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everybody knows about alerts they're the little things that pop up on your screen

to let you know when someone has interacted with your stream

it could be a new follower a new subscriber a new donation or a few other

things but what if there's a way that we could

make these alerts more than just the notification we could

make them fun for the audience and incentivize engagements actually

surely we couldn't do that with just some recorded sounds

a bit of creativity in streamlabs obs could we

hi i'm eljay with i'm also a variety streamer over at

links to both those in the description today i'm going to be

walking through how to choose sound alerts

record your own edit them export them and then upload them into streamlabs obs

and this includes if you want multiple different sound alerts for different

notifications if you're here just for the upload

process or a particular part i put time codes in the description as well as in

the top pinned comment on this so feel free to skip straight ahead to wherever

you need to be but otherwise we're going to get

straight into going through the entire process

first things first let's talk about how to choose alerts for your stream now if

i go to a streamer and they've got some very loud or obnoxious alerts

then personally i'm going to pull away from that stream it's just not for me

so if it's personal preference then why am i even bringing up that i don't like

loud or obnoxious alerts am i trying to stop people from using

them no i'm just mentioning it because my first tip of this video is

think about your audience and your key demographic you'd be shocked how many

streamers don't have a key demographic in mind

so when it comes to picking things like what game to play what overlay to use

and of course just like this video what sound alerts to use they kind of

just go with whatever so if you go with whatever those sound

alerts could actually just end up turning off people who are regular

viewers in fact it could be your main viewer

base just because you thought one thing was funny

an example of this is that an asmr streamer probably isn't going to have

fog horns and car crash sounds or funfire for their alerts and

vice versa if you're a minecraft or fortnight streamer

you're probably not going to have someone sitting there going

because it's probably not your key demographic

so the biggest tip i can give you for choosing your sound alerts is to think

about your community and sometimes the best sound alerts come

from your community the ones that they really latch on to

and like for example over at my stream at

ljm underscore link in the description we have a segment called weird internet

where people can submit funny videos and stupid shit to watch on stream the clip

that we're going to be turning into a sound alert today

was incredibly cringy to watch but my community loved it and i did too so they

asked if i could turn it into a sound alert

so that's what i'm doing today but before we do that just quickly i have to

say make sure you have permission to use any sounds you choose to record using

this method just because you can record a song

doesn't mean that it won't get a dmca takedown double check you have

permission or just be safe and only use your own

stuff all right let's get into it start this

out you're going to need to have your alert box and some of your overlays set

up i want to know how to do that there is a card at the top of the screen

now or a link in the description for those mobile users

that will help you get yourself set up with a full overlay and everything you

need and then you'll be here and you can come

back and set up your sound alerts let me show you what you're going to

have at the end of this video so you should have your default alerts set up

so for example i follow this is the alert that i have installed

from neural die that i purchased i also have bits set up


right so that's there and then finally i have uh

another variation which you can see right here new variation and this is

kind of what we're going to be setting up today

so as you can see that i won't be showing you how to do the cutout that's

another video for you instead today i'm just going to show you

how to do the sound so what i've done is i've downloaded

from my own stream a clip of me saying uh

a phrase and i've used that as the background so if i were to do 200 bits

my audience knows that donating 200 bits triggers this particular alert then this

would happen

perfect so at the end of this you're going to have something similar to this

that said one of the funniest moments of my stream in the last few weeks was when

we found this video this video is incredibly

cringy and we watched it on stream together and it was hilarious

good morning tps students it is testing week and it's time to slay

all day stay woke be on fleek and get that gucci breakfast

goals say bye felicia to that testing stress

weather's gonna be turned right chris yes toledo weather gonna be the

lit during testing week a hundo p chance of success you've got this kids

steve how about that traffic are we looking ok

better than oh we're talking turn fomo won't be an issue no traffic

problems around any tps scores to keep you from taking

those tests all right sorry you had to watch that

but essentially we fucking loved it it was amazing so

what we're gonna be doing is we're gonna take this audio here from when they say

get that gucci breakfast and that's what we're gonna be using

turning into an alert today and get that gucci breakfast

if you're watching this video it means you use streamlabs so if you want to

record any audio that's coming through your desktop

with streamlabs all you have to do is come down here and click this record

button find it lay the audio and then hit this

again and you've got the audio now before you hit record there are a

few things you need to have checked i'd recommend going to

output going to recording standard recording path make sure this is set so

you know where the files can be saved change to an mp4 and set it so it

records all six tracks just for safety i have mine to software x264 but

whatever you want it to be set to works as long as you have all your

tracks mp4 and you know where it's recording to

once that's done as i said you just hit the record button and you're good to go

all right so now that you have it recorded it's time to grab that and

chuck it into your editing software now today we're

going to be using premiere pro because i have that

however it does cost money any editing software even the ones that come with a

mac or movie maker will be able to process

your recording and you will be able to cut and export that out as an mp3

so i've dragged in the thing you just saw at start of this video to my

premiere now what i'm going to do is i'm going to find the segment of the talking

