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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Try Guys Try Roller Derby

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(rock music)

- Fuck me.

- Roller derby.

- [Keith] What's better than a whole gang

of girls skating down and knocking you over?

- I love rollerskating because it's basically

having cars on your feet.

- We're going into a ring with a bunch of buff women

who are going to beat the shit out of us.

This is a terrible idea.

(upbeat music)

What do I know about roller derby?

- [Keith] It's a sport where tough ladies push each other

for an hour while skating?

- You put wheels on your feet.

- Get someone in the shoulder,

they fall you stand up, it feels good man, feels good.


- This seems like it was imagined

in a 1980's science fiction novel.

- It sounds like a sport I'd love to watch.

But today we're doing it and we're doing it

with the Derby Dolls, the most famous group of girls

who push over other girls.

- Roller derby is a full contact sport.

And it involves two teams on the track.

You field two jammers, one from each team,

every opposing blockers hips that she passes

is a point.

- So skate and turn left and don't fall.

- You can fall but just get up right away.


- The Derby Dolls, are the Derby Dolls a team?

Are the Derby Dolls the league, how does it work?

- We are a women's bank track league based in Los Angeles.

We have four home teams, Fight Crew, Sirens,

Tough Cookies and my team Varsity Brawlers,

which is the best team ever.

So we are gonna teach you first to fall small,

some basic stops.

- How to skate the track, how to hit people.

That's the fun part of derby.

- I've probably played the most contact sports

out of the Try Guys but this is the first time

I've played against only women.

- I have the structural integrity of uncooked pasta.

My body is jut waiting to crumble and blow off into wind.

- [Jager] Injuries are kind of common in roller derby

it is a full contact sport.

- I actually enjoy getting beaten up.

Like I really like physical pain.

- I'm getting married so I'm very concerned about all of me.

My fiance told me not to do this video.

Not because she cares about my face,

because she cares about that wedding.

- Professor Jager, I've never skated before

is this a good place to start?

- Well I've a better idea for you guys.

(soft music)

- Got any tips?

Don't fall, great.

Sometimes the world seems cruel

Nothing ever goes your way


- Woop!

- You're okay, you're okay.


- Teamwork, teamwork.



Time is on your side


- And we're supposed to like bump people like this?


- So after an hour of learning how to skate,

now is the time to go to a ramp where the Derby Dolls

are gonna kick the shit out of me and my friends.

Let's do, ah!


- [Jager] So everyone's basically doing the exact same thing

to get around the track.

- Come to momma bird.

- You're slightly athletic I've been told.

Good luck little buddy.

He's alive.

- [Keith] Good job!


- So in two days, we're gonna go from beginner

to no skating experience, to playing a roller derby match.

How fucked are we?

- 10.5?

- That's pretty good, I'm mean, or is 10 bad?

- 10 is normally good.

- We're like super fucked.

- Point five more fucked.

- Fell off the scale.

- Like fucked up.

- Were point five more fucked than most count.

- For stability reasons we have a stance

called derby stance which means you're basically in a squat

the whole time, there's two different kinds of falling

so it's your knees and then you will

eventually fall backwards because that's just what happens.

So you're gonna go, one, two.

And that's it.


You just want to be sure that you don't put your hands down

because your wrists have a tendency to break.

I like to always, whenever I train, hold a box

of kittens, if you drop the box of kittens,

you run them over and they're dead and you're sad.



- [Keith] The kitties safe.

- Yes.


You definitely did.

After falling a thousand times your body will learn

how to do it safely.

- Fuck me that one hurt so much.

- The more time you spend on the floor,

the more you are a hazard to yourself but mostly others.

- Hazard to myself and others is like my bi-line.


- Were gonna fix that.

The roller derby community, we're super diverse

and we're really tightly knit, like I would never have met

any of these people because I'm actually really nervous

and like socially anxious

but roller derby, you all bond over like sweating

and falling.

It is something for women that women didn't think

that they could do because it's something so physical

and it is really violent, a lot of what we get

when we first start is I'm sorry, I can't do it,

I'm not strong enough and those are all lies.

