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Soyuztelefilm 1990


THE EMPERORS NEW CLOTHES After a fairytale by HC Andersen

Ah-ah! Today, the King was walking in a white waistcoat ...

and in crimson trousers!

l heard he has one hundred twelve coats!

Yes, and that's just the velvet ones! Add another 100 for brocade!

And they're all new and hand sewed!

Our king wears every hour of the day a new suit!

He'll ruin the whole country!

listen up, there's might be some business in it for us

Yes? - Bzz, bzz, bzz

Quiet! Hostess!

- Yes sir! - Two mugs of beer!

Very well.

On His Majesty's trousers!

On to serving the king!

Well what is it? Ugh! ls it still possible to put this on?

But your Majesty, one really still can.

l can't stand this color! - Butjust try it,

And l whore thisjacket already yesterday.

Maybe this one, from Alencon lace?

This? Well, what are these? Are these coattails? Ugh!

Your Majesty! - l'm busy!

l humbly report ... There are people in the waiting room...

Well what of it? l'm busy! l'm choosing a suit!

But this matter of national importance They're foreign weavers!

Call them in! lmmediately call them in!

We're weavers! and tailors of the nobility!

l am i need of a new suit! Today! Now!

Well Your Majesty, we have a wonderful cloth ...

... which no one has ever seen before ... but you can't weave it quickly!

A wonderful fabric? What is it like?

The thing is that ...

A-ah-ah! Well, well ... Aha!

l can not hear a thing! l can not hear you!

So with this new suit l can tell the stupid from the intelligent?

Sure thing! Yes, yes, yes ...

ls it true that the fabric will remain invisible for those who, uh ...

Yes, yes, yes! For those who are stupid! - Yes

And, and those who are ... ... unfit to serve the king!

Well,... it's time to get to work!

Well?... Look, look, what wonderful colors!

See?! ... And how do you like the pattern?

Oh my God! l do not see any fabric!

l'm stupid, or l'm ... Oh! No one should know about this!

Otherwise l would be removed from office!

Oh! Oh! Oh! This is a wonderful fabric!

l have ... l have no words! No words!

lt's great, is it not? lt is a true miracle!

Of course! lsn't it almost alive?

of finest gold velvet this garland of flowers ...

Yes! pearls, pearls! Huh?

l now will report to His Majesty! A wonderful fabric! Pearl! Pearl!

l just come from the weavers, Your Majesty!

Take me there immediately!

Your Majesty, we ran out of yarn ...

and pearls too

They shall be issued immediately!

But, Your Majesty, the treasury ... how shall l say? ..

lt's desolate! - Yes

This is a case of national importance!


Well think of something! Taxes, donations ... Didn't l teach you anything!?

Your Majesty, the fabric is ready!

Oh, look, how luxurious!

And what exquisite color! Ah? Flowers?

... how to say? lt's perfect!

lt is without comparison! And what says the First Minister?

l can't see it ... - Eh?

l can't see it not to become the worthiest suit for your Sunday celebration!

Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! lt is elegant and solemn!

Tra-la-la-la ... Charming! Just lovely!

l grant you hereby the title of Court Weavers!

Glad to be, Your Majesty!

Start to work on the suit immediately!

Hurry up to go watching! - Surely, we will see something. There they are.

And do you think, there will follow a reshuffle ofjobs?

l'm sure! King does not tolerate fools!

lt's made of gold, they say, with chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum

Not true! Peacocks, peacocks!

Your Majesty, here there will be folds ... - ls that so...

And here - thingies ... thingies! Charming!

and everywhere delicate frills

Frills, oh, great!

By the way, could you order that we are given fifty yards of lace of golden yarn!

And will the waist be untrammeled?

lt will! Absolutely! And here, too!

And here, too? Charming!

And you can finish it before Sunday?

We both will sew day and night! - Then proceed immediately!

Uh-oh! Look out! You are standing on the fabric!

l'm sorry!

Hey! Can't you see your standing on the fabric for the trousers.

And here are laying the stocking Can't you look were you're going?

Oh, l'm so sorry! l can't see without my glasses!

May we present your majesty's new clothes!

What lines! Yeah! Charmant! Charmant! Wonderful!

How terrible! l can't see them! l am a no-good king!

But it is impossible, you can not admit it. lt may lead to a coup d'etat!

And what does our first minister say?

Oh! l finally see a dress worthy of my King!

You can see for yourself it's all as light as a feather!

Here! Well, well! ls it not too tight? - No-no-no-no!

Now, Your Majesty, the camisole!

Here, And here, alright!

thanks! Let me take the second stocking.


l order to grant at once the weavers ... these ... these ...

...greatest craftsmen... the Order of Olaf the Terrible!

All of the variable? All of the variable??

Olaf the Terrible

Glad to be of service, your majesty!

Look, they're they are!

A feast for the eyes! What a long parade!

l can't take my eyes off it.

Long live the king!

My God, what a beautiful suit!

Allow me! Could you let us pass.

Mom, he's naked! He's completely naked!!

Naked. The child said, ''Naked!''

Didn't l tell you? l can see it for myself!

Shameless! A scandal! -Yeah! - He's naked

What's this? What does this all mean?

ltjust means that your commoners are ignorant and stupid, your majesty!

Ah, like that!

written by Marina Vishnevetskaya directed by Maya Buzinova, Joseph Douksha

art director Galina Beda cameraman George Krinitsky

music l. Yegikov Sound V. Azarovskiy

Voiceactors: Yu. Volyntsev, V. Abdulov A. Lenkov, L. Gnilova, S. Mishulin A. Pozharov, S. Fedosov

animators Maya Buzinova, A. Grishko, P. Petrov

Puppet and decoration: G Bogatshev E. Pokrovskaya, V. Shafranyuk, V. Petrov L. Doronina, A Mulyukina, G. Kruglova

G. Lyutinskiy, L. Lyutinskaya, A. Gnedinskiy N. Pantelyeva, M. Abdeyev M. Bogatskaya, V. Sletkov

Cutter: S. Simukhina, Script editor A. Feodoridi, producerE. Bobrovskaya

The End, Television USSR 1990 subs by nfdfneq & Eus, 2014 Youtube: russian animation eus347 subtitles

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