Practice English Speaking&Listening with: OKsystem | 30 years of software development

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Welcome to OKsystem!

I'm Eva. Today I'll be showing you around!

Where did Eva go?

Let's go inside to find her.

Hey! What are they doing?

- Hey Tom! I see you took the family to work! - Hello!

Hmm... No big deal...

But the world looks different through a programmer's eyes.

It's time to get virtual.

Come with me and find how we develop applications and programs.

Welcome to OKbase.

This HR system helps hundreds of thousands of people.

It's used in supermarkets, hospitals...


... and in factories.

We are moving on to BabelApp.

Our encryption protects businesses against the competition.

And that is BabelApp.

It offers unbeatable security that will keep your communications safe.

Want to go outside but it looks like rain?

- Our weather app will... - Keep you dry.

Hey! What's up there?

It looks like my maternity leave package!

Thanks to our app all fans of floorball are always in the picture.


Fantastic! Looks like we're up!

For thirty years we've been developing software for you.

We are OKsystem.

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