that i want to use or the clip that i want to use

find it here i'm going to select it using in and out points

and get that gucci breakfast perfect all right so i'm going to grab that and i'm

going to drag that down into a new timeline

after i've just grabbed the end of it here

there we go dragging into a new timeline and you'll see i have

six different audio tracks now i only need one of these and delete all the

bottom ones and i'll delete the top one here as well

and i just have my audio

as you can see you can kind of see the waves here

once you have your clip isolated every program is going to export out things

differently but our goal here is to get this audio

exported out as an mp3 in the highest quality we possibly can

with no visuals so if you're using premiere just find

the timeline i'm going to right click i'm going to say export media

it's going to pull up this now what we're going to do is we're actually

going to change this here we're going to change this to an mp3

and i'm going to set it to high quality mp3 256 kilobits

don't need to but best i'm changing it to high quality

we will name this i'm going to say get that

gucci breakfast alert and stereo hi important project you turn

that off because i don't need that and i'm going to hit export now

it should be incredibly quick to export as an mp3 you won't have any visuals or

anything like that so you should be fine and we can close that

right so you have your mp3 your sound effect ready to go now which numbers you

can actually customize your alerts for every single type of notification

a follower a subscriber a bit amount a donation in general all these things can

actually also have multiple these are called variations now

variations trigger are based off a few different sets now

we're going to go through this in a second

today i'm going to creating a new variation for myself under bits and i'm

going to go through that in the screen recording

but to make it simple if you want one sound effect for every type of alert

which i wouldn't recommend but you can do

it's easy you just have to do exactly what i'm going to do now but without the

variation part and you need to make sure you install

that sound alert for every single type of alert

the second option is to have a different sound effect for every different type of

notification now that's pretty simple after you've

done it once you'll understand how to do it for every single one but you do need

to go through and install each one manually and the final

option is variations now these are easiest to

explain by explaining bit variations for example you can have

it so that 50 bits triggers for a certain sound or a certain animation

the 100 bits trigger is another one and you can set these to be any amount you

want now i hope that hasn't confused you i'm going to jump into the screen

recording now or i'll cover it all again but with actually the display so once

you have your sound alert exported and it's ready to be brought in

you're going to find your alert box go to source properties

you'll go to your bits you'll go to plus alert button here

click bits you'll get a new variation so we're going to name this i'm going to

name mine gucci breakfast because that makes it

easy to identify you're going to come over here to media now i'm going to

delete this default media and put my own gif in that i already have created

you'll have your own media for this hopefully

but here's for the sound alerts this is where we're going to put in what we have

just created ourselves we click change media

we are going to go to the upload new media gallery

we are going to find where we left our alert for example i'm just copying

the file structure and putting it here so i can grab it it will

upload it once it is uploaded i will just double click that

and it will be good to go i'm going to lower the volume down to 60 as well

because i want to be too intense and i'll click save now we're

going to go to our alert settings this is where we're setting up our variation

we have a min amount to trigger 50 which we'll go over later and then we're going

to go to bits used exact amount

i'll cover these in more detail in a second but for now let's get this set up

variation amount needs to be set to 250 this means that when you donate 250 bits

it will be used i currently have one set for 200 as you can see here

but this new one will be 250 it is a nice round number

easy for people to remember and good to go

just quickly we're gonna go back to our animation settings this is nothing to do

with the sound but i just need to quickly change these because these are

set to the default currently now the animation settings have nothing

to do with the sound but just so i can show you the completed alert this will

have to change i'm just changing them so the same as the previous new variation i

have so once you have this set up you're also going to want to

head over to streamlabs dashboard this is

dashboard i believe and what you're going to do is you're going to go to

your alert box you can edit this for any of these settings but again

i'm using bits so i'm going to go to my bits section here

i'm going to scroll down to the bottom i'm going to open alert variations

and you'll see all of your variations so i have a new variation which is for the

200 bits and i have gucci breakfast which is for the 250 bits

now because i can't test my specific 250 bits

in this setting here i actually have to go to the website and click

test now you'll see it should pop up with a test alert when i click this

and get that gucci breakfast did you see how it just appeared and then

screwed it away really quick that's because streamlabs for some reason

despite me setting my alert duration to be eight seconds

it didn't actually put that in it set to two so you go to the website you change

this here i'm gonna set it to seven seconds i'm gonna click save

and i'm gonna save settings and you know what i'm gonna hit it again because i

really wanna make sure that this doesn't screw up on me again now once it's done

i'm going to hit set test again and it scrolls in you hear the alert and

it will scroll back out well it's taking a bit of time there so

you can play with your alliteration but only edit your alert duration

in the website and hit save over and over again you'll see the alert duration

there was 300 seconds in this just ignore that

only do it on the website just quickly i want to cover a few of my

alert settings so you're on top of things

so once you go to alert settings for the alert you're editing you'll see the

first thing is min amount to trigger alert mine is set to 50 which means this

alert here of 39 bits won't trigger it has to be over 50 bits

now this isn't because i'm not grateful for 39 bits it's simply because

that's just a nice cap to avoid lots of spam if like

10 people alternate one bit we're not getting 10 individual alerts

so there are three types of variation condition the first is bits used exact

amount this is the one we use meaning that 250 bits is connected directly

to the alert then you have bits used at least amount now this means that

anything over that amount will get that certain

bit so anything over 250 would trigger this and then the final one you have is

random now random it just means that if you have a lot of different alerts

anything can go off at any time congratulations you now have your sound

alerts all set up i would recommend letting your viewers

know exactly what amounts do what or you can even just put in the panels or a

command somewhere the amount equals question mark question

mark question mark like some sort of advent sound alert so people have to

donate to figure out what's going on or what the sound is

if you need help with anything in particular please feel free to comment

it down below as we do have over 300 articles on but if we don't have an article on it then don't worry i'll

still get back to you after some research

give us a cheeky like if you enjoyed it and don't forget to subscribe

see you next week

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