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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Women Play Never Have I Ever • Gross Beauty Edition

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- They're still smelly underwear, like, it's gonna smell

no matter what. - Yeah, like they still smell.

- Yeah, so even if you turn them inside-out,

the fabric isn't exactly thick,

so it's gonna still smell on the inside.

Oh God, that's so disgusting.

Now I'm just thinking of crotch smell.

(upbeat techno music)

- Today we're playing Never Have I Ever.

- Beauty Edition.

- I have played Never Have I Ever.

I play it like every time I play, like,

Ring of Fire, the drinking game.

I dunno if I'm allowed to say that.


I love playing it, though.

You get to know so much about your friends.

- I have definitely played Never Have I Ever before,

but usually there's alcohol, so if we could spice this up,

no, I'm just kidding. (laughs)

- This is the sober version.

- Yes. Very respectable, very high-class.

- Never have I ever,

tried to use a piece of hair as dental floss.

(trumpet blare)

- That is the weirdest question.

- Three, two, one.

- Okay, good, cool. - It works really well!

- Pero I have not.

- Uh-uh. I have never even thought about it. Ever.

- I only started doing it recently because I asked for floss

in the office and nobody had any, and someone was like,

"you know you can just use a piece of your hair,"

and I was like, that has never occurred to me.

- At the end of the day, it's, like, your own hair,

it's your own oils, so it's like,

yo, it's already coming out of you.

- I don't floss enough. - That is a good point.

- I haven't even thought about using my hair. (laughs)

- Never have I ever

burned myself with a curling iron

- Who hasn't?

- Truly.

- I've burned my ears so many times.

- Yeah, same. My ears, my neck.

- Oh yeah.

- Once I dropped it on my thigh.

Yeah, I like to kind of, you know,

spread it around like lotion.

- I was at my cousin's wedding.

- Oh no. - And I was curling my hair.

I think it was unplugged but still hot,

and I was like kneeling, looking for something.

I fell over and I landed on it with my foot,

but it was so bad, it was like

the size of a golf ball, maybe.

Maybe it was like a little bit smaller

than a golf ball, probably.

Like that size of like, just like filled with pus. (laughs)

- Not even my story. I'm completely scarred.

I have nothing to say to this.

I have burned myself, but not to this level.

Never have I ever spilled nail polish everywhere.

Last night.

- Oh!

- I ruined a Beanie Baby that way.

- My mom will never let me forget the one time

I was, like, not paying attention, in her bedroom,

doing my nails, black.

- (gasps) Oh no!

- And next thing I know, one part of my body just slipped

and next thing you know, there's like

a big ole puddle, and like--

- Was it on the carpet?

- It was on the carpet. Like the straight carpet.

She was pissed.

- Never have I ever gone around all day

with lipstick on my teeth.

- I mean, maybe not all day, but for a couple hours.

- Yeah.

- Because people are rude. - Yeah!

- Those days that I walked around with lipstick

in my teeth all day are the days that I know

I didn't acknowledge anyone that was my friend.

You know why? 'Cause they would've told me.

- Exactly. - They would've told me!

- My sister gets mad at me every time I tell her

that she has something on her face, and I'm like,

so you'd literally rather walk around with it on,

she's like, "yes, I would,

"because it's embarrassing to be told."

(laughs) I'm like, fine.

- Some people really do hate it.

Just say something. It'll be weird for like two seconds,

but, like, it's greatly appreciated.

Never have I ever turned my underwear

inside out to wear it again.

(record scratch) - I have not.

- Oh, I just hit myself in the eye with this. (laughs)

I've definitely thought about it,

but then when it came down to it,

I was like, that's just too gross and I didn't do it.

(drum roll and cymbal crash) (chuckling)

- [Mike] Cissy, your face is so full of shame.


- Let's get this completely straight, I'm not a dirty human.

I was traveling, and you know when you, like,

you pack all of your socks and your underwear and your bras

in like one little pouch.

Well, I forgot that base at home.

- Where were you vacationing? - Like, Costa Rica.

Like, one of those like tropical places.

- Buy a bathing suit.

