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Here's the report and the CCCTV footage.

This report will prove that on the night of marriage

grandma was not unwell.

She was pretending to be unwell.

This footage will also prove

that grandma got me kidnapped.

But how did you find out about this?

I never trusted grandma!

But when I had a doubt on her

I decided to collect all the evidences

and I got them with great difficulty!

If you give this to AVM

he will think that you regret for what you did!

Maybe he will even start trusting you!

I'm sure that if you are helping grandma

then she must have definitely promised you something!

She must have promised you that she will make you

her daughter-in-law!

But remember one thing..

Grandma is not trustworthy!

She only thinks about herself!

Her goal in life is to keep control on AVM

which is why she is trying to get rid of me!

So what is happening with me today

could happen with you as well.

So please help me.

If not for me, at least for AVM!

Don't you think that grandma's true colours

should be revealed?

But how do I trust you?

What's the guarantee

that you will provide my child's right to him?

I know how it feels to be an orphan!

I don't want any child

to go through the pain I went through!

I promise you

and I will never break my promise.

Please, help me.

I want someone from grandma's team

to provide evidence against her!

And I promise you

that you and your child will have my support!


Come home in the evening!

'Once grandma's true colours are revealed'

'then AVM will believe everything Ms. Savitri says!'

Hello, sir. Please, come in.

I've come here to meet mom!

I just came to see how she's doing!

Savitri has an appointment with the doctor.

She has gone to the doctor.

Excuse me.

I e-mailed you the file which includes the tender!

He is here.. Has mom gone alone?

She could've asked Ishqi or me!

Hi, Dr. Kothari. Ahaan here.

Hi, Ahaan. How are you?

I'm fine, thanks. Did mom have an appointment today?

Yes, she did have an appointment.

But they all left. - They all?

Wasn't she alone?

Her daughter was present too!

Hello. - Hello, Ishqi.

I don't think I can't make it for lunch today!

I have some important work!

I hope you don't mind!

'I wanted to sort out everything before going home..'

Ishqi.. - It's okay, AVM.

I'll see you at home in the evening!


Sister-in-law, you're here!

Since it was my lunch break at office

I thought I'll meet her.

You had an appointment with the doctor, didn't you?

What did the doctor say?

He said that she's fine!

Sister-in-law, please..

Don't tell grandma or brother that you were here!

I lied at home.. Please..

Don't worry!

I won't say anything!

You may go now. I'll be with her.

Take care.

I'll see you.


Sit down.. I need to talk to you.

Tell me..

We must tell the truth to Ahaan!

We'll now fight openly!

We'll tell the truth!

I just don't want to lie to AVM anymore.


I'll do as you say!

I don't want to be the reason

or create problems between you and Ahaan!

Thank you.

You met her?

I'm sorry, Brother.

I know you hate her.

You had also told me to stay away from her.

But I couldn't!

As I was trying to go away from her

I felt that

what grandma did to her was wrong

and her condition worsened!

I just couldn't stop myself.

I wanted to meet her. I wanted to see

if she's okay.

I never hated her, Brother.

Nor can I ever!

I've always missed her.

I have complaints, I am angry too..

But whenever she comes in front of me

everything disappears!

I just feel like hugging her and cry as much as I can!

I feel like asking her why did she leave us!

I wouldn't have understood if you told me all this earlier!

I don't know what's wrong!

I don't hate the woman

I used to hate so much.

I'm trying to hate her but I just can't!

I don't know why!

I want to ask her questions and argue with her..

I want to be mad at her.

Why did she leave us and go?

But I just can't do it!

I don't know..


Do you know? Whenever I used to see her

there was so much hatred in me for her..

And I am worried about the same woman today!

I feel bad when I see her in trouble!

Brother, you can talk to her.

Aunt always says that people are not bad

circumstances make them bad!

Sister-in-law also says

that at times, such a situation arises

that a good person also turns into an evil!

Maybe something like that happened with mom as well.

Maybe she had no choice.

Something bad must've happened to her.

We can ask her once!

Brother, the law also listens to the culprit

before announcing the verdict..

We can talk to her once.

If not for her, at least for me..

I want to know why our mom did so!

Why did she leave us and go?

At least for me.. Please..

Please, agree..

I know it's going to be difficult.

It will be very difficult to you as well.

But we have to do it..

We'll say the truth and also prove it!

How will we do it?

I have a plan!