You guys are gonna fall on your ass a lot.

But we're just gonna try and get you to have muscle memory

to do it safely.

So it's called the slide out, you're skating,

you're skating, you're like

'oh shit I'm gonna fall backwards', right?

You want to pick a cheek,

both feet out and off to the side.

It's gonna hurt just deal with it.

- What?

- Choose a side.

Well I mean being tall does have it's advantages

for those great.

Both feet out.


okay, that looked straight down the middle,

- [Zach] Did that hurt?

- Sure did hurt Zach.

But thank you for the compliment.

- Oh can you swear at each other?

- The official ruling is, you can swear in general

but you cannot swear at a specific skater, ref

or coach.

- So I can scream, 'oh shit on my dick'

- Yes.

- But I can't say, 'shit on your dick'.

- Yeah, just a general anyone's dick.

We always say, high on the straightaway,

low on the turns, that just maximizes your speed

and it gives you more bang for your buck,

so you don't have to exert that much energy to go fast.

So you go low on the turn.

You shoot up on the straight away, so as high as you can,

shoot down,

back up,

and shoot down as close as you can,

and that's how you skate the track.

- Wow!

- High on the straight away.

- Jager what if going fast is scary

and I don't want to do it?

- Get over it.

- Great.



- Keep your hands up.

And then keep your fingers, feet and then just stay there

until you, yup.

- Roller derby y'all.

- What if you find that fear always wins?

- [Jager] That's why you have pads.

Try again.

- Try again.

- [Jager] Try again, just keep trying.

Just keep your knees bent,

getting a little better.

- Remember, we're the Try Guys,

not the do it the first time guys, let's go.

(cheers and encouragements)

- [Jager] Hold your kittens.

Bend your knees.

(upbeat music)

- It's hard to not feel really shitty right now,

like I can't stop, I can't play this sport,

'cause I don't know what I'm doing here.

(whistle blows)

- [Jager] Go ahead and grab water.

- This is super exhausting, but,

per my fiance's request, did not break my face,

did not break my wrists, I can still walk down the aisle.

- I was kind of excited to hit people

but know I'm a little worried about it

like it's hard enough just skating.

- What we learned today was basically the equivalent

of running across the football field

without actually doing anything.

I don't know what's going to happen when we actually

put it in the strategy, the blocking, the hitting

and the actual game.

- I hope that when we have Jager, we don't bomb.

Tough coach.

- Now that we're totally dope at this,

how do you actually play the game?

- Gather around.

There are 10 people on the track,

there are five from each team.

- We only have four, do you think you could still win,

even on a team with us?

- No but I'll do it.

- Yes, that's the spirit.

- [Jager] So you have four blockers,

and then each team fields a jammer.

She's the one who collects the points.

So what you do on the whistle, everybody starts moving

the jammers go forward and they try to go through the pack

which is the largest group of opposing blockers

from each side, first one to get out legally,

is the lead jammer, the second pass

is her first scoring pass, and that means every opposing

blocker's hips that she passes with her hips

is a point.

- And you can't score points til you've gone around once.

- Yes.

- And how long does a round usually last?

- 60 seconds or less.

- How many do you have?

- As many as you can fit within an hour.

- How do you hit people?

- With your hips and your shoulder.

- So no elbows to the face?

- No.

- Does it feel good to knock over a jammer though?

- Yes.

Your face.


(imitates gun shot)

(rock music)

- Your center of gravity is here.

When somebody hits you, the lower and the more grounded

you are the better, but the sweet spot

to hit is right here.

- Oh.

- That's not fair, the sweet spot is so accessible on me.

- Yes it is.

So I would go punk, and I would hit him.

But I'd pop him up.

I'd pop him up.

- Do I like really knock over one of these dudes?

- Yeah, knock over Eugene.

- Eugene you want to get knocked over?

(classical music)

Alright Eugene's good.

Eugene's good.

You ready?

(shouts) (laughs)


- Booty bump.

Work that butt.

Show him yeah.



Was that a foul?

- [Chata] Yes.

I think you guys should work on walling up.

