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Hello, this is Mickeyworks.

Suddenly, I have an idea today.

So many people care about the photo shooting quality of smartphone.

As we know the photo shooting quality of smartphone is getting better and better.

Sometimes, we may be interested in whether smartphone could take place of DSLR or not while photo shooting

Today, I'll make a photo shooting comparison.

My comparison targets are iPhone 8 Plus and my DSLR.

I'll take similar pictures with iPhone 8 Plus and my DSLR.

Let's check out whether the photo shooting quality of smartphone can reach DSLR or not.

Let's go!

This is my DSLR - SONY a9 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera.

With Sony FE 24-70mm f2.8 GM G Master Len.

SONY a9 is released in Y2017 and it is a great Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

The total retail price of DSLR body and len is:

Apple iPhone 8 Plus is released in Y2017

Camera lens of iPhone 8 Plus have great-performing!

Based on these great lens of iPhone.

I cannot help imaging I will take all my photos by iPhone without DSLR anymore in the future.

The retail price of iPhone 8 Plus is:

I'm just a ordinary person not professional photographer.

Just take pictures casually in this video.

Since their original objectives are totally different,

my plan is taking photos directly without any setting adjustment.

I'll take photos with default settings or P Mode (Program AE)

not only without any setting adjustment manually,

but also without photo retouching.

Let's enjoy the blind test,

can you identify oncoming photos taken by iPhone or a9 individually?

After comparing photos taken by iPhone 8 Plus and Sony a9,

In my personal opinion, if you're looking for extreme photo quality,

it's impossible to replace DSLR by smartphone for photo shooting quality.

But, if you'd like to just take photos in a journey casually

without specialized purpose,

I believe that the photo quality taken by smartphone,

is qualified for magazine cover printing need.

In the near future,

it might be possible that smartphone can replace DSLR for photo shooting,

and no need to carry heavy and expensive DSLR any more.

I think the technological development of photography and filming

is the main trend of smartphone.

If you're professional users or experts

the best choice for you is carrying both,

this is my conclusion.

If you have any further question or opinion,

please write comments to me.

This is Mickeyworks.

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Really appreciate my dear hardworking camera"man".

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