- Like, I don't know.

- Wow, that grosses you out more than

turning your own underwear inside-out?

- Well, no, I turned it inside out, told my parents,

and we went to go shopping later that day.

It's not like I lived in them for that entire week, no.

- Calm down. - Alright.

So an emergency situation, not a lifestyle.

- Yes.

- Never have I ever cried in public and ruined my mascara.


- If you've lived in New York, you have cried in public.

You've cried on the train.

You've cried in the street.

- I mean, I have, but not for the sense of crying

but because I wear contacts and like,

a slight, beautiful spring breeze could come along

and the next thing I know, I'm just, like, gushing

and I'm just like, oh, the pollen, oh, the dust,

oh, pollution of L.A.

- I cry when I listen to, like, emotional music.

So I'll probably be in, like, Forever 21

and some song comes on that's about, like,

someone getting broken up with and I'm just like (sniffles),

so powerful.

- Never have I ever slept with makeup on

and woken up looking like a ghoul.

(both laugh)

Okay, I definitely have.

- I definitely have.

- This is, like, me every weekend when I, like,

come home a little bit tipsy and, like, really tired,

I just fall asleep in bed with my makeup on

and then, in the morning, it's scary.


- I added to it, but this is from yesterday.

- You're lying! - I'm not!

- Never have I ever tried to remove gel nails myself.

- Pretty sure we've pretty much

done everything at this point.

- I know! (laughs)

- I wanted a French manicure,

and they did a gel French manicure.

And I got really frustrated when I realized that it was gel

and I just, like, pulled it off.

(groans) I know, it's so bad,

it's so bad. - It's so cringy,

but it's like the worst habit

that you can get into yourself.

- I have never had gel nails removed properly.

I've always removed them myself.

- I thought you were going to say

"I have never had gel nails."

- Oh, no! Pft, I love them.

Although I have acrylics right now,

but gel and acrylics are my faves.

There's a reason I have acrylics on right now,

because I peeled my gel off

and my nails are disgusting underneath.

I was like, I just have to cover them up

with these fake nails.

- Never have I ever gone a week without washing my hair.

- Duh.

- I have. (laughs) - Yeah.

- I don't know what challenge I was challenging myself,

whether to have all of the oils or just to have better hair,

but my hair was so processed that I was like,

I need to stop washing it, I need to let it breathe,

and by breathe, I mean I need to never wash it again.

And I got up to like three weeks, and it was really bad.

- Wow. - It was really bad.

No one noticed, which is great, but dry shampoo

became my very close ally and friend.

- Never have I ever gone a month without washing my bra.

That's pretty intense.

- I haven't.

- Yeah, I definitely have.

- I have nice bras that you can't

put in the washing machine.

You're not supposed to put bras in the washing machine.

However, I'm very lazy

about hand-washing my delicate clothes.

- I wash my clothes, like, all the time, so.

- See, I don't wash my clothes all the time,

but I definitely wouldn't leave my bras a whole month

'cause that does sound like a long time.

- Yeah.

- Never have I ever used makeup

way past its expiration date.



(stammers) - You can't be both!

What are you doing! - I'm like--

- Pick a side!

We all have. If you haven't, that is a fucking lie.

You know that there is some shit

sitting in your makeup bag that, like, you just remembered

one day and then you used again,

even though it's probably like three years old.

- I mean, yes, because I have no idea

what the expiration date is.

- Right, well, mascara you're, like, not supposed to use

after three months or something like that? I believe.

- Yeah, that's true I have had that,

and I definitely don't adhere to that.

- However, yeah, no.

I'm not throwing it out, I'm not.

I'm gonna use it until little cru-dusty-crusties

get on my eyes. (laughs)

- And an eye infection ensues.

- The expiration time is a suggestion.

That's what I believe.

- I've lived through expired makeup, so it's fine.

- Yeah.

- I've learned that neither of us are perfect at makeup

and general cleanliness, and I like that.

- Y'know, when you're in a pinch, you do some things

that are kinda questionable, or you live through

some makeup experiences that are a bit intense,

but you make it work and you learn from them.

(upbeat music)

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