Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 노을이 주사 맞고 화가 났다! 고양이들 주사맞은 날

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Disclaimer: translator's best attempt here.. not 100% correct

Noel, we need to go to the hospital.

Today, you need to get your shots (vaccines).


Have to get your shots done

Hmm? Hmm?

Hey, are you cursing? Hmm?

Hey Raon


We need to go to the hospital.

We have to go get our shots.

Hmm? You need to go get your shots.

Are you going to get your shots?

We need to go get our shots

Eh? You need to get your shots done (light laughter)


(some mumbling? I can't quite distinguish here)


Let's go get your shots done.

Shots. your Sho- (laughter)

Let's get your shots, your shots... hmm?

Let's eat some snacks~

Lure Iz with snacks, start!

Come here~

Here's your snacks~

Iz, come down...


Why..? Want to come down from there?

You've only come down to the 5th floor

Come out from there~

Good job~ (laughter)

Here you go... Oh, Suri ate it?

Suri took it from you

Suri keeps taking the treats

No, Suri

(laughter from the butlers)

No, Suri, no more..

(More laughter from the butlers due to cuteness)

(laughter) Suri keeps stealing it~ She's being so smart

I've only eaten one...

Come here~

Now... come here

(More snickers)

This way

Let's go get our shots done

All of them are following (more laughter)



Iz... Ai-go

Now, let us go to the hospital~

Let us go

The day where our cats get their vaccines done

To the hospital we go!

(sympathetic agreement)

They're both crying

Oh, why are you crying?

*meow* We're gonna go get our vaccines


Yes, Hello

Ok, so today

Let's do them one by one (?) Ez gets to go first

Let's see here, Iz

We are going to give her 2 vaccines

Something and Herpes.. (I don't know the other disease)

I'm sorry~

Ez really has the looks/charisma

Oh really? Vet: yes yes

Oh, I'm sorry

I'm going to get the temperature now

He hasn't had any diarrhea or other related problems, yes?

Yes, yes

My anus~

His temperature is 38.4 C

He looks very afraid (?)

Yes, very much

It doesn't hurt very much (?), but just in case...

And we just have to do this

He's so kind/patient

He takes them so well~

It's my first time seeing a cat behave this well even in x-ray

(laughter) Yes, staying still just like a doll,

Staying in that pose perfectly

Right? Iz is the most kind

Right Iz? We are all done with Iz

We're all done~ He doesn't even know he got a shot

It seems that way, yes?

(telephone ringing)

Hello Raon

He looks nervous (?)

You have come here again (?)

Let me see, one time, ok?

Oh you're being so pretty. You're very pretty~

Mm? Even your mouth is pretty (?)

Mmm.. it feels weird, yes?

You're doing so well


You're being so kind/patient

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry (Taking temperature)

Sorry, sorry, sorry, I'm sorry~

Temperature is 38.2 C, which is normal

Oh wow...

He's being so nice

Oh wow...

You did well

Let's see your face, Noel.. Sorry, I'll do it quickly!

It's so scary that you're hissing, hmm?

Oh my... sorry, sorry

I won't make you do scary things (?)

He's puffed up (?)

Oh... (soothing noises) we know, we know... he's normal temperature

Sorry, I have to give you a shot (?)

*meow* mmhm.. you didn't like it

oh... does it hurt, does it hurt? (?)

Oh, sorry, sorry, it hurt a little bit

Oh, did it, did it?

It hurts more than you think

It hurt a bit, huh?

I'm sorry~

We are done with Noel


You don't like it here, right?

You've gone through a lot of trouble~

Noel, you're a little annoyed, hmm?

Let's go home quickly~

We are finally home~

Raon? *meow* hmm...

We're home now

We are finally home


Let's get out of the bag

Iz has come out now (laughter)

Raon - ah ~

Raon, we are home~

Noel too

You've gone through a lot today, Noel


(soft chuckle)

(laughing at cuteness overload)

Oh Ez..

Oh Raon... It feels good to be home?

There's no place like home

Mm.. yup, yup


I also got compliments today~

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