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Marc Luber: Hey everyone ñ Marc Luber here from Careers Out There. As you know, weíre

always talking on the show about how you can find a career that fits you so you can love

what you do. Well today weíve got a special guest. Sheís a really inspirational person

and sheís gonna share her insights on this. I want you to meet Lisa Nicole Bell. Here

she is!

Lisa Nicole Bell: Hey Careers Out There ñ itís Lisa Nicole Bell: author, filmmaker

and entrepreneur ñ bringing you my insight on finding a career that you love. So for

those of you who donít know me, Iím the author of a couple of different books ñ I

create all kinds of cool, socially-conscious multimedia projects. That includes film, TV,

new media, websites, anything thatís really going to move the social conversation forward

as far as a social progress agenda. I also create companies ñ Iím the CEO of Inspired

Life Media Group. We have several companies in the group that all share this objective

of creating really inspiring and empowering, actionable content.

So I want to talk to you about how you can go about finding a career thatís a good fit

for you. Itís a question that I get asked quite a bit ñ and as I travel the country

and the world doing speaking engagements and talking to crowds of all different sizes,

this comes up a lot. Especially for new entrepreneurs ñ or people who are just looking to make

a career change and trying to decide whatís going to make the most sense for them. So

hereís the basic formula ñ before I even explain all this other stuff. Hereís how

it works. We have the thing that youíre good at ñ right? This is something that you have

a natural aptitude for, and itís something that youíre passionate about. Itís something

that comes very easy for you. So this is a skill set and this is something that youíre

good at. Then we have something that youíre passionate about. This is something that you

care very much about, something that you do for hours on end, even if you arenít being

paid for it. These 2 cross at some point. And right here, right here, at the intersection

of my arms, THAT is the sweet spot. That is where we find something thatís marketable

that you can actually use whether you are seeking out a traditional job or youíre starting

a business of your own. Iím gonna use myself as an example to share

how this works because I believe that if somebodyís gonna advise you of something they should

have used the system themselves. So hereís how it works for me: I am a communicator through

and through. Iím a lover of media. Any type of film, TV, books, anything that deals with

communication and media, I love it. So one of the things that comes very easily for me

is ingesting large amounts of information, assimilating large amounts of information

and then communicating. So my natural aptitude is towards communication: speaking on stage

comes very easily for me, working in front of the camera comes easily for me, behind

the camera comes easily for me. Any type of talking and communication, writingÖWhat am

I most passionate about? Iím most passionate about social change.

So we have the fact that Iím a rock star communicator, we have the fact that Iím crazy,

silly, stupid passionate about social change and media and then right there at the middle

we say, well what is the way that we can make that economically sustainable? What is the

market willing to pay for the intersection of those 2 things? And so thereís a lot of

different manifestations that that can take on. I can decide to be an author. I can decide

to be a public speaker. I can decide to be an entrepreneur. I can decide to be a content

producer. Incidentally, I wear all of those hats at various times.

So my point to you is that no matter what youíre passionate about ñ whether itís

cupcakes, or dogs or grass, you can find a way to make that profitable for yourself.

If youíre looking for a traditional job, then we also want to weave in this whole idea

of branding. Because we know that branding is a very important aspect of finding and

keeping the right job or the right business in this economy. The old rules donít apply

any more. And so if there is some skill set that you have, if there is some passion that

you have, you want to stay very plugged into that as youíre going about this process of

sorting out your new career because people really respond to that. When youíre passionate

about something, people can pick up on it. People often tell me that my energy is infectious.

Other people pick up on that energy and they feel like Iím a moving train and people like

to jump on moving trains. So even if youíre applying, again, at a traditional company,

this still applies because if youíve got that energy and youíve got that momentum,

employers want to have that on their team. Thereís something called intrapreneurship,

which is not ñ entrepreneurship is going out and starting something. Intrapreneurship

is having that entrepreneurial spirit within the corporate culture. So if youíre bringing

that to the company, youíre making yourself an indispensable leader by really showing

them what youíre made of, showing them how passionate you are, really highlighting the

things that youíre best at and youíre strengths and developing yourself in that regard.

So ñ that is what I have for you on finding a career that you love, something that youíre

great at. Whether you are in a career that you love right now and you really want to

take it to the next level, whether youíre looking for a traditional job or whether you

just want to start your own business, these are the types of thought processes that you

want to start having so that you can really do everything it is that you want to do. I

hope that was helpful for you. Itís been a pleasure hanging out with you for a few

minutes. Visit me on line at Lisa Nicole Bell dot com and Iíll talk to you soon.

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