christmas

but there we go so thanks for that Pedro it's Adam and Eve not Duncan and Steve

isn't that what they say we have had it said to us but you have

had it said to as many times many many right well I've got some words and I've

got to read him we've got a lot to pack in Steve is going to give some words and

phrases connected to Christmas and then we will have a break from that and then

I'm going to talk about the song that I featured on my youtube channel deck the

halls' I am actually going to go through the whole song and explain all the words

so that also coming up later on but now mr. Steve it is all yours as we go over

to the mr. Steve cam I say right we're going over here yes so it's all Steve's

from now on for the next few moments and then I will I will grab mr. Steve like

this you know I will say no I've got to say here and then just when you said

I've got a turn right at that moment okay make it look professional and

action hello everybody its mr. Steve here there's the first word associated

with Christmas it is in fact Christmas and of course just as everybody knows

that is the the day that Jesus Christ have you believin that was born it's a

feast and of course we other words associated with that are Nativity which

is the actual birth as well but we have other words which you may not be

familiar with Christmas tide Christmas tide being one of them that is a very

old word an old English word which means a period of time the Christian festival

that starts between the 24th of December Christmas Eve and January the 5th so

it's just like a festival period and it's equivalent to the twelve days of

Christmas so that's Christmas tide so it runs from

just before the birth of Jesus just up until the twelfth that the fifth

of January which is well it's called Epiphany in in in the Christian Church

and it's a period of time the period when I think Jesus was was appeared

before certain sort of elders also I don't really know what epiphany is

but if I have an epiphany about what epiphany is I will tell you if you have

an epiphany about something you have a sudden revelation yes

something suddenly comes to your mind an appearance of something suddenly yes

that's it Jesus appeared suddenly before people that was the Epiphany we also

have an old-fashioned word as well called Noel which Noel just means

Christmas really or it's from a derived from an old French word and it's used a

lot in Christmas cards presumably because it takes up less ink than

writing Christmas Oh quite sure Noel it's also used a lot in Christmas carols

Noel Noel Noel Noel you're just saying Christmas Christmas

Christmas over over and over again but using a different word

so that's Noel if you haven't heard of that just means Christmas and because

it's sometimes it because it's a French word derived from a French word you put

two little marks over the e you don't have to put them there but I have to be

correct an authentic another word Yuletide

Yuletide or just Yule your tithe is it just means that the Christmas season

really but it's derived at the Christmas season in North America in Northern

Europe and really it comes from an old pagan word an old pagan word which just

means celebrating a winter period and specifically the winter solstice which

is the shortest day which we had yesterday the 21st of December the

shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere our days get shorter in the

winter and Yuletide just refers to that old pagan ritual as celebrating that

particular shortest day of the year a pagan by the way if you want to know

what a pagan is a pagan is a bit of an offensive word and it's use usually used

if you just say said somebody you pagan it is used to describe people who are

not Chris although today it's it's it's what we

don't use it very often now not in not in in modern society but it used it's

used in a comical way now to show you pagan somebody who doesn't go to church

someone who doesn't believe in religion but it can be used to explain people who

don't believe in in Christianity and Judaism and also in in Islam so it can

be used generally for people who don't believe in any kind of superior being so

if you're an atheist or even you even if you were a Hindu they might describe you

as a pagan but it's not really used widely today used to be used probably

people were burned at the stake for being pagans hundreds of years ago or a

thousand years ago two thousand years ago so it's quite offensive really now

we still use the word you when we talk about a Yule Log now a Yule Log is a big

log that you put on the fire at Christmas time and it burns in the half

and warms the home so I've got one down here here we go there's a big log and

you can call that mr. Duncan's laughing because of course there is a another

word for log we won't go into that one maybe mr. Duncan will that's a big log

that you will burn on your fire to keep you warm at Christmastime or probably on

the shortest day of the year which was the 21st of December but of course now

if we have a Yule Log and you can buy those from the supermarkets

they're made of chocolate a Yule Log and I like Yule logs you see them for sale

at this time of the year

sponge covered in milk chocolate and probably got a got a sprig of Holly on

the top and you can slice it into into little pieces and it's shaped like a log

that you would put on the fire and it's chocolate so if it's chocolate I love

chocolate so mr. Duncan does too we haven't had a Yule Log

many years mr. Duncan I think it's time we bought a Yule Log for Christmas but

when you say you'll it just means winter really this time of the year no specific

