Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The "Shadow And Bone" Cast Tries To Survive A Journey Through The Shadow Fold

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- Hi, I'm Ben Barnes and I played General Kirigan.

- Hello, I'm Archie Renaux and I play Mal.

- Hi, I'm Jesse Mei Lee and I play Alina.

- Hi, I'm Freddy Carter and I play Kaz Brekker.

- Hi, I'm Amita Suman and I play in Inej Ghafa.

- I'm Kit Young. I play Jesper in Shadow and Bone.

We are going to take the quiz to find out

if we would survive the journey

through the Shadow Fold with Buzzfeed.

- Dun, dun, dun.

(upbeat music)

- First question: what is your greatest strength?

I'm super patient,

I'm extremely dedicated,

I'm creative,

I'm a natural born leader,

I'm a problem solver,

I'm always willing to try new things.

- I think I'm a natural born leader.

- I've gone with dedicated.

- I'm going to go with patient.

- I would say I'm a problem solver.

- I'm going to go for I'm creative.

I'm definitely not super patient.

(Kit laughs)

- I'm going to go with

"I'm always willing to try new things",

which will probably mean I'm going to end up dead.

- [Freddy] Which book that has been adapted

into a movie or TV show are you bringing with you

to pass the time?

The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien,

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott,

A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin,

Normal People by Sally Rooney,

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng,

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

- Fellowship of the Ring.

- I'm gonna go for Little Women.

That's a childhood favorite.

- I'm going to go with Normal People by Sally Rooney

because that's the most recent of those books

that I've read.

- I'm going to say Pride and Prejudice.

- For me it's gotta be Fellowship of the Ring.

- It's got to be Lord of the Rings.

- [Archie] Which Shadow and Bone character

would you trust with a secret?

Alaina, Kaz, Inej, General Kirigan, Jesper, or Mal?

- I'm going Mal.

- I'm going Mal as well.

Yeah, I wouldn't trust any of The Crows

as far as I could throw them. (Aminta laughs)

- No, I mean, Amita you're going to pick yourself,

aren't you?

- Uh, a hundred percent, yeah.

She's a secret keeper. (Amita laughs)

- I'm going to go Alina.

- Definitely wouldn't be me, but that's the obvious.

I'll throw that in your face.

You trusted me with a secret about flowers at one point,

and I don't think it paid off.

Alina is trustworthy, but also you're like,

she does tell Jenny things.

- I'm going to go for Inej.

- I'm going to go Mal.

I think he's good at keeping a secret.

- Yeah, honest.

- Good guy.

- [Freddy] All right, which random superpower

would you love to have?

- Cool.

- The power to learn any language,

the power to remember everything you read,

the power to know when someone is lying...

- Would I want to know that?

- The power to change anything into food,

the power to transform into any animal,

or the power to control the weather.

- Oh, that's hard.

- These are hard.

- I'd have to go power with transforming to an animal.

- Yeah I think that's... - The animal is so good.

- If you wanted to get through the fog,

turning into an ant is probably quite a good one.

- No one would notice you.

Okay, I'm going for that as well: animal.

- Great options.

The powder to remember everything you read.

That'd be great.

- Yeah.

- Never have a problem with bloody lines.

- I think to learn any language, can you imagine?

How useful you'd be in?

How much you could get done?

- Well Amita already feels that way

because she's learned three or four?

- Quite a few.

(Amita laughs) - I speak three.

- I'm going to go for the language.

- I feel as if remember everything you read,

then technically you're learning the language.

Do you know what I mean?

- No, you can't blur the powers and have both.

You have to choose one.

I'm going to go with the power to transform into any animal.

'Cause then I can breathe under water and I can fly.

- And you can turn into a Volcra

and then you could cross the fold.

- That too.

- That's good thinking.

- First on my list.

- [Amita] Which Grisha specialty would you want to have?

A healer, an Inferni, a Tidemaker,

a Fabrikator, a Squaller, or a Heartrender?

- I've answered this one before saying

I would love to be a Heartrender

because they can use their powers, you know,

in a sort of assertive powerful way

to cut someone's blood supply or burst their heart.

But then they can also soothe and calm.

- I think actually I'm gonna go for a Fabrikator

because I feel like that would be helpful?

You could probably invent something

or make something to help you get through the fold.

I'm going to go Fabrikator.

- Yeah, I've always said Fabrikator.

I liked building.

Yeah, I think that'd be quite fun.

- I think I know which one you're going to go with, Freddy.

- Inferni.

- Yeah, that's what I thought you'd do.

- I don't like being cold.

- I'm going to go with Fabrikator.

- I'm going Heartrender, man.

'Cause my favorite one isn't on there,

which is Shadow Summoner.

But you know, that's because they're evil.

- You don't need more of that if we're crossing the fold.

- No, we don't need more of that.

So I'm going to go with Heartrender.

- [Amita] To keep everyone calm on your journey,

you keep talking about the TV show you love.

What show are you talking about?

Schitt's Creek, Bridgerton, WandaVision,

The Crown, Grey's Anatomy, or The Queen's Gambit.

- It's gotta be The Queens Gambit for me.

I loved it. I thought it was so good.

- I've got, I'll go with WandaVision.

It's just like endlessly...

- I've got to say, I've not watched any of these.

I've watched an episode of The Crown.

A guy broke into the queen's bedroom

and had a chat and a cup of tea with her.

I have to go for The Crown.

- Grey's Anatomy wouldn't exactly be the best thing

to calm someone down when you're in The Shadows.

- No.

- If someone gets hurt and then you're talking

about a hospital drama

where people are in crisis left and right,

I'm not sure I'd pick that.

I feel that Bridgerton, it's probably not the best time

to hook up with someone.

- The Queen's Gambit is a pretty good one.

- Yeah, you're really have to focus on playing chess.

- I think I'm going to go with Schitt's Creek, though.

Keep everyone happy and smiling.

- [Ben] Finally, what is your biggest fear?

Being trapped in a small space, flying,

losing a loved one, heights,

letting your friends down, spiders.

- Oh, losing a loved one?

- All of them.

- Yeah, I mean, it's gotta be, losing a loved one for me.

- Easy.

- I think being trapped in a small space.

- Losing a loved one.

- I remember being terrified watching Hook as a kid.

When they put, they put the guy

in that little chest full of crabs.

That scarred me for life.

- You should see the size of my bedroom that I had,

small spaces, no problem.

(upbeat music)

(Amita gasps)

- Oh my God. What did you get?

- Congratulations. You survived the journey...

- Through the fold. (Amita claps)

Yes, of course The Crows would make it.

- I didn't.

(Amita gasps)

- Kit, did you not make it?

- Sorry, but it looks like you did not make it

back out of the Shadow Fold.

While you were inside,

the Volcra proved to be too tough to handle,

as well as the many other mysteries.

- I survived.

- Yeah, I survived as well.

- We're veterans at this, Shadow Fold the thing now.

- Walk in the park.

Walk in a very dark park.

- That's really upsetting.

I'm going to have to retake that from my own time.

(Amita laughs)

I am not dying in the Shadow Fold.

I'm a sore loser today.

- Thank you Buzzfeed, make sure you go

and watch Shadow and Bone on Netflix.

(upbeat music)

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