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Not so the believers. The true believers. This is the test "as of fire" that

the Bible speaks, this is the sieve of the sincere. Let's see why. The turn of

examine this prophecy in the light of the candles of all those who have called themselves

parishioners of any creed.

If reference is the solution of the radioactive swell the tangible world, the hope that it

arises is minimal. In fact, those who are proceeding well conclude that there is reason to

albriciarse because the situation is almost lost, and expected the worst (ie, the

"Next" explosion Fukushima fused nuclei, which would eventually extinguish

human life). Too bad for their hearts have failed to enjoy

peace of mind that God gives to those who give himself to His Word. If so

did, the angels of "sakina" (peace) come ready to cover them with the mantle

of faith. And so armed, until his health would improve, which comes in handy

in these times of dwindling and organic attack.

But make no mistake: being a believer is not enough. While declaring God's faithful, one who

steal an accent of prophecy live a subtraction of equal caliber of the blessings

divine, and you add a tilde, adding suffer the curses mentioned,

plus many others. We emphasize that these arithmetic operations concerning humanity in full,

with particular emphasis for believers, which must be. The believer has contacted

some form with the Creator. It is to ensure the link that has been stretched between

them. If adulterous this union will be as treacherous wife. No matter that remains

in the husband's house, as has already spotted the nuptial. And what way is preserved

pristine wedding? With fidelity to the truth, to virtuous action, with repentance

constant, prayer and remembrance of the Merciful. In this specific case,

the truth enunciated by the prophet John in his wonderful book, is neither more nor less than

The full prophecy that the son has inherited eloquent man, to us.

Those who run away from it one iota, has transgressed: has adulterated the tilde, has

embezzled the accent.

How can you recognize a message of divine origin? This is a relevant question

and anyone looking for the truth shall hacérsela, because the world will end, but

The Word of God will continue forever. So recognize us to be aware

a message whose importance addresses this spatiotemporal plane and beyond. Fortunately

There are many ways to know if a prophecy is true, and the most eloquent is compliance.

Therefore, we can say confident that we have quoted verses are a revelation

real facts that advertise for two millennia correspond to what happened in

the contemporary evolution. No matter that Constantine, the idolater, has destroyed

296 Gospels 325 AD leaving only Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the same

that contradict each other, because the portions are doing exegesis which reflect

identical to what we witness in the world. Other verses are corrupt,

as we will see, but they do not. And talk about these corruptions, if God gives us permission,

they discern the falsity of wills and their veracity, has to do with the cause

Fukushima: the sacrificial life of the martyrs and the messengers of the Lord, praise.

In fact, mentioning the evangelicida imperial implicitly allude to all those

evangeliares custodians who were sacrificed by the tyrant emperor to deprive them of

The Revealed Word. Constantine certainly has to be living unparalleled torment

in his grave, unless, of course, that time has repented of his crime against God and his emissaries.

Who else has joined the list of theological thugs? It will be interesting

give an overview of the affiliations of those for whom God himself the curse impreca

Finally, the book closes the singular of the Holy Bible. Let us remember, if our

Maker enables us, before this body roll:

Revelation 22, v. 18-19: Now, I testify to everyone who hears the words of prophecy

of this book: that if anyone adds to these things, God shall add unto him

the plagues written in this book. And if anyone takes words away from this book of

prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city,

described in this book.

These two verses enormous in its meaning and hermosísimos on their promise, are the delight

of those who expect the best from life who have been granted temporary and eternal life. And are

the condemnation of those who cohabit with the idols of twisted interpretations to

the extent of their favorite sins. Let us begin to point them out.

The Christian Old Testament, or Jewish, who denies the veracity novotestamentaria,

killing is spiritually the prophet Jesus, to his blessed mother Mary, the apostles

and martyrs who surrendered to send us the Gospel. And this denial is not

to call a lie a lie what is in the Gospels, which is a lot, but to deny

generally and absolute that Jesus came and that in the New Testament can

found some truth, as we have explained verses.

The Christian believer of whatever denomination, which without a shadow of doubt, judgment, logic or

Research happens to believe the lies raised against the prophets, as

adjudge fornication, adultery, drunkenness, incest, murder, etc., are true,

but denies spiritual coherence, and the historical truth of the collection

of biblical canons show that precautions must be taken with the writing on them.

The Muslim believer, that despite the Qur'anic imperative that forces him to believe in the Holy

Bible that it is true, he prefers to ignore and walk by believing holder

ultimate truth just because the entire Qur'an is true, thinking dispensable

Revelation the people who received the book, believers of wills,

the "Ahlul Kitab."

The Christian theist who thinks that if God has left something, I will personally

in some way, so you can ignore all his life comodinamente disclosures

universal are available in virtually all traditions of

monotheistic peoples, allowing them contempt or interpretation

individualistic and pristine premised accommodative way of their vices and relativizations.

And again the Muslim believer, when in a rebuff of intellectual pride, historical

and spiritual passes by with the head erect and stony heart to the sacrifices

of their martyrs, to the exploits of his saints, to the immaculate character of their prophet.

This particular type of being, has promised deep and ardent circle of hell.

This ilk of believer has in the fire more painful, more intimate, more

torturous, by necessity. Honey has enjoyed purest light revealed, and even

well, even with the peremptory commands of the book and shining guaranteed, preferred

venerate the exegesis diverted from their teachers of the law, to respect the historical truth,

the "tafsir" Sure, the procedure of logic and common sense. At this scrapes

awaits purification and suffering extreme woes. Do not hesitate.

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