I will reveal grandma's truth to Ahaan this evening

with all the evidence.

As he finds out what grandma has done with me

he will understand that grandma is a dangerous woman!

After that, you come and tell the truth!

Tell him everything grandma did with you!

I have full faith

that AVM will listen to us and also believe us!


He might take some time to accept the truth!

He could even be mad at us but we have to do it.

We have to do it today!

Don't worry! I will be with you!

Your children don't tell you and show you but..

They love you dearly!

That's why they are concerned about you!

You are right.

Mother-in-law has done enough with our lives!

Not anymore.

We have to end this streak!

Be ready!



Don't tell anyone about all this!

Especially, not grandma!

I don't want her to be worried.

Thank you, Brother..

'I felt so bad when Ahaan hid the truth from me!'

'I can't lie to AVM anymore.'

'It's good that I got the evidence today..'

'All the truth must be told today!'

Ishqi.. Where have you been?

I've been waiting for you for so long!

What's the matter?

I wanted to talk to you about Rhea!

Rhea isn't telling the truth about her pregnancy!

Kartik, what are you saying?

Why will that girl lie?

It will only raise questions on her character!

I am not saying that she is not pregnant!

Since the report is out, she might be pregnant!

I understand.. But..

I don't think that it is Ahaan's child!

We must get the paternity test done!

It will be clear if the child is brother's or not!

Kartik, do you even know what you are saying?

Hold on! Rhea loved Ahaan.

Why would she trap him?

Yes.. For the same reason!

She loves brother and she wants him back!

Ishqi, people can go to any extent for love!

Rhea is not like that. She is well cultured!

No girl will put their reputation at stake!

That's true..

Hello, reach here by 8 today.

I'll expose the truth to AVM today.

Ishqi! Bhola?

Bhola? - Oh! Yes?

Where is Ishqi?

Where is she? - In the room.


Where is she? He said, she's in the room.

I need to talk to you.

You may get shocked and get vexed at me.

What is it? - I will tell you but promise me

that you'll listen to me carefully.

Seriousness just does not suit you.

You better be up to those crazy things

at least that makes me laugh.

So this is also something crazy but it won't make you laugh.

We promised to share everything.

I never wanted to keep a secret.

We did not need to hide anything.

So now

try to understand me

and then react. - What is it?

What is it? - It is about your moth..


Riya is here. She wants to tell you something important.

Why has she come here?

'Riya? Why did she come so early?'

'I asked her to come by 5.'

Meet her later. Listen to me.

I need to sort this out first.

Maybe grandma asked her to stay here.

I can't let that happen. We'll talk later. Let's go.

Oh God! He didn't listen.

He'd understand me well if he knows

grandma's truth first.

What brings you here?

I have something for you. I want to expose someone.

I know you love her a lot

and can't take a word against her.

But I have the proof with me.

You rejected me for Ishqi

do you really think she is worth your trust and love?

Neither my feelings nor my family

was important to you after calling off our marriage.

But I still think of you.

I think about your betterment.

Come to the point.

Ishqi with Savitri?

It got backfired.

AVM, I was about to..

What is all this? Do you know her already?

You betrayed all of us!

No. You have betrayed us.

We got deceived!


What wrong have we done? We accepted you

treated you well

and this is what

you have done to us?

Ahaan, see. Now you know

why I didn't want her.

Girls like her are not trustworthy.

She was planning conspiracies

with Savitri!

Grandma, please.

Ishqi, what is all this? - Hang on, Kartik.

I am sure, she has a valid reason.

Ishqi, tell us.

You think, mom is not an ill person.

Am I right?

Sonu, do not interfere.

I will. She knows her already. She was just trying to help.

How do you know? - Because

I knew her intentions are for good.

She has never done anything wrong.

So what if she's brought mom back? I have always missed her.

I wanted to meet mom.

Not just me, you too.


that's not you. She must have influenced you.

Which is why you're favouring her.

and missing your mom.

I knew

she will do this to us.

I took a step back because I thought you really loved Ahaan.

But I was wrong. I may have committed mistakes but

what you did is unacceptable.

We know Ahaan hates his mom.

He's sensitive about his past and yet you brought her back.

You made him sign a contract

knowing the fact that Ms.Savitri owns it.

At least, let her give a justification.

Stop favouring her.

You were a kid.

You've no idea what has Savitri done to us.

Which makes you sympathize with her.

What made

you do this?

Why did you force Ahaan to work with her?

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