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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Redman Unknowingly Critiques One Of Jay Z's Hottest Verses Of All Time | Rate The Bars

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(scampering beat)

- "The words you talk, that'll be the words you walk.

"I body you in the bed

"where the nurses are.

"Put your vein out, watch me insert the dart.

"Til it plagues from bricks

"to the Persian Gulf.

"Light circuits off,

"33rd of my brain is off.

"That explains why my language off.

"My gun aim and cough (cough),

"y'all ain't trained to brawl.

"Y'all more like in training bras.

I like that.

It told a story.

I actually visualize that.

I give that a five.

"I made love to a stripper."

First of all, you don't make love to a stripper

because she's (expletive) already.

"First I had to tip her."

Of course, she's a stripper.

She ain't gonna let you (expletive) for free.

You make love to a stripper and then..

So you makin' love to a stripper

and you still had to tip her?


"20 thousands ones,

"she said, I'm that (expletive)."

Shit, if you put 20 thousand ones in front of me

and told me I could keep it,

I'm gonna tell you you're that (expletive), too.

"I said, I'm that (expletives),

"I already know it."

"I come with bad weather,

"they say I'm a storm."

I gotta rate that like a one or a two.

It was just all over the place a little bit.

No disrespect.

It was just a little bit too much over the place.

"Heya love love, you little fly lady bug.

"Come and swing this episode wit more from up above.

"With them Earl Jeans on fitting tight like a glove.

"You little Cinnamon Toast Crunch, come show me some love!

"Slim goodie got tittle litties.

"Yeah but she's a picture post card pretty fat kitty."

That was pretty witty.

A little bit witty,

but this card had a lot of love in it

so I give it a three or a two

'cause it had love in it.

Love always (expletive) wins.

"Ah shit, I'm still beasting the bars,

"flow shit Malik and Jamal.

"Still bodying every beat that I'm on.

"Any street that I'm on, I'm a sight still,

"shine like million dollar light bill.

"Even Bun B know I'm type trill,

"type ill, might steal your misses.

"Treat it like a four-course meal and do the dishes.

"Scratch off my wish list, add to my (expletive) it list.

"Name an MC that can (expletive) with this."

I like that.

Witty, don't give a (expletive), right to the point.

I give that a five.

"They say the streets turn (expletive) into sinners."

That is true.

Even though a (expletive) is a sinner, anyway.

He sinnin' if he a (expletive), he a black man.

When he turnin' (expletive) and you 'bout to see.

When the (expletive) come out a black man,

some sinnin's about to go down

so I can dig that.

"But them jail cells

"be turning (expletive) into dinner."

Yeah, they do toss the salad in there a lot, right?

That's what he's talkin' about?

Or you're full gettin' ate?

Yes, okay.

Either way, still got somethin' to do with it.

Your food gonna get took in jail

or your salad gonna get tossed in jail.

Either way, he made sense there or whoever.

"So they sing in the summer,

"be home by the winter.

"Interrogation room be turning (expletive) into tenors."

I'm not mad at that.

I'm not mad at that.

"The interrogation room turn (expletive) into tenors."

Instead, he could have said singers or, you know..

He said tenors and you gotta know what tenors are

if you know your music and yeah, this is a four.

I like this.

"I be riding around with a stripper-slash-burlesque model.

I make it pop like my (expletive) in a Durex condom.

Pop! Nice.

I'm a opposite artist I find irony in going.

Could have worded that a little bit better,

I think, to be understood.

We're dealing with a dumb audience out here.

Don't be too intricate with your rhymes.

Too much.

"From being like a stone in the grass

"to rocking the Garden."

I'll give that a 2 1/2.

You lost me on the last two bars.

You almost got a three.

I wouldn't have used cock, but the Durex condom pop.

I understand that.

I give that like a two.

"Grams to Grammys, two guns Yosemite.

"(expletive) put their Glock on your ass,

"(expletive) that Heather B."

Right there I can't (expletive) with you.

When you say anything negative

and (expletive) Heather B or whatever,

I go to the next card.

You gets no play here.

"Hold up, this shit need a verse from Jeezy.

I might send this to the mixtape Weezy.

I like that.

"Get somebody from BMF

"to talk on this.

"Get this to a blood,

"let a crip walk on it.

"Fifty thou' to style on this.

"I just don't need nobody to smile on this.

"You (expletive) singing too much.

"Get back to rap, you T-paining too much."

I give that a five.

You are T-paining too much.

(clapping) Yes.


(expletive) yo!

This is Redman and I just rated those bars.

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