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The Wife's Secret

Episode 6

Lily, I've arranged this meeting to ask your opinion on something

I know you haven't got back on your feet

But you have to face it sooner or later

Mr Li, you might wanna get straight to the point


Lily, your parents were planning with me for the united listing

I didn't imagine they'd pass way before it's done

What's your opinion on the merger between the Li and Jiang Corps?


Going on the market is totally different from merger.

And my cousins claimed to withdraw if the two companies were to merge.

Your cousins are suck-ups. I'm not.

You're not confident in the merger, but I am.


I think you should understand my dad's good intention

The merger could allow us to address the problems the Jiang Corp is facing

including the orders your dad failed to complete


What order?

Oh, mom. There's an order the late Jiang didn't finish

How big is it?

A really big one.

A really big one?

How is the profit?

Mr Li

I'm not into management

I'd approve anything that will satisfy my parents' will.

But the Jiangs still owe a loan.

The warehouses need to be rebuilt, and there's an order that needs to be filled immediately.

Plenty of equipment and human resources are needed

These will be a burden to the Li Corp

You might wanna consider it


I'll shoulder it with you

If the merger happens, I hope the current employees can still secure their former pose.

Also, will the brands created by my parents be kept after the merger?

Lily, why do you have so many requests?

You seem to be mute

But actually, you're quite cunning


The request is not a bit unreasonable

Were the Li Corp in the same shoes, I'd requst the same thing

What are you talking about?

It shall never happen to the Li Corp. Never!

Tell the God you said the wrong thing and you wanna take it back


Lily, what you said is quite right

The merger is not really a merger

The assets of the Jiangs will still be under your name

You'll be in charge of the operation and management

What are you talking about?

Li Tian, why don't you speak?

Now that Lily and Dad have reached a decision,

I have no objection.

What do you mean?

That settles it, huh?

You have no regard for my opinion

What are you doing? I haven't finished

- What's the matter? - Come with me

- I wanna have a word with you - Hear me out. I have something to say

- Come here - Don't drag me

What the hell are you doing?

Come out with me

- Come on - Let go of me


What are you doing?

You should really behave like a decent parent

You are so rude to Lily

Why does she deserve my respect?

Don't go back

Refresh yourself in the breeze so as to think clearly

I'm totally clear-minded now

Li Dachuan, I don't get it

Why should you cling to the Jiang Corp?

Well, which is more important, money or men?


What's the use of men without money?

What's the use of money without men?

I'll hand over the company to Minglang and Tian anyway

You know Minglang very well

He didn't put his mind on the business

But he is much better and more diligent now, isn't he?

What has it to do with the merger?

We wanted him to manage the company against his will

But what was the result of it?

Lily's matter taught Minglang responsibility

Why life is so hard on me?

Look, you have a weak body

And Minglang is with Lily heart and soul

Maybe, the Lis will take up the surname of Jiang

Tian is quite mature

Unfortunately, he's not our biological son

What are you saying, Fenfang?

Didn't we agree not to bring it up at home?

I know. I won't bring it up again.

Anyway, we have raised him for over 20 years

We treat him exactly as our biological child.

Dachuan, it's quite weird

Whenever he sees me, he is so polite as to address me as Madam

Okay, so much for this

I know about it

Anyway, we should be unbiased

Dachuan, what about this?

Minglang will be in charge of the Li Corp

And Tian the Jiang Corp

This way, the Jiang Crop still belongs to Lily

That's it

I'll talk it out with Lily


Minglang, sit over there

I wanna have a talk with Lily



You're so different from all the other girls

You're elegant, with good manners


You've lived here for so long

But I haven't bought you anything

Shall we go shopping now?

Well, I wanna buy you clothes

I'll dress you up nicely

You're the successor to the Jiang Corp after all

You belong to the upper class

Mrs Li, the company is about to restart operation

And the reconstruction after the fire is underway

Shall we go some other day?

Some other day?


How about this?

I'll go buy the clothes, and you just need to try it on at home.

Minglang, I sincerely appreciate your fine taste

Nowadays, few girls are as good and guileless as Lily

Dahua, get the car ready

I'm going shopping

I'm going

Ning Xia, come out for dinner

Ning Xia

I shouldn't say this

But you're torturing yourself

If it's true love, you should get married

If not, don't take it too seriously

In the country, it's immoral to have an affair without getting married


Aunt Hong

I'm hungry. What have you prepared?

Your favorite dishes.