period and it's relating to an old pagan word so it's over 2,000 years old that

word we've talked about Eve Eve we've also because Petra brought up the name

of a girl called Carol Eve the wife of Adam so that's a girl's name but Eve

just is short for evening that's what it stands for and it's the period between

afternoon really a night time you could use other words like Eventide nightfall

dusk and also another old word gloaming in the gloaming

it just means as it's starting to get dark so Eve is short for evening but

when we say Christmas Eve we don't just mean the night before Christmas we use

it nowadays to mean the whole day not just the evening part now you can use

Eva's well to describe a period of time preceding a certain event so Christmas

Eve obviously the day before Christmas or the night before Christmas New Year's

Eve but also you can use it in words in ways such as it can be a period of time

before an event so the eve of war on the eve of war means a period of time just

before war starts that could be it could be a week it could be a month the eve of

the revolution it just means that just a the period of time before the revolution

begins on the eve of the French Revolution it doesn't necessarily mean

the night before it could do but it could be a week before on the eve of his

30th birthday so you can use Eve in lots of different ways as well Eve Eve is

which which we know is is two days before an event so today is the 23rd

it's two days before Chris so it's Eve Eve the 23rd of December and

traditionally it is the busiest shopping day of the entire year because on

Christmas Eve people do go shopping now but traditionally they didn't they'd be

visiting families handing out gifts and presents to people going to church that

sort of thing so the 23rd if you've been working right up to Christmas then the

23rd of the 23rd of December is traditionally the busiest period of time

for shopping because everyone's leaving their shopping to the last minute and

they're going out today to do their shopping so probably us being here in

the studio today and avoiding going to the shops is ideal because it'll be

crowded with people and the roads will be packed with traffic everybody rushing

about trying to get their last-minute shopping done and that's Eve Eve mr.

Duncan is putting a reindeer on my shoulder this is Rudolph Rudolph the

red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose he's cold

do you already continue that's our Yule Log mr. Duncan we're going to yes I like

your big log I'm looking to cover it in chocolate look at look at Steve's log

then that's a huge log I wish I I wish I had a log like that you wouldn't want to

pass a log that size mr. doe that is a big log I like that we're on the big

camera now oh right we're back so yes if you use if you say I've gone to the

toilet and passed a big log that's a sort of hello yeah hello I'm calling on

a 1980s mobile phone this is what mobile phones used to look like in the 1980s

they were there actually this big and they were this heavy so imagine imagine

in the 1980s you had to make a mobile phone call in your mobile phone was this

big and this heavy hello yes I'm sorry I I really can't hold the phone any longer

I to cut the conversation short because

the phone's too heavy I'm sorry my arm don't be so silly come on mr. Duncan

goodbye put that back in the fire goodbye I've got some other words here

but do you want to have a break we are going to have a break because what we're

going to look at now is live chat a song well we'll have a look at the live chat

first yes I see mr. Steve is now producing my show that's good so there

we go sir Steve we roll it off his back just killed you sir oh he's over there

Oh sue cat says it's very hot in Argentina huh so I'm going outside too

it's just at the top mr. Duncan it's just gone off the top of it to be with a

little piece of nature no you can't go outside sue cat you've got to wait until

this show's finished you can always tell me if you have a mobile device you could

go outside and you could listen to us whilst you're sitting outside in the

warm sunshine Emma says do you like pigs in blankets yes I do

and that's that's a double amount of pork so you've got a pork sausage and

then wrapped around it you have bacon and they are absolutely delicious yes

pig in blankets pigs in blanket all edges - any Muslims watching and oh

we've got somebody in India watching Ram Stanga from my ziram in India okay

that's good because we have lots of people now watching in India a huge

amount of people now watch our live stream in India I look like somebody

with a garland you look very festive oh look Jimmy has has put in an excerpt

from Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol god bless us everyone

Tiny Tim in Charles Dickens that's it well it was actually it was the the last

line in A Christmas Carol right it is oh it might be coming off mr. Duncan mr.

