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Ámbar hello


How are you? How was the Roller?

Good, good, great

That's nice

You know Ana, Ninas mother, don't you?

She helps me with the accounting

You don't know how happy I am that you let somebody help you

No I'm serious

Do you want some tea?

Okay yes, thanks

No over here, come


Yes please

Ámbar did you hear something about señora Sharon?

Ehm why are you asking?

Because I have to tell you something that isn't that easy

but I think you should know it

Wait did something happen? Is Sharon alright?

Yes calm down

Look, it's that señora Sharon changed her identity

Now she's called Victoria Zurera and well

She was the one who faked the paintings, you know?

and then she blamed us

Are you serious?


That's horrible. I didn't know that

No of course not. Why should you have known that?

I really can't believe she's capable to do something like that

I'm sorry



Luna listen to me

Simón wanted to tell you about Felipe

mbar] I was the one who [Luna] No I don't want to talk to you Ámbar

No wait, it's okay Luna

I will go. I have to work a lot anyways

Thanks for the tea

You're welcome

Don't be mad at him

[Luna] Enoughmbar] Okay, I'll stop. Ciao

What happened? Luna what happened?

Okay I'll tell you

There is an incredible skater. He was an olypic skater and his name is Felipe Mandevilla

and he was in the Roller to look for me

Luna that's great, that's great

Yes incredible but Ámbar changed his phone number

so I can't call him now


Yes really mom. The worst thing is that Simón knew it

So he knew what Ámbar did and he didn't tell me

because he thought it would be better if Ámbar tells me at her own

Okay I think what Simón did was great, wasn't it?

Because she should have be the one to tell you and not he

You think that's great? Nobody of them told me

I learned it from Ramiro by coincidence

Do you know what I don't understand? Why Simón didn't tell me

Since we're friends we never had secrets

We always told us everything since we were kids and

now this happens. That's incredible

Okay Luna I think Simón didn't want to hide that from you

No he wanted to give Ámbar a little bit of trust, you know?

That's it. So she was able to fix her mistake

I think that's very good

Wait you think it's good to lie and hide things?

No Luna of course not but

Look, if a person is supposed to change you have to trust that person

and Simón wanted to give her a chance, nothing else

No we all gave her so many chances and she missed all of them

Well Luna maybe you have to give her another one. One more

Another one?



Luna listen, it's a hard time for Ámbar and you know that

Yes, yes look. Her godmother left her

Señora Sharon threatened us

I think we have to be a little bit more understanding to her

What do you think?

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