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okay so here's the thing I'm thinking

that I should probably put the helmet on

now I am about to unbox Segway shoes and

that's not actually with a call they're

called a Segway drift at w1 and you guys

remember the hoverboards well this is

basically like a tiny hoverboard on each

one of your feet we've got one here it

looks like a mystery box but I assure

you this mystery is going to be solved

but very soon I guess I can take the

helmet off that's a little excessive so

I didn't cut the tape I was trying to

peek in here cuz I wanted to do it pre

unboxing the problem was it was boxed

very nicely so I wasn't able to

instructions these are gonna be

extremely important Segway drift w1 user

manual you not Traverse bumps or uneven

terrain do not ride on public roads

motorways highways or streets avoid

slopes steeper than 10° do not ride

through puddles oh there's something

else this looks important as well this

is one of those things where I do not

throw the instructions away it does look

any bad I've also brought kneepads and a

lot of rolled up to the scene with my

ceilin missin I've used Segway products

in the past this is kind of crazy when I

went to college I was actually a I don't

even know how to explain it

I gave tours of my college and we were

one of the first colleges to ever have a

Segway so we had one and I would ride

the Segway and I'd wear a helmet since

this was so early a lot of people didn't

even know what the Segway was so it was

kind of cool to be able to see how far

they've come

I also had one of these Segway 9 box

which was sort of the actual hoverboards

and using Segway technology it was

something that is so much more trusting

than some of those hoverboards because

the people that were making those there

were some really crabby hoverboards and

they weren't catching on fire and when I

saw that Segway was doing one I knew

that this was a brand that can be


here's our I'm glad I brought my

skateboarding helmet so that I would be

ready I also brought my skateboarding

knee pads and elbow pads cable so this

is this plugs into here and then this

plugs into the wall it looks like

there's two separate little charging

cables to charge each one of these shoes

segways shoes another thing you guys

can't tell if these are really heavy

like this is it's not like these are

light maybe like seven pounds each what

do you think do you have an eight yeah

get the weight I'm pretty sure this is

actually a really good weight because

this will help you with your grip

strength as well

I feel so shredded right now I think

it's about seven and a half pounds 3.5

kilograms times two 3.5 kilograms is how

many pounds yeah I said seven and a half

so that's pretty accurate now that I

know that I am a genius at everything

sister help oh gosh I'm gonna make so

many friends today yeah so there's the

charging port okay let's charge this up

okay we got stop filming now okay cool

blooper natha's charge I'm gonna go

outside guys looks like they're charged

the first thing it told us to do in the

directions that I read or put them down

like this to get them calibrated so this

puts it into the calibration mode

they're calibrating right now look how

pretty one thing it did say is not to

touch the wheel only thing I want to do

is touch it but look at me I'm not on

being safe


come on it is powered on a parked on the

ground standby mode and then it goes

into balance mode when you slightly tip

it so let's see and put this on because

ya know pets

oh I'm doing it I'm doing it oh my

goodness when they okay

so I'm a little unsteady because your

legs it's weird it's weird how do I even

explain why there's a carpet over here

it's like my legs are not communicating

with not only my brain but with each

other I'm not sure how to explain it

because basically you just move your

feet and like it goes that way and the

thing is I've used the second nine

blocks before I've used the hoverboards

before the one thing I never really

tried although I did give it a shot was

the rocket shoes those were incredibly

dangerous because they went so fast

whereas this is different because you're

not actually strapped into it

your feet are free they're free your

feet are free I'm gonna need to clear

out all the furniture in my house now if

I were straight ready I should probably

just do hallway first well my legs just

running apart I do not want that to

happen like that's the thing is when

these gonna get like this like you got

to really use some muscles to sort of

like force your legs back together I'm

all geared up if you're wondering why

these may look a little bit tight

because their children's safety first

the handle is actually quite handy how's

my posture

it sounds like I'm on a spaceship I'm

not ready for full speed yet like what

if one leg decides to do something else

I think this is as fast as I can go I

don't think he's home

I have been ringing your doorbell so far

so good but I came to visit you always

like I don't know what that's doing

hello hello nice jersey shirt that's

nice can I try oh the fact that you had

elbow knee pads and a helmet oh oh this

is for my skateboard days game Oh as

well it seems like a very steamy baby oh

yes okay so now other balance

you basically just you just hop on one

of my legs doing okay so we found that

now we're gonna go find Edie and we're

gonna cruise around in the parking

garage I'm gonna get some really cool

slow-mo shots to make it look like I'm

really cool hello go to the parking

garage I don't know so right now I'm

practicing I'm feeling pretty good

feeling pretty good about it

have you seen anything cooler than this

what do you think ahead what do you

think of these do you think is cool I

think it's kind of neat just the other

day I was like listening to hope music

and I was like man I remember

rollerskating like in elementary school

and how cool that was and it might not

be cool again and then you notice look

at this stuff isn't it neat wouldn't you

think my Segway collections complete

we made outside let's ride around and

get it get what I don't know does that

mean something bad see my legs sometimes

do this so you gotta like really get

them back together

this is handling this sidewalk



so they turn off after a minute if no

one's on them which is probably a really

good things it'll save your battery they

do work independent of each other so

they're not actually both connected so

this was the one that I had on my left

foot before and now it's on the right so

it doesn't really matter there's no left

or right these are it these are the

Segway drift w1 they should have been

called Segway shoes cuz that's way

cooler but if you do want to change the

name don't forget you heard it here

first thank you guys so much for

watching this video I had so much fun

trying these out and the surprising

thing is they do look really dangerous

but it's so far they were so much easier

to ride than I thought when I watched

the demo video Cydia is gonna check

these out I'll put a link in the

description and I'm having so much fun

trying them yo what's up you like my


there's segways chutes but he was being

entirely serious like what are those

they're not going over any crazy bumps

or any elevations that says you're not

supposed to go up like 10 degrees me Tut

come here

Here I am the ground okay cool I'm gonna

get run over I am gonna get run over all

right I'll see you later thanks watching

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to say that it's just icky icky geeky do

you love me oh you ride


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