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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BEST Magician Auditions on America's Got Talent 2017 | Got Talent Global

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right now I want to share with you the most difficult things that I can do and

to do this I would love to ask for the help of Harry and mal so now I need you

right now don't say it but think of a unique word to describe you face me put

your two hands up like this I need you to bring her a little bit closer close

your eyes don't move a muscle everyone else sheesh

don't move

now you can open up your eyes you can put your hands back down this

there's whiteness for you but I'd be right in saying just from the taste

alone recently have you been eating eggs and the grit the potato chips as well am

i right

this is my iPhone you are gonna have to deduce the six digits that unlock it

here so press right now any six digits on there and tell is yes or no did it

opened did it open no of course not okay now judges I would love you three

right now to think of any number between one and ten Simon what do you think the

first digit is 1 1 press 1 perfect second digit Heidi what do you think the

second digit is 9 9 the pressing 1 1 press 1 the last 3 you're gonna get on

your own right now let me get into the mindset of hubby okay

the last V digits look at me are gonna pop into your hand not yet but when they

do this is one in a million so if you unlocks this he's done it press the last

three digits that you think unlock my god press them in whatever feels right


let's unit to the world here's my honeymoon down

so much so thank you

but with you you were thinking of secret I don't think you would want everyone

else to know I'm gonna whisper it to you big pinky promise this secret will never

go any further okay the thing you're thinking is

yeah didn't just whisper ACK surprise play along that's much genuine yes oh my

god there's no way I could have found that on Twitter sweetie or anywhere good

no way keep that between us we'll leave them wondering but look right to me mail

look at me you thought of a word before you came

out here I gave out some letters to people in the audience I don't want you

to see them so keep looking at me can I ask the guys over here who have the

cards stand up right now before Mel says her

word so that everyone knows this can't be changed would you all turn around

your letters so that everyone else no one say it but I think this sums you up

perfectly no this is a free choice you could have thought of tens of thousands

of words so tell us what word are you thinking of to describe yourself right

now well for start I think every woman is this but I think of myself as a


going on my very first path was a fish his name was Joey and he was my best

friend I always wonder why you'd be like to bring Joey back using magic


if you want me my friend Joey ladies and gentlemen I want to try and do something

that's never been done before can all of you take out your mobile phones and I

won't you just hold them up in the air you'll do that for me

judges I'd like to stand up and have a look at the audience that's crazy how

are you doing that in today's world who all connected to our cell phones but

what I want to show you is that we're actually all connected on a far deeper

level so I mean you'll notice that a few the

devices are still red yeah I want you just to choose three of them to come and

join me on stage please in the red yeah I knew come on keeping your focus one

you just unlock the phone and open the cap later okay that's great

okay here's what I want to do say I want you to try and guess for me

how many number-one selling artists do you think Simon Cowell has had on its

record label 53 53 Tyra could you just type in 53 secondly how many millions of

records do you think Mel when she performed the Spice Girls sold worldwide

just go for a millions 102 102 how can you hit multiply times yeah and then 102

okay okay and next up I want you to try and guess what year Heidi began modeling

oh it's a hard one no sorry I'm so bad at math 19

no I was born 787 okay Tara can you get multiplied and then just 87 87 wonderful

okay and then is going to do hit the plus sign plus fantastic now a little

birdie told me how a that you've had a lot of girlfriends but instead of just

guessing tyro what are we to do is I just have

your thumbs over numbers now I want to make a random guess I want you to close

your eyes and just hit maybe like seven or eight numbers go for it five six

seven eight okay cool he equals equals okay sweet

now I just want you to read that number out for me is that okay okay ready go

for it 73 million okay 73 million nine hundred and twenty eight thousand nine

hundred and twenty eight thousand 547 547 wonderful guys give a round applause

for these three volunteers thank you guitar bags please take a seat thank you

guys very much okay guys so we've got this random number here but there's

something bigger going on there's something impossible it's something

magical and when you guys to see this I'm here

on Hollywood Boulevard it's a few hours until my audition this number 73 million

nine hundred twenty-eight thousand five hundred forty seven this meaning

the weight for weight do you remember at the start I said they were all connected