- What did you say, walling up?

- Yes, so it's like a wall of four people.

So you get together, chest up, eyes up, butt down.

Ready, roll out, the person on the high, which this case

is Eugene, is gonna go faster,

person on the low slows it down.

In the straight aways it's the opposite,

Eugene slows down,

and Zach picks it up.

That is not a wall, you lost a man.

If Keith is behind you guys gotta slow it down

to catch up with Keith.

- Wall link up, Try Guys assemble.

- You're almost there.

Stay with your wall.

I'm gonna find a hole.

(boys shouting)

- No.

- [Chata] Sorry.

- Yo Jager I feel like we got this, let's kick some ass

and take some names.

(tough music)

You can be my champion

- We are given roller derby names.

It's basically an alter ego, that everyone chooses

once they start skating.

- So I'm a Habersbasher, what do you think?

- Okay, I'll take it.

- She loves it, she loves it, she loves it, she loves it.

- So the importance of bout makeup, it's a way

to pump yourself up, some people like to have

the same thing over and over,

kind of like a lucky rabbit's foot,

or you wear the same underwear.

- Gross.

Will you help us put our bout makeup on today?

- Sure.

- In honor of you being our coach,

I would love something horizontal,

but I want it just straight across my eyeball,

all the way here and all the way here so it's just almost

like a smoky eye but so smoky it's like volcanic.

- I'm called Nasty Ned, because I got a good booty

and I'm a perfect 10.

Look back, mailed it.

What do you think?

It's printed on the shirt so we can't change it.

- So I'm hoping this look

will scare my opponents from ever wanting to even hurt me.

- I think you don't need glasses for people

to pity you.


- So my last name's Yang, which rhymes with a lot

of fun words and I decided to go for Yang Bang

which describes what I'm going to do today,

I'm gonna bang people.

- So I was thinking like a fancy man mustache.

'Cause I'm a fancy nasty man.

Or maybe like angry eyebrows.

- My last name is Kornfeld.

- Okay.

- So I went with like you know, there's creamed corn.

So I'm gonna cream my competition.

- So how do you think I'm gonna do,

you've watched me progress.

- You're gonna be there.

And you're gonna do things.

- Okay.

- It goes, it should go like.

- They're like two separated, I know what I'm doing.


- Okay, okay, okay,

- Wait oh that, I mean, (laughs)

- Up, not down!

- [Jager] It was.

- How do I look?

- [Jager] You look so good.

- If you saw me coming down the track

would you feel bad hurting me?

- Yes.

- Good.

- Oh Jager, you're really good at derby but

I don't know if you have a career in makeup.


- It does look like I got run over by a tire on my face.

- Yeah this is awful, thank you.

- Nasty Ned, ready for your close- oh no.

What, what, what happened to my mustache?

I don't, I love it.


- I look like Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner.

- I look like one of the little rascals.

- It's nasty.



- Thanks a lot, thanks for teaching us

and I'm so sorry for the performance you're about to see.

(bell dings) (dramatic music)

- Try Guys on three.

- Yeah.

- One, two, three.

- [All] Try Guys.

(whistle blows)

- [Announcer] 30 seconds to the track.


(whistle blows)

Jam one.

Black lane.

- [Jager] Pop back up, pop back up, boy pop,

gotta get here.

Walls up, blue wall up.

Wall up.

- [Keith] Wall up, wall up.

Wall, wall it up, wall up.

(guys shout)

(whistle blows)

- [Guy] That's so fun.

- Fun, fun!

What part of that is fun?

- [Eugene] So should we have Zach be jammer now?

- Let's do Zach.

- So which one am I?

- You're jammer.

- [Keith] You're the jammer now.

- I'm the go fast guy?

- You're the go fast in the back of the line.

(whistle blows)


(whistle blows)

- [Announcer] Jam two.

- [Jager] Pop up pop up, don't apologize.

Get up there get up the track.

You got it, pop back up, pop back up.

You need to be on the track.

Pop back up Kremer get back on the track.

- [Zach] Ow.

- [Jager] Nice Kremer, go go go.

