Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Shooting Waterbaloons with AIRSOFT GUNS (DJI DRONE) [ENG SUBS]

Difficulty: 0

Andre said he would shoot better than me

This cries out for a challenge. We will put some water bombs at our drone in our lunch break

Then shoot on it

The loser gets the other water bombs

Is it too decadent to use the champagne cooler?

So now we are at the point where I will give Andre the shivers

Because Andre thinks playing Airsoft is like playing Counter Strike online

"I'm going to teach you better!" - "We will see..."

I'll start. One shot for both of us. Who hits the water bomb gets a point

Okay we changed the rules, 3 shots per try

Because we have to readjust

Strike for Nick! 1:0 you muppet


Andre was cheating!

"Rene always leaded the drone away when I was shooting" - "Don't think so"

Well doesn't matter, enough of the "mimimi". I lost.

Now you are allowed to hit me with the water bomb

Go to the wall!

So I'll use my goggles. You're only allowed to throw once

If you don't hit me, you botched

"Please give me a rsum" - "Well, it was an amazing lunch break"

Well Andre won. Sh*t, but that's the way it is..

Well played

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