Steve is losing his Thank You Sookie yes we've only got half

an hour you can wait that long we are now going to take a quick look at a song

that I posted a few days ago and this particular song is called deck the halls

it's a very old song so what I'm going to do now is quickly go through the

words but also explain the words in the song because a few people have actually

written to me asking mr. Duncan can you please explain the words that are used

in deck the halls' so we are going to do that right now so

there you can see the words coming up we won't sing it but we will take a look at

some of the words so first of all you can see the first line deck the halls

with boughs of holly well when you deck something to deck as a verb is to

decorate or to make something look bright and festive so to deck something

is to decorate or to make something look festive so short for decorate then it

isn't technically technically the word deck originally was used to mean a soft

covering or the covering normally used in nautical terms so maybe a piece of

canvas that was used to cover a cabin was called

a deck but later of course deck also became used as the surface that you

stand on or a hard wooden surface and that's the reason why we use the word

deck to mean the floor on a ship so yes over the years that word has changed a

lot so deck the hall decorate the hall with boughs of holly well a bow of

course is just a branch a piece of a tree or bush so deck at the hall with

boughs of holly decorate the hall with pieces of holly I have decked my brow

yes with a bow of holly yes Duncan mr. Steve looks like he has

dipped his head with holly the next one tis the season to be jolly

well this is an old use of it is so it is the season to be happy jolly means

happy you've missed out fala Lala la lalalala well that's not actually a word

Steve yes I was hoping that you wouldn't say that well in songs when they put in

things like fella lalala it usually means that they've run out of words

and so they if you if you hear any song and they're going lalala or or words

saying anything that isn't a word it just means they've run out of things to

say and I can't think of anything to put in that particular part of the song yes

I think they call it a vamp well vamp just means to carry on yes all

you know you but you're making it up then you're making it the the part that

you can't think of something to go it's with that word anyway this nananana now

when people do that in songs they can't think of words to write okay very good

it's lazy writing twenty-five twenty-five minutes to go and we've got

still a lot to do Don we now our gay apparel so when you Don something it

means you wear it you put something on to wear so Don means wear wear our

colorful clothing so your apparel apparel is your clothing so that line

means now we wear our colorful clothing troll the ancient Yuletide Carol to go

around and sing Christmas songs so to troll the ancient Yuletide Carol means

to go around singing Christmas songs yes if you're trolling about it means you're

just sort of wandering around yes to go around to travel to move you go from one

place to another I've mentioned you're tired already see the blazing Yule

before us of course Steve has mentioned you'll which refers to

to log so see the blazing Yule before us watch the fire burning strike the harp

and join the chorus that means start playing the instruments and everyone

sing together follow me in merry measure well that just means join in join in

with what I'm doing follow me in merry measure join in with

the thing that I'm doing while I tell of Yuletide treasure of course there are

many stories connected to this time of year to Christmas and that is basically

what it's saying while I tell of Yuletide treasure how they're talking

about frankincense golden bird yes I think it does relate to the traditional

Christmas story right finally as we come to the end of the song fast away the old

year passes that just means the old year is coming to an end fast away it's going

by it's almost at an end fast away the old year passes hail the new year lads

and lasses hail of course means to worship or to give praise to something

so you hail the new year because a new year is arriving lads and lasses men and

ladies boys and girls lads and lasses sing we joyous all together yes we sing

together in a happy way heedless of the wind and weather and that's the end of

the song heedless of the wind and weather means despite the terrible wind

and despite the weather heedless we still do it they're still

singing joyously we're still singing our song despite the cold and despite the

wind so there we go I hope you enjoyed that so

brief explanation of the song deck the halls' I hope that was helpful yes it

was very helpful mr. Duncan did it help you yes oh yes it did

because I sing this all the time every year in the choir and often you sing

these these carols and you don't you just really not really understanding

what you're singing so you do need to understand what you're singing if you

want to portray the song in its correct way so now you know

and also it's worth mentioning that there are many other Christmas songs

that also use very old English or very old phrases sometimes the words in the

songs aren't even used anymore they are what we call archaic so if

something is archaic it means it is no longer used we've got the live chat very

briefly because a lot of people on the live chat right now someone's accelerate

has their as exterminated somebody Pedro says it wasn't me oh I see

so oh look yes that's not have a look it might have set as mr. Duncan well it

will be gone now yeah if they delete something from the LA MCC oh yes I saw

them earlier I saw them earlier trying to create trouble thank you very much

Bellary see that that's twice you've got rid of somebody nasty thank you very

much Belarus Lori's again on Wednesday Belarus EU is doing really really well

there yes well I really wanted to see what the deleted message was way I don't

know why we want to know what it was now I'm back on so they can abuse those you

can actually view it look okay let's look at it now you can view the time mr.

