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Hello, my dear! I'm really glad to see you on my channel again!

Well girls, today is a new tutorial! Let's go!

A lot of you were waiting for the continuation of the history of onycholysis hands.

There were a lot of comments to this video and a huge number of views.

Today we continue this topic.

And I want to explain to you a little why this is so.

In the previous video there were two controversial issues.

1. Why do I remove a detached nail and immediately apply the material?

Because the material forms the same "pocket" and the same can get there as under a natural nail.

(You can see the progress of nail growth.)

But girls, let's turn on the logic.

(This nail 3 weeks ago)

If something falls into this "pocket", then we are afraid that a nail fungus can develop there.

And if we remove the nail cells and replace them with chemical components,

then no fungus can develop in these components.

Because there is no nail and the fungus cannot develop on the nail bed, because these are not nail cells.

Therefore, in this case, we avoid the development of fungal infections.

Theoretically, fungal infections that can get there or not.

Because this client has been walking with these nails for half a year and she has good immunity,

because he fights well about all the infections that got there.

Accordingly, if she did not get infected with something during this half year,

then in the near future he should not get infected with something.

What are we doing on this correction?

We again remove everything as much as possible in order to clean ourpocket”.

In thispocketthere can be dirt, dust,

in this case also henna for hair, because this client dyed her hair on the eve with henna.

And so the nail is a little bit colored in yellow.

But nevertheless, our task again is to clean the healthy nails of the nail bed as much as possible.

As you can see, the growth dynamics of the nail positive, wonderful and healthy nail grows.

(The progress of nail regrowth.)

And the nail grows with good speed.

(This nail 3 weeks ago)

90 percent of the regrown nail has grown to the nail bed and this means that the last time we did everything right.

Therefore, this time, we clean all thepocketsas well,

we process the nail, apply a primer, apply a base coat and

apply material on the nail, in this case we find a liquid consistency material.

You know, the last time I saw under the video a lot of comments about some kind of antifungal gel.

To be honest, this is news to me, because all the gels are antifungal, because a fungus cannot develop in the gel.

After all, the gel does not have the structure in which the fungus can live and develop.

Gel is chemistry, it is plastic, and in plastic the fungus cannot live.

So what kind of gels did you call antifungal?

And probably they are sold for big money as antifungal drugs.

I do not understand this a bit.

And in this place I can foreshadow a storm of comments that: I am wrong,

I had to do everything differently, that I did not understand anything.

But in fact, this is not my first client with whom I work in this way.

And everything always goes well.

And that is why I decided that I can show you this process.

So, we cover our "pockets" with medium viscosity gel.

It does not matter what gel you will use.

It can be a polygel, acrylic gel, jelly gel, medium viscosity gel, gel base for gel polish.

The main thing is simply to close the nail box of your client,

so that the client could not hit them because it is very sensitive.

It is not much more pleasant if you send the client home with an open nail bed

and the client will experience discomfort for about 2 months.

Because the nail bed can be caught anywhere.

What you cover the nail bed material.

You will make an imitation of the nail plate and close the nail bed.

And your client will not think that he has any problem with nails.

Moreover, I will repeat once again that the fungus cannot develop in plastic.

Our material is plastic and no bacteria can live in plastic in any way,

Our material is plastic and no bacteria can live in plastic in any way.

By the way, about the mold.

Of course, it can develop, but for mold bacteria, it is necessary at most to be warm, moisture and lack of oxygen.

In this case, ourpocketis well ventilated, so mold bacteria will not feel good there.

I hope that I answered your basic questions regarding onycholysis.

And the question about the gloves on my hands ...

And this question was the second most popular in my videos.

I can say that on my hands are liquid gloves, my hands are disinfected and prolonged with a disinfector.

And this is done both in my hands and in the hands of a client.

Still all worried about the quality of my personal nails.

But I cannot answer such questions, because this is a personal matter of everyone and I like my nails.

And if you do not like it, I can not keep you.

I hope that now I have answered all the questions about oniholysis and the questions from the previous video.

I will leave the link to the previous video for you in the description.

And we draw a very fast one stroke painting design.

In principle, we painted this design on my nails.

You can see it on my nails and when the client saw him,

she fell in love with it and said that she wants the same design.

This time I decided not to refuse her, because I like this design very much.

And I decided to draw it again.

I will leave a link to this design on my nails in the description.

Follow this link and there I will talk in detail about this design.

These are the nails we got today.

I sent the client home to grow my nails and recommended visiting the master after 2 weeks.

But last time she ignored me a little and she came to me in 3 weeks.

But if it comes in 3 weeks, then it's okay, then there is nothing terrible in it

and the nail growth dynamics will be seen more clearly.

And today I say goodbye to you.

Thank you for being with me today!

Thanks for your comments! Thanks for your likes!

We will meet you in new tutorials!

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See you again! Bye!

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