on a far far deeper level yeah well Simon I think you'll find that you've

actually had 47 number-one selling artists and now you sold 85 million

records with the Spice Girls how do you start your career in 1992 when you want

modest 92 and how are you and I both know that you've not had 73 girlfriends

but that's because you married your high school sweetheart and you've been

married to her for 37 years

what I was hoping I'd do will show you all something interesting with a pack of

playing cards I'm just gonna let's say we use this one I've got a Sharpie in my

pocket just sign your name right on the face of the card thank you we've got the

face of the card with Chris's signature on it but I'm gonna change the back if

you watch it happens on the count of three that's one that's two please take

a look at it make sure it is exactly what it seems to be that's my damn card

now I do have a bone to pick with you so you do you did say that my routine

wasn't nearly as dynamic and the truth of the matter is I have kind of taken it

to heart and in fact I brought a special magic wand here just for you oh my god

what I want you guys to do is keep your eyes in the card but also keep your eyes

on the hammer as the part completely vanishes but for your safety I want you

to move down to the other side of the table do you only regret the other side

yeah but you guys just mind just sliding down just as you're black this is gonna

be interesting when the card vanishes people always ask where in the world

could it be here on the table if you don't mind sir go ahead and examine it

open it up and tell me is that your signature

so like so what do you did I have no idea how to get

thank you I'm gonna head towards you guys if that's all right hello Henry

hello how are you nice to see you now I love messing around with my cards in

school and showing my friends magic tricks during class so I found some ways

to hide my cards in school so my teachers don't get angry at me so the

first way I hide my cards is smuggling them into school inside my lunch bag

along with the snacks later and that way I can now show some tricks to my friends

so hi do you believe you my friend yes do me a favor and take any card you

like go ahead and sign it perfect I'll take that so steal do me a favor

man hold out one your hands I'll give you the deck and you put your other hand

on top so that way there's no way I can manipulate the card Yeah right on top

now would it be impressive now if I could pull Heidi's card from the deck

with just one hand would that be impressive yeah all right

here we go you're right that would have been really impressive really good but

savvy no I got the King of Diamonds not even close

tell you what I'll make it up to you I'll show you my second way high cards

in schools it's making every single car inside of your hands turn completely

invisible check it out that's a card in the entire deck completely clear and my

teachers don't notice a thing Wow who as that is I never found your card

instead I thought was the King of Diamonds but you look a little closer

printed on to the card the king seems to be holding on to snack I brought here

earlier today no Howie I won't touch it you pick up

that snack make sure there's no cuts splits or tears anywhere on that yeah no

it's a field here that thing open okay break that in half oh my gosh there's a

card folded in half is one card ladies and gentlemen it is heidi's signed car

you remember last time Simon we didn't like you yeah maybe this time I make you

surprised yeah let's do it okay I love his laugh thank you so much

oh I guess you started all right okay today I bring a special egg that looks

like Howie let's start I'm gonna show you some amazing hard magic with this

ball is there anything inside no nothing okay and this is all different all right

yeah okay and just please pick any card you win any card is okay this way you

will not get this way yes like here okay and please find your name on the face of

the car face okay and Heidi okay please attach the sticker

get at the back over the sign come on you want me to stick them on yes okay

and let's talk I put the car in the middle of the deck like this and try to

find your car but when you watch card tricks when you imagine that the

magician can move the chosen car to the top or to the power but today I'm gonna

try something different okay if you look under the poll there's a cárdenas and

it is signed the car oh my gosh okay I'll show you once again

I put the card in the middle of the debt like this and shuffle them like this but

there it is under the pool game okay once again I put the card in the middle

and shuffle them like this and shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle

shuffle them again but there it is on the pole game it's amazing sign the car

putting the last thing I put the card in the middle that that is good okay

there's only one car left but watch this card it changed you to sign the card

oh my god the rustic in rustic is under the pole

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