Duncan we've got to finish exactly at 4:00 because I'm looking forward to a

glass of beer and a mince pie with our neighbors I must say Steve is

being very bossy today all right very bossy

yes telling me what to do with my show Oh terrible so do you have some more

words I've got yes I do I've got a couple here

actually words that oh I'm a bright camera two words that there are because

we're talking about Christmas there are words associated with having Christ in

them as I said early so don't get upset

here's the first one Chris christening christening now you

probably know what a christening is it's when you a ceremony or you go to church

and you this is when officially your baby is given it's given its proper name

you've chosen a name John Smith for your bet what John and you decided that

you're going to go to church and have the baby

christened now the christening itself it's the act the christening is the act

of naming the child so we all know what a christening is but I thought I'd look

it up and go into a bit more detail about it

it's often used interchangeably with the word baptism which of course if baptism

and christening are slightly different so when you take a child to church here

in the UK in the in the in the normal Christian Church then you would go you

would it would be called a christening but at the same time as naming the child

which is a Chris which is what christening means you would also baptize

the child at the same time and that's a completely different thing altogether

whereby that's one of the sacraments of the Catholic Church and that's where

you're basically saying I'm giving this child to God and to Christ so you're

actually they put up they put a symbol across over the baby's forehead and

everyone watching is witnessing this and and you're saying that you're giving

this chart of Christ and that you're going to and everyone they're the

parents and the godparents have got to make sure that they bring the child up

in the Christian ways and look after them for the rest of their lives so it's

quite an important ceremony if you are a Christian but of course lots of people

now do this they don't do it because they believe it they do it because they

think they've got to do it and they just they're not really Christians at all

they just think they've got to do it but it's actually quite a quite a deep and

meaningful ceremony but you can also you don't have to just

and children you can christen a ship you can christen something that is ready for

use so you often hear people if a big boat is being built and you can christen

it or you can you can smash a bottle of wine against its hull and you say I name

this ship but you can't but you're actually christening the ship at the

same time so it doesn't have to be used for babies by the way you can't mr.

Duncan you don't have to be christened when you're a baby you can be christened

later on in life and in certain churches that's what they do because they want

the child to be old enough to recognize that the deep meaningful ceremony that

they're becoming involved with so that's it it's a rite of admission into the

Christian Church and claiming the child for Christ when I was reading about this

was actually quite I thought well that's quite that's very deep mr. Duncan you

don't realize what's happening when you're going to church and being

christened that must have happened to me when I was younger Christian name

Christian name now this it's not parently it's not used

in American English at all this this word it's just used in British English

Christian name just means your first name so it's not it's not your family

name or your surname and it's you're in England in the UK and in America you're

and in most of Europe I think your first name or your Christian name comes before