Come on

- Minglang - Ning Xia

I won't let go

Ning Xia, settle down

I care for you because you're in need of help

It's friendship, not love. Be reasonable

Come in

Boss, these are the documents that need to be signed

Leave them here


Minglang, last night...

Forget about it

I'm sorry

My rash act embarrassed you

Hello. Yes, I am

Yeah. The Jiang Corp will restart operation

Take care. Don't run far away

Be careful

- Mama - Sweetie

Is the water for me? Oh, good girl.

Okay. Laidi, Zhaodi, have some water

Very well

- Look - So pretty

Put it on

So sweet


My child, I understand all your sorrow

I understand it's not easy for you to admit me as your mom

I won't push you

I've waited for 20 years. I'll be patient


I've been waiting for you. Come here

I have a present for you

- Sit - Thanks


- That's very kind of you - Not at all

The moment I laid my eyes on this pair of shoes in the mall

I know the pretty shoes are fit for you

Do you like them?



Madam, what can I do for you?

Lily is exhausted and thirsty

Squeeze a glass of fresh juice for her


No need

It's okay

Look, it's so pretty

I'll help you put them on

- Come - I can do it myself

- Come on - Let me do it myself

It's fine

I'll help you

- Mrs Li - Come

How is it?

- How is it? - It's a big small

No. It's not small

It's common for breaking in new shoes

Push harder

New shoes are like this

It will loosen up gradually

And the other one

- There - I can put it on myself

Let me help you with it. Push hard

You have to put on both

Mrs Li, what is it you're trying to say?

Nothing serious

Look, we all care about you

If you really wanna thank me,

would you let Tian run the Jiang Corp?


Rest assured, the profits will be properly divided

Mrs Li, my parents worked so hard to build the Jiang Corp

I can't just give it to others

Well...let's leave it up to Mr Li

You really think you can manage the company?

You see, it's for your good

You should be grateful for it

Take the shoes for an analogy

You can only put on shoes that are fit for you, right?

If you force on shoes that are not fit for you, it'll never be comfortable

You should know this, don't you?

What are you doing?

Lily, what do you mean?

- Thank you - How insolent!


Juice. Oh, Miss Jiang

What the fuck?

Pick up the shoes

See if they can be returned to the mall

So arrogant.

A candy will cheer you up when you're feeling down

Aren't candies the pacifier for kids?

This candy is miraculous

If you eat it, our relationship will be sweet

We'll have a child and live happily thereafter

Okay, I see. I'll keep it

Mrs Li

So, should I start it?


I apologize. I didn't complete the mission


If you take it as a mission, there's no way it can't be completed

It seems you didn't try hard enough

I don't need apologies

If you're sorry, you should be sorry for yourself

Miss Ning

I thought you're competent

It seems you're no better than doing some little tricks

I overestimated you

Do you know how Minglang and Lily get along recently?

Minglang won't tell me this kind of stuff

There will be a merger between the Li and Jiang Corp

I know

But how can I stop it as a small secretary?

You don't need to stop anything

You only need to find a way to gain Minglang's heart

In order to gain the heart of a man,

you need to know what is his weakness.

What he cares about most?

What Minglang cares about

Now, you'd be an idiot if you still don't know what to do



Brother, what can I do for you?

Oh, it's about the fire.

We still can't identify the person who went into the warehouse


The police investigated thoroughly in the factory in vain

This person evaded the camera in the factory

It means he's very familiar with the monitor system

Even if we were to find out who he is,

there's nothing we can do without solid proof

Solid proof

Investigation shows the fire started from the switch box

We also found someone entered the scene before the fire

It might be a man dressed up as a woman judging from the figure

Lily, where are you going?

I'll go to the warehouses

Ning Xia

There you are. There, your slippers

The dinner will be ready in a minute

Ning Xia

It's unhealthy to drink before dinner

Getting drunk will be harmful

I'm like to be drunk

This will give me courage later

I only know wine is forbidden for your illness


Get back to your room. I'll be busy in a second

I still need to cook some more dishes

Get in your room



Don't come out no matter what happens later


Why my love makes me so exhausted?

Why can't you allow me even one chance to have a try?

- Oh, don't shake - Dahua, hold it firmly

It's wet everywhere

Okay, stand still

Maoqiu, let me tell you

I'll banish you to Mauritius if you'd move


Mrs Li likes dog, but never cares for it

She couldn't care less about it

She doesn't have time

She puts all her mind on her sons

Hadn't she been so careless,

Tian wouldn't have been neglected

He was such a good boy

But he became handicapped


What rubbish are you sprouting?



