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We love Suffern!

Welcome to the Suffern Central School District. It's a great time to be a Mountie!

My name is Monsura and I'm a senior this year, and I can't wait for Spirit week.

We think about what's in Suffern Central for our students our parents and our

broader community; and it's a tremendous time for us to highlight the tradition of

excellence that is Suffern Central Schools. Opportunities K through 12 for

our students to access boundless technology, phenomenal teachers and staff, and

a supportive community that are unparalleled anywhere in this area.

We love Suffern Central!

Hi I'm Steph Shada, I'm a reading teacher at Suffern Middle School,

welcome to Suffern Central! We have so many things to offer you - it's great to be a Mountie!

Giving kids the opportunity to pursue personal interests for example, choosing their own reading materials, and what they write about and for

the first time we'll have three and four-year-olds in our Pre-k program at


We love Suffern!

At Suffern High School we have a philosophy of both quality and quantity.

We want to do the very best we can, for as many students as we can.

Hi my name is Kate and I'm a junior. I'm really excited about playing in the

eleventh and twelfth grade Orchestra this year.

I think our Mounties are going to notice a variety of new and innovative advancements in our school

district, from our brand-new pre-kindergarten program, our course

offerings at both the middle school and in the high school, focusing on enhancing

21st century skills in preparation for our students taking over the world as

they graduate from Suffern High School in the future.

We Love Suffern!

We love Suffern Central!

We love Suffern!

I love Suffern Central School District.

We love Suffern!

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