your surname but of course as we know in other parts of the world it's the other

way round which is why we're called mr. Steve and mr. Duncan

they are not our surnames they are our first names and normally you would use

your surname after mr. but we don't because that's a because in China of

course the surname and the for name go are the other way round but the first

name or the given name so that's your Christian name but it's often not used

now because in a multicultural society we don't often use the word Christian

name because it's seen as being offensive to people of other

religions so what we tend to say first name given name so first name given name

that's it we don't tend to use Christian name so much anymore particularly UK

because we're a very multicultural multi-religious Society and you wouldn't

tend to say that now so there we go so that's a couple of couple of other words

there with Christian in them I hope you don't mind but you know it's all part of

the English language can I go back now mr. Duncan do you want to go back on the

big camera okay here we go one thermos you know I'm very distracted

because it looks like mr. Steve's beard is about to fall off well I'm surprised

it's I've been talking a lot mr. Duncan and I've got my reading I think that's

all the words I've got have got other words but we use them last year but I

don't think that will matter because we can always run through those if we run

out of time can I just show you what Geoff sent because you were talking last

week about rats and mice and poison yes and can I just show now I'm going to

show it to Steve but I'm not going to show it to you out there because it

might offend some people so there it is Steve oh can you see it look at that no

you can't see it but Steve can see it now do you think I should show that well

I don't see why not I will show it very quickly so what

we're going to do we're going to flash it on the screen this is what Jeff sent

so apparently this is Jeff this is Jeff's method yes preferred method of

catching vermin yes of getting rid of his rats it's it's rather shocking but

I'm going to share it on the screen for about half a second it's coming now

that's it oh that's it it's a dead rat so thank

you Jeff for taking the trouble to take a picture of the rat that you caught in

your rat trap ooh a lot of people say that life life is a rat trap or a rat

race or rat race so when you have to go to work you have to work every day you

have to do so many things in your life to

survive we have a term for that and we call it the rat race the rat race

it's like rats running around everywhere yes or a rat trap so rat trap refers to

all the things we have to do in life that we hate doing like going to work

earning a living doing all of those things that we have to do every single

day it is a rat trap or the rat race we're going to have a break in a second

I want to just mention something Steve because Pedro has asked why I haven't

shown his video so I should explain very briefly Pedro can I just say that I

can't show your video because it isn't your video it is actually someone else's

it belongs to the Brazilian Tourism Authority so I did a test and apparently

that is copyrighted so I can't use it unfortunately so I'm sorry about that

Pedro that's why I couldn't play your video because it belongs to someone else

so I thought I'd better hedgerow says I have beautiful profile ah there we go

you do look you look like a Roman Emperor I've got the nose for it people

say I've got a big nose he's got the beard as well you you look like a Greek

a Greek god Noble someone described me as having a noble so someone said

earlier you look like Zeus do a bit yes because Zeus had a beard like this

Zeus the God of War did anyone else have a beard like this from our history I

don't know it's surprisingly comfortable I thought it would be much more

uncomfortable having this on but I sort of got used to it I've got used to it I

think I might have a I think I'm going to grow a beard next year so I'm going

to put that on my list my list of new year's resolutions grow a really big

beard so that's what I'm doing next year one of many things don't forget we will

be with you during 2019 yes we will continue won't we rung Sachs

here as well haven't seen wrong set for a while in fact rung Sachs said earlier

and they were there but hadn't said anything okay Francesca says something

about their their video Francesca bovi and my video question

mark oh where oh I see Francesca yes oh I don't know I I haven't I haven't seen

your video franceska did you send me a video I have all the videos here that I

received but I haven't got Francesca's no I haven't oh send it to us again

we'll show it next week perhaps you sent it to the wrong email address so I'm

just going to put my email address on the screen very quickly so let me just

show you my email address for those who aren't sure there it is very clear on

the screen that is my email address if you want to send a video or photograph

nothing personal please no no identification no house numbers so if

you want to show me the area in which you live or things like that or maybe

your Christmas tree you can send it to that address so now there is no excuse

live chat very busy we are going in ten minutes

Steve has a reading and we will have that at the end I think okay that seems

very suitable I'll be back for three minutes I would say mr. dan we were

talking today about father Christmas and I thought it would be a good opportunity

to talk about the origins of Santa Claus and there you can see now on the screen

and there is the origin and so so I can say for sure definitely that Santa Claus

is a real person and there is the real Santa Claus and every year many people

celebrate this particular man Saint Nicholas st. Nicholas was a fourth

century bishop between the years 270 and 343 ad a long time ago the day is

celebrated on December the 6th in the West

the habit he had of giving presents secretly gave rise to the traditional

model of Santa Claus so when people say that Santa Claus is real they are right

Santa Claus is real so yes so there isn't there is no reason

now to doubt it that's this fact mister in fact mr. Duncan I've got exactly the

same thing written down which shows we ought to confer before we come on live

Santa Claus they say exactly the same thing but it doesn't really matter don't

worry about it Santa Claus is real so they're very is

flying through the air delivering gifts for children all around whoa oh well

done mr. Duncan well done did you like my song it's now it's now available

preparation it's no it's now available on mp3 and also vinyl and wax cylinder

sorry so you think how long ago that is yes I mean that's you know it's a long

time ago well 270 is a long time ago ad so that's

270 years after you know supposedly what was it called the birth of Christ

so take 270 off 2018 and that's a long time ago someone can do the maths but it

yes well yes exactly it's nearly 2000 years ago yes so the early days of

Christianity imagine that so he was giving gifts and presumably following

the teachings of Christ and well interestingly the reading I've got has

had a very but I'll talk about that when we come to it okay do you have any wall

words I have I have something to do with gift-giving uh-huh giving giving mr.

