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Hello everybody, How are you? I expect well. I am Franco Vasconcelos

and starts now a video here our Youtube channel:

and this video is about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Yes! I'll talk about this film will arrive in theaters on December 15

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will pass before a New

Hope there 1977.

If you were expecting the continuation of The Force Awakening, this continued

It will be only in 2018. After Disney bought Lucasfilm, bought the rights

make the Star Wars movies, it He promised one film a year.

This year is the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, next year the

continuation of the film The Awakening Force, Star Wars - Episode 8. On the other

year will be Star Wars: Han Solo, it will be, will tell the story of the young Han Solo.

But that's a topic for another video. At the video today I will talk about Rogue One

A Star Wars Story. Why would I talk about Rogue One?

Because it was released a video from behind the scenes of this film. And it's getting fantastic.

At least that's what gave us notice. We saw fight scenes, we saw Stormtrooper in the water.

We saw the villains appearing except the main villain

of the movie. Because yes! The Dath Vader will return. Darth Vader will appear in this movie.

It has been more than confirmed. It was shown there that Star Wars Celebration

but we did not see. We mere mortals are not there. We also

did not see. And I still want to see the Darth Vader. I want to see the Darth Vader there on 15

December. There in theaters.

This video quickly showed much thing. He showed that the director Gareth

Edwards is having a connection with the classic trilogy, since this

movie will go before the classic trilogy. Showed the cast, the cast is quite in tune.

Speaking of the cast, this film has a cast very, very great.

Are Felicity Jones living Jyn ERSO, is Forest Whitaker, is Diego Luna who is Mexican, a fantastic actor.

It has other great actors

So this film is that film that promises.

A year before launching the Force Wake

I had made a video about what I expected Star Wars: Awakening Strength

and this video today I can speak I hope Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

I hope it will be a fantastic film.

Mostly respect that Gareth Edwards is giving

a picture of Gareth Edwards was released with

with the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, and it is very good that

It shows that he is exchanging idea with George Lucas to make this film.

Also, thanks to this video, we saw the practical effects and not those

effects on green background but practical effects, as it was in Awakening

Strength. So I hope very much even of thisRogue One: A Star Wars Story.

I'll leave the link to the video,

this video that was released in the Star Wars Convention.

If you do not follow the page,

youtube channel of Star Wars, go! Why is rolling transmission to

I live this Star Wars Celebration. This Celebration is like the "Comic Con"

But just Star Wars. And that's fantastic for those who are fan

especially is fantastic! If you like Star Wars and still follows the

official channel, follow. And also follow the official page of the Star Wars here

Brazil on Youtube. Because so was released this behind the scenes video of

Rogue One, was already on page official here on Youtube and was already

subtitled, which is best of all. This also shows the respect that Disney,

Lucasfilm and all involved with Star Wars are having with the Brazilian fans.

I'm a great expectation for Star Wars Rogue One. And you? What you

expect this film? Let us here Comments.

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That is, a hug, and went to the next.

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