Kremer down the track!

(whistle blows)

- [Announcer] Black Jammer first.

- Did I score a penalty?

- She cut, which means like you know cutting in line,

she just went ahead of you.

- How did I do?

- So good.

- I fell a lot.

- The next jam is a power jam which means we

are the only ones with a jammer,

and we're the only ones able to score.

- [Keith] Shit,

- Who wants to jam?

- Don't waste it on me.

Power play give it to Eugene.

Give it to Eugene.

And we're gonna try to not fuck it all up.


- [Announcer] 30 seconds.

(whistle blows)

Jam three.

- [Jager] Nice slide Eugene, go go go.


Go again, go again, go again.

- [Keith] Going back baby.


- [Jager] Again Eugene.

One more pass.

Get back up.

(whistle blows)

- What's up!

That's our Eugene.



Roller derby baby.

Jammer baby.

- These things are happening.

- I'm really getting hurt out there.

I took some bad spills.

- [Ned] Go for it Keith, before you get more injured.

- Yeah give me last run.

- Before you get more,

if you need to, you can take it off and pass it to me.


You're already confused but I might as well say it,

so say, Eugene is a pivot right,

put it on your helmet but say like I'm a jammer,

I can't get out because you guys are so good at blocking.

I can actually take off the panty, hand it to Eugene,

take it, and now he becomes the jammer put it on top

of the helmet, double panties.

- Oh wow so I can,

- And now you are the

- Wall into a jammer?

- Yes, he is just a jammer.

- Don't throw it.

- Do a panty pass.

- That's what we're gonna do.

- Everyone jam take it off, but you have to make it

to me though because I can't go back.

- I get it, I got you hard.

(whistle blows)

(whistle blows)

- [Announcer] Jam four.

- [Jager] Yes Keith, yes, you got this.

Catch up you guys catch up.

Catch up.

Make a wall blue, make a wall.


- Go somewhere else, go somewhere else.

Go somewhere else.

(whistle blows)

- [Announcer] Blue one zero, low block.

- Come on.

- [Keith] Penalty!


(whistle blows)

- [Jager] Do not take your helmet off and skate around.


- Are you serious right now ref?

- Yeah I'm sorry.

- Are you serious?

I went low.

I was falling, I was hurt, that was all her.

She's pushing me, (groans)

- I'll jam.

- Alright.

- Cool.

(whistle blows)

(whistle blows) (dramatic music)

- [Announcer] Jam five.

Black leg.

- I can't do anything.

(whistle blows)

- [Jager] Last one 'cause it got.

- Redemption baby, I'm ready to come out of that penalty box

what do I do?

Really really fast, okay.

- [Announcer] Okay this is our last bout,

we believe in you baby let's do this.

- Let's go, one two three.

- [All] Try Guys.

(whistle blows)

- [Jager] Don't disappoint me.

Ned go.

- [Man] Go Ned.


Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

Catch her nasty catch her.

(pulsing heart beats)

High on the straightaway, low on the turns.

Stay with your wall.

- [Ned] Gotta good booty and I'm a perfect 10.

- [Zach] Structural integrity of uncooked pasta.

(whistle blows)

- [Jager] That was excellent.

Yes, fuck yeah.

(shouts and cheers)

(upbeat music)

- Wow what a rush.

- You know how hard it is to be on wheels

on a really sharp incline and go slow?

- You think that's a traditionally male thing

so like put yourself in harms way, nope,

women can do that just as well.

- They fell just as much as I thought they would.

- Jager!

- Falling is actually kind of fun.


- I'm very surprised that no one died,

there was a panty pass, which was really exciting.

Ned got out.

- That was sad, not good team work.

- So if these four guys can learn how to skate

within the last couple of days,

go straight into a scrimmage

with the Los Angeles Derby Dolls,

anyone who sees this video can come look us up,

find the warrior within themselves

and figure out who you are through skating.

- So many of us fall on our butts

and pretend like it never happened

but derby, roller derby, teaches you how to do it

and get back up, and that's a life lesson we can all take

with us, male or female.


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