Duncan yes oh well we will put you on your camera again oh let me share my

profile for Pedro yes I think Pedro likes your profile

Noble am I on there mr. dink you are on the gift of the gab so words connected

with gifting the gift of the gab this is something mr. Duncan has in spades if

you say somebody has something in spades it means they've got a lot of it like

they're digging so mr. Duncan has the gift of the gab

that means the ability to talk to others in a confident and persuasive manner so

salespeople you say salespeople have the gift of the gab if someone can sell snow

to the Eskimos or sand to people that live in deserts then you would say that

they have the gift of the gab people who can just carry on talking and persuade

you about what they want to sell to you or what the what they want to tell you

so that's gift of the gab God's gift to women God's gift to women it's an

expression used in a disapproving way as a humorous or derisive phrase really to

describe a man who sees himself as very attractive to women so a man who has an

inflated ego about himself he might not even be that attractive he might be

quite ugly might be overweight he might not wash properly but for some reason

his ego is so big he thinks that all women should find him attractive and

should flock to him and want to marry him and have sex with him there that's a

person a women will often say huh he thinks he's God's gift to women but he's

not he thinks he is but he's not and people can perhaps laugh about him

behind his back don't look a gift horse in the mouth or never look a gift horse

in the mouth so if you receive a gift this means to receive a gift graciously

without voicing any criticisms even if you don't like that gift or the person

that gave you the gift don't look a gift horse in the mouth

so auntie Betty gave me socks for Christmas oh I don't like socks you

complain but then your mother or your father says oh it's a gift don't look a

gift horse in the mouth don't reject something you've been given something

just an expression here's another expression the more than that oh no

that's not the one Christmas comes but once a year Christmas comes but once a

year that's an expression to encourage you to enjoy yourself at Christmas oh

I'm not going to have another drink I've had one too many already

and then somebody might say oh go on Christmas comes but once a year because

christmas is a time of celebration it's a holiday

let yourself go a bit Christmas comes but once a year so you might want to

indulge in too much eating you might buy too many presents but it doesn't matter

because Christmas comes but once a year you're not going to have to do it again

for another 12 months you can eat too much and then you can you can go on a

diet for the rest of the year if you want but now is the time just to let

yourself go and enjoy yourself oh go on have another mince pie

Christmas comes but once a year where have you gone mr. Duncan's gone mr.