I know

I owe you a lot

You were very young at that time

Your dad and I were extremely busy

So I didn't have time to look after you

You suffered a lot

You got sick

And you were left lame

I'm really terribly sorry

It was in the distant past. Forget about it

Son, I appreciate your generosity



I have an asthma attack

Come to help me

I can't make it

You were very well in the afternoon

How would I cheat you?

Use the spray

Ning Xia, I really can't help you

What about my calling the ambulance for you?

No need. If you don't come, I'd rather die.



Could you do me a favor?

What is it?

Ning Xia asked for help

I don't know if it's real

She said she had an asthma attack

Something unpleasant happened between us

I'll call on her

But I hope you'll come over to help me

Okay, I'll be right there


Oh, right

Is Lily at home?

I can't reach her

She's gone to the warehouses


Ning Xia

Ning Xia

Ning Xia

Ning Xia

Ning Xia

Are you all right?

Why would you drink when you have an attack?

Where is your medicine?

Ning Xia


I must send you to hospital


Minglang, can you feel my love?

What the hell? Are you insane?



I know you love me. I know you miss me.

Enough. It's more that I can put up with

How can you cheat me with your illness?

Minglang, I didn't cheat you

Without you, I'll die and go mad

- Minglang - You're unreasonable




Ning Xia, settle down

You're torturing yourself

He doesn't even care about you

Get lost!

Fine. Cool down

I'll go buy some medicine to help you sober up



Aunt Hong

Qiansun, what's the matter?

I'm penniless. Give me some money

Why are you running out of money again?

I no longer work in the hospital. I'm a maid now

If you need money, come over to get it yourself

What? You changed your job?

Where are you?

I'll tell you the address. Take Line 9.



Is it any better than working in the hospital?

What the hell?

My parents have no grudges with others

They have no enemies in business

Who would have murdered them?

Aunt Hong, are you here?

Aunt Hong

Aunt Hong

Ning Xia


Ning Xia

Ning Xia, Minglang

Ning Xia

Where is the medicine?

Don't go. Don't leave me alone.

Don't leave me alone.

Don't go. Don't leave me.

I know you love me. I know you love me too.

You love me, right?

I know you love me too

You love me

You love me

You love me



Watch out

Ning Xia

You're mine

You don't belong to Lily

Minglang, I love you

I love you


I know you love me

You love me, right?

Don't leave me

Don't leave me, Minglang


Minglang, it's really you




It's really you


Dad, Mom

So many tasty dishes

Don't eat alone. You should feed Maoqiu


Go for your brother

Stay with him

He's lonely. He has no girlfriend

Mom, I'm single, but that doesn't mean I'd accept Maoqiu as my wife

Dream on. I wouldn't allow it


You're of the age to have a partner


I'm worried everyday to see if you have a girlfriend


A partner is important to a man

Marriage is the test stone if a man's maturity

and a mirror of his IQ, EQ, ability and morality

I hope Minglang and you could improve yourselves in every aspect

So, you can take over the business earlier

Yeah. I agree with your dad

So, we've made a decision

We'll see which one of you has a better wife

And he'll be the successor to the family business

Dachuan, tell it to Minglang

Dad, Mom

Although I'm single now, but there's a girl...

Spit it out.

Is she pretty? What about her family background?

Why should you know so much about her?

I've got to know.

Son, you can't be whimsical about selecting a wife

You must choose wisely

As long as it's a woman you love, I'll nail it

I only wish you won't mess it up

Tian, you've been working hard

How is the preparation for the press conference tomorrow?

The merger is in the spotlight now

Many reporters would come without invitation

The merger is a big issue in the industry

It's no big deal

Acquisition would be better

There will be many reporters thronging in

Why isn't Minglang here?

Minglang, Dahua, time for breakfast

Madam, Dahua went for a blind date


Another blind date?

He's a blind date professional now.

Gee. Ask Minglang to come for breakfast

I saw his door open

He's not in

Then, he must be in Lily's room. Call him

Miss Jiang is not here, either

Where have they gone in such early morning?

I don't know

Okay. You may leave

Tian, call Minglang to see what happened

- He didn't answer it -Then call Lily

They must be together

Gee. Dachuan

You see, poor education

Poor education, see what I mean?

He's only been with Lily for a few days

God knows what will happen

Tell me Mr Li Dachuan

Mom, don't worry. I'll go find them

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