Duncan's vanished the more the merrier the more the merrier is another

expression but it just means the more people there are in a gathering like a

party the better that party is likely to be because more people means more fun

more energy more excitement and more atmosphere so if you might somebody

might say to you or you might say oh can I come to your party on on Saturday do

you mind and they might say no the more the merrier

or you mother you might be invited to a party and then you might say mmm because

you feel a bit of awkward because you don't want to come on your own you've

got might have a wife or you might have two friends you might say well can I

bring John and that Alice me do you mind and they might say no the

more the merrier come on bring them along let's have a fun time let's have a

50 people in the house a hundred people it doesn't matter the more the merrier

you don't have to say that at Christmas you can say that at any time of the year

it could be a birthday party for example now we tend to eat turkey at Christmas

although we're not going to eat turkey this Christmas we're going to have

chicken because we don't really like Turkey but nothing to do with Christmas

at all a phrase called cold turkey and it just means a sudden withdrawal from

an addictive substance you go cold turkey so if you if you're an alcoholic

and you suddenly took alcohol away or if you're a heroin addict and you suddenly

took that away you would go cold turkey it doesn't have to be hard drugs you can

use it in a more frivolous way because cold turkey the meat turkey if it's cold

it's not very nice so if you were to suddenly eat cold turkey it wouldn't be

very nice at all so if you you can go cold turkey for example on if you were

addicted to games playing games on your computer and your parents took your game

console away or your wife took it away you could say that you went cold turkey

on gaming well mr. Duncan I think I've had enough

words we've got more but I don't think we've got time because I've got to get

my reading in yes and I'll back on camera one we still have a lot to do

Steve's now back here we're now back on the big camera you can see I have the

tinsel ready because we are going soon and we will let you carry on with your

Christmas preparations we will be going next door to see our lovely neighbors

we're going to have a little drink maybe a mince pie maybe a few songs who knows

anything could happen mr. Duncan anything could happen next door I like

the way mr. Steve's beard is just hanging by a by a thread very good so

the live chat quickly and then we will wrap up

for today oh my gosh it's gone by so quickly today has gone by so fast you're

immersed ensconced in tinsel I I have am wrapped up ensconced yes I look very

festive I have my festive tinsel wrapped around my body

you're ensconced in something it means you're covered in it

enveloped yes lots of tinsel I am festooned with tinsel Thank You

Stannis therefore saying thanks for an interesting lesson and thanks for the

words an expression since French frog it's nice to have so many people that

giving us compliments about what we're doing hmm

Dominic says great work but don't go yet don't go yet Steve has a reading and

then we will end with lovely short video clip showing the Christmas lights and I

wish you were very very super duper Christmas even if you're not celebrating

Christmas personally you can still have a lovely day on Tuesday I hope you have

a super time thank you very much for all of your live chat lots of people talking

today thank you very much to everyone who has joined in today on the live chat

of course we are back here next week we will be

back here just before the end of the year so next week it will be New Year's

Eve Eve it will be the day before the day before the end of the year so I hope

you will join us next week it's 4 o'clock it's time to go and mr. Steve

will now take over and he will read a beautiful Christmas poem and you can

have the camera all to yourself my profile again just a Pedro oh well this

is a well-known Christmas poem attributed to an American called Clement

Clarke Moore it was first published in 1823 and as a result of this

Parham that was attributed to him but we don't exactly know if it he did write it

we think he did the result of this poem was we contributed greatly towards the

modern image that we have of father Christmas so here we go

twas the night before Christmas when all through the house not a creature was

stirring not even a mouse the stockings were hung by the chimney with care in

hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there the children were nestled all snug

in their beds while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads

and mamma in her kerchief and I in my cap had just settled our brains for a

long winters nap when out on the lawn there arose such a clatter I sprang from

the bed to see what was the matter away to the window I flew like a flash

tore open the shutters and drew up the sash the moon on the breast of the

new-fallen snow gave the lustre of a midday to objects below then what to my

wondering eyes should appear but a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer

with a little old driver so lively and quick I knew in a moment it must be st.

Nick more rapid than Eagles his courses they

came and he whistled and shouted and called them by name and now Dasher now

dancer now Prancer and vixen on comet on Cupid on Donder and Blitzen

to the top of the porch to the top of the wall now dash away dash away dash

away all as dry leaves that before the wild Hurricane Fly when they meet with

an obstacle mount to the sky so up to the housetop s'

courses they flew with a sleigh full of toys and said Nicholas - and then in a

twinkling I heard on the roof the Prancing and pawing of each little hoof

as I drew in my head and was turning around down the chimney st. Nicholas

came with a bound he was dressed all in fur from his head to his foot and his

clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot a bundle of toys he had flung

on his back and he looked like a peddler just opening his sack his eyes how they

twinkled his dimples how merry his cheeks were like roses his nose like a

cherry his droll little mouth was drawn up in a bow and the beard of his chin

was as white as the snow the stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth and the

smoke it encircled his head like a wreath he had a broad face and a round a

little belly that shook when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly

he was chubby and plump a right jolly old elf and I laughed when I saw him in

spite of myself a wink of his eye and a twist of his head soon gave me to know I

had nothing to dread he spoke not a word but went straight to his work and filled

all of the stockings then turned with a jerk and laying his finger aside of his

nose and giving a nod up the chimney he rose

he sprang to his sleigh to his team gave a whistle and away they all flew like

the down of a thistle but I heard him exclaim ere he drove out of sight happy

Christmas to all and to all a good night

thank you very much mr. Steve Oh mr. Duncan my foots cut off

thank you we had a feeling your beard was going to

fall off we really did so that's it that is time that is time the time is up as

they say time is nothing Duncan we have come to the end of today's livestream

but I hope you will join us next week have a super Christmas and I will leave

you with some lovely festive views of the Christmas lights have a lovely

Christmas more ste that's it and I hope you have a super time we are going to

our neighbors now to have a look at what they have to offer maybe a mince pie